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Modern Day Pricus

A modern day man just trying to find his way through this created maze of “One size fits all”

Blogger, blue collar worker, comedian, thinker, wrestling fan, and a well know procrastinator that’s trying to shatter that label with self development of the mind, and body.

Stay tuned posts are to come. A mix of Philosophy, Game, Relationships, Death, Zen Motivation, Personal, Insightful, and Funny stories.

Thank you for your views and attention. It is very much appreciated...

Creative by Nature

Glimpses of a Creative Universe, by Christopher Chase...

Am I Thirty Yet

Hopefully by the time I'm thirty I'll have this all figured out.

Captain No-Marriage Blog

Marriage is a kick in the nuts.

Random Xpat Rantings

Contemplative dominance for the modern man


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