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Modern Day Pricus

A modern day man just trying to find his way through this created maze of “One size fits all”

Blogger, blue collar worker, comedian, thinker, wrestling fan, and a well know procrastinator that’s trying to shatter that label with self development of the mind, and body.

Stay tuned posts are to come. A mix of Philosophy, Game, Relationships, Death, Zen Motivation, Personal, Insightful, and Funny stories.

Thank you for your views and attention. It is very much appreciated...


  Discovering an alternative to life called “The Red Pill” was one of the greatest things that could of happen to me. I didn’t think there would be anything pass wrestling that would have me […]

Creative by Nature

Glimpses of a Creative Universe, by Christopher Chase...

Am I Thirty Yet

Hopefully by the time I'm thirty I'll have this all figured out.

Captain No-Marriage Blog

Marriage is a kick in the nuts.

Random Xpat Rantings

Contemplative dominance for the modern man


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