You should have known that copy of the “Declaration of Independence” was a fakewhen you saw it was signed by “Jon Hancrock” instead of “John Hancock.” Something that’s fake isn’t authentic.

A person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to befake. When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumors about you behind your back, you can call her a fake. As a verb, fake means to take an action with the intent to deceive. If you’ve ever tried to fake a grade on your report card, you know that it’s especially hard to change an F to an A.

I had the idea of this blog’s name recently. When I first thought of the idea I at first questioned whether I would want to be associated with something that is labeled as “Fake”. Why would anyone want to even care to check out my blog if “Fake” was apart of it. What sense does that even make. But then, of course as I always do, I managed to squeeze out a good reason why to change the once associationofchronos to now “Fakephilosophy.com”

First of course its better to market. Especially with the picture idea I came up with that I will eventually turn into shirts, hats, phones cases, socks, condoms (Condoms?) whatever. Second, the former name was just too long. We are in a microwave era in all forms of everything. Hell, to be honest, its always been that way. Look at the acronym for KISS to prove this point accurate and other old songs, movies, books, etc. Sometimes less is more. Some of the most popular forms of entertainment are the most simple and easy to digest. I am not saying my blog will not reflect that style but, in a way, I am trying to shorten my posts a lot more and get straight to the point a lot quicker. Less foreplay and more Dick to be more blunt. And third, well, simply put it was time for a change and a new era.

“Fakephilosophy.com” and the reason for its name is basically this: When you think of the word “Fake” you of course think of the word “Real” and vice versa. Real to me is something that is Established. A Brand. A system. A machine. It is something as simple as a conversation. Watching a movie. Reading a book. Eating. Listening to music. Whatever. Real is a product that has its history and fans devoted to it. It has its function that moves as unit and cycle. Period. Now, when you think of “Fake”, you think in of terms Phony. Bullshit. Lame. Not real. Wrestling. Etc. It is something that causes anger in people as it doesn’t relate to the “Subjective” truth that has been told to us. It is something that creates a third eye in every person so that they never have to feel that pain and humiliation again after being exposed to it by someone they trusted like say a friend, family member, wife, boyfriend, son or daughter.

Now, when I look at the word “Fake”, I see it in a new way. Or, more so, I see what kind of reaction it causes in people when they are exposed to it. For me, it represents life. Life in all of its pains, humiliation, stresses, roots of anger, roots of crazy, etc. Its the negative side of that life that we get exposed to everyday. Like I told my cousin yesterday, the words “Nigger” and “Slut” are basically feelings translated into words. Its a natural feeling whenever a white man used the term “Nigger” in a offensive way and whenever a man or woman used the term “Slut” in a negative way. This is the same way I see the word “Fake”. It causes a feeling in us that we all try to avoid and yet, as I spoke about here, try and seek it out once we become “Older” and “Mature”  and move further away from the real truth that is “Youth” in which we forever try to find as the age increases. “Fake” is a feeling which causes us to wake up and deal with the real nature of life. The, “Just is” so to speak of life. Or, the “Tata” as Alan Watts spoke about when it comes to Zen.

This blog is something I hope people in the present and future will be able to read and collect a new thought or at least a “Hmm” out of it. Anything that causes your attention to at least shift for the moment and think different. I am no more special than you are. I am just a dude taking my stab at the dark while ironically hoping to find some green out of it. This blog really is dedicated to failures. Weird but it is. Without failures, I wouldn’t of been able to even complete one post on here. 

Sometimes I wish I had a different life in which I could just enjoy it as it comes without having to worry about money issues but in that process that would be me placing blame on my mother, father and some mythical thing in the sky that controls everything since the creation of earth. They did their job as far as I am concern. Anything else in life that I want is up to me and me alone. I will die by own my hands, legs, brain, and values and its a scary thought but at the same time a liberating one. On this blog, you will find stories, ideas, concepts, philosophies, videos (A lot of videos) and plenty more things you can sink your teeth into and feast on. Thank you for your time and stay tuned for more content. I appreciate it a lot.


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