Humor, and racism.

(Don’t worry. Video will end at the 25:41 mark)

These two, ideas are able to come together and create this a sort of, “Peanut butter and Jelly” combination that goes well with one another. One side connecting to our emotions of joy, while the other, connects to our emotion of seriousness. They shouldn’t work together. Its a contradiction. However, when done right, it brings out a certain “Naughty” laughter that makes you hide your face but laugh like you have never had before. Its wrong, but feels so right

Fear, pain, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, and in this case, laughter. These emotions and ideas are able to transcend time of now and the time of the past. They go beyond the trends of today, and the trends that were of  then. They have lasted, along with several other emotions and other ideas that have lasted long beyond the humans that have invented them, and, certainly will outlast the humans that will use them now and well off into the future

To continue the thread, this is why when the great comedians like say, Eddie Murphy, Ricard Pyor, or, Patrice O’neal speak on the issue of Racism, the joke delivered in that year, month, and day, its able to still be funny well off past its execution into the future we live in now. All stemmed from the fact that Black people have gone from Kings and Queens to beaten men and women forced into slavery, to now free yet still restrained by covert acts of racist behavior known and unknown by racist and non-racist “people”. Not just white but of our own skin color. All those factors combined with humor are able to ripple past that and at times create humor that is served as a “Wink Wink” joke but at its root still be a problem that needs to be dealt with in American and beyond.

This observation lead my brain into digging more deeply into the white rabbit hole as I started to explore more things that also transcend time like movies, music, books, stories, memories, and most importantly, humans not yet even thought of. For you see, this latest blog post is an, “Remake” per say of an early draft of something I had been working on for a few weeks. Or, more so, a idea that my brain loves to conjure up and Interception like deep dive into level three into. I never got a chanced to finish that version because ironically the problem was also my solution into helping me create and lay out a ending for this one that you read today: Myself. A journey in which I had to realize the answers I sought required me to understand the idea, of no more ideas. I had to face the fact that the answer I sought needed me to no longer be here on earth in order to receive the information I wanted. 



I am able to drive a car now, because people of the past needed a way to get around faster. I, am able to not have to worry about my feet getting bruised and torn up because people of the past invented shoes and sneakers to prevent that. I, am able to not have to worry about my heart being stepped on because people of the past, Mainly men with the help of women, were able to create Pimping and Game which helped prevented me and future boys from never having to deal with the pain of heartbreak ever in their lives.

You see, things are birthed out of chaos. Hell, the process of delivering a baby has some chaos elements at play when you think about it when it comes to the mother reaching past her limits to deliver a baby (Especially one with a head as myself) Humans birth are rooted in chaos and at one time being pet food for the stronger species that used to roam the land we comfortably relax on today. Shelter, weapons, limits on food, sexual protection, medicine, etc. All of the things were mad out of chaos. Are beginning roots are bathed in blood and lost in order for us to come out clean at the other end today. But in order for that to happen, someone or a group of people first had to take charge and lead us to where we are today. 

This, is just my quick and vague theory so just take this with a grain of salt: I believe that three things (Survival, Change, and Control) are what lead us to the (Somewhat) functioning society we have here today. I believe that either the more stronger and dominant humans forced the weaker ones into a set of rules to maintain order to combat the wicked beast that nature can be, or, the weaker humans, like the story of how wolves became dogs, used the emotions of fear and submission to manipulate the stronger ones resources like collages and the NBA and NFL do to students in order to create a society more safer for the less equipped DNA wise to handle the world. Point is with both of these two theories their main goal was to deal with Survival, Change, and controlling the outcome by inventing a narrative in a world which lacked one entirely

Fast forward now, and we as humans have “Obligation” to deal with. Once one person saved someone from a fire, they had to do that again repeatedly (Firemen). Once one person saved someone from getting sick, they had to do that repeatedly (Doctors). Once one person stopped a robber, they had to do that repeatedly as well (Policemen). What was once a genuine act birthed out of chaos had now become a job that must be repeated over and over again which goes against the random core nature that we came from. Just as with jobs, marriages, TV shows we love, movies, etc. After awhile we start to see their patterns and desperately want to break free and go beyond the system we fell in. A system, like when Eve eats the apple from the tree of knowledge going against God’s orders, makes you realize the separation from who are the masters and who, are the slaves that are being controlled. 


(Don’t worry. Video will end at the 44:42 mark)

The worker and Queen system we become aware of as we get older makes others hate the reality of this fact and either makes us quietly deal with it and take our anger out somewhere else, hope for the lottery or Casino win, work harder to gain a better position, or, escape the master and slave routine and go the independent route all together. Problem is though even when we do choose one of these options we fail to realize that all we are really doing is leaving one system and going into another one all together. Jumping into one boat hoping for different results in a new one while failing to realize we are still floating on water regardless. Winning the lotto or at the casino just creates more issues. Being quiet creates more pain in you. Getting a bigger position creates more envy and stress of much more responsibility. And going the indy route doesn’t escape the fact that work still needs to be done but now more is on your shoulders. There is no real escape from the system we invented for ourselves as humans

This understanding lead my brain into again dark pathways as I asked a very weird and strange question that you would rarely if ever hear anyone say when it comes to this realization: What’s the point of then being a good person if you don’t control the outcome? Meaning, as kids we were told to be nice, be humble, show respect, follow the rules, dress like this, act like this, read this, learn this, etc. What is the point of doing this if you are not the one in control? What is the point of busting your ass at a job you hate when the World Bank and its families associated with it are really the ones living a life of true freedom? Are Cops, Firemen, and Doctors really here for us, or, are they here just to keep the worker bees functioning until the kids now become adult later to take their spot? Without the workers the Queens and Kings of this world no longer has anyone rule over. What happens to their quote un quote power now without no one to follow its orders?

So then you say: “Well, we just strive harder until we then are the ones in power”. Cool but, as I said earlier in this section, the bigger the position the more stress you have. To raise the stakes more, say you do become King or Queen of the world. At a certain point in order to maintain your dominance you’re going to focus more so on your family than what’s good for the people as a whole. At a certain point you’re not going to want to go backwards to a time in which you took orders from someone else. Just like with Black people. If we manage to one day rule the world and after all the obstacles that we have been through in the past and present, what do you think we are going to do once we have control? Keep our guard down and play it safe? No. Hell no as a matter of fact. 

“Okay so, how about we just do nothing then. Lets all forget about this and just be free”… Again, as I said earlier we are leaving one system and just stepping into another one. Talking to myself place to the side here, my point of this section is to point out that grasping, and not grasping lead into the same problems we as humans face regardless of whatever option we choose. No matter how many blogs posts, ideas, concepts, philosophies, etc that I learn all I am doing is creating more traps for myself that take me away from the reality of NOW. Even saying “The reality of NOW” presents the same problem. We all are trying to find answers to this thing called life because we want to be ahead of it. We want to control it yet at the same time not control it too much. There is no way to win. There is no blog post to make that will say it all. There is….nothing that can really be done. By that fact what then can we do?. What can I do? 


 “What can I do?”. Well, to be honest this question can not be answered as long as I am alive. As long as I am here I will never know what it is I can do. As long as I am alive I will never be able to grasp or not grasps the complete answer to my problems. To the world’s problems. My fears, worries, deep philosophical questions. Deep thoughts that I have. My need for supreme achievement. My need to help others and make the world better permanently with one answer will never, ever be solved entirely. Hell, it goes against evolution to even think that. Pont is, all of answers, as well as everyone else’s answers can only be solved through one means. And that is, death

All this time I have been racking my brain which each new writing doing my best to come up with the perfect blog post that can explain everything to everyone’s problems. I struggle daily even away from this blog as my addiction to thinking leads me through different signals in my brain connecting the dots that shouldn’t go together. I bent myself in half to the point of causing headaches until recently I had a thought. A thought that I wrote about before but was now able to deal with now (Weird I know).

That thought being, we, are all on our own journey. Our own path. Our own cross to bare and our own ending we must deal with. Each person you pass when walking or in a car you drive by has their own story that they were dealing with. Each with their own pain, struggles, victories, fears, etc. All which at the end of their life will have all that as well as the same life questions answered once they reach the end of the dark road we all must face when the time finally comes

Death, will answer all my big questions that I deal with on this blog as well as what everybody else thinks about as well. Is God real? Why are we here? Why does certain things happen to others and not a different group of others? What is my purpose? Why are you God? Hell, even by not answering those questions like say, nothing happens after I am gone, at least the brain will turn off and I will be able to rest without having to deal with scars of the past, anxiety of the future, and quiet unknowing actions of the present. We are all on our own journey yet at the same time going towards the same ending. That is the curse of being an adult. But also, because of that, makes you realize just how much fun your childhood really was. Ironically while living in that moment it can never be appreciated unless its taken away. Childhood it seems is where the true essence of life really lives at. It would seem that this life is just one big circle that keeps recycling until childhood is restored over, and over again. 


It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will some day give shade to people he may never meet.

D. Elton Trueblood

In closing to sum this all up, I believe that the people before my time and after will think that their generation is the best just as we do now. I believe they, and will, felt like they had seen it all. There is nothing more shocking and never will be more shocking in their time. We all feel like during our time nothing will ever top “9/11” or the “Sandy Hook Shooting”. We all feel like we have seen the best of movies and TV shows. We all feel, felt, and in the future will think our slice of life was the best slice. The thing is though as I spoke about hereThe message of the Design is bigger than its current star so to speak. Point is, lose the ego. Its not about you or me

As the video above with Larry King and Neil De Grasse above points out, my body will be used to help feed the earth while I am gone and out “there” somewhere in never neverland. And, who need that energy that most? Children of course. While my answers will or won’t be solved in death, my body, as well as yours will be used to help keep the lights on here on earth. The future, to some extent has already been set in stone. And, as the video points out also, the limited time I do have here should make me appreciate it more. That is what makes something beautiful to begin with and why we all catch a case of nostalgia. Its the fact that, that time, person, thing, or event can no longer come back. Its limits, just like the time we have with our family, friends, pets, etc will come to an end one day. That knowledge should make us appreciate them and life as a whole more

In a way, as this excellent video about now one of my favorite Sc-Fi movies “Arrival” points out here at the 13:02 mark, we, in a sense already know the future. We have a calendar planned out sense of what will happen. We will feel pain. We will feel great. We will lose people. We will gain people. We will go through moments of weakness and moments of embarrassment, as well as moments of love and happiness. We have the ingredients of life but don’t know how the process of cooking it will turn out.

However, is that, and also the fear of the unknown not what makes it better? The excitement of not knowing mixed with some kind of idea of knowing. Do we get more enjoyment watching a movie with or without knowing what will happen? We know where the movie theater is, the place to get the tickets, the place to grab a beer or some popcorn, which theater to go to, where the cup holders are, etc. But, what we don’t know is how the movie itself will turn out. You see, while I am here, while you are here, the point of all this at its core is really just to live. To live in the “movie scenes” of life that have already been set out for us. So to answer my own question “What can I do?” from earlier. Well, nothing really. Nothing except to, simply accept. Surrendering gives you the power you’ve always wanted. This sentence on the surface could be read wrong. But, in due time, it will make sense. Until next time. Thank you for your…….Time. See what I did there? So corny. 

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