Modern Day


I’m stuck. Still stuck.

(Don’t worry. Video will end at the 5:21 mark)

“I was going through my many, many unreleased ideas and posts that I had forgotten or failed to use yet and ended up finding this post right here. I read through it and seen how it popped out because of the line “There are no leaders”.

I am not a fan of doing “In the moment” content due to hopefully this blog being able to live past its own birth and become timeless pieces of ideas and knowledge, but, with the recent news of Harvey weinstein, Kevin Spacey, The NFL owners, Police, Donald Trump, and even entertainers like Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby, and more, I felt like it was too perfect not to use.

Especially when I had a talk with someone I worked with who was worried that NFL Patriots player Tom Brady says that even at 40, he still wants to play until he is 45. I asked this friend of mine at work why this worries him and said “He doesn’t want to see Tom Brady injured”. My crazy thinking of course took it to the extreme and said: “Well, why not? Are you afraid to see your heroes become mortal and now have to look to only…. You, for inspiration?”

He of course wanted the subject to change so I did so. Point is, I found this stashed away post and decided to use it today. Plus, my others ones weren’t ready yet so, all of this intro so to speak is kind of….bullshit. Good bullshit though. In any event, enjoy, and thank you for your time”

-Modern Day Pricus

I’ve been stuck for the past few weeks since my last post. I haven’t been able to come up with anything of substance to write or speak about in which I felt was strong enough to release to you my small viewing public. I’ve just been, I don’t know, lost I guess. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block so to speak but more so a struggle in which trying to find the right words to express something in which quite frankly can not be described fully through dialogue or even long conversation. I have no, I guess, need to bullshit you if you will.

I sit in this chair and stress my brain out trying to connect dots, find details, create visuals, and build consistency with a language for which limits the bigger picture that is life but what really do I have to show for it if action and reaction is really the true teacher of us all. Reading this blog post will have you stuck like me. I mean, what kind of topic is possible to speak on when the truth has no words in which you can attached to it at all?

Because, when you think about it: There are no leaders. People in general have no clue what’s going on and quite honestly, how can we? How can we know what’s going on when there is no “On” to begin with? How can we understand ourselves when there is no real “Beginning, Middle, and End” story wise? Its just a bunch of talking. Thoughts not of our own that can be traded and stolen from a day in and day out basis 


Attitudes stemmed from the past. Boredom of a present we wish to escape. And a future we create in our heads but in truth is really just right next to the present. Dreams of what we will become and false narratives of what we are now. Relationships we cling to not because we are still in lust but because, starting over now breeds fear of the possibility of being alone in our death bed. Its going to get better. Change will come Sam cooke says. But, what “Better” does he speak actually speak of if everything in the “Now” is all there is?

We love our stories. We cling to our movies inside of our head. The emotions that unravel out of them is at least something we can connect to. They are the gaps in which fills up the permanent silence that we are forever attached to in life. Words trigger us to either attack, laugh, cry, think, or to just enjoy like the goal of all entertainment at its core. Conversations have no real purpose other than to connect and keep this Trillion mini M&M’s of information going.

And you know what. Despite all that. Despite all my recent gain knowledge. Despite moments in which our leaders betray us and in which our systems prove more and more that they are out for themselves. They that “care” when its time for votes and rioting to calm down and also only in death because a possible good worker or workers are now gone and they need replacements. That at the core of all this its truly a “Fuck with you or simply a fuck you” kind of weak vs strong kind of world, despite that and then some quite honestly……  Who gives a fuck


“Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction It is already happening to some extent in our own society. Instead of removing the conditions that make people depressed modern society gives them antidepressant drugs. In effect antidepressants are a means of modifying an individual’s internal state in such a way as to enable him to tolerate social conditions that he would otherwise find intolerable.”   – 

Theodore J. Kaczynski


Hand me a beer. No. Hand me two beers in fact. Make sure they are ice cold so the  ice will make my teeth shake. And hell, pass some hot wings too. Extra blue cheese. Make sure they are served by a bitch wearing a Hooter’s uniform who smiles and says what we want to hear. Lets take the conversation to dark places. Immature places. Wicked places. Ignorant places. Any place in which can cause chaos and offend a bunch of people that will only be mad in the moment.  Lets stop looking towards the future and start playing some future music from one of the current Rap stars of the moment. Lets not build better schools but in fact build better strip clubs for men and women. “Lets stop being complete”. Lets stop being a dog chasing its own tail or cars in hopes of finding a new visual to stare at which would only then just repeat the process once more. 

Logically, of course, this sounds insane. This can’t be done. Its foolish and flat out dumb. It helps society none and just reverts back all of our progress to caveman times once more. Its barbaric. Its cruel. The world is heading for a much more peaceful and upbeat state in which we are all created equal and love one another as if our natural reaction is created by the devil and blah blah blah. I know. I hear you I feel you. Trust me I do.

You see, that last paragraph above only works in which there is a system that strangle holds you to the point of wanting to say or something crazy. Its “Ying and Yang slavery as I spoke about before. I understand that. But, what is this “Progress” we speak of? A terror attack happens and the security revs up to science fiction levels of authority. The drugs become handed out more. Free thought more and more is hidden away to keep the kids and adults in a one speed mindset that avoids anything of a challenge to them. What, exactly is the point of becoming more safe if all it does is bleach your thoughts and remove the furniture inside of your mental home and instead, have everyone with white walls inside of a empty house as its replacement? 


I say hand me two beers and some hot wings not to just react to the system like modern feminists do. I say that because are building of a better robot essentially does nothing but create stronger prison walls mentally and physically for us. Our sense of wonder has been replace with comfort. The go back to the Alan Watts video above a bit, we DO life but we don’t live it. We do it out of a sense of trying to be responsible for our kids and elder parents we say but, at what cost if the end result is mechanical and less real? I say lets stop being complete because the definition of “complete” means end. Done. Finished. This idea we have created has turn its back on us because it fears chaos and disorganization. The irony is, this is the reason we created it in the first place. To avoid chaos. The humans have become the danger. WE, are both the slave and its master. Plantation Earth. 

Yet, this kind of “Lets all be free” society, as I spoke on here, is merely but yet another idea and concept to get lost in. Trading one house for simply another one.  A revolution is not the answer. A riot is not the a answer. Getting Trump out of office is not the answer nor will magically bring the world back to the time before Adam and Eve ate from the tree. No. The real answer, is no answer at all. That’s where joy comes from. Not force, but by a genuine accomplishment. Spontaneity even as a word is absurd but besides that, its what we all fear. Even the so called “Leaders” of the world because now, everyone is free. “Chaos is fair”. All race, gender, age, class, status, etc goes out of the window in a “Chaos is fair” open field.

Which is why I say hand me two beers and hot wings with extra blue cheese. Because quite frankly, no one really wants that. Not even the people that claim oppression. We need someone to point at. Leaving the weight of the world on out shoulders is too much. Its not my fault its my parents fault. Government. Black people. White people. Women. Men. Whatever. I say hand me some food because this is all entertainment. We know what we have to do but not knowing creates another road to travel. Who wants to settle when bigger dicks and younger pussy restocks every month for men and women? Simply put: We all, are full of shit. And its time to stop using toilet paper and spray to act like it doesn’t stink….God that was corny but, honest. “Honesty”. Something we need no word, definition, idea, or concept for. Just, silence will do. No matter how truly frightening it may be. At least we will have each other to go crazy with. Until next time people. Thank you




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