What is the need for meditation?

I thought about this question recently after I finished doing a 10 minute breathing exercise before work a few days ago. I sat there and wondered to myself why exactly was I doing this and what long term goal would be or more so could be attained from this daily activity. What purpose other than the act itself was to be gained of this practice and why did I need to keep doing it over and over again. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the practice due to the fact it brings me a sense of center and calmness to help tackle the day at hand. It does. It brings my mind to an almost simulation of a default state of peace to combat against the guaranteed chaos I know will arise that day. It’s helpful. It’s reliable. It’s almost needed to a certain extent. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if I’m “Going in circles stuck on autopilot” or “Using a map with a destination at hand”. If the latter, why did I need to go on a journey to begin with

You see, whether it’s reading books on self help, positivity, ignoring negative thoughts, law of attraction, God, etc, I came to almost a calm halt as if pulling up to a stop sign while driving and asked myself: 

“What was I running from”


In Horror movie terms, I found myself looking for a…..”Safe space” so to speak while the random and chaotic nature of life played the role of a Horror villain chasing me. I mean, that’s what you’re supposed to do right? In life, when danger is at foot you run in the opposite direction to avoid the 50/50 chance of death. It’s, logical right? Avoid the sharp, pointy, and rough edges of life for something more comfortable, safe, light hearted and fluffy…… Right

And this right here lies the problem an point of this most recent blog post that I present for you here today. You see,  I watch all of the videos of the motivational speakers on YouTube. I listen to certain podcasts of people explaining meditation and using different and positive approaches to life. I have listen to Will Smith interviews, Jay Z interviews, Red pill aware men like Stardusk and Barbaroosa interviews, people dead and gone like Steve Jobs and Patrice O’neal interviews, and so on and so on. I have seen it all but, something. Just something feels, off

To paint a picture using a visual example of what I explaining: Its like watching a Tony Robbins seminar full of people hanging on his every word as he uses specific words and body movements to help motivate the crowd around him for that day. Nothing wrong with this of course but as I watch it I get this feeling that them, including myself, are almost, hiding from something. Or more less, avoiding something behind us that we want to forget when we use motivation, meditation, and positive speeches, books, movies, and podcasts.

Its like when we see a mentally handicapped person interacting in public or see a small person, transgender, cross dresser, or extremely overweight person in public. Hell, a white person wearing a suit in the hood or a black man roaming through a predominately white suburban neighborhood and…….ignore it. We treat it as if its something that isn’t out of the box away from our comfort zone and blend it in as if its a everyday occurrence. Essentially at its core that is both fake yet simultaneously helpful


With this question and the visuals I have been using here today to help describe it for you the reader and me myself  on what I mean,  I started to see that it began to loop around back to my philosophy that I deal with on a daily basis which is also the foundation on what this blog represents as well: “The Design”. I have spoken about it with posts like this, this, and most importantly and fitting the last entry before the new year with this post here. I know though at times in my explaining I can come off as confusing and a bit scatterbrained in my explaining. Just as it is when trying to explain Zen. To make it as crystal clear as possible when it comes to The Design in which I am trying to express with words: Something, is going to happen.

Flat out plain and simple when it comes to dealing with your everyday life something, whether minor or major will change the course of your plans in one way or another. From your daughter waking up with a flu to you driving and all of a sudden getting into a accident because of a idiot driver or in some cases you being the idiot driver. This, is what The Design is about in its most basic form. Hell, as I explained with the “The Projectionist” post, people can be a Designer and change the course of life like say in our most recent times with the President of the United Sates: Donald Trump. This is what The Design and Designer philosophy I conjured up with the help of Zen and Buddhism is all about. This is what I feel like is at the core of the question I ask here today when it comes motivation, meditation, and positivity.  Meaning, are we as human beings trying to control nature? Or, in a religious sense, are we as humans trying to play the role of….God? If so then, is that what we really want to do

tumblr_nsvkyvSFdl1sbqsdgo1_500Our problems in life I feel come from trying to force it. We want positive things to happen to us and negative things to be avoided yet say for instance if someone where to harm us or our children or any family member, we would want negative actions aimed at that person or group immediately. Great. I have wished for the same kind of control as well but does that really help us grow? Is that what we truly desire? To control life? To control this moment always? How then would we grow as a civilization if we were to somehow reach perfection in a sense and be able to gain a perfect formula to any and everything? Isn’t the best part about certain moments in life are in which you can not control it at all? In which who you are as a person deep down at the core comes to the light as The Joker from the 2008 “Dark Knight” movie points out here

Isn’t the best part about watching a real good movie in that you don’t expect what is going to happen next? Or, in a scary movie sense, isn’t the best part about a Horror movie is which a “Jump scene” REALLY gets you and has you jumping out of your seat? Isn’t the best part about watching a physical fight or say, a couple arguing is that you didn’t expect it to happen that day? Or, when you were in school and the “Bad kid” talked back to a teacher. Wasn’t the fun part in the surprise and boldness of that boy or girl for talking back to a authority figure and you not expecting it that day? See, I look at meditation, motivation, and positivity from a philosophical sense as us trying to control nature. Us as I said above trying to play God. I understand it from a logical sense and knows it serves a good cause but on a much more deeper level long term wise, does it really help us deal with true nature of reality and evolve? Truth isn’t a system. Its born because of it. Mother nature, father system, children of truth

World-Relays-4x1500m-CrashApologies for going off the rails a bit in my explaining. Again, as with Zen and The Design as I spoke about above, explaining what can not be explain is one of hardest things to do and also flat out a waste of time. Point is, that feeling we experience in moments of change will shake us out of our comfort zone and force us to confront whatever is at hand. Whether positive or negative that moment puts us right in tune with THIS moment and allows truth to be born. How we respond to it aligns with what is needed for that moment to survive.

Whether run or fight. Fight or flight. Its all based on keeping this…..thing going. This, is something I believe we can not control. We can not put in a bottle and sell as the music industry loves to do. This, is something that is not meant for my generation or any generation for that matter to contain. It just, keeps going, and going. We aren’t special. We, in my view, are born employees that will eventually become recruiters and repeat the cycle permanently in this existence of ours.  

On one end of the spectrum we have the pain, chaos, random, and unknowing nothingness that is life. On the other, we have the infinite dark path that has no end in sight ever of life. Then, we have, this. Us on this planet. This, middleness so to speak. Here and now. Where moments happen and then most of the time they don’t. Good, bad, evil, indifferent, etc. Moments sometimes occur privately, other times with people around us, or universally in which the news and social media speaks on and discusses. After that, it crumbles apart and this game of hide and seek restarts once again.

Meditation, motivation, and positivity are things I look at as drugs. As medicine. Something to give us a quick fix and high before we come right back to reality. Through this post, I have been speaking on our need to just “Let go” and “Let things be” when it comes to life and how those three things create a false narrative for us as a world. I still feel that way but at the same time as I spoke about towards the end in my “Game, Truth, and Animal Farm” post, I am still trying to gain control by deciding what we should be doing. Meaning, to put this post and my point today at risk by now making it meaningless I can’t help but say that when it comes to meditation, motivation, and positivity, if that’s something you want to do then: Why not? Do it.


What is the point of meditation? Well, who cares. There is no ending to this “Movie” that will be obtained and there is no beginning to this “Movie” that can and may never be found in our lives or the next. What is to be found or seek is a question that does not exist if there was never anything to begin with in the first place.

I’m calling this post “The Self Driving Car Philosophy” because in laymen’s terms, I am simply asking when it comes to life do we want to drive and control the path of our lives or do we want things to happen to us and allow surprises to just be. In this question, I see now that I am going against my old post here “Water Bottles & Oceans”  by trying to fit life in a water bottle while a never ending stream of life continues on.

Do we want to drive or let the car takeover? Who says that both options can’t and don’t exist already? The real truth comes in how we respond to both situations. Not in which side do we pick. You can’t have light without dark. A blog without readers. Life, without death………Thank you for your time and patience with me as on this chaotic journey here today. In closing, I’ll leave this post with a video that wraps this up perfectly…..Unfortunately? Until next time. Thank you again







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