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“We saw this kid get shot up by the cops in Atlanta
They shot through his Phantom and tandem cannons were blamming him
He was standing there like 20 seconds before
Now he gasping for air, bullet holes inside of his dome
What’s the point? I don’t know
Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why do you care?

Childish Gambino  Yaphet Kotto”

Is this relationship a fake or real as the heavens be?
See I got to question it all, family, friends, fans, cats, dogs
Trees, plants, grass, how the wind blow
Murphy’s Law, generation X, will I ever be your ex?

-Kendrick Lamar “Mortal Man”

“We create stories for ourselves. We create things bigger than the moment that is here already. We try to jump from the ground trying to reach the sky as if there is something to grasp. Seek what we already have. Try to believe in something greater than humans for fear of us being the only roots ever created. We are seeking Gods for fear of us in fact being the first Gods that ever existed. Asking “Why this is” is where the problem stems from. To be honest, I should stop typing right here so my point could be better understood. 

Silence is key. Silence in fact says all that needs to be said. Silence is the real fear for which we do our best to avoid. It screams the truth to quote the “Sober” song from artist P!nk. It revels “What is” but even by saying that I am doing too much. How do you catch fish without disturbing the water? Why does that sentence even matter if you are hungry and need to eat? When your back is against the wall time for thought beyond taking care of that bodily need ceases to exist. When we go beyond silence its because we realize that not only is the game finished but that in reality in fact never really started to begin with” 

-Modern Day Pricus



Game, is great. Its one of the best things I ever found in life. Its one of the reasons why my confidence, thinking, and daily actions has a new found meaning and also  purpose to it that lead me to want to contribute more to the world beyond just my selfish needs and trival time limited pleasures. 

It has made me look at my relationships not only with women I was and still am pursuing a lot more differently, but, also ,just women in general. Beyond just them, it has also made me focus and see the many levels that Game, Red Pill, MGTOW, and the PUA lifestyle has had to offer when it came to the form of family, social, economic, and political levels of the life we live today, and even in the life we had lived in the past.

Game, in a nutshell was a response to a system I grew up in that made me believe there was only one way to observe things about my surroundings and instead, simply asked me to not only question the authority and its intentions behind it’s purposes but also, just to boldly apply action and seek out what is right for not only me, but also, what is right when it came to truth itself at the highest level beyond the restrictions that we placed on ourselves as a civilization.

It was revolutionary to be exact. At least, for me it was and still is. It was a rebellion I couldn’t ignore and had no reason to ever do so……Or, well, that is, until in my gut I had no choice but to do just that and take a hard look at my newfound love with a different set of eyes to my nature as a human to keep seeking more food than the plate I was given so to speak. It made me see my journey must not end at me being comfortable but more so, push the limits to see how much more unconformable I can get as far as truth goes. 




There is no way to ever escape Game. Game is all around us even when we are not paying attention to it. It plays in the background like elevator music.

Its present when you are at your job trying to deal with the politics of the people around that you work with just as it is with the family around you from the wife, kids, brothers, sisters, and even your dog or cat for that matter . Its presence its large and couldn’t be escaped even if you were to travel away from Earth and end up on the planet Mars two years later trying to grow plants.

Granted, yes, you would be alone, but, the strength in how long your mental toughness will last would be depended on how long you were able to be adaptable to Game you had learned back on Earth. Point is, as I said, Game can not be escaped. For me, it isn’t just centered on women. Its universal in its message and touches on many things without at times physically even being seen. Still, regardless of that fact just as air, emotions, or of course power, despite that, you still feel its authority and presence all around you everyday.

By nature, in that case, just as a animal will attack you when they are being restrained in the ZOO, or even the nicest of people when pushed comes to shove get back backed into a corner, there’s a natural reaction in us to rebel once we start to feel that there is a system being forced upon us. Truth, therefore starts to be sought out after. This is what I not only felt like with Game but also, just truth overall. What exactly was that and what exactly is causing me to chase after it so purposefully? Why couldn’t I just…stop?



quote-Albert-Einstein-insanity-is-doing-the-same-thing-over-106093_2“The Rational Male” is one of my favorite blogs to visit when it comes to Game. I enjoy it because Rollo’s view on the subject felt different from anyone else’s and still does to this day. Every post brings me closer to understanding a new dynamic on Game with a universal perspective in a such a simple way that sometimes I get mad at myself for not having had realized his observations sooner for my own benefit. His blog is one of the many inspirations behind this blog that I present to you every month with new content that hopefully you get to digest and enjoy for your own pleasure and benefit.

New content that, I at first would deliver more rapidly but soon decreased in speed due to it feeling more like a job than me actually creating thought provoking art for you to absorbed. Which, is a great segway into my point of this section. You see, I would go to his comment section after I would finish reading his post and for some reason would start to seek out someone that would disagree with his point and the commentators agreeableness of that point from his latest post. After many comments of others praising his work the one that would divert from the group and say a different POV always manage to catch my attention. Now, this may be seen as a personal problem for my need for drama but if you like at a post like this, this, this, and also this, you would see my heart and thirst for knowledge of this unexplainable different POV is stretched out beyond my own need for dramatic bullshit.

Point is, when I seen this observation in me, I started to see how it tied into my need for a break from Game. Game, had started to become its own system. Game, had started to have its own rule set for which you had to follow. It became a brand just as the same system (Society’s blue pill mindset) it was fighting against. Of course, this is not me saying I now hate Game or want to abandon it no. Game, is forever. No matter how much you hate it. Period. Its not a belief its scientific. My thing is though, when it came to life and its permanence in never stopping even if your parents or loved ones passes away, what exactly was that thing beyond Game that I was searching for on a larger scale: Truth?

By Game becoming a system, I started to again seek out a more rebellious group or concept to follow which disrupted the system of life. Nihilism. Anarchy. ZenExistentialism. Religion. Atheism. Politics. Whatever. For my thirst for truth, I was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. After understanding that, I started to then see the patterns in all of us and had to then make things worse by asking yet MORE questions about it. As I spoke about here and here also: Are we causing more damage to ourselves by continuing to….Move forward? How many punches to the face is needed before someone decides to walk away from a abusive relationship? Or, worse, what if they don’t know that they are in one to begin with? 




So, what exactly am I trying to say? What exactly is the point? What goal am I trying to reach? What the fuck am I even talking about right now? Well, that right there is the root of the problem: In asking questions.

See, society has rules for which we have to follow as humans. Be respectful to others. Help when you can. Don’t be disrespectful. Watch out for kids. Monitor your behavior on the road. Watch out for your neighbor. etc. Its a system we all follow. Its the classroom setting so to speak. If you add Game into the mix on a universal level it becomes the “Cool kid” or “Bad boy” of the classroom. He stands out because he doesn’t do what he is told to do and we, the behaved kids, (Society) lowkey applauds him for going against the system and in a way inspiring us to question the rules around us as well.

Its fun in some regards but, as I spoke about above, Game eventually, as with all revolutionary movements, turns things that once were a rebellion against the system into yet a another system that now has to be conquered and taken down which then makes us AGAIN seek out something else to lead us out of……What?. Its the “Idea of truth”. That movement becomes our truth for the moment and makes us seek out something else once it becomes too, “Mainstream”  like so to speak. When looking at it from that POV, what then do we know about truth without a system attached to it? “Who were you before you were born” to quote a Zen koan. What came before The Big Bang? Have we ever had time to explore the truth when we are a “Machine that doesn’t ask questions” at our core?

We’ve had our chance to fail. I feel as if we are making a full circle back around to caveman times so to speak with the rise of technology and new studied information about our species so, with that said I have to ask: Isn’t it time to start asking new questions? Seeking out new ways? Observing our patterns and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Why can’t we just, idk, just simply….Stop and explore new options of thought? Why can’t we do that?………

Or, now that I think about it, am I not just making things worse by adding more questions? Isn’t that the root of the problem as I stated above in this section to begin with? In asking questions? Isn’t a revolution just a movie trailer for another system?  Hm. I wonder if George Orwell studied Zen when he was writing “Animal Farm” back in the 1940’s. Again, more questions and more answers to find. Maybe I’ll just leave this here with Alan watts video below. It seems appropriate for this post. Apologies in leaving you with no answer. Or, hell shit. Maybe that is the right thing to do. Leave you with a: Philosophical cliff hanger… Anyway

Until next time people . Thank you as always

(Don’t worry. Video will stop at the 17:38 mark)

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