When I look back on my old blog post “The Philosophy, of a Eminem Freestyle”, I find at times it may come off as confusing.

Granted, I am understand it of course but, if a new reader were to read it I am sure they may be scratching their head trying to figure out who my weed dealer was so they can give them a call. As I am writing out some new blog posts I manage out out the blue to create this one in my spare time.

I was inspired by videos such as this, and this one too as well. I feel like these videos help represent what I am going to try my best to explain here today. Even though small incoming spoiler: That is impossible to do. Enjoy and thank you for your time

Modern Day Pricus

When I hear Big Sean’s verse, I’m not really “Paying attention” to it per say but more so, I am focusing on “What’s under the hood of the car” so to speak. I am observing the “Skeleton” of the track. If the words are to occupy a definition like say, a tree,  then my attention therefore is more so focused on the “Roots” of the song. His verse, along with Eminem’s is like the set up of a porn film to my ears while the finished product is more so suited for the mainstream fans who just want the “Wham, bam, thank you Ma’am” , nut,  then move on. This, is not only how I hear this track but also, how I view “Life” as a whole with a rather”Alternative facts” kind of view

You see reader, these verses for me, represent the two sides of the same coin of life. Its like Batman and Joker’s rap equivalent came together to record a track and present their philosophical techniques for a song together. This is what I was trying my best to explain in my “Philosophy, of a Eminem Freestyle” but felt as if I came off a bit, “Unclear” in my explanation due to the kind of style I used. I more so explained the crazy side of it in real time but really didn’t bother to piece the other side of it. I did somewhat in the beginning but that was more so a disclaimer so you wouldn’t think I was out of my mind. 

When you even look at the breakdown of this song or any song for that matter, it does play off somewhat like a demo version of how life is going to be in terms of the makeup of it. Say for instance the verses represent everything around you that you are able to see right now like, a laptop, phone, sneakers, cup, wallet, TV, body sprays, etc. What’s holding them together can be “The Design” like I always talk about. Gravity if you will.

The design of the laptop. The design of the phone. The design of the sneakers. An so on, and so on. Everything that is keeping it together from breaking out into a million pieces like this scene from “Ant-man” or “Interstellar”. A hook can be your job, marriage, kids, favorite foods, or memories. The thing that repeats over and over again. The hook that keeps you from committing suicide if you were to dip deeper and see life has no real meaning at the end of the except the ones which we create. Heaven for some, hell for others.  

If Big Sean’s verse on a technical level represents the Batman side of the song, then obviously Eminem’s part represents The Joker. Its all over the place. Its chaotic. Its a “Lyrical car crash” so to speak. He slips in and out of topics that ranges from the 2017 NFL Champions The New England Patriots, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, Black Eye Pee musical artist Fergie and how she peed on herself a few years back, rape, murder, and death. It makes no sense yet at the same does. When released, it received mixed reviews but more so overall because of the fact that Big Sean stays on the topic of the song while Eminem goes off in his own world of debauchery……. Or, is it really “His” world or more so, part of the world we live in that we choose to ignore?

 See, the usual rap topics ever since the 90’s are usually about money, drugs, women, guns, metaphors, and braggadocios ego uplifting. They can be seen as the “Day time” of our lives while the “Dark side”, ala Eminem’s verses through out his career, can be seen as the “Night time” version of our lives when the sun goes down. As I spoke about in part 1, Eminem’s style being confined to just a normal song structure does his gift a disservice. His wordplay is like pinball style hitting a bunch of topics all at once while still making it connect due to the rhyming stringing it together like a Picasso painting. His voice, rhythm, speed, flow, visuals, and very random uses of everyday items turned into a vibrator all came together to create this Horror film compacted into song format. Problem is for the general public though when it comes to music, they like their fantasies to be one in which they are the star and can escape. Not the other way around in a  inverse way in which they are screaming for their lives trying to escape away from madman on the lose. 

We know the dark side of the world exists but we chose to ignore it. We chose to ignore the fact that death is approaching us, women and men can get raped, child molestation happens, kidnap , murder, violence, kids born with handicaps, and so on and so on. This is how I see a Eminem verse which makes him stand out for good, and, makes him stand out for the bad at the same time. Rap and life as well is usually stuck in a box and begs for someone to breakthrough and present something different to the world but ironically once someone does, they get criticized for not leading a “Controlled Revolution” and turning into the same problem that was faced before: Become a system of rules. We Hip Hop fans want new but not TOO much new……….Huh? Granted, I am a known Eminem fan so this whole blog post can be thrown out the window due to it coming off as “Dick riding”  in which I would totally understand. No problems. But, if you can look past that you will see that MAYBE I could be on to something. I mean, how many videos can you watch of animal or child cruelty before changing to something else more light hearted to watch?……………..Exactly

All and all though as I have spoken about when it comes to Zen and my love of it since discovering it in late 2015, the only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is THIS moment, and THIS moment alone along with our reaction to it. If Big Sean’s verse represents the autopilot moments we deal with everyday in our lives then, Eminem’s represents the “Switch” we deal with better know as “The Design” as I like to call it. The video up above this paragraph shows how we deal with THIS moment and its changes. How does one react when there isn’t time to think or plan and are force to respond with your unfiltered natural reaction 

How does one deal with almost falling down the steps? How does one deal with someone breaking into your house? How does one deal with a prank they did not see coming? How does one deal with being forced into a situation like being raped or kidnapped? How does one deal with THIS moment and its changes without time to prepare? This is what I tried to explain in Part  1 and is trying attempting to do in this second part. But as Alan Watts explained when it comes to trying to have a clear definition when speaking on Zen along with Krishnamurti : 

“There is a Zen poem that talks about ‘IT,’ meaning the mystical experience, satori, the realization that you are, as Jesus was, the eternal energy of the universe. The poem says, ‘You cannot catch hold of it, nor can you get rid of it. In not being able to get it, you get it. When you speak, it is silent. When you are silent, it speaks.’

This phrase—not being able to get it, you get it—is the feeling Krishnamurti tries to convey to people when he says, ‘Why do you ask for a method? There is no method. All methods are simply gimmicks for strengthening your ego.’ How do we not ask for a method? He answers, ‘In asking that, you are still asking for a method.’

This is why I have the Joe Rogan and Neil degrasse Tyson video in the middle of this blog post speaking about the difficulty of trying to measuring “Atoms” with the assistance of a light. It fits in perfectly. For you see, the reason why I had trouble with part 1 and even a bit of trouble with part 2 today is because of my attempt of trying to explain what can not be explained. As soon as I try to pin point what I mean, my message is blocked by Eminem’s content. As soon as I start to explain the switch, its blocked by the next moment. Same with Alan Watts and Krishnamurti trying to explain Zen, and Neil degrasse Tyson trying to measure Atoms with a light. Something is physically blocking the answer of life from discovered. That answer, of course in a nutshell, is us

So what exactly can we do then? Well, why on earth is there “Something to do”? Sure, I love my blog and the different thoughts I present for you to read and hopefully enjoy but, there really is no concrete point to it. Especially with a post such as this in which I am trying to show you what the color of air looks like. As soon as I do, its blocked by my own attempt just as Neil degrasse Tyson explains with the quarter stuck in the back seat scenario. There is noting to seek which then gives purpose to talking about philosophy, religion, GOD, meaning of life, and so on. Once you see there isn’t really anything out there to “find” expect to understand THIS moment is all there is, life becomes….Art. All we have at our is our reactions to the truth. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, sometimes its painful, but most of all at its core its meaning and purpose exists because…..Nothing else does.   



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