Quiet, and boring.

Sounds of lockers opening and closing as some books and backpacks were taken and stored inside. Conversations covering all bases phasing in and out as teachers and students would walk by in the hallways. Sneakers hitting the floor as some kids rushed to class while others, mostly boys, would imitate their favorite Basketball player’s favorite crossover moves and shots. Zippers opening and closing from backpacks while papers of homework from last ruffled around inside of classrooms on top of desks. And bells loud enough that would of alerted Beethoven rang through as classes started, and, as classes ended. That was the tone in Middle School for me, and, more than likely, for the majority of kids then and the majority of kids now………… Then, 9/11 happened. 


That was Joe. One of my friends back then. Sitting in the front of the class he had sat a desk above me before he took his seat. Those were the words he used. Confused, I asked what he was talking about it. Why say something random or, at least at first it seemed random. That’s when the vibe changed as not only him, but everyone around me was talking about it in my class. That is, until the teacher told us to settle down as class was about to start. The rest of that day is a blur but, I remembered that the tone had changed. At least, it slowly started to change to be more accurate.

When I got home, my father was not in his usual spot in the living room watching ESPN.

Instead, it was just me and the TV. CNN was on as I sat down an seen it. I seen the tower was on fire burning slow. I seen panic in the street as people ran away in chaos and pure authentic fear that directors would kill for to have in any scary movie they were directing. I seen police running around along with firefighters while the tower just burned and burned. Then, another plane was shown ramming into the other building. Replay of course. For me though, it was just as live as when I watched a old Michael Jordan game for the first time. The tone, had changed. No longer was the vibe one or quiet, boring, normal, and typical. The tone, had shifted. The world in that time period, had stopped moving

The group, does not have time for “Exclusivity”. It is not concern with “talks” about “New ideas”  which shifts away from its present narrative. They are not fans of change which smells like forceful authority. To them, its like trying to force a person out of a movie theater while they are trying to enjoy the current film that they are viewing. The group, has its purpose which is to avoid the “Unknown” that feels like it maybe a “Threat” to its current safety net. Our bosses have bosses who don’t have time for unexpected sick days and call outs that are a result of …..natural occurrences. The group, however, have yet to realize that its greatest fear, ironically, is what will, and what IS the only thing that is going to save them from its true, and real enemy: Ourselves

See, we create the system based on the fact we refuse to deal with the “Random” and “Chaos”. We create jails because we do not want to deal with the fact that people like “That” are out there. We call people like that “people like that” as if there is some overall standard to up hold. As if there is some end point to life we are trying to reach. We claim to do this for our kids and other people’s kids but, really, what exactly are we inviting them to. What’s the difference between birth and throwing them out of a plane with no parachute? The system eventually creates its own cult, rules, and hierarchy based on a false perception of skill in a universe for which is infinite and ever changing. The group creates a system to avoid the fear of being closer to death but really, in the process, does something much worse and ironically, does not change the outcome of avoiding death. Meaning: If “Chaos is fair” then, what exactly then is the opposite of that?  

The group’s “Echo Chamber Conscienceness” was formulated due to the roots of the harsh, wicked, and unforgiving reality that is nature. Hypothetically, say for instance for arguments sake that zombies were to take over the world. If so, I would want to make sure me, my family, kids, and a significant other were as far away from outside world as possible and inside a gated area safely guarded from the blood thirst brainless monsters that were once human. Philosophical wise in this case, that “House” is the the representation of “Perfection”. Maintain the perfection, by maintaining the illusion. There is a reason doors remain locked once a play starts just like there is a reason people want your phones on vibrate in the movie theaters. Its the same reason why  this man was slapped in this video as is the same reason people want comedians to remember their material before they go onstage.

That reason, of course, being that the group (Ourselves) would rather be monogamous with a lie than polygamous with the truth. Problem is though just like with laughter, you can never really plan out when you truly want to get a good laugh. Its random and unexpected. That’s what makes the truth the most wanted escapee to the system. Its hard to track and pin down because just like water, clothes, and even math: Its for everybody. Anybody has a chance to make a difference. A necessary difference. What if Harriet Tubman just followed the same rules as her enslaved people and did….nothing? Point is, eventually, someone has to say “No” to the rules built on by the past. If not, what’s the point



I don’t remember what happened after the events of 9/11 but, I do know or, more so, still have remembrance of this, “Aura” I felt. I remember this feeling. It was the same feeling I had when I found out Michael Jackson had died and I seen my mother pulling up in our driveway. It was as if the world had stopped moving and everything took a pause. A shift had happened. Moods were different from all races, genders, and ages. To paint a better picture, collectively, as a nation, we all resembled this famous WWE Smackdown moment as a world together. You can say “Independence Day” had came to life and we as a world (Really country) were now faced with the threat of a Alien invasion.

Our ant hill had collapsed and we were all struggling to make sense of things and rebuild to prevent more chaos. All in unison as if we were at a concert. All in unison as if we as a people were exiting a movie theater. All in unison as if we were stuck in traffic. All together as one, and and all united against a common enemy. At least, when I look back at it now I am able to break it down into words, concepts, and ideas. But, when your in the moment feeling the shift as it happens, logic plays no part in the process. Your just there experiencing it.  Which is why many years removed from it now I am able to, as crazy as this sounds, see the art, Zen, and philosophical in this tragedy 

You see, whether you chose to blame the person flying the plane or (Whether a conspiracy theory or truth) the person or group that decided to give the green light on this act, you can’t escape the fact that this execution of murderous anarchy changed the aura of things forever which, at first, at face value seems like something we would never want, wish, or ask on us, or, anybody even our worse enemy but if you look deeper, you will see that this is exactly what we chase after everyday of our lives when dealing inside of a system of our own creation.

This, is exactly what “The Projectionist” represent. Man, woman, animal, or an event which snaps us out of our once random situation that became a system is what they are. You clearly see this in the two videos up above but really, you see it in our everyday lives on a “Micro level” (Person you argue with, Person that cuts you off in traffic, Person that that says something you disagree with, etc) and, on a “Marco level” (Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Internet trolls, etc) These people “Move the culture” forward. They cause distribution. Chaos against the norm. The bad kids of the classroom. The everyday “Protagonist” of earth if you will. But you see, as with earth though just as I mentioned above a few sentences ago, “The Projectionist”  is more than just a human thing as nature (Floods, Winter storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, etc) can also be Projectionists as well which, brings me to my next point



Because, when it comes to my post and really, any post that I create which presents a topic in that may, “Trigger” some emotions in people, my goal is never to “Shock just because”. My goal is never to get hits and views based on saying something which may imply “Hatred” on my part.  I don’t want Retweets from material which will only be relevant for the times and have no effect in the future.  (And now to contradict myself immediately) Why not really good business wise especially in this “Trolling” and “All press is good press” era of the times, I never wanted to go with the times just for the sake of fitting in nor also, be too closed to the process ego wise. I will die someday but hopefully the ideas I lay out will live on even in my guaranteed ending. 

Which is to basically say, I understand that people lost mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, aunts, and uncles that day on 9/11. I get that at the end of the day, no matter how “deep” I get with these posts, it won’t change the fact that one of the greatest crimes in human history was committed and to this day, never really solved. Enough time has pass to mourn and move on of course but, honestly, do we ever REALLY move on or just become more numb as things progress in our lives? That concept right there of “Progression”. A word in which only operates ironically with the help of the past. When I look at that word it as I write out this paragraph and overall the theme of this post just like I also spoke about here in the “By Any Means” section I have to ask: How long is long enough to stay in bondage to the past before moving on to continue the journey?

Again, I am not trying to come off as insensitive just for the sake of a post. As I have said before like in the beginning of a previous post  from a while back as well as above from this latest entry, I have no need or desire to “Troll for attention”. Well, at least not always.  But you see, with this sentence it proves my point from the last one in the above paragraph: “How long is long enough to stay in bondage to the past?”. This is why “The Projectionist must Die”. Life has no Analysts and “By Any Means”  eventually we as a collective whenever we go through a tragic event must push forward.

As Jay Z spoke here from his 2013 “Zane Lowe” interview from the 11:02-14:04 mark about Barack Obama, he was more invested in the “Idea” of what he, the 44th President of the United States represented when it came to race in America. The illusion of a system had and still has been in place for colored people that naturally had and again, has to be shattered in order to move on. Even though for me in my “Belief of no belief” when it comes to Zen, progression exists and doesn’t at the same time . Basically, if your girlfriend or boyfriend cheats on you are you going to be depressed forever, or, are you going to soon realize that this isn’t the days of Adam and Eve when there was only one dick and one pussy around? The idea, must be bigger than its creators the people and, to some extent once it loses its purpose and becomes yet another system, even bigger than itself.  




Ending slavery at one point in life was considered an absorb idea. Having a black man or woman being able to help vote for the next president of the United States of America was too also considered a crazy idea to even fathom. Women not being able to vote was too also considered normal as well as if you were Gay, Bi, Lesbian, or Trans you were assumed  to have had a “Sickness” or “Mental Disease” many moons ago. Systems in that were established when dealing with outside interference away from their comfort zone quickly did whatever was possible to absolved and, in their (Our) minds “Correct” the “Issue” that was at hand.  As I said in the beginning of the post: “The group, does not have time for “Exclusivity”…”. Luckily though, these once normal situations may still be in play to this day had it not been for the rage, courage, and forward thinking of people associated with these systems to push onward and go beyond what was the “Relevant Standard” of the times.

Their rage obviously influenced by “A Parody of Nature”  forced the individuals to seek what was beyond instead just accepting what is as we all tend to do by making excuses when it comes to shifting the paradigm of our current landscape.  The “Idea” of “Freedom” and the “Idea” of “Revolution” are bigger than the people attached and in contrast against these concepts such as say a Steve Jobs or even, a Walt Disney. These creators wanted to make their time better for not just themselves but for the people around them. Had they of just had their own self interests at heart, the Internet when it came to Steve Jobs and some of the best kids movies when it came to Walt Disney ever created may of never seen the light of day due to us just giving up and letting their vision die as soon as its inventors had passed on in life. Philosophical wise, Projectionist shift the norm and become the current designers of their time but we must never forget that the message its bigger than the mailmen which delivers it. 

Hm. I just realized that even though I am speaking about moving beyond the past with this post, my two main themes are centered around “9/11” and the movie “Fight club”….. Funny. In any event, my main point of this (Very long) post I present to you today before Christmas is this: Accept what is and embrace the fuckery from situations and the people in which some cases causes these events. It may just be the best thing to ever happen to you. It forces you to then understand that no matter how hard you try to box in life inside of this little cage for you to control it as if it was a animal: Nature is nature.

Mistakes and accidents are alarm clocks for humans to wake us from sleeping too long. Even if this is all a game and we are in the longest role playing session ever created, you can’t stop someone from falling over themselves when they say walk over a patch of ice. You can’t stop yourself from ever getting angry. You can’t stop yourself from looking at a big butt passing you by or, in a woman’s case or even in some men cases too, a “Dick print” when it comes to men. You can’t stop yourself from laughing. You can’t stop yourself from being scared. And so on and so on. Projectionists are not exclusive to people. Its what we deal with everyday from the highest to the lowest of levels. Embracing the good with the fuckery as I spoke on in “Coloring Books for Kids” is the best thing you can do for yourselves. Period. 

Until next year people. Happy holidays and thank you for your patience. See you in 2017

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