Different people. Different views. Different stories. And completely different beginnings and yet, despite all this when connected as one, people become able to share the same pains and joys in the form of a music as the lyrics become able to express our hidden pains and pleasures. With concerts, this fact has never been more apparent.

Sure, we can have conversations with family and friends, drink a few beers, smoke a little bit of weed, or just spend some alone time to curl up with a book or a movie but, in larger groups in which the same narrative is shared and felt by many, we become able to show the real hidden emotions we usually are ashamed to expose for fear of not blending in with the standards of what is deemed “Cool”,  and ,by the standards of what is deemed “Acceptable”. That “standard” which is of course according to….US.

So when it comes to the artist and we are able to see them live an away from our private sanctum in the form of our phones and headphones, this can be seen as “Us” at our highest level. They, when performing our favorite songs represent our emotions, feelings, highs, and of course lows in the theory of HD format. For a few hours no longer do we have to throw dirt and bury our dreams and frustrations by repressing them because of outside interference from “Memory puppets” and false status believers who now only dream in the color of green.

Artists in this sense can be seen as a “Captain Planet” formulated from different parts of the inner kids inside of all of us. Meaning, a artist like say, Beyonce succeeds because her fans either can’t, or, inspire to live a life as glamours as hers which makes them emulate her fashion, makeup, exercise routine, etc. A artist like Drake in the same vain works because his male fans can’t in terms of getting the kind of women, power, attention, and money that he has acquired. What is a keyboard on a laptop without the use of the alphabet that people in the past created? 

For you see, I bring up this because of an observation I had while speaking to my cousin a few weeks ago. This observation gave me the same feeling I have when I read a critic’s review of  a album or movie that I enjoy and become able to see their objective point of view.

Feeling wise, its as if I were parent protecting my kids and hated hearing a critical breakdown of my parenting skills so to speak but yet, logically, when removing feeling out of the equation the review makes sense when seen on a broader spectrum.  It wasn’t necessarily something that was “Revolutionary” or “Groundbreaking”  in terms of a thought or philosophical wise but, it did bring some clarity as to why I, and the world at large that are not the rich and wealthy waste their time working to compete.

Minimum wage is where its at because it forces the middle, and the lower class to work harder to achieve or compete for the same success that the rich, and the wealthy have already acquired (See, I told you it wasn’t some new discovery) This conversation with my cousin was sprung about because of his dissatisfaction with one of his recent paychecks he received.

We can pin point various reasons as to why his dollars were in this limited position but, beyond the typical, I seen something more at play and wanted to focus on a much more bigger picture that develops over time. Point is as I looked around, I started to realize why and how things were the way they were when it came to humans and our need for money, and ego satisfaction. Like watching a “Behind the Scenes” featurette on how a movie is created and seeing just how many people is needed just to create a film that will last for only a hour or two.

(Don’t worry, video will stop at the 18:47 mark)

“For all my Southside niggas that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous (God damn)
I made that bitch famous
For all the girls that got dick from Kanye West
If you see ’em in the streets give ’em Kanye’s best
Why? They mad they ain’t famous (God damn)
They mad they’re still nameless (Talk that talk, man)
Her man in the store tryna try his best
But he just can’t seem to get Kanye fresh
But we still hood famous (God damn)
Yeah we still hood famous”Kanye West “Famous”

Simply put just as the title displayed on this new blog post suggests: “Wrong colors don’t exist”. Any and everything is connected as one. Reasons why you see new actors shell out the performances of a lifetime in their first couple of movies and later on down the line in bigger budget productions is because the people that came before them who have achieved a certain level of respect, and, achieved a certain level of success were there to pave the way. Reasons why you bust your ass at work weekly, monthly, and for some yearly is because of the desire to live the lifestyle of the comfortably rich for not just for you but, also, your family, and of course, for your friends as well.

Whenever say a rapper like Lil Wayne, A politician and entertainer like Donald Trump, or the first female presidential candidate Hilary Clinton are in the media for some type of event or a accident that occurred you will see an increase in blog posts, Forum comments and topics, boosts in cable news ratings, Twitter memes and jokes, YouTube videos, Books, Conversations at work, Debates, Fights, Future development for movies, and so on and so on. 

Hell, I was at one point going to name this latest post sarcastically “Thank you Chris Brown”. Meaning, had he not did what he did to Rihanna in 2009, my favorite artist of all time Eminem would of never been able to fully comeback after his 2009 comeback album “Relapse” didn’t perform well as his other past projects did in the past because of the song “Love the way you lie”. That song reached a billion plus views not just because of it being a well crafted POP hit but, also because of the people in relationships that suffered through domestic abuse. It all connects. Just like the song from female Rapper Eve called “Love is Blind” doesn’t work without unfortunately a woman being abused by a man in her relationship. Again, it all connects for a greater purpose.  

Its just like my reasons for using these Kanye West videos for this recent post. Had he not gone through the infamous incident with Taylor Swift in 2009 he does not create “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or, had he not gone through his issues with the fashion industry his does not create one of the most popularizing pieces of music in recent history called “Yeezus”. To go even deeper by using the second video in this above section as a guide, if Stanley Kubrick’s parents had never meant, he does not become born and become one of the greatest movie directors of all time in which also helps create a movie inspiring Kanye to create his own pieces of art called the “Runaway” film which, also, helps influence people to want to even become directors to begin with and, also, help me today create this blog post for you to read that hopefully gets the brain juices flowing. I always say to my cousin “Women pay attention to the sprinkles on a 8 layer wedding cake” when it comes to logic though, it would seem that quote in hindsight is really for both genders.

So, the next time you see someone that is above you  financial wise, side by side with financial wise, or, below you financial wise, understand that those three separate situations in reality when you look at it from a hindsight perspective are really just, operating on the same playing field when it comes to this game of life.   The ones you see on Instagram flashing their wealth inspires you as a person to work harder so you can provide for yourself, and, provide for your family, while your peers when on Facebook show how much further or closer they are to out shinning you in life motivates you to keep going and vice versa. The ones at the top I am sure are aware of the homeless and less fortunate in 3rd world countries.  This pushes them to NEVER be in that position while the ones who view America as the greatest country off all time (Coughs) sparks them to fight for the things that we take for granted. Like, idk, water, fresh air, internet, and, free time to play… Golf?

Your opinion isn’t more less or more better whether its “Good” or “Bad”. Its all welcomed. You made offend someone to either work harder or not try at all. If they choose not to try at all, this could push someone to see themselves as more stronger and not give up so easy or, motivate their kids to never be like “That guy” or “That girl” and to go harder at life. You see, no one is really mad at Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. They enjoy having the conversation and having their opinions shot down or worshiped. They want to believe that on November 8th  one of these two people will save them. Spoiler alert though……They won’t. 

Like one of my favorite philosophers for life Alan Watts speaks on here when it comes to Nirvana, do as you please. Not in a sense to go run around and harm people or steal babies out of carriages but, more so on, whatever you choose to do that makes you happy, go for it. Hell, if harming people or stealing babies is your thing too, go for that as well. You will MOST likely deal with the consequences of jail time and morally suffer for it but, okay. That’s your game. You see, if you are ever complaining about something, seeking a better place to live, wanting more money because you think it will make you happy, go ahead. Again, that’s, your game. Try as you might to pin down this ever changing puzzle called life.  Be my guest doing your best to place a permanent narrative on it and see how long it will last. Because in my opinion, your seeking and analysis is both a waste, and simply another experience for you to engage in.

Nirvana, as Zen has been teaching me is NOW. RIGHT NOW and ONLY NOW. But, this PRESENT MOMENT can only be truly felt through systems and tragedies. As I have been talking about with Kanye West, he doesn’t get to make some of the best music in the last 15 years without their being a system for him to conquer, or going through the pain of losing his mother or girlfriend around 2008. Had he not, he doesn’t create “808s and Heartbreak” and arguably invent a new genre and launch the careers of some of the most popular artists today.  Point is, we are and ARE NOT each other’s enemies. Its a collaboration. A mechanical collaboration.  7 billion plus people in the world are playing out their roles from big to small. Animals and Insects as well. Like the last Kanye West video I will leave you with here today says: “Every artist that makes Good music, is on Good music”. We are all artists. Even the bad ones. Wrong colors do not exist. If you look out through your eyes and only see 3 or 4 colors, look again. Let your mind be a mirror as Alan Watts would say. Reflect all but hold nothing. Just…….Enjoy the ride. We can’t let out inner kids die. We can’t.

(Don’t worry. Video will stop at the 33:30 mark)

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