Modern Day


People just talk. Nothing more, nothing less. People just let the words come out of their mouth either hoping for a negative result or a positive result when it comes to the situation at hand. Shit does not JUST come out of assholes, Biggie Smalls, and, modern day radio. Nobody knows what is going on but claims to IN THE MOMENT just as I claim to know something someone else told me, who SOMEONE ELSE told them and who someone else also had told them and so on, and so on.

People are just performing actions based on survival needs just as boss is. He or she is not the enemy. He or she does know what the fuck is going on in this world either. They are a real time time puppets repeating words someone else told them to care about. They shit and fart just as you do as well as stress and think about killing the person the person that cut them off in traffic just as you do.

They masturbate to some strange shit and discard the evidence on a napkin or take a shower to clean the evidence just as you do. That’s the scary part. Both sides are on the bullshit. The worker and the boss are both human. All human. Therefore, who is “Right” and who is “Wrong”? Why listen to people who claim authority but eat pussy, asshole, suck toes, and stick tongues in their lover’s ear until the taste buds get a whif of three day old earwax just like the next man or woman?

Therefore, never feel bad about what someone says or do. They talk in a disrespectful way, laugh, smile, hell, joke about it with them. Not in just a half hearted way either. GO ALL THE WAY WITH IT. Keep laughing even after they are done. See how far they’ll take their fuckery. See how devoted they are to making fun of you. More than likely, they were just in it for the quick moment to make you look silly and big themselves up. Kill them with kindness and irritation. Make fun of yourself better than they do themselves because, think about it: Have they ever been there for every single part of your life? Have they ever felt YOUR pain? Have they seen what you seen? Felt the death that you have felt? No? then, what in the fuck gives them the assumption they can judge YOUR ONE, AND ONLY life? 

They are just talking puppets doing a balancing act between their primal self and the society self just like the Politicians. This is why it doesn’t matter who is in office now, and it sure as hell didn’t matter then. People in power don’t risk losing that power to its slaves that they own. Period. Donald won’t save you and neither will Hilary. These people are out for maintaining the order that was here long before they were thought of as a choice. You are going to die someday. All that will be left is what you leave behind and for some, it won’t matter because no one will give a damn about what you did or what I did. It doesn’t matter the results of this race. Everyone has a opinion on it and no one can be looked at as the “Right” opinion expect for one “Person” so to speak, and that one “Person is: “History”

Yes, history. We can have a ball saying our opinions, facts, different insights, wisdom, knowledge, what party we fall under, etc. It doesn’t matter. History is being documented. All of this shit is just for people in the future to look back on and, AGAIN, comment and have a opinion.This is all its about. Recording history. It doesn’t matter who wins then, now, and beyond. Put it like this: If I have a game in which I created that was able to control the world why on earth would I give someone else a chance to win and take that from me?

You really think these suits are going to risk all of this money invested in these Elections onto the hands of people with the same mindset as a  son of a bitch like myself? You really think there is a chance we control what is going on beyond just being the audience for their show? Is there really a difference between this and WWE? When it comes to that product, Are we not just watching the imagination of Vince McMahon? Has he ever called your phone personally and ask advice on how to better the storylines? Point is, wake up. Who knows, this Presidential game probably has a 20 year plan in the works and we are only in year 2 of it. 

The madness of all of this only leads down to one solution and one solution only and that is: The powers that be, must fall. The suits that run everything behind the scenes must have their day to fall down on the sword just like we all have constantly. They must feel what its like to suffer for once. They must have their “Day in court” so to speak. We as a world need no longer CEOs, bosses, mangers, and team leaders to guide us on a planet in which spins in a circle 365 days a year around a ball of fire that can take us out at any moment as we float in the middle of fucking nowhere surrounded by more black than white people during the plantation and overt racism days. Us as a people can come together and figure this out without a Dictator or Religious fairy tale to lead us towards a Utopia. What we need is a revolution. All we need is for everybody to be on the same page and come together as one. We can do this everybody can’t you feel spirit!??……………. It sounds so easy…………………Right?

A “Revolution” would be great but, lets “Keep it real before it goes wrong” and ask ourselves this question: How can we accomplish that when we have a comfortable bed to lay in every night? Or, I mean, at least the ones that can afford to have a bed to lay in unlike the people that can’t because they TRULY are living the Revolutionary life which therefore helps motivate people like you and I from avoiding living on the streets, or, with someone else an forced to live by their playbook of house rules. You see, we are not hiding from animals or having to deal with other tribes of humans trying to overtake us. There is no Dinosaurs to worry about. You need food? There is this place called “A Job” for which you can make money from it, save up, walk or run, then, go to the nearest place that has food and begin to eat. If you save up more money you can buy you a car and then *GASPS* you can have more options of food that you would like to eat. 

Not in the mood for food? Well, how about getting a nut off in your SPARE time that you are afforded. You know, spare time in which the caveman of that era where not accustomed to enjoying. Well, look no further than the internet where there are (Literally) billions of options for you to unload a future stripper or police officer into a tube sock or napkin as you flush it down the toilet like I did last night’s dinner. Fuck it right? Wait, No porn you say? Not in the mood? Well, how about Netflix, Hulu. HBO Go, Showtime, SlingTV, PS4, Xbox, what the fuck ever. You have SPARE time to waste and comfort to enjoy. Revolution? You mean the dancing video game right?……… But wait, THERE’S MORE.

You can’t sit around all day and become fat right? Hell no. How about join a gym? But, before you do, don’t forget to grab your cellphone (Which has everything on there to even fill up a Porn star’s time) and download your music on there so you can not only lose weight BUT, also enjoy BILLIONS of options of songs that you can take anywhere you want. Pandora, Groove Music, Apple music, Spotify, Tidal, Iheart Radio, Hot97, etc, etc, ETC. Not in a music mood? Well. hold your horses buddy. We have podcasts ranging in the millions of categories to fill your day up quicker than my mother fills up debt. 

All jokes aside, what the fuck you mean by “Revolution” when you are too comfortable to move out of your bed to begin with? You have a family to feed right? Get that ass up and keep it moving to that job. You have car payments right? The hell you doing following blogs, Tumblr, SnapChat, Twitter, and Facbook accounts that have to do with “Tearing down the system”? What do you mean you want to “Take down this Government?” Don’t you want to hang with your friends and smoke a bit of weed as you toss back a few beers? Who has time to march when laughter and good times are only a phone call away? (Or text. DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE EMOJIS. **Insert smile____here) As I said earlier, people including, and especially me, JUST, TALK. 

 Your mother won’t save you. Your father won’t save you. Your kids won’t save. Your girlfriend or boyfriend won’t save you. Money will not save you. Your job will not save you. Your Doctors………well, they will save you but, you get the point. Fact of the matter is, nobody is going to save you FROM YOU or this life. Period.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton just as any other major event in recent times will cause blog numbers to go up, social media pages to increase in views due to jokes, opinions, videos, and “Facts” about the candidates, CNN, FOX News, Bill O’reilly, etc will have ratings increase on their shows because of the coverage, Feminists will get a chance to shine in debates and self-esteem due to Hillary possibly being the first woman ever elected, YouTube will have a TON of reaction and review videos about the debates, songs will be recorded, books written, movies created, podcast….podcasting?, and so on and so on.

THIS is what this is about. We as a unit are all adding numbers and attention to this. Nature gives us the trees for free, they create money from it, give it out to us to buy stuff WE AS HUMANS make then, we give it right back to them and the real circle of life continues.  We are, and at the same time not, The Design. We are the universe. We are one unit. We are on the same team. We, have no Gods looking over us. We, as we know of now are all we got. Our problem is a belief in a answer. Thing is though, how can there be a “Answer” in a world in which slavery happened to all races and murders of children, and women (Who some where pregnant) where committed? How? How can this be? Well, to answer my own question: Because someone had to build the house or apartment you stay in. Someone had to create the food markets you visit. Someone has to take bullets for you or risk their life when it comes to dealing with fire. Someone, had and has to be the Master, and someone has to be the slave. The illusion must remain in order for us to continue towards………..what exactly? 

To end this on a somewhat high note, I myself have too always realize that Comcast will not save me either. No matter how many times I call up to complain about their service, no matter how many times I bang my fist against the computer desk when their internet goes out, no matter how many times I want to take a spike bat and plunge it (Repeatedly) against the nut sack or cunt of the manger or Boss of the local Comcast department that lives by me, no matter how many times I want to hawk spit or piss and shit on a passing by Xfinity truck, no matter what, they, will not save me either. Because if I were to do all that and somehow manage to avoid jail time it wouldn’t change the fact that RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW is the only moment that will ever matter and, always be. There is no Nirvana to “Get to” because we are already here. No one is coming to save us and nowhere is there a place to live where we can “Just be”. That place, is already here. With that said for my own therapy, I’ll leave this video for my close out. Take care world.  


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