Golden mean (philosophy)

In philosophy, especially that of Aristotle, the golden mean is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. For example, in the Aristotelian view, courage is a virtue, but if taken to excess would manifest as recklessness, and, in deficiency, cowardice.

You know,  for me, its difficult to come up with a great first paragraph. Its tough in a sense that, I want something that grabs your attention quickly but yet, at the same time, I don’t want that “something” to be because of a “Click bait” action. Especially when the post I’m creating is geared towards trying to change the way others think. Or, at least have another option of thinking. Its a: “I want to still watch porn but also be able to still shake hands with the President if I were to met him on the same day” kind of thing. However, in some cases with this ADD slash Multi-tabs open on a computer era we are currently in, sometimes you have to slip the medicine within in the candy to provide to complete the long term goal that is at hand. With that said, allow me to briefly tell you the emotions,  pains,  and fears I had with this one incident as a kid inside of a very, very packed Mall on a Saturday morning. Basically, this is a quick summery of how I was unable, to take a shit. 

Judgmental eyes that even the blind man can feel. Laughs and giggles from women not related or whom my dick was not going to enter in. Whispers loud enough for the deaf that were deceased for years to hear. And, personal shame and humiliation I would of had to live with for days, months, and even years. All cool visuals to the side, my point is, I had to shit but didn’t want to do it in public in front of people. As a result, I felt like drug mule trying to smuggle drugs in a airport while the cops were behind waiting for me to slip up. A bad combination of insecurity and, ironically, a lack of confidence to not give a “shit” is the reason a few kids, people sitting down, and, I think a small person may have smelt what I had ate a few hours back around that time as I walked passed them. Anyway, why I am telling you this? Well, you’ve had the candy part (faecal matter mini bites?) now, let me do my best to reel you in with the medicine. Somehow

You see, essentially, when I look back at that shitty (Sorry, I had to) time in my life I can see exactly how that event helped the future post that I am creating for you today this evening. The reason why I was able to “Hold it in” so to speak was because of the outside forces around me in which controlled my movement based on the pain, and fear of possibly being made a fool of and becoming”Cast out” from the herd of society. In our most desperate times in which we are backed into a corner, we as a people are able to create magic in “Do or Die” situations once the pressure is on. With this post though, I want to not only explore that but also examine whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing for the sake of us as a civilization. Meaning, by us being able to “Get in a zone” as if its 10 seconds left and our team is down by 3 in the NBA championship game, do we do ourselves a disservice by creating and living inside of story/lie which locks and freezes us in a almost somewhat state of unconsciousness? Are we harming ourselves by having conversations with our own shadows and claiming someone else is there to listen? Basically, how do you outsmart, conquer, defeat, and kill a opponent who’s reflection is… yours?  



To understand what I am trying to say, lets first take a look at the definition of Zen (Even though there really can never be a definition) Zen, in its most elementary and basic term is simply “Is”. Meaning, Zen is simply “Putting your clothes on and heading out to work”. Zen is “Cutting the potatoes” as Alan Watts points out here with his quote from many, many years back. Zen is this moment right now in which you are able to read this sentence in your head or using your voice to read it aloud and nothing more. Its everyday conversations. Everyday actions. Everyday dramas, and everyday you get a chance to spend time with your family or “Secret lover” your husband or wife doesn’t know about. Again, Zen simply “Just is” and nothing less.

With that said, obviously that can only means one thing when it comes to the time and the life we live and deal with everyday on Earth: Past and the future just ceases to exists. If all there is, is the present moment according to Zen, why then do we do our best to have problems due to a past that only exists in tomorrow, and, have issues and worries about a future that will never come unless you are a fan of the latest current star in Hip Hop and he was coming to a town near you?  Point is, when it comes to my latest theory I am trying to explain, as humans, how will we ever operate in life if we are forever trapped in this “Middle way” of going about existing? This presents the problem that Zen creates when you begin to delve into it and see how it relates to the life we live everyday.

We, are living a lie. We, are living inside of a movie that claims to have a ending while also floating in the middle of nowhere in infinite space. How funny is it we still have Bosses and vote for Presidents to lead us anywhere when we have no idea why we are even here to begin with. And you see, that right there is the crust of the problem. The “why are we here” I just mentioned. Its no different than what I talked about here, and also here a few months back as well as of course here as well.  What Zen teaches us is how to live in the present moment but also enslaves us in the process as well as we have nothing to look forward to except for here and HERE ONLY.

Some might say that it is a great thing as it defuses thinking about a already forgotten past and a future that doesn’t exist but yet,  when you think about it, does it? Are we no different than the message on a voicemail? A recorded podcast? a DVD with a already filmed show on it? The problems we have faced since the beginning of time in developing a concept to combat against the chaos of the world as I spoke about here has been both a success, and a failure simultaneously. If the present moment is all that there is then what exactly are the rules and,who then exactly are the ones that sets the rules we all have to follow? That of course is a trick question and, I think the “Suits in power” know this and have known this to be true for quite some time. Hastag #Tinfoilhat and #Illuminatiisreal 



(Don’t worry. Video will end at the 1:19:20 mark)

Here, let me give another example. Lets picture a car as the vehicle for my theory. (Is that clever? Nah) If you are in a car and you don’t turn it on to start what is going to happen? Nothing right (Shocker!) Yet, if you turn a car on and immediately start speeding at full speed in a reckless manner, more than likely you, another person, or worse, a group of people will become severely hurt because of this or even more tragic, dead because of the dangerous actions. In this sense you have two clear definitions and outcomes. You do nothing, nothing happens. You go too fast and there is a chance that something will happen. I see these actions as the “Nothing” of the world or more so “Silence” vs the “Something” of world. The chaos. The randomness. The “Just is” nature that we live everyday. Now, what about the middle? What about when you drive a car safe and move and don’t speed but yet, drive normal and follow the rules of the road? What exactly is that called?

Obviously its call being safe. My point is, to go back to earlier in the paragraph about using a “Car” as a “Vehicle” to my theory, that “Middle” way we live our lives that, illusion if you will. By living this way, are we forever endangering ourselves by creating a false narrative with no real ending in sight? When we are driving safe we are using our brakes, watching both ways for incoming cars and pedestrians, using headlights and brake lights when needed, turn signals, wearing our seat belts, paying attention to the road signs, paying attention to the Red, Yellow, and Green lights above, staying in your lane, watching out for cars behind, at our side, and in front of us, etc, etc, etc. When we do this when compared to life in a philosophical sense, are we making ourselves more lost by living a life with no clear definition? At least with a car not moving or a car going at full speed there is a clear affect of what will happen. When we live life in this “Safe maze” like world and become afraid of the outcome like this scene from the movie “The Maze Runner” perfectly describe, what then becomes the point of living? 

To flip this in another way, lets take a look at Maps for a moment. Maps give us the illusion of a Path, Limits, and Destination. Fair enough but, how can that be when realistically we are living in a Infinite space which has neither a beginning, middle, or end? Or, say for instance lets look at Insects or anything not human. I have watched moths fly around a spider web risking its life and sometimes getting caught. I have watched Hornets and Wasps fly around small children and babies almost stinging them. And, I have watched videos of animals attacking humans of all races, genders, and age. These two actions go back to my “Car doesn’t move” and “Car goes too fast” examples when it comes to life.

Are we more smarter than bugs and animals or, are they more free and have a better understanding of being in the present moment? As the “Brilliant Idiots” video above points out, do we ourselves and the future of the world damage by sheltering away from the nature of the world living in solitude of our own Fantasy and passing it on to our kids and so on? We watch The News and The Weather Channel to see what lies ahead. We do our best to avoid nature and in the process forever create a story which has no end game to it. If anything, I really should call this post “Earth: The Continuous Bible / Guestbook”. Until we learn to burn that book and understand our true connection with this planet and life as whole, we will always have trouble seeing that the real enemy is the one in the mirror. 




Not everybody is lucky enough to be placed in the “Sliver spoon” club immediately out the gate. Therefore when in times of crisis magic is performed in order to stay above water when every dollar, cent, and food stamp counts to feed you, and possibly a family. That “magic” created is the same reason I chose to tell about my shitty (I had to)past  and use the clip from the 2003 movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” in the beginning of this post to illustrate my theory.

If you will, the rat of represents me, and the middle and poor class of people (Not much difference to be honest) While the bucket can be used as the limitations we both face in our lives. The blow torch (Fire) can be seen as representing Nature. In my case, its taking a shit. With the less fortunate financial wise, risk of starvation and basic survival to make it day to day becomes their nature side. In these dire times luck is created just as you seen with Black people and basically any race that grace this planet. This is not to exclude white people of course because, just like death, broke is for any and everybody. Point is, this combination we really all face and the singular incident I had at the mall created movement. Breaking this down to “Good” or “Bad” results is a waste . Its just a human thing. No race started out with everything as if it fell out of the sky and was handed to them. Without chaos first there is no movement for humans to have had gone on and proceed to create a better life to prevent death as long as we could. 

Humans are really the means between the extremes of “Nothingness” and “Chaos”. The Designer is basically the biggest Rapper on the planet and we are nothing more than the radio used to just transmit and send sounds waves through out to the world about its greatness. Its why I chose Batman as a perfect symbol that represents us as a whole. The costume he wears is the “Human being” suit that we have to wear. Our reals selves, the spiritual selves, are our Bruce Wayne if you will. The ones we can never show for fear of our identity being exposed. Batman (The Dark Knight) is neither a good or a bad guy. He is the middle which allows him to get away with things that the bad guys can’t do, and the police officers (The Law) can’t do.

Its the prefect balance like I spoke about here, here, and most recently here. The balance of it is neither about what is “Right” and what is “Wrong”. Throughout this post, I have been viewing this through a negative set of eyes while also questioning is being locked in this Maze and Story we sell ourselves daily but, really, movement is movement no matter what. Sure, you can say “Does that mean we excuse a guy like Hitler?” and, the answer to that is again going back to seeing things just as a “Right” vs “Wrong” scenario. Its really about movement and movement alone. WE as humans place names on events but in reality, Hitler and say, Malcolm X were two men in the same boat. Both were just following their need for survival and end up creating two different results of actions. By me even creating this blog post and asking questions, I am going against my own theory I am trying to challenge. (Mindfuckery huh?) 


Hurry the fuck up? Get it? Anybody? Anyway in closing, thank you for staying with me. This post even I will admit was a bit of a complex one to get through. More so because trying to explain which does not need explaining is tricky bastard. My main overall point of this blog today was to ask the question do we really know the life we live?

Our we able to clearly see what the present moment is and how to properly dissect it? And yet, as I just said if we were able to do that would we not just be placing ourselves in yet ANOTHER box? Another system to follow? Another chain on a already heavily changed mind and body? It would seem that the only answer is no answer. Its all movement at the end of the day. Sometimes it will result in good, other times it will result in bad.

Both sides are needed to balance each other out. Never become upset completely at someone or something. That moment was meant to cause a opposite reaction. Image being in a world in which everything was one sided. Hell when you think about it, Zen does not function unless there is a mess to clean up. You can apply that across the board with anything. Men and Feminism. The good girl and the slut. Marriage and single life. Hot and cold. And so on and so on. Never fear trying to figure none of this out. Once you do, the chess board would have had been flipped and restarted over again. In closing, I’ll leave it with a piece from a Alan Watts video I found while cruising the net (People still say that right? I’m still cool) that perfectly explains what what can not be explained. Until next time people. Thank you for your time.


(Don’t worry. Video will end at the 40:51 mark)



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