I just finished this post a few minutes ago. As I was going over and reading it despite my past confessions of hating to do that in the same way Johnny Depp never watches his movies, I realized that, I needed a intro or, more so a preface in the beginning to really explain what I was doing. No. This isn’t me trying to say: “This post right here will be VERY intellectually challenging for readers as I am on quite another level than they are on so, let me slow it down and help them ride the bike with training wheels first”. No. If anything, this was me saying: “This sounds fucking scatterbrain as can be. Let me explain myself before the white coats start knocking on my door”. 

You see, I really didn’t stick to a basic formula like I have also talked about in the past. I really just wrote whatever I was feeling in the same way Kanye West spoke about creating his 2013 critically acclaimed album “Yeezus” here from the 1:12 to 1:36 mark.  I just let the….Pen? Keyboard? Fingertips? Anyway, I just let the thoughts move almost in Ouija board fashion while I played the passenger role. I had no real plans for this as a post. I really couldn’t see this becoming anything other than part of the hundreds of other notes, unseen posts, and half ideas I have stashed away on this blog. It was all over the place and really stood out like a Black sheep-eqse child in the family of my writing. There was a underlying theme but not enough I felt like it could be used as a post. Crazy enough though as I continued on writing, I soon started to see that the style I used for this post here was once again happening with this. Just writing and seeing where it took me, the cherries on top fell into their place on their own. 

What this post is in at its most face value, transparent, and performance art level is, is a freestyle. More specially, a Eminem like freestyle. Its weird how I made this odd connection. Basically at a philosophical and even Zen level, I was writing about the Design and Designer of life. That is theme underneath the chaos that is this post. Eminem’s freestyles have always been the black channel of Rap. The alternative when others stuck to the script. The odd ball who wore black fingernail polish and Neo from “The Matrix” long black trench coat. I’m a fan and somewhat speaking bias here so bare with me but mainly, what I am saying is, is that, his freestyles has always been all over the place. Like staring at all of the descriptions of a Quentin Tarantino filmography while a stream of WorldStarHipHop videos play in the background. Despite this the one common theme about his and other rappers and even some singers is, the theme of what is keeping it together is the fact the words rhyme. 

The rhyme in this sense that connects this recent post is the design. When I speak on design I mean everything. I mean everything from words, colors, sounds, conversation, people, concepts, ideas, religions, money, books, etc, etc, etc. The design is everywhere at any time and any shape. Its the reason you are able to read this post at this very second. Yet, at the same time the moment you or I place a label on it the meaning disappears and the design keeps flipping on itself. The longest game of hide and go seek to quote Alan Watts. “Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions” to quote Roddy Piper. By me evening placing a name on this post and all of my other ones, including a actual title for this blog misses the point completely. Its why I went with Eminem. When it comes to Eminem you can’t really box his style into a box. Its almost criminal to ask of him to make a album that has song lengths, concepts to follow, standard flow, and structure to create a song that people can follow. His skills are best to be appreciated when there is no rules placed on him. This is the way I view not only life but my new found love of Zen. Which, calling Zen, Zen is not Zen and again misses the point of what can not be labeled.

One of my favorite posts “Water Bottles and Oceans” connects to this post as well as the video above. For you see, I picked that certain freestyle of Eminem which is in black and white and also censored because, that is what I feel like the powers that be (Which is also us) tries to sell life back to the world with a price tag on it. As I said, to make Eminem or really any other artist commercialize or limit their artistic highway with road blocks in the form of time length songs and hour plus albums is silly. Its like trying to create a movie about slavery that lasted 4 hundred years with a 2 hour time limit. I feel Eminem in this video represents us.

We are more than our jobs, names, outfits, possessions, memories, skin color, gender, and age. Yet, we are being told to remain a prisoner of the past while the sky above us has no limits. The black and white color scheme  and censored lyrics is how I feel and, I know how you and others feel in life when we are handicap to truly let our colors show due to the fear of what we might, or will lose in this game. Hell, to even marginalize the nature of Infinite by calling it “Infinite” (Which is the name of Eminem’s first non-mainstream album) is silly. Just like the fact that there is a definition for “Love”, “Creativity”, and “Life” in the dictionary. 

So, yeah. That is my explanation of a explanation that really will never in life have a explanation (Wait, what???). Some people call the design the word of GOD and the designer GOD himself but, for me, even calling it that can never do this artwork justice that is the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and touch use as its internet while the body itself plays as the computer. We all have more than a few colors in our box than just black, white, and of course green. I mean, when you think about life, was it really meant for it for us to just work? That’s it? Just work for a company, or even yourself just so at the end of the day we can buy the same toys in which we also as humans create ourselves at a higher price? Maybe another time I’ll delve into that more. For now thank you for your time, views, likes, and of course penitence. More posts are on the way. Please enjoy. -Modern Day Pricus

The first caveman to die and be witness by a small group of people is the equivalent of the first picture, and the first website ever made in the world. The first scary movie ever invented and be witness by a small group of creators is the moment someone looked up at the sky, placed ownership on a cloud, and it worked. Movies, websites, pictures, and books, are us as humans creating a commercial for our own mirrors and selling it back to ourselves at a HIGHER price.

When a so called “Accident” happens and you yourself start to shame and place blame in your heart, YOU yourself become your own warden and your own prisoner based on SOMEONE ELSE’S own VISION of the world which they themselves created from the inspiration of the design outside. You know, trees, grass, clouds, water, apples, leaves, dirt, air, bugs, etc. Those things. The things that are, FREE for everybody.

The reason we call “Trees” trees is because someone from the past created that word. That word he or she created came from the motivation of the outside. The designer of the world. I call it design and others name it GOD but none of that doesn’t even matter. Because once you put a label on anything that moment has had already been passed. It was over a minute before you even figured it out it was gone. Life is a podcast. Its already been recorded and done. The first time people hear it is all the matters. Once that experience is done, Talking and reviewing it for critique of some kind of “Standard” is a waste. 

We are the audience and the design of the designer is forever playing the role of the disappearing Houdini. Like the theme song from the second season of one of my favorite TV shows “The Leftover” says: “I think I’ll just let the mystery be”. We are being sold water bottle “One” and “Two” while the fact remains that there is a fucking ocean of truth for everybody is being hidden from the public. Just look at a lighter or a fireplace. What is the difference between that and us inside of a jail cell by our own creation? When did fire have a hangout spot? When are you watching TV and go: “Hey, fire is on TV. He is my favorite actor.

“Set up a problem for the majority that goes against their natural peace, then wait for their THE reaction”. When it comes to the…. “I, along with people I know, care, and don’t care about will die someday and there is a good chance I am never coming back” reality of life, we are all NBA owners of a game that was created out of nothing. The journey of humans can be broken down to us  forever asking the question: “What was basketball before it was called basketball?”. 

Yesterday’s memory is the mirror, and conversation of tomorrow’s future. Nothing is inside of the box. The present is forever empty. Christmas was influenced by the vision inside of our own mirrors that we see everyday. Makes you wonder why is the idea and concept of a “Boss” or Leader” still relevant in the internet era. Music too is a representative of the design. Until we learn to treat music as free as the birds outside, all of the JOBS of  award shows, record labels, and music critics must be killed. Not the people just the jobs. You can’t blame a baby for anything. Because at the end of the day we are all kids. We all knew not what we did at that time. Adults forget they were once kids. 

Yet at the same time its a contraindication in my  the philosophy because I’m telling you what to do. Mind fuckery huh? Somebody in your life everyday plays the role of Jesus. Someone you can take your anger out on. The people you “hate” like say Kim Kardashian or Kanye West. Its kind of perfect in a weird and strange way those two are together huh? Two of the most hated people in the world. Or, at least on the internet. People tend to forget that the ones torturing and watching Jesus being brutally butchered in the story of the Bible were HAPPY to view it. It brought out that animal side in all of us.  

In life, we all are trying to marginalized it. We really are trying to create, hide, and then OURSELVES look for permanent batteries for a video camera to try and record clouds in the sky. Once the battery runs out we see that as a “Failure” based on it being in opposition of what feels “Right” and “Comfortable”. What comes first. “Day” or “Night”? Why is the president on the old quarter deemed as the “Front”  side while the bird is known as the “Back” side or “Other side” of the coin?. I like to call that my updated version of the question who came first. “The chicken or the egg”.

Life is a infinite supply of blank white copying paper. We ruin it once we put words on it yet, because of that, we are able to see. We are the glasses of fashion designer and he is painting a artwork of himself hidden in different characters. I should call this section “The Philosophy of Quentin Tarantino”. Building houses in the middle of earth is kind of funny when you really think about it. Like a businessman staring at a painting of himself. He realizes that in business all he, and everybody else in that field are doing is simply selling our reflection back to ourselves at a higher price. Yes, I just repeated the same line I said earlier. Repetition is the father of learning. Another contradiction?  

That’s the issue about design. Since nobody can place claim on it, who then, what then, and how then do you set the rules on it? What is a business without its employees and customers? What would a plantation have been without its slaves? Who is to blame then. The followers, or the person buying and reselling the clothes back to the people from the free fashion store of life? Clothes are free for everybody. Has it always been racism, or, was it just white people putting a price tag on air? Its like the biggest store in the world is going out of business and not everybody knew it about because it wasn’t advertised. By the time they found out, the clothes that were once free are now being sold back to the ones late to the party at a high price. 

When you think about it, Adam and Eve were the original inspiration for the DVD. Hell, we all are. Just look at the breakdown. A movie idea comes out of nowhere. There isn’t some magic pill a creator makes and BOOM, a idea happens, no. It is sparked out of the sky and slowly brought together on paper. Those papers get sent to a movie studio. They approve it and production is started. Actors, actresses, wardrobe, camera crew, etc etc. The film is made, sent to theaters, interviews with the directors and actors are held. Commercials are involved, then, a few months later its on DVD. We as humans do this always. We say “Hey, I want a pizza. I’ll order it”. We are not factoring it all the steps it takes for out pizza to be made and delivered. Adam and Eve and were handed a DVD of the world once she and him ate that apple.

I believe the designer secretly wants to be a superhero. A superhero is all about doing what is right and saving the world. He or she as we all are, are slaves to the design of perfection. You think its just about the looks and “witty” captions when it comes to these women’s Instagram pictures? You think its just about the characters of “The Avengers” when it comes to looking at a movie poster? No. Its all design. Its everywhere. We are the costumes of the designer. It wears us. We all our different outfits yet it comes from the same designer. But by reading this it will never be able to make sense. Me attempting to do so is like the saying I always use to say. Its like trying to capture air in a box and paint it. We as humans need to start using glass jars so we can finally get the message and see the bullshit of our attempts. 

(Don’t worry. Video will stop at the 47:07 mark)




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