I enjoy collaboration. Collaboration is everything when you think about it. The movement of an event always brings out this corny feel good energy in me. Like when babies do something cute and all the women around him and her all go “Awwww. How cute” almost in uni cine like it was rehearsed. I work in a group setting at work and, in a weird way I enjoy when everything connects and we all are on our game doing a great job. If not that, during the small down times I enjoy the random conversations we have that comes together like a dance routine slowly.

Whether the conversation is serious, work related, female focused, verbal sparing, or whatever it doesn’t matter. Its always just a enjoyment I get in collabos. Its like watching good passing in Basketball or, even in a porn when the performers are both in tuned with teh scene to the point the viewer wonders if its real or not. Or, when watching a movie in the movie theater and everybody laughs at a joke, or, jump scared at a scary scene in a horror movie. I just enjoy everything about this design.

My tweets don’t matter without Retweets and Favorites of other people. Instagram pics lack any meaning without comments or likes from others viewing the pictures. We hate Monday through Thursday but really deep down love it becomes it makes Friday and the weekend cool. People hate when its winter and can’t wait for the summer. Then, it becomes too hot and people rush somewhere where there is a AC present. There is no feminism without men. Rap and Hip Hop culture wouldn’t exist without the system of white supremacy and, to go further back, slavery if you think about it. Hell, lets keep the theme of time travel going. What would be Jesus’s story if without his torment and death? 

Even in my life beyond just work this idea and natural concept of collaboration is prevalent. My mother and father both combined together both missionary and doggystyle (My brain just captured the visuals..Fuck) to create me. They were married for while then naturally human  they ended up apart. One coin with two different sides. Traveling deeper in my family, I have some cousins who I enjoy being around and speaking with but, if wasn’t for the other cousins who I really don’t vibe with as well, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the self perceived “good ones” that I do enjoy spending a few moments with. One of my cousins used to be engaged with this stable, humble, dependable, and very nice well rounded dude. She of course was bored and decided to leave him for someone more fun. Fast forward now, she wishes everyday for someone nice and more sweet instead of the person she has now. Currently, some of the younger females in my family are fighting with the older Aunts and, unfortunately, the only way I ever see it becoming civil is when my older Aunts have passed on and a funeral is held.

First they joked on Michael Jackson for the latter half of his career but as soon as he passed everybody cried and became upset. The energies of good and bad is everywhere. I think its the reason why I became a WW(F) fan. In a way, it was my first demo into what the internet would become years later. A mix of a youthful and mature “Boys only club” with a Jerry Springer slash South Park craziness to it. Rated R movies brought to real life action in real time with no censorship. My classmates when I was younger couldn’t understand why I liked it. Even my teacher would joke and say its fake. In a way though, I think that helped me enjoy it more. It was anti what was deemed “Appropriate”. It rubbed people the wrong way. There product back then couldn’t have worked without the “System of what is right” being in place. Again, the design and artwork of collaboration doing its balancing act. 

When WWE started to get more “Family friendly” though my interest in the product became stale. I hated it and still do a bit to this day. I felt like it took all of the edge out of a show I grew up loving which also in a way helped raised me. Its like trying to drink Diet Pepsi at its most “Diestest”. Its that a word? Probably not. I see a spell check red line under it. The interesting storylines, edgy matches, pouty mouth dialogue, and use of women to fit a male’s interest was gone and replaced with slapstick humor found only on Disney movies that would interest small kids, and mother’s glad that a show was able to play second babysitter while they went outside or the basement to have a smoke or two before they go crazy and won’t need makeup to resemble Kurt Cobain last day on earth.

Women and blood jokes without using a tampon reference to the side, point is, I sometimes wonder why I even still watch this show. I have no reason why I am still around because the show at times makes me feel like that older dude in the club still looking for ass while they play WAY too modern music and the kid’s fashion colors start to all resemble a box of Captain Crunch and Fruity Peddles. “He’s already dead” from The Simpsons pops in my head when I think about the show or, this one scene in this old adult HBO show “Cathouse” that I used to watch (For educational reasons) in which a dude was having sex with a call girl and came inside her yet, he still tried to continue stroking but was shut down (Loudly mind you) by her while the other girls stood around outside the room laughing. WWE had and has become lame and the only cool thing left about it is to hear and discuss backstage news on Twitter while also complaining about it. I didn’t see how anyone a fan from the 90’s can still want to watch this show. Then, I stopped focusing on myself somehow for a moment as I paused my thirst for a time machine to travel back to simpler times and seen that my younger cousin had became a fan. My eyes finally opened up

He wasn’t trying to figure out why John Cena was, yet again, winning every match over new and up and coming wrestlers the fans loved. He didn’t care about the real reasons why wrestlers from the past like Brock Lensnar and The Rock were yet again back and still wrestling. He could care less about ratings dropping lower and lower every week due to the product not living up to the “Attitude Era” from the 90’s and mid 2000s. Hell, he had no idea just HOW popular guys like Stone Cold and The Rock were back then. To him, The Rock is a movie star and Stone Cold is a bald headed guy that sits in a chair and interviews wrestlers sometimes on the WWE network. Segments matches involving women like this, this, and of course this . To him, women in the WWE have always been seen in a positive light and never show their sexual side. Point is, backstage politics with Triple H and Vince don’t matter to him as much as they do older fans. I look in the crowds now and just see kids happy enjoying what is in front of them. No thoughts just enjoyment. Innocent dumb fun. That’s how I used to view the show. Santa clause was still real to put it in a analogy sense. Seeing him happy as can be watching a show on TV got me to thinking about a kids programming. Or, more so the codes of kids programming not only found in their movies but also anything popular in entertainment. 

Songs, books, movies, TV shows, clothes, and videos games that are extremely popular always had a effect on me ever since I was younger. Hell, ever since we all have were younger and still do to this day whether we know it or not, or, even hate it. There is something about a popular entertainment that crosses all boarders of age, gender, race, opinions, philosophies, etc. Whether a person is a christian or atheist, none of that matters when it comes to listening to a certain song or artist like say The Beatles, Michael Jackson, or Jim Hendrix. To me, there is no difference between this song, and this song. Two different songs yet there is SOMETHING there that makes them both a hit. Its hard to explain but, for me, I can feel and almost somehow the codes of how these forms of entertainment are formed. Its what I seen when I watched my little cousin light up whenever his favorite wrestlers are on TV. I see it in my brother when he watches “Toy Story” or “Dexter’s Laboratory”. I remember it when my mother and father brought my first Playstation. I can see it and feel it from the crowd when I watch old clips of WW(F) and The Rock’s music hits or he cuts a funny promo that involves the crowd.  

Essentially, you can just boil this post currently down to just good marketing. There are people in positions of power that are able to understand the wants of the public, and know that family, especially mothers, want to be able to trust TV to deliver on good and educational shows for their kids. Also, the people in”power” understand what adults enjoy. Which, after a long day of work they don’t always want something complex to digest. Shows like “American Idol”, “Modern Family”, “CSI”, “Empire”, “The Big Bang Theory”, etc are easy to deal with and allow the viewer to just slip in almost as if under a spell and just turn their brain off for a few hours. Illuminati theories to the side, the general public basically at times wants easy to understand programming. And, trust me (I’m a cult leader) I get that but, for me, I see something deeper beyond just marketing (How SO shocking).

Granted, when it comes to this blog you can just read this post here and understand the technical aspect of what I am explaining here today, or, you can view my last couple posts with the “Zen” tag and follow my own advice that I never use and chalk it up to simple “Who cares?”. But, with these two posts here, here, and here, I find myself in my opinion reaching pass Zen, Game, Ideologies, and Philosophies. I mean, its still encompasses that but, what I am saying is, those last posts as I just highlighted as well as this latest one here have me in this mode of creating this, “Crayola philosophy” if you will. A philosophy that everybody can understand and transcends all limitations we place on ourselves. In a analogy sense, I see myself making THE girlfriend that every man has and always will want in his life, as well as THE boyfriend every women has and will always want in her life. “Fashion Slaves of the Carousel” spoke about the concept behind clothes. This post here continue that theme if you will by speaking on something everybody loves and that’s…. Food. 

“A Scary Movie about Nothing” and “Swish Sessions & Cigarette Breaks”  are some of my favorite posts I ever did. They both deal with the elements of the moment. THIS moment right here as I type this sentence and as you read it in real time. That moment is the greatest thing that we as humans now, then, and the future will never be able to capture and lock inside of a cell for it to be examined. We are all Wile E Coyote while the moment of course plays the role of The Road Runner. When I found Zen I started to notice THE moment they would speak of despite the fact that there wasn’t a picture or really any solid example that it can provide. Eventually I got it. Yet, really I never really would GET IT. Its hard to explain but, if I were to take a shot at it I would say the best way I can describe it is by using cooking food as a concept.

Meaning, whatever situation we are dealing with in the present moment whether it be arguing with a girl or boyfriend, watching TV and reacting to a scene, getting in a fight verbal or physical with someone else, having a conversation, having a debate, watching the after effects of a car crash, gawking at a chick with a healthy ass, whatever. Whatever the moment is it can be any and everything and, what I call that metaphorically speaking is us as a people “Cooking food” if you will. In that moment we are cooking the food. In that moment we are cooking food dealing with whatever the problem or non problem is. When we are arguing with a drive thru employee about missing food in our Burger King bag, that is us cooking food. Whenever we are watching a Worldstarhiphop video and either become shocked or amused, that is us cooking food. Whenever we watch a Dunk contest like the most recent 2016 one for the first time and we react by jumping up and down floored at what we just saw, that is us cooking food. That is Zen even though calling Zen “Zen” is not Zen. Its a name of a concept that has none. Its always about the moment like again you reading this sentence. Which, you guessed it, is also us cooking food. 

Of course, restaurants like Red Lobster, Chowder Pot, and Buffets wouldn’t make much money if all they did was just cook food and never serve it to its customers. Meaning as the post “A Scary Movie about Nothing” speaks on, once a moment has passed it has now become another system or added piece in the collage  of mine, yours, and our lives. Just as I spoke on here in the “Reality, Rihanna’s chest, and a uncomfortable conversation” the moment is all that really matters. After its gone what purpose does it serve? This right here is what I call “Eating food”. After you’ve drove away from yelling at the Burger King employee that moment has now become food for you to eat. After enjoying that clip on Worldstarhiphop that moment is gone and now has become food for you to eat and digest. Our memories, yesterdays, last night sleeps, calm after a argument, etc are all food that we now must deal with as we “Eat” metaphorically speaking.

We will always cook food and eat it after. Food like clothes is something will we always need in the present, future, and something that has always been needed in the past. This, philosophy that I am chasing though has deeper levels to go though. Whether the levels are good or bad means nothing as both parts are included. Like a “Face” and a “Heel” in WWE “fighting: against each other yet all work together on the same team under Vince’s iron fist. Basically, how we deal with these events in our lives is up to us. Its up to us to see that both sides of the same coin are needed and natural. Progression is not progression but, none the less at the same time, progression is still progression. We are slaves to it from birth to death. 

I hate washing dishes. I am a lazy bastard and really need a dish washer to deal with all the plates, cups, and forks I rack up in the sink. Washing dishes is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy (Alright. Its not THAT bad but, its close) Point is, when I looked at this a bit deeper though, in a weird way I was able to create a philosophy out of something I hate. Again, the collaboration of both the good and bad energies. Or, maybe I just have WAY too much time on my hands. In any event, I look at dishes as sort of the aftermath of dealing with “Cooking food” and “Eating food”. Like a person going to therapy or talking with a friend or family member after dealing with a event in their lives. The dishes in the sink represent the problems we all go though in life. Whether its bills, family issues, worrying about the future, stressing on the present, or caught up still stuck in the past when a new year is here. Those dishes are there stacked up ready to be dealt with after we eat whether we like it or not. 

“Well, then just go with the easy to handle plastic plates then. There, problem solved”. I understand that too but, for me, I see plastic plates as almost drugs and alcohol. Instead of having to deal with our issues we just used the drugs of “Plastic plates” that will make it easier to go away. Yet, here is the thing, you can’t always depend on that. The plastic plates will break and go in the garbage. As with alcohol and drugs, it works for a while but the high never lasts no matter how much we want it too. So, to continue with this kitchen theme the last part about this food concept is that, as I walk through this life and advance my mind and gain knowledge and wisdom from any and everywhere, I came to this simple yet complex conclusion that, when it comes to this journey that we all are on, until death for me and how I view the world, life is really just…. Warm water.

“Water Bottles and Oceans” is another one of my favorite posts. In a way it may be in my top 5 as it just explains damn near everything. Point is, all my life I have dealt with “Washing dishes” sometimes just using hot water. Which of course represents my emotional side. In a way, it represents the female side of me. The feminine side of men if you will. Then, there are times in which I have been left dealing with life using strictly the cold water logical side of me. All of my 27 years on this planet so far have been me trying to see which side I would use and focus on every year. Almost like trying to wear a costume everyday beyond Halloween like my mother used to let me do with a Batman outfit. Point is, this year or, more so last year after finding Zen and just growing as a person, I came to realize how silly that is.

I have been trying put handcuff thinking as to why sometimes I drink from one “Water bottle”, then switch over and drink out of the “Other water bottle” whenever whatever situation calls for it. I have been trying to split the ocean of truth into sections instead of seeing the whole picture for what it is. Warm water doesn’t just represent my life. It represents all of our lives. Trying to use just cold water on “Washing dishes” is insane just as just using hot water only is just as absurd. “See I can have me a good girl, and still be addicted to them hoodrats” . As this Kanye lyric says perfectly, even in relationships we of course love our girlfriends and boyfriends but, naturally we can’t help but at times just look at what we don’t have. Nothing could be wrong in our relationships yet, our eyes and bodies at times have a mind of their own. The flesh certainly is weak as God would say and the devil would relish in.

In closing, I was going to name this post “Red bull in a bottle of Hennessy”. Mainly because as I spoke on here, our energy is being dictated at our every turn when you think about it. I mean, do we even own our own right to sleep? Doesn’t a job really control that? Do we even have real permission to speak? Or, has the system been the creator of what we talk and think about since the beginning of our lives? Point is, that is one way to see it but, another way and deeper reason to add to the “A Parody of Nature” post is that, everything to me is design. Our energy represents the Red Bull and the design represents the Hennessy bottle. Every conversation we have, movie we watch, book we read, the way we talk, the way we dress, eat, make our bed, music choices, think, etc is all a artwork everyday. Its all collaboration. Its all popular entertainment. Its all warm warm water. God and the devil are merely us representing both sides of the same coin. To use another Kanye lyric: “Treasure. What’s you pleasure? Life is a, uh, depending how you dress her. So if the devil wear Prada, Adam Eve wear Nada,I’m in between, but way more fresher 

Warm water is life. Warm water is how we deal with our “Food” and “Dishes” everyday. Kids movies have the codes in them. Both the mother and father can enjoy a popular movie and just relax and let there worries fade for a brief as the movie’s only job is to entertain, and take the viewers on a ride with a few bumps towards the end. That is what I want to create. That is what I want to do. Like the Will Smith video above, whatever I create whether it be posts, comedy, stories, philosophies, ideologies, concepts, ideas, etc, I want to always aim for the “Number one answer”. Hell, the end of the video perfectly displays what I am saying in this post today.

Just like this “The day Beyonce became black” SNL skit from last night doesn’t work without the undertones of race. This video of white people dancing in Drake’s “Hotling Bling” commercial doesn’t work without the undertone of white people not being as “Dance conscience” as other races. Dave Chappelle’s skit about “Clayton bigsby”  fails without the collaboration and pressure of white vs black and that produces a “I shouldn’t laugh because this is so wrong but, its just too funny” laugh. Humans in life are always going to wear clothes. Humans in life are always going to eat food. Music will always be needed. We are always going to see colors. There will always be a need for sex. Everybody will always need someone to talk to. Point is, my goal I have noticed was and still is to always create posts with a universal theme that will last a lifetime. Basically, I want to write information with different colored permanent markers in every language. I may never reach that goal but, lord knows I try everyday. For better, or worse.  Thank you for your time. I’ll leave it here the same way I started with Will smith. Its the best way to end this post. 

“Light up the darkness” 



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