“I have followers for this blog” 

This is the sentence that has had me stuck for a few days. Mainly because of how it comes off whether you read it on a blog post or, hear in real time in real life conversation. It comes off as pretentious as if I am above the rest and know something that others don’t. But, this is not my intention or direction I want to take this post. Me saying this is because I already know how it will come off plus, this is what I have been conditioned to think about when speaking or thinking in this way. There is a word and concept for everything. I will never be able to explain what can NEVER be explain. In this sense, everything is perfect. Its like there being a name for Zen or, a ending for “The Matrix” movies. How can you draw a picture of nihilism?

By this happening though, I manage to stumble upon on gold. Its like when I constantly repeat the fact that I write posts on the same day that I release them. Or, the first time you watch a interview on Youtube of your favorite Actor, Artist, Musician, etc and have no idea what is about to happen. Your reactions are as genuine as being scared at a horror movie or, viewing a shocking twist in a film like being hit by the emotional punch of a dramatic scene like the death of a character.  Some of the best moments of our lives happen when its not pre-planned or determined. Hence, why others viewing videos of other people’s reaction to THEIR reactions  of a certain scene at their favorite TV show are just as popular as TV shows itself. My point is, I have noticed that, what I call  “Flaws” or “Bad” are only deemed as such because its in reflection or comparison to what is deemed as “Right”.  The paper that created your paycheck is the same paper that gave you a cut on your hand. Like I spoke on here, our spontaneous natural energy has been placed in a box and labeled to be sold for profit of our OWN creation and ranked by a ANOTHER system in which WE ALSO created. Condoms for mindfucks would be a great title post for the future (What future?). I might write that down. 

No matter what I say to you, it will always result into some of kind of a system later on like my post last week which in sum total was exactly about that. The humor of it all is, I am trying to describe a philosophy of NO philosophy of the number zero to you, with words that will eventually reach up triple digits in this post. Its like, I realized that some of my favorite people for which inspired me in life and for this blog like Patrice O’neal, Bill Hicks, Eminem, Childish Gambino, Cm Punk, and a couple of others only captured my attention because the feeling I felt from them was something that had no name to it, but, at the same time I only liked them because it rebelled against what was deemed “Right” and what I as a consumer was SUPPOSE to follow and like. It makes me now question if I even truly like these people or, do I like them because its wrong based on the system of what is right?

If I were to stand afar near a highway and wait for a car crash to happen while I held my phone up, no matter how many pics I take, photos I tweet out, videos I post about it, and blog post I create out of the car crash it wouldn’t matter. Once its happened, the moment is already gone and now repackaged to be sold. What if those people that I like are the same as the photos of the car crash. When you think of driving cars, you think of driving safe to your destination like going to work or your family’s house or whatever. A car crash is the opposite of that but only gets attention based off of the normality of driving. The section of “Death and the Neo Prison” like I spoke on here with this post puts into perspective of what I am trying to say. Or, to sum it up in a even better term, Conciseness is, a ping pong ball for both the players of “Right” and “Wrong” to see who will be the “Winner” and “Loser” of a “Game” based off of only each other as the judges. We are living our lives and playing it as a game dividing it into sections of a ranking system of our own creation.

It goes back to the “Water bottles & Oceans” post which, as I write this out while re-reading this post over and over again feels like I am just promoting my past blogs to get more views. Its not my intention but, as I write this out this is what I am feeling and thinking in this moment. It comes off as “Bad” but again, that is just again placing life into water bottles when in fact life is a continuous ocean. What if the colors you see from your eyes were now owned and sold to the wealthy? How would they stop you from viewing the blue sky? How would they stop you from viewing the white clouds? Staring at the brown dirt and brown shit that comes from your ass? Looking at green grass or, dealing with blood that comes from out of your skin and, how would they stop you from viewing the colors on the internet and TV? Its sounds like a crazy example but, aren’t we doing the same thing when it comes to life? Are we not putting people in charge of colors and doing the same exact thing? We are paying people money to buy pain supplies and figure out how to paint the color of air. When it comes to life, we are the parents that at some point need to wake up and stop trying to decide which section of life is our favorite kid. How can one be better when they both came from the same place? Who determines what is better? 

For instance, if you were to see a woman being sexually active and flirting with a guy at a party you would (Whether being a man or woman) call her a “Slut”, “Whore”, “Thot”, “Skank” etc because she either gave you (A man) no play prior and instead gave it to another man or, if you are a woman, mad because you can’t do what she does in public but still do the same thing sexually behind closed doors. You call her these names based off of a past that no longer exist, and a system of patterns that works like popular song structure from muscle memory. Point is, you place this woman in a box because it has to mean something. What she is doing has to have a meaning behind it. She has to be punished for what she is doing because it is not in line for what you were conditioned and raised to believe it is right. She is going against her “Role” as a woman and needs to be put in her place. Of course, with all of my posts dedicated to Game I am the last person that should even touch this example but, my thing is not to now denounce game and bash it. Far from it. The thing about Game for me can be said about the same thing about Feminism. Its all about asking questions and keeping the conversation moving. Which, I think is what we see in everyday life. For every bad good there is a good guy.. For every Superhero there is a Super villain. For every man that practices Game there is a woman that practices Feminism. For every fan of Rap music there is a critic that hates it. But none the less, they are both on the same team creating this energy which is all about progressing forward. They play off of each other like a book cover ad its pages to create this unity. Information is no different than the TV show “Rugrats”. Meaning, information will never grow and morph into a safe and comfortable adult life. How do you kill information?    

 This is why I named this post “The Philosophy of Vince McMahon”. He is a man that basically gathered up all of his toys and created a setting for them to fight in. One side of guys and girls play the role of the bad guys, and the other side of guys and girls play the role of the good guys. This is no different than what we see play out in real life all around us each and everyday. We are fighting over championship belts in the form of Money, clothes, cars, status, etc and forgetting that all of this is merely a show. The only reason why something is bad is because it goes against the system of what is programmed for us to root for as good. Yet, as crazy as this next thing is going to sound seeing as I am a WWE fan still somehow in my 20’s, on a philosophical level, we need to stop looking at life as bad and good and instead see its all coming from one place. That place can be called Vince McMahon or, it can be called GOD or conciseness or whatever you choose to call it. Whatever you call it doesn’t matter as essentially at the end of the day, it is all coming from us as this one singular energy.  We are all talking monkeys on a organic spaceship as Joe Rogan points out and, what exactly are we truly doing with it expect fighting each other over….what exactly?  To place life in sections is like when blogs and critcis try and rate music. How can they determine what is good and bad based on my ears? Are these blogs and critics thinking for themselves or, just repeating the same standard of what is “Good” and “Bad” based off a old system of thought that doesn’t matter in the age in which people like what they like. If its not popular so what. Its sounds. No one is the owner of sound. 

And so, yeah. Idk. To be honest, I have been stuck on this paragraph for a hour trying to come up with some more word magic and, all I have is nothing. I have nothing more to say. Again, that can be cast off as lazy writing and I wouldn’t blame you one bit for thinking the same but, I truly am at a lost for words for what to write next. Its hard to try and explain what can not be explained. For even if I do come up with this post one day that says everything I have always wanted to say, what would that mean after I press “Publish” and a new day begins? Reality and truth holds no limits on it. For the fact that we even have a name for “Truth” and “Reality” is absurd on so many levels. There is even a definition for the word “Freedom”. A definition for us to use and live by to describe what OUR freedom should be based on someone else’s standard. The humor in that is, idk, remarkable. I hope you read this post and like it. I hope you read this post and hate it. I hope you read this post and have no idea what the hell I am saying. Whatever one you choose just know I feel and felt the same way you did and, that’s all I can really offer in the end. Life is the wheel on the “Wheel of Fortune” game with infinite spins and opinions. My posts that you read are merely a opinion of one out of the number PIE. 

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