Ice cubes and ice trays

Yes. I am going to try and make a philosophical point using ice cubes and ice trays. Sometimes I think my introductions are like a weird mix of a movie trailer which uses offensive flash card words for troll purposes in order to get a reaction and entice the reader, just so I can get them to stay and keep reading without instantly getting bored as if they were reading from a text book. Seems to be working because, if you are still reading this sentence after that off beat start, my “magic trick” has fooled the crowd again. Rambling already. I must really want to try and test the limitations of the patience of the reader today. In any event I want to propose a question to you to start this off today. I have had this question in mind for the month and held off using it for a blog post due to having a limited amount of words to cram in but, with patience and the help of isolation and some good (And free) weed I managed to come up with a pretty intriguing question. Self serving ego jerking pushed to the side of course. 

The question is, what if you were given the chance to be a ice cube. Cool huh? (Sorry I had to) And, not the one that went from threatening to blow the wig back of white cop to a family man that talks to bobble heads and makes suburban soccer moms feel safe to leave in front of their kids but, no. A actual ice cube. What if you could be a ice cube and given two choices about where you would want to stay. The choices being: You can go inside of the ice tray with everybody else and chill (Dammit) inside of the freezer, or, you can be by yourself away from everybody else on a table or counter and risk the chance of becoming melted by the room temperature and faded away to perish. Now, if it isn’t obvious already about what this question I am asking represents, what I am doing is proposing a brain exercise in group thinking. The best answer for survival reasons would be to stay with everybody else inside of the freezer. Why would you want to die quicker and take that big risk. The smart move would be to never tread from the pact and follow the lead since its more tested to be “right” and good for the gross amount. Easy question right? Well, the question I asked (And answered for you in a way. Weird) wasn’t based on a either a “A or B” choice. To be honest, it was more so a trick question.

For you see, this post and the question I proposed to you today all together can be seen as a part 2 to both of my post from a few months back called “Water Bottles and Oceans” and “A Parody of Nature”. In order for you to even be a ice cube you first would have had to be water first which was in large part apart of the ocean. Now, if  were to take a water bottle and presented it to you, would that bottled water be a good representation of the ocean? Probably not. For how do you pinpoint a dead end for the ocean? Its in the same vein as if I were to show you a 50 Cent or Lil Wayne CD and ask you if those two artists were a good representation of Hip Hop as a whole. My point is, it doesn’t matter which choice you pick as a ice cube as both of the choices are limiting to the fullness that is you as a human. You pick the ice tray and you are forced to be trapped in a tray and either used to chill a soda, or, placed in a ice pack to heal a sore body part. If you pick the option to be solo, you will turn into water and be used to become a drink to be sipped, water for a water gun, added water to a pan or pot for cooking, or, simply to dry someone else’s hands. 

My theme for this post today is to show that the fullness that is us as humans have been stripped away and regulated to only be brought, and allowed to only be expressed when it fits in the right box based on the “perceived power” of those at the top. Like I highlighted here towards the end of my last post about Sand castles and water, the water represents not only reality and truth but also us as a whole. Who we truly are deep down from a spirit or soul POV can not be boxed in or sold. We are all collaborators on the longest song that will never be finished, yet at the same time must never forget that each of us is solo artists with our own song to create. We, in my opinion I feel like have forgotten deep down who we truly are and have been robbed of our true free nature of expression. Even by me calling it expression or even dreams places our boundless infinite possibilities down into single digit words which can never be able to truly communicate how deeply our imagination can go. In this already somewhat confusing post today, I will try and explain how a NIKE sign or PRADA and Best Buy logo have snatched spiritually who we really are already and limited the multiple crayola color dreams down to only one color: Green. 



Whether we are working, in school, in a conversation, watching a movie, reading a book, eating, sleeping, or even listening to music who we are at our nasty, rotten, ugly, brutal, and dark reality core becomes limited and placed in simulation. Its like picturing the longest escalator in the world which has no stopping point. Its only function is to keep everybody in its place and not revel the big illusion behind the curtain. Like I said above, even by me calling “it” by words limits exactly what I am even trying to say. Originality, reality, and truth at best only has a few moments before it becomes a system. The only time this sentence will have any impact on you is when it is read in its first time. Sure, the second or third time you may catch more of what I speak on but, after the first initial reaction has passed the words I write here will become a system and fade away into the archives. 

My soul represents a animal while my words are a zoo that holds them back from fully being able to express itself. Humans have been boxed in and forced to dress up in costumes in many ways beyond just the physical, but also mental and spiritual. The reason I labeled this section as “The Original Killer” is because our true awareness of reality becomes killed by shapes. Whether that shape is words, clothes, perceptions, colors, gender, race, body type, etc, our path in which our souls have been on are no different than staring at the back of a DVD cover all of our lives. Take a look at Twitter or Facebook and this “reality” becomes more easy to spot. We yell, complain, laugh, and comment on the latest trending topic for a week, then, after the hype is died down we move on to the next topic to feast on. Its a never ending cycle.

When is the last time you have had a original thought that wasn’t guided by a outside force? Even myself I ask this question. We are light bulbs trapped inside of a warehouse. Can you tell me the limit of light? Where is the stopping point of light which has a finish line. That is us. Our light has been suppressed to only shine a room when really we can illuminate a whole planet. Corny sounding yes even I had to hold back from barfing but, you understand what I mean. Like Kanye West spoke on here from the 2013 Zane interview from the 1:42-2:10 mark, what I am basically saying is, our expression is only allowed to be expressed through T-shirts. Anything else which interrupts the program and, “The Truman Show” boat is hitting the wall. 



That moment when we opened our presents on Christmas day was always the best. That rush of finally being able to open the gifts after waiting and waiting and waiting all night for the 6am mark to finally hit seemed like it took forever and would never come. But once it did, whether it was a PS3, Xbox, Sega, Nintendo, etc that high we felt skyrocketed us passed the sky, clouds, Sun, Moon, and all of the planets in the Solar System. That moment of finally being able to stare at the box without needing the Toys-R-Us magazine or the internet made the wait worth wild. The colors on the box seemed to be just a tad bit brighter that day. They popped out as if it was almost in 3D. That moment for every kid can never be taken away from us. And while I would never want to take away that feeling I felt, looking back on it now even then as a kid I can see I was being manipulated. 

The GIF up above is from the Jay Z and Kanye West collaboration from 2011 called “Watch the Throne” with their first official single (With video) named “Otis”. When I first seen video and heard the album I passed it off as two wealthy rappers flaunting their money in our faces with little to no concern about how badly the economy was (And still is) back then. I don’t blame anyone for still having that view on this era of their music but, when I look back on it now not for just the purpose of this post but more so from just me growing up and developing my philosophy on life, I watch this video now and interpreted in a different way. Rockstar antics to the side, watching them tear apart a extremely expensive car is exactly the point I am driving home with this post. Even by them destroying the car in that video, what still remained intact was them. They didn’t need the Maybach to be all pretty for them to still be able to shine bright and express their inner wealth. Again, I may be looking too deeply and grasping for straws but, at least if I do make a “mistake” it will be MY mistake. My OWN weird mistake. 

Point is, our expression at its highest level can only be truly shown if we have the latest iPod. The latest shoes. The latest fashion. The latest games. The latest toys. Etc. The only way we can ever reach beyond our limitations in which this constructed reality forces us to abide by is if we have money. Its as if money has charged us for the privilege to see despite the fact no one can ever truly own colors. Its once again us being confined by shapes. You can see this in everything. Even with relationships between men and women. What really is cheating? What really is a slut? What really is a man being a “dog”? What really is normal as far as how relationships should be? All of these things are threats to the herd which forbid exclusivity.  Our dreams can only be viewed in the color of the green if we really want to turn our imagination into a small firework show literally, and metaphorically speaking. 



Seeing that I had the same taste in women in certain outfits and positions as my father at first was weird. Very weird. Yet, with age comes wisdom. Or, at least that’s what I force myself to call it. In any event as I was watching my younger brother fix his room I noticed how much of a neat freak he was. He got this from his father the same why I got it from him. I always associated this as something I exclusivity created on my own until I finally stopped being so complex and seen where the origins of me and my brother’s neat freak ways came from. I bring this up because, I noticed this need or, more so hunger and drive to place things in a perfect design every time there was a mess. I just enjoyed cleaning and keeping things organized in a specific pattern. This specific pattern I noticed wasn’t just in cleaning or organizing things at work but, more so also in conversation, philosophies, the they of entertainment I liked, women, etc, etc, etc. 

I made a post bashing men that thirsted after the women on social media but, now looking at it with a more clear view I get it. I don’t recommend doing it but, I understand why they do. When you see these women on their social media pages their pictures are shot with highly technical lazer point accuracy. There is a design about it from the hair, make-up, clothes, colors in the background, shoes, etc. Their is a art design to it if you. That right there is where I started to notice more. Or, even more so when I look back at my “The Theory of Internalizing the Shadow”  post. Not just me and my biology which pinpoints my neat freak ways back to my father, but more so, this need in all of us to chase design. Design is everything. Art is everything. These two words shouldn’t go together but they do and fit to make sense. You can see art design in the most simplest of conversations. You can see art design in understanding why certain mainstream singles and movies do so well. There is a certain rhythm and style which is basic but flows well. Like Stanley Rubrick points out here from a quote in the philosophy section: 

Kubrick likened the understanding of his films to popular music, in that whatever the background or intellect of the individual, a Beatles record, for instance, can both be appreciated by the Alabama truck driver and the young Cambridge intellectual in the way that his films can because their “emotions and subconscious are far more similar than their intellects”. He believed that the subconscious emotional reaction evoked by audiences was far more powerful in the film medium than in any other traditional verbal form, and was one of the reasons why he often relied on long periods in his films without dialogue, placing emphasis on images and sound -Stanley Rubrick 

When I look back at me “finding” my father’s old playboy magazines and linking it back to how I view women now and then, it wasn’t so much about HER as a person as it was more so about the IDEA and imagination of the her I CREATED in my mind. Almost as if I had a doll factory inside of my head and her name was the only thing I needed to complete my fantasy. The pages popped out with art design of how the women were structured. Their hair was perfect. The tone of their body. The style of (some) clothing they wore. It was all design and flowed well. My point besides taking a quick trip down memory lane is, this art design is in each and every one of us. This connection to make things flow in synergy from the simplest of creations to even the rawest of them seems as if it is almost coded within all of our biological makeup. Our need to place things in order despite the true nature of reality is in each of us. We don’t need a NIKE sign or Apple logo to tell us what we are. The only reason we lived to see the days of the rise of technology is because of our caveman ancestors needs to organized and place things in structure. Machines don’t ask questions. They just perform at their highest level. 



With every new post I create I always have a picture in the “Featured image” section that you click on before you read my post. In this latest one I chose Philippe Petit arrested after he had just finished performing a life or death feat in which we walked a crossed the Twin towers using just a rope and a self belief in himself. I had just got finished watching the movie “The Walk” which documents his performance. The image I chose perfectly describes what I am doing my best to express to you today in visual form. Some would say he did it for ego reasons and needed the attention but, for me, I seen something deeper (Shocker) to what he did. Especially since had he fallen he would of died for just for trying to gain attention doesn’t quite make sense to me. 

He didn’t do that for money or fame. He had no idea there would be a movie made about him. Hell, had he had died he would of never got a chance to enjoy his success. He knew the risk he was taking and went for it anyway. You see, the picture I chose of him being arrested is a perfect image that shows what has happened to us in modern times. We have been arrested creatively by authority which shit, piss, bleed, sleep, fuck, and think in the way that we do. The “authority” is no different from the rest of us. Our limits creatively from a spiritual perspective is the sky, yet we have boxed in the cloud and only care when it comes to music, and the color blue only has concern when it matches with our outfit. His high wire act can be seen as symbol for how high our internal art can be expressed outward. We don’t need authority heads or corporations selling s back our souls at a higher price when the true creators of the product is coded within each and everyone one of us.

This is why I don’t have a ending per say for this post. How can I? For me to say “This is the end” would kill the message I am trying to send out. Hell, any ending to each of my posts I have done so far can be erased to be honest. Crazy yes but, good. I hope it does sound crazy. I hope none of what I write ever makes sense completely. Challenge yourself as I try my best to challenge myself too. Never be restricted to only listen to one type of music. One type of genre of film. One kind of food. One kind of guy or girl etc. Our limitations are ones we as humans, not man, women, black man, black woman, white man white woman, Chinese man Chinese woman, etc, but HUMANS place on OURSELVES. Its as if we are waiting for someone or looking for someone to tell us where to go and how to lead. Why? Why are we waiting when we have to tools to change our course? Who is who’s authority? Why do we need GODS to follow when the experience and the true awareness to create OUR OWN reality is all we really will ever have? So, chose your own ending for this post too I guess. 

It really is your choice. 




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