Yes. Another Childish Gambino video. A old one at that.  

Its funny. If someone were to ever examine my blog from like a critical eye you would think that all I did was just use other people’s ideas and just made my own spin on it. Because, when you skim through my blog that’s what it looks like. I use a lot of videos and from a pedestrian POV you would think I just took the ideas placed in the videos and just pretended to form my own original thread thought piece (Is that even a term?) and have it be perceived that I had create something out of thin air. I wouldn’t blame them either due to me some days just skiming through my blog and looking at it from a different eye other than my own. My own of course being that, that I didn’t steal. If anything my memory is just very unique to that point that some days I wish I had forgotten some things. My memory helps me remember a quote, conversation, joke, music video, etc which becomes a side piece like ice cream to my thought apple pie (Thought apple pie? The hell) It adds visuals in which I can’t really create due to my art talent stopping at my masterpiece level stick fingers, and reblogged Tumblr photos made by others in which I disguised as “my own” art as if I invented it myself. Thank god for my pot loving Art teacher. Even though when you think about it, how can I be happy for getting a C- in Art? How can you grade Art? Hm. Anyway. 

Its weird. I am reading this back right now trying to decipher exactly what I am trying to write for my intro paragraphs here and, it looks like as if I had got accused of stealing material by someone. I didn’t of course because there is a point to this. Or more so not a point (Philosophical paradox?) The thing is, I looked back at my old posts and I realized it felt like I was performing on stage with my back turned while I tried to exercise my art to the world. There was no connection to it. Or more so, I had my head up my own ass and while I tried to give textbook style posts on my take on the world. Like I spoke on here, my posts are merely sand castles which stand no chance of surviving against the nature that is water. I felt this need to destroy my own work as if I was Eminem from the “Encore” album. Especially with the third verse from the song “Just lose it”.  The honesty of me saying “It looks like I steal ideas” reflect my point I am trying to make. That courage to just explore that “Uncomfortable Need” is something I am developing not only with my blog, but more so just in my life as I grow older and wiser. (Or more boring to some young people) 

Which, essentially is the theme of this post in a way. After learning about Zen from the book I spoke on in my last post called “Hardcore Zen, Punk rock, Monster movies, and the truth about Reality” I became aware of a different view on reality in which Vh1, E! Channel, and MTV could never even attempt to teach me. Reality are events which can not be described in that very moment. Things just ARE. Its only when time has passed does the moment now become defined and is no longer reality but more so another story we tell ourselves. Hell, even when reading this post and sentence the only time it will truly matter is the first time you read it. After a second or third time reading it, it will still make sense but, it will never be more important than the first time you read it and the first reaction you felt occurred. Reality when times passes becomes a idea and story and sooner or later a pattern we all follow. The idea reaches a dead end which then becomes more chains for us to deal with in life. Here, let me try and explain this confusing post a bit better. Though, I hope it never make sense. That might be the better result. Such a weirdo I have become huh?  



Freedom should be allowed. We should be able to do whatever we want and blah blah blah blah. That is how it sounds to be honest. I mean, from when I re-read my latest 5 posts I just did on this blog it sounds like a children’s fantasy. Yeah, it SOUNDS good on paper but how exactly would things get done? Like Gene Simmons from my “Money and Women” post points out towards the end, who exactly is going to do the jobs that nobody really wants to do if everybody could be just allowed to do whatever they want? Freedom is allowed to us in this country sure but, the idea or philosophical thought I proposed about us all coming together and just being allowed to explore our own POV without needing the group mindset is a very ambitious idea that has no structure to it. 

Yet, with that said I don’t think the idea I am trying to formulate could ever really make sense using words which then will create a picture inside of a reader’s head. My idea of freedom that I am trying to speak on can never be explained in a book with 200+ pages in it. Freedom I feel like is a place in which we have never been, or more so wanted to go to due to how dark and ugly the truth about it really is. The fact that freedom has a name to it is funny in of it self. How can you define individual freedom when each person born on this planet has his or her own fingerprint? Freedom is a corny idea on the surface because when people think about it there is already a implanted idea in their heads f what is the defined definantion of it. Even still in my head as well. If you were to ask someone to deine freedom and they started to do so with a combonation of words they would already fail the test. Kind of like how I am doing right now.




I read about this horrible story a few days back about a little girl that had been raped and killed right here. Now, before I begin I am not looking for shock or click bait reactions. I am also risking looking like a dick for even turning this into a post or philosophical idea. I would never stoop that low just to get some hits on a blog. There is a reason behind my madness and, by me explaining ahead of time for my actions it ties in perfect with my point about reality that I am trying to make.

You see, by me just saying what I said about the story of the missing and killed little girl I already am placing reality in a dead end. Meaning, yes it is bad what happen to her no question but, in a sense why is it bad? Even reading that sentence for me is hard as I know it must be for you but, what you are feeling now just like what I am feeling right now is the point. Why what we call what happened to her “bad” as opposed to it being “good” yet, what exactly is bad or good? Reality as I said are random events which can not be defined until time has passed. Which then turns it into a system. By me from the beginning explaining that I am not out for click bait shows that I am trapped within never exploring the darker side of the truth that reality is. I now know what Louie CK felt during his “Child molestation” joke on SNL. 

Here is a better example. What if Rihanna were to go on a late night talk show like Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel and all of a sudden flashed her breasts to the world and live studio audience? In that moment, “reality” would be interrupted as everybody would be shocked, apaud, flabbergasted, angry, speechless, etc. Yet, in THAT MOMENT would be the only time it really mattered. In that MOMENT. Within a few hours or the next day, what she had did would become a system for shaming something that naturally JUST happened.

We all would be creators of it. Women and men would call her a slut, crazy, drug head, looking for attention, lonely, promotion whore, etc. Even the defenders of her would be apart of the system by saying she was brave, honest, raw, fearless, etc would still be a way of trapping nature in a box. We create stories for why something happen yet never want to close the fairytale and explore the idea that maybe what happen can not be defined and only honestly JUST happened. This is not me saying the little girl’s death is not important or that Rihanna’s titties are twins that deserve a serious discussion. What I am saying is that I am merely “Window shopping in the store of thoughts”. At what point will we be able to stop trying to buy a idea and realize everything inside of it is empty? Only the color of the box, our perception, and the illusion from past memories and patterns of others is what truly sells the “product”. 



In wrestling there is a concept in the sport called “Shoot Promos”. To quickly explain like I have done in the past here, a shoot is basically taking a idea that happened in real time and turning it into a script that can be used on TV. This is what I am trying my best to explain here with this post today. (Though, even I am a bit confused. Shows I still care. I don’t think me becoming rich would help. Hide your money from me people) WWE takes real life events like the video up above shows (And many more on Youtube as well) and turns it into a episode that once was something real and authentic. Hell, if you look at the events of 9/11 and many more events in history you may can even apply this logic to it.

You see, the video above between Vince Mcmahon and Paul Heyman shows exactly how Paul felt about Vince in real life. Think about how crazy that is. The real issue they once had, had now been turned into entertainment to help sell commercials, T-shirts, DVDs, foam fingers, video games, etc, etc, etc. This is the same model that is used on us daily. Once time passed after a event in reality it then becomes a system for which we blindly follow and become a prisoner of it.

Even in understanding who you are as a person is merely you helping yourself create extra layers on a Halloween costume. Who we are last week is not the same person we are in this moment. “I” is no different than a actor going over his lines and trapping himself within a character. Your name, job, memories, thoughts, etc are not who YOU are. Hell, even by me saying that should be ignored by you. I can never tell you how to thunk or live your life. Anybody else trying to sell that dream is taking a shot in a dark and calling it target practice from 5 inches away from the bullseye. The video above should of never been made for profit. Now what was truly felt deeply within Paul’s heart could never be taken serious. People will just refer to this video and let it roll off their back. “If you truly felt that way why make it a story for entertainment? Clearly you wasn’t that mad”. Its like bringing cameras to your Mother or Father’s funeral so you can put in on Youtube then becoming upset at the comments below that it will attract. 




My posts are like building a sand castle on the beach everyday of your life. Placing every detail and focus on every square inch of whatever kind of castle you are trying to invent. Your sweat, time, emotions, vision, etc all poured into this daily sand castle. Doing everything in your power to bring these buckets of sand and create something epic for you to smile and proud of just so in a few hours the water will come by and destroy everything in 10 seconds.

That water represents the truth. That water represents the random chaotic nature of life. That water is reality. That water is the first time you watch a movie you never seen before. The first time you listen to a new CD from a artist. The first time you open a new book at Barns and Noble and read it. That water, are the words you are reading right now for the first time on this blog post. –Staring at the colors of a Movie Poster

The other reason for using the Childish Gambino video up above besides the “Righteous Indignation dollar” (as Bill Hicks joked about here) is because of the story he told  towards the end about the moth. If you didn’t watch it, the story he told was basically about why moths are attracted to light. Moths are in search of the moon and mistake the nearest light around them as being the bright planet because they are trying to head north. In a subtle way I feel like he wasn’t really talking about the moth but more so speaking on us as a people. Us as men and women. Us, as the human species. 

Its all about moving forward and progression. “Machines don’t ask Questions” like I spoke on before. We as a people are doing exactly what we are suppose to be doing. The problem is we are just attracted to the wrong light. There really is no real ending in sight other than death for us and even then we really don’t know what happens after are energy leaves this body. Before then all we are really doing is acting as machines and doing our best to perform at our highest level. Watch the animals and insects. How are e truly different from them when it comes to our base default core system? I feel like if we were to ever truly evolve and understand we are the reason and problem for our own suffering in the world we can change our programming and do away with this need for power and control. 

This is why I label this last section and the first a “Corny idea”. Its corny because the thought of us holding hands and coming together as we sing songs and dance around to trippy music does….well, sound kind of goofy. In way though that is what makes it feel good too. Think about it. There are songs such as Will Smith’s “Get jiggy with it” and Spice Girls “If you wannabe my lover” and movies like “Office Space” and “Donnie Darko” which are not necessarily popular by mainstream standards yet have a weird and corny cult following behind them. Think about the term “Guilty pleasure”. Its SUPPOSE to not be something we like (Says who?) yet there are people who go towards it and enjoy it despite it not be “acceptable” (To who makes the rules on what is anyway?)

Our sense of reality is simply off. If we were able to change direction of the light we seek and see the ability we all can truly have on each other we would destroy any power that religion, education, government, racism, media, federal bank, wall street, and any other institution which tries to place a definition of what reality and nature is have over us. We have to get in touch to what the truth of reality is and see we are not each other’s enemies. How can we ever be when there is no real definition of why we are here? Why does there even have to be a definition of why we are here? Who says we need new phones, new clothes, new this, new that etc. We are all moths suck on bouncing off a light which we think is the moon but in reality is just a small source of the light we should be truly after. Understanding reality I feel like can help us reach closer to the ultimate truth of realizing that there is really NO ULTIMATE TRUTH. The moments of no perfection are the true moments in which perfection can ever be reached. Our search in finding truth will never end. Once we realize that true change can be made. But, why listen to me? Create your own blog and give your thoughts a chance to breathe. This is only my guess at the greatest painting we have ever seen. 


Whats yours?




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