Waking up is a very interesting thing. Its interesting from the perspective that, its like being hit in the face with a bowl of ice cold water while you were deeply in a relaxed state of sleep inside a comfortable bed. Shock therapy on steroids that triggers the same rush you would get if you were to watch a scary movie like “The Blair Witch Project” or the first “Friday The 13th”.

Its  a quick yet still slow burn of realizing that what you perceived as real was merely just a collaboration between yourself and, well, yourself that paints the picture which you feel is outside of you but really deep down is still you. The visuals, sounds, tastes, smells, feels, etc. Its almost as if your coming to the understanding that all your life you have been inside of this room. A room that was your everyday reality but really, it was merely just a trap created by the mind. It doesn’t really exist other than inside of the brain. What then do we really know?

What is deemed right? What is deemed wrong? From a surface level sense you can easily answer that by saying cheating is wrong or, killing is wrong and, paying your taxes is right while, making sure you get education is right. Etc, etc, etc. There are many things you can say but, on a much deeper level beyond words and concepts what really is right or wrong? From a basic factory reboot level I would say right is understanding we are all connected as one unit moving forward and, wrong would be to never allow a chance for the computer to rest. Or more so, being in charge of the computer and not letting it be in charge of you. Metaphorically, spiritually, and of course physically speaking. 

The video up above is from “The Matrix” (1999). I found this scene after having a thought about it a few hours ago and seen how perfect it was for the idea I wanted to write and post to the world. Its the same feeling and description that Neo goes through in that scene that I share as well. This powerful idea which completely erases my mental cloud suddenly now makes it feel clear as a summer day. Enlighten I guess would be without question the exact perfect word to use. 

Its very simple. Even in the words I am using to you to read this match the idea which became a philosophy, and now more importantly, a action which I can share in a blog post with the world. Clearing your mind and internalizing the shadow can help escape the myriad of thoughts and fears which plague us all everyday in small and big forms based on our own hands as humans. This world is but a ride that we created and chose to get on. The people in “perceived” power can not even escape this no matter how hard they try. Which is a more scarier and liberating combined thought at the same time. What you decide to do once you realize its just a ride has yet to be able to be placed in a “truth” box. Which is the greatest revelation of all: No one knows what is going on.




I see this world as a grand maze we have been in for a very long time. A maze which has no real ending or true purpose other than to go. Its all about advancement and never taking the time to stop and settle. Which is what a lot of people do because they need rest and energy to continue on the maze for the next day. That’s how rest is used. Not because you had a great day and need time to rest your head and body as you await with glee like pleasure for the next day, but more so its used like a person giving a computer or laptop a rest. Computers and laptops which represent us. 

The maze was created by people who gain the “perceived” power first. Perceived meaning that the power they have was created based on their own hands that they used. That’s the complete mind fuck of them all. From the months, days, years, times, schedules, and memories that we used its all based on our own hand. We as humans and different races are playing in a game we invented inside of our brains. This is why I say the maze has no ending. How can a machine know when enough is enough? Its a machine it doesn’t ask questions.

There is nothing right or wrong about this in a sense that it leaves a bad taste of depression or feeling like giving up on the world no. More so, it awakes us up and lets us know we can grab a hold of the paint brush and truly make a aware choice of what we want to paint. Just always make sure to never become trapped the picture we paint. Its always about going forward and continuing a journey. A journey not to be afraid of but more so embraced as we can now see no one is above anybody. Its the feeling you get when a joke that you hear is both funny and not funny. That moment when a comedian gets to the core of us as humans which is always based in truth.   



The reality that people play into reigns above all. Its almost like we play virus to a host. A host in which in which we helped grow and continue to do so without being aware of it. Reality is but a dream that seems true. Its like watching the longest movie in history through a smartphone with HD abilities. We fester on TV shows, sports, politics, education, race, man, women, religions, etc. Its one big party where someone turned down the music and decided to start to talk the whole way through, which then in result makes us forget it was a party to begin with. 

A party which starts within the brain as this great 4 part Matrix and Philosophy video I found on Youtube help me see in a very easy to digest and clear light. This is why my post today comes off as ABC like in its execution. Its breaking things down to its root and coming to a understanding that what we claim to see “outside” is merely the brain working patters out inside of us. The 5 senses are not from outward but more so inward. In that sense why are we really fighting against one another? Really ask that question and think about it. If the brain in the vat theory  can be understood and taught to more people they will see the maze we are in can greatly approve their sight as they use their eyes for the first time. 

I say this not from a arrogant or smug sense as if I am above and know more than others. I say this this from a purely objectively POV that helps all of us as a whole. The reality we live out each day is created by our own hands. We can manipulate it to better ourselves by not trying so hard to separate ourselves as people. Don’t play the game of believing that money can change your happiness. Think about it. YOUR happiness. Who else BUT you yourself can alter that. Not green pieces of paper like the game Monopoly. What is the difference between that game and the reality we live?



The dreams that create movies can blind us into believing that what we see is multiple colors when in fact, it is still very much black and white. It can cause us to take the system as truth and live within in 24/7. Like w wrestler who believed he really was the character he portrayed in the ring, instead of a man or woman trying to navigate through this infinite self created hurdle. The dreams can have us becoming addicted like a drug addict high off their drug of choice. In comparison the worse of all drugs would be in trying to figure out life. That is a habit which can never be kicked if you ever engage in it. Like the videos above show, the first one is the dealing with the rush of the truth, while the second video plays as the relaxation of coming to terms with what is real and truly matters. 

Dreams of the rich and wealthy can transform and become higher than we ever could of imaged if we break the hypnotic spell we find ourselves in. The imagination and stories that money and fame bring can not fulfill the levels in which we truly can reach once we start to see how we can manipulate the world around us. “Can we get much higher” like the hook from Kanye West song “Dark Fantasy” proclaims is the real deep question that needs searching. Its as easy as the sung rising and the sun decreasing as night take over. Easy as a apple always remaining red while a camera no matter what always flashes on the celebrities of our time. 

Like I spoke on here in my first post they can not save us from trying to trap happiness inside of a box and squeeze it tight forever. Happiness is a result of mistakes. Its a result of not knowing. Its a result of looking back on your youth and remembering the silly things you did. The laugh you express is one of relaxed comfort as you realize in the present how little that moment meant in the grand scheme. True peace comes from seeing the game that is life. A game that no one really wins or loses. One side just loses more slowly



Eliminate hate from your heart when it comes to life and others. People have no idea what it is they do. They are no different than the zombies in the hit TV show “The Walking Dead”. That includes the people you love, work it, find entertainment in, and the ones you read from their blogs. I myself forget that we are in a game. A long game which shows no true winner but always highlights the loser. It highlights the loser so it can cause us to push harder towards trying to beat the game. Never be upset at those lost in the colorful story that the game shows for the same reason you would never criticize a kid for not having better knowledge of how to live in life. He or she is but a kid just living in this playground that we all forgot we came from.

Hatred of the same people which inhabits the same boat for which you ride in is a waste. They are all on the same bus going in the same direction. Or, better yet a train.  They, as we all are, are on the same path trapped within the metal prison that is created inside of our brains. They are no different than me and you when you really are able to see through the bullshit that this Plato’s cave trickery bestows on us. You might as well hate people that have to sleep as you do. You might as well hate people that enjoy sex as you do. You might as well hate on those that blink, smile, laugh, cry, feel happy, feel upset, watch TV, listen to music, etc.

The game is a house of cards or better yet a sand castle not truly meant to last unless protected by us. When the nature of the wind or the water comes into play it can not be stopped. It is neither right or wrong. It simply “just is”. A consistent video game stuck on stimulation is not be won but more so played with. Its like buying a sports video Game like “NBA 2k16”. There is no real objective to defeat when playing a sports game. There is no final boss level to win. There are no levels to pass and succeed at. The only thing to do is to just play and care about the momentary game you play  when against the computer, online, or with a friend. After that version of the game becomes outdated based on a new year with a updated season, you buy a new game called “NBA 2k17” and just continue on playing. 



A vicious and funny game of hide and go seek it seems. A philosophy of no philosophy if you will. For once you create a philosophy you then have to destroy it and continue on or else it will trap you thanks to your hands that created it. Its a very fun game you have with the truth as you try and cage it and use it for your own personal benefit. Like capturing fire in a lighter and thinking you’ve won until you see on TV or around you a fire break out. Or, like capturing a snowball and placing it in a freezer until you see the damage a snow storm can do. 

Therefore why try? Not in the sense that you give up on life but, more so, why stress yourself over trying to turn truth into a product? Truth is as nature doesn’t have  goal to be reached. It happens and then it goes. The Ying and Yang of the viewing the world if you will. To wake up as the two videos I posted indicate that we are all but explores who have forgotten are mission in life was never to be found and restrained. Life is not meant to be marginalize down to a water bottle when its power is a ocean that constantly flows. Its like trying to see if you really do go to heaven or hell when you die. How can you come back and tell if its true or not? Why try and do that experiment when the point was to just experience and live? 

Once again I have more questions than answers it seems and, to be honest I am glad for it. I never want to find the ultimate answer for life. For then there would be no reason to continue on. I want there to be many levels to go through. For I will not try and defeat it now but, more so, see it as me being a kid playing in the park with others not worrying about winning a imaginary game of status. All I want to do is go on the slide and enjoy the ride. First you go up, then you come down. The understanding is realizing the feeling you received from it was the whole point everything……. Its just a ride










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