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I found a new addiction. A more, positive addiction on the surface level when you look at the word and the definition of the word. When you are a child that knows nothing this is the only time in which the addiction can be cured. Problem is, its only cure requires not to use our brains in the process which is impossible once school becomes apart of our lives at a young age. We then have no choice but to become slow friends with our addiction as the roots start to take its course. This, addiction then starts to take shape as a host as we slowly start to become a parasite. Or, in more simple terms we start to become the actors while this addiction plays as the movie. The addiction if you haven’t already guessed it, is of course: Knowledge. 

This addiction as I said before in the first few lines of the beginning of this post was a positive addiction. Positive which such examples such as exercising, reading, eating healthy, being more social, resting with proper sleeping patterns, etc. By actually being positive it causes you not to suspect it as ever being bad for you. How can knowledge be seen as bad? The examples like: 

  • Knowledge helps you grow.
  • Makes you more mature.
  • More aware of the world and how to act with it. 
  • Helps keep your brain active
  • Helps you as a person formulate his or her own philosophy on how to live a more happier life.  

And many more examples will never have you looking over your shoulder at the concept of knowledge as if it was Jason, Micheal Myers, Chucky, etc. Why ever when you watch a movie like say one from the most recent heavyweight studios in Hollywood called “Marvel” would you ever keep a third eye open to worrying about Ironman or say, the green angry monster named Hulk to ever be the bad guy in the movie? They are the good guys no? They wouldn’t be at the root of what is causing such confusion in the spirit, mind, body, inside of the man and woman. We are suppose to root for them and want to see them defeat the bad guys. This is, reality isn’t it?   



This is what is real to us despite the fact we know these movies are based off a comic book. A creation that gives credit to the fact that the skill it took to create these works of art is appreciated and respected yes but, at the same time at its root, it is still meant for entertainment reasons.  Though, we know its still in fun we can never break the cycle of maybe one day rooting for the bad guys to actually win. The joker from the 2008 movie “The Dark Knight” sees my observation being correct to an a extent, as people to this day are more so to praise and talk about Joker than Batman from the movie. But even still, the “reality” of it is we know who are good and who are bad. So you see, knowledge is to never be detected as wrong. And its not. Without knowledge my ability to be able to create and post my thoughts for the chance of millions of people to be able to view would of never happened if people before my time weren’t completely focused  in gaining more knowledge of technology. Knowledge is a positive addiction. To view it as wrong from a basic level is seen as silly. “You don’t want to be smarter? Why do you want to stay dumb?” Wouldn’t that be the” correct answer” to a question by “reality” standards? ………… You see the game yet? Is this my own individual thought or words from some book?

Addition. When we hear that word we automatically assume the bad. We know the meaning along with stories we have heard from friends, seen in our own family, read about in blogs and forums, and watched on TV for our entertainment pleasure. Like scripted mainstream comedy shows when the character says a joke and the laugh track gets turned on 1 second after the execution of the joke in a comedic moment. That word like a child winding up a windup doll gets the “person” and character in us to move and react with a string of words that correctly fit with the pattern of the conversation. Like production to lyrics when creating or hearing a song on the radio or our iPods. It doesn’t just stop with there of course:

“You watch the game last night? Did you see how many points Lebron scored?”

“What? You haven’t seen that show yet? “Breaking Bad” is amazing. Its greatness. You have Netflix right?” 

“You should really be more concerned. We need to stop being so stand off ish of Bruce Jenner’s choices and allow him to just live. This is something serious show respect”  

Endless information that you “should” know and focus on because its the “right” thing to do. And yet, there it is again. The “right” thing to do. What exactly is the “right” thing to do? Is there someone playing observer over this pale blue dot holding the super handbook of  rules when it comes life and knows what it ultimately right and wrong? A someone who knows the reasons for why we as humans are here? A sort of leader that was given all of the information of this movie we play out everyday. If so, if we go with that thought without any evidence to support it, is that not another example of knowledge being seen as a addiction. You see, its a dammed if you do dammed if you don’t kind of trap. For you can never not think as even in not thinking you still are thinking. If I go with this example of someone watching over me like GOD who has all the answers yet have no facts to support my claim I am still in this permanent cocoon of thoughts. How does one escape a room with no doors or windows? Well, you do so without trying. 

Almost laughable isn’t it. It sounds easy on paper. It comes off as simple as reciting your ABC’s or remembering the words, vocal tone, and pace to your favorite song once you hear it no matter how long its been since you have. How can one turn off the mind and not think. Well, by simply just living life. The overall and simply answer to understanding knowledge is to take your self back to the days of being a kid. Back to the days when you seen colors formed in a certain pattern and started to remember it. When characters on TV would repeat the same bad choices over and over again you would remember their traits and take it as real. When you heard a song you truly enjoyed and your favorite part came on it would make you happy. For you see, knowledge was never apart of you like arms, head, legs, eyes, etc. It was something you absorbed and became apart of you like a cancer almost. How does a fish know its swimming? How can a fish know what swimming even is? We call it that but a fish can not understand our language and concepts behind it. That to him is just life.

We are surrounded by a closet space full of pictures as we sit down inside and worship each detail for hours, days, months, and years. This is a game which has no proper ending to it to remind you its a game. You never win. Or even if you do, what is deemed “winning” is still under the same roof of the illusion that knowledge creates. That addiction it creates. That prison it creates. A prison for which is not the one we all deem in “reality” for the criminal, but more so one for the imprisonment of the mind.  In my description the tone of the post comes off as paranoid and negative because its suppose to. The feeling of what is “positive” and “negative” have been filled out for you. They have the words and feelings your suppose to remember and feel inside. A pattern has been created for how you feel. Just let that sink in for a bit. 

Its a vicious circle isn’t it? Like the Kanye West video above shows when he is in tuned on the same conscience train of thought when it comes to freedom, his brain quickly changes back to playing the game of being “politically correct”. I speak on a subject like this and reactions that it will create when speaking with someone so deep within the system are ones like: “You sound like a crazy man”.”You need help”. “Something is wrong with you” . “Life is not that deep to think this hard about it”. Etc. My voice patterns with the words it accompanies to be able to express to you are from the result of knowledge. To go against that in any way is “wrong” when it comes to the “rules”. A vicious cycle you see. A game you were never meant to win. Plato’s cave theory makes more sense with each passing year. 



But you see, the only way to ever escape this train of thoughts is to not try and destroy it. You can’t destroy what is not real. For knowledge knows no limits and will just create new paths for you to travel down and explore. The best way to view world is to watch the birds fly around with nowhere to really go. No malls or certain stores to visit to buy the latest clothes. No movies that you just HAVE to see or else you are not cool. No song they have to listen to before everywhere hears it and they play it to death on radio. No, nothing. No, anything. Now image  that not as a idea but, more so, envision  that as a lifestyle for how you move in life. 

The world is a box. A box in which you are suppose to open and only view the items but not touch from it as you go off to the side and create your own. But you see, most people don’t ever leave the box behind. I mean, how and, why would you? The box has everything in life you can ever want. It presents them in “proper” fashion and tells you how you are suppose to “use them”. Your suppose to view music in a certain way. Your suppose to watch certain movies that are deemed classic and follow the agenda of calling them classic as well. The box is only suppose to show you A WAY but not THE WAY of how you are to treat the things inside of the box. From women, people, pets, children, education, etc. Its a positive addiction is it not?

What no one ever tells you though is that while you are playing around with items in the box you are suppose to be making one of your own. The box is there to help you. Not become a replacement for YOUR brain. What is the most original thing you can think of right now that doesn’t include what you can, have, and will see from your eyes? The box and its items inside is there to only be viewed and seen but never felt or touched. By only viewing, you can turn away and focus on creating items for your OWN box that YOU CAN touch. Almost like legal copy writing if you will.


The best way it seems for me to end this post would be to just stop. For by continuing to write I create more bars for the prison of my mind to deal with. I will never figure out this world because knowledge gives it no ending. I am a merely just another face in a movie audience at a cinema as “A version” of a movie called life plays on screen. Once I realize that its a movie I am watching, I can stand and exit out of that theater to see what else is truly out there to explore other than just “A version” of this movie called…. life.  








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