Its my fault? 

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When it came to trying to understand woman at a younger age, this idea or concept of it being “my fault” would of been something I know I would of immediately rejected. A few years back, having understanding that a abstract path could of been an alternative road to travel down instead of the “normal” and “regular” journey in which I grew up conditioned to believe was the only option to take wouldn’t of made sense to me as far as dealing with how women, and relationships go. The breadcrumbs I followed down the trail of a maze with no end in sight felt like I was living day by day moment to moment in hopes that someone up above was guiding this bumpy ride called my life. I had no control over it, it felt like. Granted, when your younger control over your complete life is something hard to do due to financial and mental reasons not yet fully developed, but, in terms of this latest post I am more so referring to my interactions with women and how I had no clue on what to do. Or, more so, no clue that there was a option to take on how to philosophically deal with them on a mental playing field. I was so used to not being in control that i felt as if this was how it was suppose to be.

So, when I heard something like “Its your fault” like the video up above points out it caused a anger inside of me that was basic and ignorant. Meaning, my instant reaction was more so based in emotion and lack of knowledge. “How can a woman’s actions be my fault? Why is she not to blame for HER actions? She is no different than me on a human level so therefore why should I deal with catching HER bullet?” This was my feeling for quite some time as I started to open a few books and websites as I checked myself in to own personal rehab to dig deeply into the internal wounds I dealt with after being burned (Not in that way. Chill out) by a woman. I found “The Black Phillip Show” a while back while at the same time I was doing my research with sites like “The Rational Male”.Return of Kings”, “No Maam”, “Chateau Heartiste”, “Solve my girl problems (RIP), etc. When I listen to this episode and heard him speak it it being the guys fault I was floored in anger. I was still going through my “5 stages of unplugging”  and was in no mood to let women off the hook. This was deeper than just dealing with my lack of information as I said earlier I was not used to having control over my life and understand that options could of been taken to help guide me in a consistent direction. My fault was not going to fly. I went away from this video and Patrice O’neal series all together and continued on my studying as I felt deep down it would never by my fault for their actions. My mind and spirit wasn’t ready to encounter that. 



Fast forward a few years later into my advancement of educating myself and, the video up above makes a lot more sense. My brain and emotions isn’t as clouded as it was before. If I were to compare it to something I would have to pick a item that seems random at first sight yet, when you take a deeper look into it you will see it makes complete sense. That item of course: “The pet rock”. When I first heard about the pet rock I thought it had to be a joke. I’d imagine that the creative meeting to pitch the idea of the pet rock to the head bosses would be just has hilarious as my first initial reaction in hearing about it as well. It made no sense that a rock could be seen as a pet to be taken care of and treated as if it were a dog or a cat. It was absurd on so many levels. Had I been one of the bosses I would of laughed and told the creative team to go back to drawing board until they came up with a more suitable idea that could actually sell. Well, thank god I was not one of the bosses around that time. Loe and behold it actually ended up becoming a small  hit.

As I said at first glance bringing up the pet rock make no sense at first sight but, think about with more thought and it does in terms of how it compares in dealing with women. The kids around that time feed the rock, dressed it up, played it, treated it as a animal, took it for walks (This is truly bizarre but, whatever. It sold), and I am sure found many other creative ways to have fun with the rock. The kids in this situation are the men. Meaning, the rock was just being the rock. It never asked to become a children’s toy. The rock never asked for anything because its a rock. Its the kids (Men) that placed a idea into the rock and disillusioned itself into being something more than it never intending on being.

The rock of course represents the women and no, I am not comparing women to rocks on a basic surface level. Context and philosophical wise what I am saying is men placed a idea into women ON THEIR OWN and tried to make them more than they already was. You can’t blame the rock just like you can’t blame the woman for what men force and chose to see in them. This returns back to the concept of it being MY fault as a man. The rock just as the women merely exist. It is not seeking malice as the video up above talks about for a few seconds. It is or was just living. There is no evil intentions by the rock or woman. We as kids (Men) created this idea and tried to fit it inside of women so now in this modern time, women are becoming hit to this fact and want to now be free to do as they please based off the idea of hating overt restriction, when convert and genuine restriction is what they really seek.  Its like we started searching for buried treasure at a certain location and began to dig based on OUR OWN map and proof of there being something actually inside of the ground yet, we never come back to the realization that its our own map and proof that we are using which we ourselves made up. 



Me and another family member always very deep and intriguing conversations when it comes to family, manhood, women, children, philosophy, and overall just life in general. One of our favorite conversations of course has to do with the modern day woman and how it was much different for his and my mother growing up back in the days of no internet and social media. The conversation tends to have me be the listener while my family member tells me his issues and concerns about his girlfriend and their relationship. I listen and observe the patterns in his attempts to try and figure out why she does the things that she does. I can see him trying to somehow place everything in a box structure wise so there would be less chance of a chaotic outcome that he is used to dealing with more so in the back half of his relationship. We talk and communicate on why is it his woman, and women in general tend to lean towards choosing chaos over picking the right choice and, my answer or, more so my observation and question I toss back at him when it comes to what he tells me about his relationship and what we talk about as far as woman overall is: “Why are you asking  questions to which has no answers?”

What I mean by that is, we as men are trying to find something to which there is nothing to be found. Women do not have this grand plan in mind to which they all come together and come up with new strategies to try and rule the world as well as dominate it. There is no Amazing Amy from “Gone girl” like detailed plans to which try and create in order to throw men off of their scent once we get closer to finding this so called truth. Women are just merely living in the moment. They are reacting to society instead of being one with society from a creator aspect. They don’t care how a movie is made. They just want to want the movie. They don’t care to understand why, when, or how a iPhone was invented. They just want it ready when they go to turn it on and use it. No women truly cares that reality TV is fake. They just want their TV to work at the right time when the shows come on so they can dive deep into the created reality drama and get lost in the moment. 

That is what I try and preach to my family member when he starts to look too deeply into something that isn’t, or was never there to begin with. The more questions he asks the better his girlfriend’s chances and, women in general’s chances are of winning. While we are trying to find a “why” as to why they do the things they do, days, months, and years have already passed and she is still around. The sites, blogs, and forums I visit are not geared into finding a one size fits all magic pill. Its geared to simply prepare and help you for what already is happening. Its no different than looking under a hood of a car and studying how and why it moves. This is what I try and explain to my family member. Yet, at the other end of the coin it doesn’t mean to just give up as sometimes that is the vibe that comes across in the sites I view. It can spawned guys such as this to chose the route to just say “Fuck it” and sumbit to nature. I understand the information but, I chose not to just let it pigeon hole me.  I may not be able to control the fact that I need to eat but, I can control what and how many amounts I chose to eat. I may not be able to control when I need to take a piss but, I can control where I chose to deposit that piss. I may not be able to control my need to sleep, but, I can control my bedtime and develop sleeping patterns so I can have some organization to my time. Point is, nature is nature yet, it doesn’t mean we have to just sumbit to it without having some kind of control.  



This is what I initially meant when it came to my 2 most recent posts titled “Rogue” and “A Status in times of the Brainless” from a few weeks back. The overall theme of those posts can be applied here when it comes to understanding women and the relationships men have with them. Due to a lack of knowledge or, knowing there is knowledge out there mixed with being polluted with bad information by the media since being a child from Disney movie fantasies, songs, books, movies, etc, it causes men to not be able to lead and therefore leaves women out in the cold as children metaphorically speaking to just burn to stay warm and catch a feeling. Its like handing them a gun without a purpose or reason to have one. They will then shot just to shot without a target to aim at it ad have a specific use for their attention to focus on.

This can lead to bad relationships which can spawn children who then now have to take on the burden of just placing faith in words as “love” and “romance” without a actual plan to execute these concepts. This can cause women to not trust men based on dealing with a couple of guys who were too nice, too mean, too dumb, etc. Mixed that with the media and internet portraying all men as being inside of one box from the wrong perspective and women will and have lost faith in male authority. I feel this is based on us not having a clear cut path on how to be men. We have many options and roles to explore except the most basic and natural one which allows us to display positive dominance and leadership qualities in a pure uncut masculine perspective without being shamed or based and seen as “caveman” or “moronic” stuck in a past long ago forgotten. Men are not seen as serious counterparts which leaves women feeling any male trying to display former natural traits that once defined men as parody and laughable. Its almost as if men being men has been forgotten or not practice in son long it seems silly to women and comes off as tried hard. 

This is why I am glad game is on the rise with each passing year. The awareness it provides can now have men on a singular path instead of trying to drive in multiple lanes. It makes no sense to watch every movie on Netflix unless you are not aware of what it is you are entertained by. Sure, from a surface level it comes off as limiting yourself of not being able to just experience and enjoy the buffet platter of that life but, on the flip side it leaves too much room for chaos. A car can not drive without first developing a blueprint. A movie can not be made without first setting up a script and hiring the correct people. A song can not be made without first having a producer and studio to record the track. Point is, my view is basically women are left unintended with a can of gasoline and we men can’t find out the steps in becoming firefighters. They are left with the “red button” anxiety as they just burn just for the fun of it. They need us to guide that energy in the right direction. In order for us to do that though, we need to continue to come together as one and not act as if we are separated from one another so they as women naturally would want to follow us. Its a pecking order which have better results if a male is in the right frame of mind mentally and spiritually to bring a concrete and congruent philosophy into action in which other men will respect and follow, women will follow, and as a result, better families and relationships can be saved instead of ending up to die in court.  



As I always stress when it comes to speaking on game and women my goal is not to bash or criticize them in a negative way as if I had a personal agenda to tear them down. Women see blogs such as this and quickly react from a emotional pov and block out any information that doesn’t feel right. Even if the information is based in facts and concrete logic. The reason for this like I pointed out here  and of course here is that women just react to their environment. Like in the caveman days men hunted and gathered food for the woman and children. Or, at a more basic level the penis receives in sexual intercourse the vagina receives the penis as it enters and penetrates  her. Meaning, women are viewing this life in real time. Like I said above as well as the first video alludes to, she doesn’t care how the iPhone is made and how many man hours it took to be created. “Does it have fast internet” is all she is caring about. 

A man is like a statue in a museum. The statue represents his beliefs, morals, philosophies, rules, structure, wisdom, knowledge, goals, value, time, etc. A man has one suit at a wedding to wear while the female bride has 1,000 wedding dresses to chose from. While a man plays a statue in a museum, the women play the tourist who is allowed to move around, take pictures, throws gum wrappers at the statue, hug the statue, place hats on the statue, write on it, etc. She is JUST living in moment with this life without realizing that it takes creation for things to become reality.  She doesn’t want to hear men TALK about game. She just wants it to be done in real time without explanation.  In another analogy, there are no credits to be watched after she finishes watching a movie. It wasn’t a movie she just finished watching. “Magic Mike” is real and the strippers she just seen are really the characters they portray on the big screen. She doesn’t care about the camera man, wardrobe person, director, casting director, etc. 

So to circle it back around to the beginning, it truly it my fault once I am able to sort through the trash and find the hidden gold buried deeply underneath. Women are not out for malice with a grand scheme like I addressed earlier as well too. You can be the same guy she rejected on Monday instead of the boyfriend she puts through hell for 2 years on teh back end of a relationship or vice versa.  Once the information is found men must then come to realization as I did that it truly was my fault. She is not out to lead when it comes to a relationship because her emotions are moment to moment. There is no philosophy she has on how to run a relationship or how to even catch her in the beginning. That comes from men. This is not to say that women are brainless and have and can’t function with us no. This is merely saying that if a relationship is to last as long as can and have a better chance at succeeding, the best plan of action will be for the man to guide it because we are more in tuned to being ground by our logic and not our emotions as women. Love just happens for women. Men must create that love and false reality for women. They live A REALITY and not THE reality which is hidden from them by men based on out desire to want them. 



Watching the people on the sites, forums, blogs, and Youtube videos speak on the Red Pill philosophies and knowledge has left me feeling a vibe of hopelessness when I read the comments underneath a post or video. I get the sense that men feel as if there is no hope in trying to build with women and instead feel the only option is to give up and never invest in trying to build anything long lasting other than a quick fuck and a added name in a rotation. Hard not to blame them as women no longer have any real consequences to worry about other than other women who do the exact same thing as they do (Weird). It would make any man feel no sense of guilt or shame by just sticking with porn or paying for it when he has some extra cash stashed around and he needs to get his nut off. While I have no issues with that as every man has his own right to do as pleases, I find myself not too much i agreement with just giving up. 

A woman in my view can be lead in the right direction with a firm hand if the man is mentally stable and has a firm belief in what he wants out of her. Whether its a booty call or something deeper beyond that, I feel as if a man truly wanted to he can with game properly keep a woman in check by displaying positive traits to tame the chaotic nature that lurks in all of them. The comments I read at times sound like men who are seeing women as the enemy, instead of viewing her with the perspective of being a challenge that can be tame and defeated. The only power they have is the power that we give them.   

The knowledge that is gained from the sites I have read in one collective thought can be seen as a manual or cheat sheet to help better the chances of dealing with women. I too was once angry and felt as if why even try to develop something with women. I seen myself in a stage of blaming women for not being as logical as men and see the bigger picture. What I was doing was waiting for women to become men and not realizing that if I wanted to change my reality I could.  Granted, not all women are meant to be helped and guided no matter how tight your game is. Mistakes and failures will happen. Game only allows a plan not a magic pill. A plan to help better the chances. With enough practice of dealing with women the plan can turn into a action, which the can be internalize and shift into a mindset that can become a stable philosophy. The only one truly holding any man back is himself and the barriers he feels he can’t break. Who other than yourself is going to break them if you yourself don’t even try? 










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