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Nature has no intentions of trying to be your friend. Its purpose its not coded in attempting to understand your life and its viewpoints on where you stand at it from a philosophical POV. When you are having a bad day when it pertains to either family, work, friends, health, internal struggles of the mind, etc, nature will not rest and take a 5 minute break because of how you simply feel. Its neither a personal, or business reason on why is path is based on progression by any means necessary since the beginning of time. Exclusivity is beyond its concern or awareness as nature is just like/is fire. Fire doesn’t pick and choose its targets once a house or building is engulfed up by its rage and passion. Whether children, woman, man, or dog fire will take no pauses or times of reflection to think about its harm and what future consequences it may unlocked once it has been sparked and brought to life. Nature doesn’t seek out money, fame, power, women, status, merits, morals, etc. It doesn’t understand the need or drive for that. If nature can be bottled up into human form, I would imagine the best shape it would take is the one from the 2008 movie remake of Batman called “The Dark Knight” in the form of The Joker. Though, imagination and fantasy of what could be in this sense would be a waste, as people since the conception of creation have been following the same plan as nature. Walking in circles steeped in blind faith with the “perception” of a “reward” being the the prize of eyes disguised as eyes to be able to finally “see” the so called “truth” of the world. One glance at social media and you would think that. that truth was the only one in which truly matters and exists. 

I have had incidents in which me, as well as people I have known, have been victims of having their lights turned off due to not having enough funds to pay a extremely high bill. Darkness would replace the hallways and bedrooms as blindness would cover our eyes entirely based on not having enough money to support a bill. It wasn’t based on not having any good morals. It wasn’t based on not having a belief in a higher power. It wasn’t because we were mean or cruel to kids or animals. It occurred based on not having enough green pieces of paper to support a 1,000 plus bill. People from a far were mainly just doing their job based on their bosses orders, who they themselves had more bosses above them to give the orders, and so on and so on. The fact that electricity was maybe needed to help save a life inside of the house in which the power was taken away didn’t matter at all to those just “doing their job”. There wasn’t any passion in malice or a plot to hatch a blood thirst revenge plan from a personal perspective by the people performing the act of disconnecting the power. There wasn’t in forethought of the damage that they may of caused from a distance as they say comfortable under the bright lights in their office. There was only one purpose in mind and that was to simply “do their job”. The majority of people from since the start of finding fire and building shelter are a product of nature. The small percentage not in the majority are part of the same mess, however, they were able to step away and manipulate people’s group mentality mindset in following nature’s plan of just performing. As I said before, machines don’t ask questions. They simply perform at their highest level. 

I have watched people argue, back stab, lie, cheat, fight, murder, and steal from each other without not real true end result objective in mind other than to simply react and unleash a bottled up natural animal instinct in all of us which has been deflated based on signing a unwritten social contract in which we became a “Parody of nature” because of it. I have seen people including myself spend money on things that truly mean no value beyond the fact that others can see it, and the fact that we are still relevant and keeping up with what is “cool” in modern times. Men and women when it comes to relationships, have cheated on each other and torn families apart based on no other reason except for the fact that they just FELT something inside of them at that moment, and took a leap of faith without a parachute for a just in case emergency. Sure, living life to its fullest based on the fact of the knowledge we know now that this might be our only life is one thing, but, to continue on chasing a feeling without some sort of plan in creation which can be brought into action with reality is an entirely different thing in of itself. “Zombies of the present” can be the best way to describe the scene to a Alien from a another planet who happen to land down on this blue dot and explore it for themselves. I too an be attached to this label as I find myself pouring blood, sweat, and damn near tears into trying to muster out the power and strength to complete my weekly job just so I can earn a paycheck with it and do….what exactly? Long term wise what is my main goal other than surviving the week and placing food in not no longer a stomach, but more so, a recharging machine by making sure the batteries are still in good use inside of it. 

This ability for me to even at least be aware to ask the question of what I am doing is foreign or unreachable to most due to be swapped in paying bills, failed relationships which leaves kids unbalanced and destroys futures from the start, lack of education, hidden information only found in books which require spare time, distractions by mindless activities, etc, etc, etc.  These examples and others subtly forces people to just go with the flow and believe whatever is in front of them as truth. Say for instance that Doctors, Nurses, Veterinarians, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, etc are here to serve a purpose of helping the people and guiding them towards a better direction to hold up standards and universal laws that govern neighborhood, city, state, countries,nations, and overall the world.At no time during being conditioned to understanding this does anyone ask the question: “Why? What exactly are we being kept alive, guided, and conditioned for in the long run?” Its no different than being a person playing a video game and watching the stimulated stories on the TV screen being played out in front of your eyes as the gamer. At no time in playing the game do the characters your watching pause themselves and ask the question “Why a I doing this? What is the point? Who is controlling all this”. By asking the question or even trying to have a conversation that goes as deep as this to the average person would have you from their eyes (based on the fear of others opinions placed in them) seen as a loony tune who wears tin foils on their head and watch Illuminati YouTube videos all day in their dark lite basement. I used to fall in that “Trap door” and became fearful to ever step out of once I fell in. Thankfully though, those days of trying to wear the same mask as others just to not cause tension and side eyes are long gone. 

I often thought about my death before in a depressing way more so than the normal use of anyone thinking of such a dark thought as I have pointed out here before and, like the movie “Snowpiercer”  depicts this world is merely a moving train with one goal of going forward without any chances of stopping. My thoughts on my death and the future impact of it has been talked about before a while back when I started to become truly aware of it and, at one time it did cause me great despair as I often thought about what is the reason for me to even continue on trying to succeed when either way it truly didn’t matter in the end based on the great chances of me being forgotten anyway? Back then, liked I spoke on here, I asked the question then was I ready to just die and, then as well as now, the answer is still no. You see, like I talked about in the beginning of this post nature is not my friend. Meaning, if I allowed myself to try and submit ad give up to nature I too will find myself becoming trapped in the machine thought process of just going with the flow and continue on to live brainless. I have arrived at this point in my life in which I can’t just not think and be conscience anymore. The world maybe a “train” with one mission of going forward only but, if  I sat back ad just allowed that to be without at least attempting to try and stop it, how I any different than a tree or a rock? Not just me, but our present affects the future of the kids not yet born into this world. You take Black people for instant. Had there not been great leaders of the past to try and go against this “train” system and prevent the rest of the race from just living and submitting to the rules, how much further back would black people be now currently? 

Apologies if this current post is a bit twisty and all over the place a bit but, my main point is in growing up and coming to a understanding of what exactly am I doing if I am not helping? If I am not planting the seeds that will spark a change for the future, what then am I do here other than just taking air for the others around me? And, when I say planting the seeds I don’t mean cause influence for others to simply work and find new ways to JUST make money no. That is important based on having more tools of survival yet if that is the only goal in mind the future of another person will end up being a very gray and bleak one for him or her. I am here with every post, idea, philosophy, question, answer, debate, and influence to help people just stop and look at the world as if you are brand new to it and have no idea what exactly is going on. Seeing it with new eyes to just stop and ask the question of what it is exactly you are trying to do here. I look around and I myself can’t seem to find too many around me willing to ask a questions, or even understand that there are questions to be asked to begin with. 

I say this not to sound as if I am more important or smarter than anyone. That is a quick way to stumble into “Water bottle” thinking. I am not trying to be better from a arrogant stance, or appear better as if I am above others. I am just asking the question what have we all become victims to? Despite what people made of thought/think about guys such as Kanye WestPatrice O’neal, Tupac, Dr. Umar Johnson, Early Eminem, Malcom X, etc, these men at least in all their very different separate fields have, and still are attempting to “stop the train” and ask questions we all should be asking. In times of the zombies, how many people are willing to stand as firm as a statue in their beliefs and not fall victim to playing along to keep the peace? How many can you name on a single hand right now without thinking?. Point is, despite my understanding of GOD, Jesus, and religion leaning more towards a logical and agonist view point, I can still grasp the idea of the story of Jesus standing by his beliefs even with the world turning against him and beating him to death because of it. I may have my issues with the bible as a whole but, the sum of it in general is a story that most, if not all people can at least come to some acknowledgement about when it comes to how important it is to take a stand on something in this limited time we have on this world or give up and be defeated by it. I hope with every post it shows that I am not about to do that any time soon. Even when I have my doubts as this post, and even this post to some extent as well shows. “Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a Villain” plays very well here this post. Hopefully, when others look back on my work though they won’t label me as neither hero or monster. I would rather be someone that just observed and was willing to ask the questions as a statue in times of the brainless. If not, why even be here? More questions than answers once again it seems. Hopefully in more due time it will be reversed. Until then, I’ll just leave it here with a clip another clip from Patrice O’neal will wraps this post up perfectly. Thank you for your time. 




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