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I have no ill will or malice towards women when it comes to my philosophies and messages when it comes to this blog, and of course life as well. I have said this numerous times already but, I have no issues in repeating as people today need to be constantly reminded of what exactly the message is they are attempting to observe. My path and goal is not to paint women as she devils that need to go back in the kitchen and be seen but heard as if they were deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. I have no energy in trying to destroy the spirit and ego of a woman so I could make myself better as a man. Neither am I saying that other men involved in this game are doing the same thing as well so I can make myself and this blog look better. Every man has their own views on women but, in my honest opinion overall, the message I feel when it comes to the collective with certain blogs, sites, and conversations with other aware men I gather information from go beyond hate and just getting pussy for the simple purpose of JUST getting pussy. The road towards enlightenment has no time for throwing stones and sticks at women over past issues of heartbreak, ignorance, confusion, and overall anger at being the last one to a party you were never suppose to be invited to, to begin with. Its a “party” that as a man you must find on your own. A party at first you may want to burn down to the ground due to no previous knowledge of it being made aware to you to begin with but, hopefully, that anger slides and movement towards stepping inside and enjoying yourself becomes the main focus to place your energy in. Women are not the problem once you as a man become made aware that the problem and solution lies within yourself.  

I say this because I want to make my message clear with this next post as so I don’t come off as a man instigating a “Man vs Women” battle. I do not seek battle for the sexes. There is already time and effort already in the media at trying to destroy the bond that men and women once had with each other already from a time that seems to never have existed due to the climate we as a people find ourselves in. All around I see men becoming bitter towards the modern day woman that isn’t afraid to go out and get her own car, house, job, business, and lifestyle that she rightfully earned on her own. I have seen women claim hate towards men they have never met based on their past relationship experiences with former boyfriends and husbands, and therefore start taking it out on the next man to deal with.The many examples of the downward spiral would have me here for hours. Point is, the battle between men and women do not need another log to be thrown in the fire just for the sake to see chaos as the animal deep within our core love to see. My focus is not to cause hate or start swinging a sword to jump into a war which is killing each other on a physical, spiritual, and psychology level on a yearly basis.    

My objective is one based on not making women the complete focus with this current post and new additions to my philosophies but, more so, my aim is more so directed towards my own men. From family to outsiders I have watch blood and strangers do battle one another for status, power, dominance, and just a need to wrestle and do dumb shit as men naturally do. This causes one another to make each other better and more sharper for the harsh reality that life throws at us. It makes us more immune to the bullshit which comes our way because of our flesh and spirit being craved out of wood and ready to take the daily punishment that comes with being a man. We can go blow for blow with each other for hours on end to the point you would think we had bad blood from a past life that involved death and bloodshed over family history and prestige. Yet, after the sweaty and muggy battle is done, days later we engaged in handshakes and keep it civil amonagst each other like a real life “Fight Club”. Sure, results like that aren’t always the case but, at our core, that is usually how men deal with disputes with one another. We understand the undertone game at play with each other more so than women do as they themselves see this life as real as a HD TV. We on the other hand, are more aware that yes life is real, but it is also a game. A game that is more brought to life and performed at its highest level when it comes to obtaining our most sought after, and prized possession that each man does his best to tame within his need to overpower his environment, and crown himself king with the approval of others as a cheering squad: Women  

This need to control and lock women within our clutches was once something that we as men never needed “game” to be taught to us. It wasn’t “game” as it was simply “a man growing up to be a man”. Fast forward to modern day, and it would seem that the only options for men are to be born with a natural awareness of women based on brutal earlier life situations in dealing with a tough father and environment, learning game, or just follow the “script” that is given to each man so he may be become a “Real mature male” that is only concerned at making his women, and society happy. Suicide with a smile on their face if you will. The majority of men have been left to only view game as “manipulative” and “evil” while they stay committed to a belief that deep down at their core they themselves don’t even know why they subscribe to it wen it comes to the blue pill thinking. Game has had a growth spurt in recent years that has helped men as myself and many more pull themselves out of a self dug shallow grave that they were shoveling dirt out of at a rapid pace be able to stop, to now being able to step away and find a new purpose in living instead of viewing life as every channel being stuck in Spanish with no sight of English subtitles. 

Yet, despite its success, game will always be trapped within the underground scene and seen as a “dark alternative” when it compared to the super power machine that is the fairy tale which women, and men try their best to create in a reality which could care less about what you feel and want.  This internal battle within men causes us to destroy each other tooth and nail over who can gain the most pussy and conquer it based on both sides seeing each other as enemies. But like both “The Avengers” movies point out in both films, when separated the team struggles to win against their opponent. Yet, when they are able to come together and lock in on one main target, no one can defeat them. Sure, its a movie for entertainment purposes but, even then, its a script and outline that is needed to created that movie. Their is a blueprint needed to execute a movie as big as “The Avengers” franchise. Its no different than game. Game that men must come together and succeed as one.  

 We do ourselves, life, family, and the women we are trying to purse no justice when we decide to go the way of the Rouge philosophy to seek our own selfish gain. Its not about just the self when it comes to bettering the world as a whole for the present and future, as we do our best to rewrite the wrongs of the past. Going rouge allows men the option to break apart as one unit and dissolve into more in fighting between each other. This doesn’t do anything to add positive substance for the younger men and women who are watching and learning from us at a young age. If doing bad is option that is allowed can show results despite it being the wrong way of finishing things, children will have the ability in exploring that option and cause more destruction than they will be ever aware of.  Its a pecking order that begins with men as they are the protectors of society which since the beginning of time blocked out chaos from entering a peaceful place of refuge to raise kids and survive for the future. Take away men from being at the head of the snake and the rest of the movement falls apart. This is not to say that women can not lead as they are more than capable, yet, at the base core, men are more attached to logical thinking and are able to deal with the pressures that life threw at us since the caveman days based on us being more faster, and stronger to deal against animals and other tribes trying to overpower another.  

The path of the rouge on a universal level is what you are seeing being taken place everyday as it seems every man is out for self instead of focusing on the group. Though, its hard to blame the majority for going the solo path especially when knowledge of what is truly going on from the government, all the way up to the bankers has been exposed with many other factors at play. This to me is the issue as it causes a “Oh well, nothing we can do” attitude and subtly slips people into a submission of “whatever”. Its easy to travel down the wrong path when all the areas are opened and pointing towards that path as the only option. It takes hard work and a dedication to seeking truth to travel down the hard road which offers no easy to use GPS or map. Dividing men against each other is not the answer which will gain a overall result for the better of the current, and future generation men not yet even born yet. It works on not just a relationship aspect with women, but more so it works on a grander scale in keeping order and balance in the world. We have lost our way it seems for the time being. It seems as if there may be no chance of us ever returning to a place which doesn’t bend and fold to accepting a “water bottle” accomplishment of life in exchange to chasing a “ocean” ongoing process to formulate about life. Our backs are against the wall due to others not seeing a way but, I feel like we with the right singular chain of thought can change, and infect men with a positive virus that game can be. Rouge is simply not the answer at any stage as it sees to only focus on small sections of winning when the majority should be what matters most. 


Ambitious in my faith and blind hope in the possibility of what can be but, I rather have that then remain trying to only break bread with just myself when others are starving to be feed and gain the strength they need to find their own food by themselves.  If you are not here on this limited time what have on this planet to help others, what then truly are you here for? 





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