You don’t try and exterminate fire by using more fire. Common sense of course but, metaphorically speaking, when dealing with women in terms of a relationship, marriage, or, the beginning stages of developing something and the setting turns into one of power plays and arguments, you as a man must never toss more wood into a already growing fire. You are not dealing with someone that battles on the same playing field as you and sees life as a game of equal combat with the winner being the one that plays by the rules, or, a battle in which respect is gained as both competitors know it is merely a sparring session between two warriors trying to conquer their environment like say the NBA, MLB, Hockey, or more recently as of last night, Boxing. You as a man are dealing with someone that does not set a building on fire for a deeper purpose like say in the movie “Fight Club”, or, even say “9/11” as some conspiracy theorists will tell you. Your dealing with a woman that burns just to burns. Argues just to argue. And talks just to simply talk as far as SHORT TERM goes. Meaning, when in relationships and just their overall core and character, women play Connect 4 not Chess. They are more so focused on the short term of a problem than seeing the bigger picture long term wise. Its why one day they will hate you and hope you drink bleach and die, while the next day if you performed such a act they would be the first one at your funeral crying their eyes out that you are now dead. If women could, they would allow “Grand Theft Auto” style deaths to occur and kill you multiple times but still refresh the game to bring you back to life. A voodoo man doll if you will. 

The clip up above depicts this perfectly as Patrice O’neal tries to sum his point in a few words to develop a concrete point. He is a man trying to construct a building. A man trying to build a car in which he can drive. A man trying to develop a boat so he can not drown in the water. He is trying to build a wall to combat the chaos that life can bring. The women on the other hand in the clip are not out to hear that. NATURALLY. They are not hearing a man trying to build a weapon that will protect BOTH her and himself. What they are hearing is a man trying to place them inside of a prison. A man trying to chain and shackle them taking their freedom away. What they are hearing is A man in simple terms that is trying to dictate their life as if he is “oppressing” them. They don’t want to hear the rules of  the game that men perform in order to gain women and create a reality to make them feel comfortable. More importantly, they want a man to perform a game that is not a game.  Nobody goes to a magic show to see a magician perform at his lowest level and botch all of tricks no. They go to the show to be caught up in the moment and BELIEVE that what they are seeing is real. The 27 law of power illustrates this point as well as women in summary don’t want to see how the iPhone works. They just simply want it to work.

When listening to the clip above its not so much his words that need to be heard which don’t get me wrong are important but, more so, the speed at which his words are used, the tone, the pacing in his thoughts, and the building process he is trying create when it comes to his concepts and philosophies. The women on the other hand are not trying to hear that. They do their best to set fire to his words by over talking him, automatically disagreeing with his point before he is finished, and talking themselves but not offering a collaboration in the conversation but instead thinking in the short term based on their feelings. Men in this type of conflict will react to women by arguing more louder and showing insecurity by not being heard. They will try and get rid of the fire by adding MORE fire. You do not win a argument or disagreement with women by copying their same movements. Their style of play is meant to last months, years, and even decades. She, in the metaphorical sense does not use a sword to stab a man to death in battle. Instead, they choose to use small pricks repeatedly keeping the death extended for as long as they can. They will use another weapon if they could even if the rules of the game dictate that they are not allowed to. They will cheat by having help from her friends or family to defeat the man in battle. They, to summarize it will do whatever they can to win the “battle” NATURALLY. Its not about who is the best but more so who can make the other feel worse on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.

Men play the game and play by the rules to win. Women reading this now don’t see relationships as games but instead something which is happening in real time. Its why they can be madly in love with a actor based off of what they see and hear on the TV, movie screen, and the internet instead of digging deep into who he really is as a person beyond what Hollywood shows to the world. In this latest post right here, I will try and breakdown like the video up does above context, and content wise why a man must be firm in his stance and beliefs to combat the chaotic gun slinger style of a shootout that women love to demonstrate. Watching many clips of “The Dog Whisperer” and remembering the clip above inspired me to write this post a few days back. Even just moments ago I myself seen this post play out in real time as I tried to help a female family member with her relationship problems but then quickly realize that she was not looking for a answer. She, was looking for simply someone to listen to her. She was burning a house down without a reason to do so like a dog chasing cars if you will.  With this post, I want to show why for a man this is not a style to fall victim to as both parties will lose in the long run.  



I seem as if I come off as harsh when it comes to women as the first few paragraphs display but really I am not. My goal is not one to bash women but more so create a path in which we both can succeed. Men in my opinion are failing with women in these modern times because of they themselves not having a plan to get women, but more so get women JUST to get them. Fair enough as in the beginning of learning game you have to get it out of your system but, then what? Its fun to get a lot of money when you are not used to having any and are unable to buy the things in which you seek, yet, after a while of having a lot of it then what? What is your passion for continuing in your goals if getting a lot of money was the only one you sought out after? You, in my opinion create something of substance with that money instead of just being happy to get it. This is where men fail at with women as they are operating in a chaos system. Having a plan for both you and the women you are pursuing can clear out wasting time on women that are not worth your money, time, and earned value. 

From a philosophical sense the man must be the parent. A parent that is not willing to be best friends with his kids like some mothers do in this day and age like Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner. Parents are not there to be “cool” and “hip” all the time. There are moments for that, but overall in the grand scheme of things a parent must be the authority figure. The parent must realize his role and know how to be the leader in his household (Relationship). The woman, is and must be allowed to be the kid. Now, I know this sounds crazy but my point is not to call women spoiled children despite some acting as such. A kid represents freedom. A kid doesn’t understand abstract ideas and philosophies. The kid is simply living life the same way a squirrel expresses it self in its face. She must be allowed to play as long as she wants until it is time for “dinner” and to come into the “house” (Restricting her chaos). She will pout, scream, throw a fit, cry, be irrational, etc but, no matter what, you as the man must be firm in your stance as a parent and not allow her “fire” to burn you both. This is not to say that you as a boyfriend or husband must keep a woman chained up as a slave, but more so, when its time for a firm hand you must be willing to deal with the burning building that she will cause and act as if you are a Fireman. She can go back outside play later after the schedule has been met.

To continue with the fire theme as I spoke up above, a woman will burn just to burn. Whether its talking, sorting things out, arguing, etc its all about the moment and not so much the long term planing. This is not to say that women are incapable of being logical, as more, its to say that woman have no understanding of a reality they live and not so much a understanding in THE REALITY that men live. You as a man must find a way to take the fire that is her and place it in situation in which the fire can be of use. Instead of burning a car, building, or worse even a person, use that fire and reduce it down to say, a lighter. Therefore she can now direct her energy in a more conductive way. A lighter can be now used to light a cigar, light a cigarette, light a camp fire, or, light a ex-girlfriend’s house on fire (Apologies. Old memories) Jokes aside, its your job as a man to not kill the person that is the woman and turn her into a barbie doll to become a simple plaything, but more so, take what is best about her and direct it in a more solid direction. A actor can only go as far as the director and story is able to take him or her. That is what women seek. She is already used to having too much freedom and power that is blessed on her by men and society as a whole. She now wants to find a reason and purpose for herself. Its like CEOs that pay Dominatrixs to beat them for a hour or two. They have so much control that they just want to release it and get a feeling of the other side.


When it comes to taking baths I am sure there are times in which the bathroom has become flooded due to you forgetting to turn the bath off in time. Water becomes overflowing out of the tub and spills on the floor, mats outside the tube become wet, clothes now become soaked, and now more minutes that would of been directed towards taking a bath and cleaning yourself up are now spent on cleaning up the water in which would of cleaned you. The question is, why does this happen? Why does the tub become over flood and end up causing you to waste time on clean up? Well, the answer is a obvious one but, from a deeper sense as far as how it connects to women, the reason why it floods is because you did not apply structure into stopping it from over flowing. Nature will be nature. This is why caveman from a long time ago build shelter, collected food, made weapons, kill other men, slaughtered animals, etc. It was not because it was the cool thing to do. They did so to survive and create a wall in which will limit nature from disrupting the peace that they were trying to create for families and the society as a whole. 

When it comes to cooking food, I am sure there have been times in which the food had became burnt. It happens whether its men or women. Food becomes burnt its just the nature of the beast. Yet, despite nature just being nature, food does not burn on its own. Food that is prepared and cooked in the oven doesn’t arrive in the oven burnt. Steps had to be taken their in order for it to have become burnt. Steps in which could of been stopped if you would have stayed focused on the cooking instead of doing other things. The same cane be used on men and dealing with women. A woman will do whatever she pleases and continue to do whatever she pleases if you as a man are not willing to stop her dead in her tracks and cause some kind of restriction in which deep down whether she knows it or not she is trying to find.  The food became burnt because you weren’t that invested in trying to prepare it at its highest level. Sure, you can say you simply forgot it for a quick second and went to do something else but, that doesn’t excuse the fact that there was a alternative in which you could of use in which a meal you were ready to eat wasn’t burned. Men, as I have been saying through this post need to not fight fire with fire, but more so create a situation in which that fire can be useful at its highest level. 



When a man is used to having a good amount of women over time, he hopefully will start to have a 3rd eye sense of what kind of woman he is dealing with 5 minutes into a conversation. Men that are able to do so can tell if the woman he pursing is simply a bimbo, gold digger, dumb, husband chaser, too reserved, too crazy, too plain, etc. This on a deeper sense is a animal that feels a leash trying to be placed on himself and restrict him from being free. This is what is being shown in the clip above as, as soon as the woman in the clip starts talking about setting up a date, the doctor quickly shows resistance in wanting to do anything with her. Sure, he may of been really busy and truly did have plans but, as the guy listening to the phone call was trying to tell her, he sounded like a man that was  just about to dodge another women trying to place him in a another system. The guy in the grey t-shirt comes to the rescue and makes her hang up. Simple move on the surface yet, on a philosophical level, this is a caveman now dealing with chaos that he must try and fix. The man she was talking to called back because he now wants to play the game as he NOW wants to chase after her. Yet, just 25 seconds ago he may of been trying to blow her off. 

This latest post may seem as if I am being hard on woman yet, as I said earlier it is far from the truth. I am just able to see both sides and want to do my best in helping women out so more mistakes on their end can be stopped with trying to find a man. This scene as well as this one, this one as well, and of course this scene too all from within the same movie are giving women a chance to not be seen as bear trap trying to forcefully lock down a man, but more so create a setting in which a man WANTS to chase you as you as a woman now comes off as nature and not a try hard.

  • Don’t be so eager to please.
  • Don’t be overly needy.
  • Don’t try and call 1,000 times after a few days of meeting.
  • Don’t always be available.
  • Be mysterious a bit. Be gentle yet still come off as fun a with a mix of acting like a lady and still freaky underneath.
  • Or, in ABC terms, be like Beyonce’s instagram page and then compare it to other “liberated” female’s instagram page to see what NOT to do so easy. Treat the pussy as a prize that will be a house, and not just a simple won carnival prize like say a bear or other animal that wont have long term stable value.  

Women need to create scripted chaos so the man can become the caveman and try his best to contain the fire that is you. Sure, it comes off as manipulation but, in the sense we all are doing that on some level one way or another. The problem is most are doing if for the short term sense and not the long term. You as a woman can create a long term plan and also gain a understanding of what its like to have a plan instead of just being bitchy just to be bitchy like a good majority of women that know their “power”. In a sense, a nagging girlfriend or wife understands this as well. They never come off as complete or tamed and always make their man be in the position of always trying to make her happy. Difference is, they are bitchy and mean JUST to be bitchy and mean and have no other reason beyond that. Be the woman that inspires her man to want to not only want to fuck her, but wants to fuck her AND stay instead of being the woman that just gets fucked or worse, doesn’t get fucked and instead becomes avoided like the plague.




Children don’t play with lighters. Common sense shows why that is but,for the sake of this post, I’ll explain why very quickly. They don’t because children will more than likely cause harm to themselves, people around them, or worse, a home by playing with lighters and lighting matches. They do it for fun not so much for a purpose or reason behind the actions. This is the way women view men and why they hate game so much as I have talked about numerous times. They hate game because it gives men backdoor access to invade a woman’s mind, body, and soul, and leaves the door open for him to just toss her away like a piece of trash and keep it moving. She is now left feeling hurt and used. Its why when it comes to lying they are not so much mad at the fact a man was lying, but more so upset at the fact that underneath it all she was no different than fast food. She became placed in the same category as a game to be won with no reason beyond just winning. Souless if you will. 

Its why women come off has having a padlock on their pussy because they know a man without enough good game can conquer them and leave open the chance of being used. As a result, short term thinking goes into play as her belief in men as a whole is ruined. She then will act bitchy and hard to deal with due to having no man or restriction to answer to. Its like when my cousin ask questions about why his wife does what she does as far as random things are concerned. I tell him he as a man is asking too man questions. Meaning, the more questions you ask in trying to figure out the “why” and the “what” 10 years have passed by and she remains having a house, food, and stability in her life. She as a woman when it comes to their philosophy is the “philosophy of no philosophy”. She has no goal in mind other than to JUST DO THINGS. If you as a man try and look for something deeper beyond that you are simply wasting your time because nothing is there to be deeply sought out after. Its just is what it is. This is why you as a man must have a plan in mind to guide you both. She as a woman may have leader QUALITIES but, she is no official leader. 

This is what the main purpose of this post, blog, and my philosophy as a whole in life is about. Its about having a system to help better my chances in life in succeeding so I can limit the natural chaotic state that life brings to everybody. Its what the inspiration behind this post in “The Dog Whisperer” is about. For example if you come into a date with a woman and come off as scared, nervous, unsure, unfocused, lacking confidence and structure in your life, she, at her natural animal core will abuse and attack you. Its not a malicious reason behind it as its just more so a NATURAL reason behind it. But, as this DW clip shows as well as his many other clips, if you remain firm in your dominance and stance the dog will eventually back down and not continue to try you. It only does this because the dog can sense that IT CAN TRY you and therefore again NATURALLY will not respect you. The DW does not train the dog as it more so trains the owners. Now, this is not me comparing women to dogs. This is CONTEXT. CONTEXT. This is me saying in simple terms that having a blueprint with your reason for trying to pursue a woman will benefit both you AND her. Thing is, that can only be done from a logical mind that men are able to use more than a woman does due to her being more emotional. Why jump in a ocean without seeing first if you have the right gear, help, a nearby boat, training, and a understanding to see if there is any sharks nearby?

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