A small pause in reality. 


This is how I feel any time I view a News report about a murder that has taken place locally, or globally which the world can see. Not so much because of who the victim was or what gender they were, but, more so because of the fact that the action of the murder took place. The thought of someone actually killing another human being with bare hands, a weapon, car, poison, abuse, etc always struck a weird feeling within my core. My love of horror movies is one thing but, when it came to a actual murder in reality take place I could never understand why I felt what I felt. It wasn’t so much a sympathy as it was more so a flickering alarm light inside of me that let me knew that this could, and will happen again as long as I am here on this planet, and long after I am gone away from this world. Its an unexplained event that doesn’t add up in the narrative of life that was set up for us. Why was this person’s life taken away? Why was he not given a chance to redeem himself? How come his death had to be so brutal? Was it here to teach us something about ourselves and our connection with God, or, was I just asking questions to which answers lied in us as well. How can we ask those questions if the answers were created by us as well? 

I have talked about many times in my belief of us being the painters of this world instead of a the canvas being painted by a higher being and, more and more with each need idea I read or create on my own that scary thought becomes more so a reality each passing month. Sure, maybe in a few lifetimes as technology advances we may be able to crack the code as to why were are here and our purpose but, even if we did manage to find out our path then what? After the reality we have seen countless lifetimes beforehand became the norm, how we can place that in a box as if it never happened and stay on the path we were meant to be on?  Apologies for more questions than answers but, that goes back to the point in which I was trying to make. We ask more questions and search for answers in a higher power or being yet, we never in my opinion come to the realization that the answer and the questions is in within all of us. There are so many different reasons for why murder, rape, homicide, kidnapping, trafficking, etc happens yet, we never even consider that maybe this is just nature being nature. Sure, their our patterns in which another human being does what he does and I understand that, but, on a philosophical level as to the reason how it fits in the narrative of life, it seems the dark truth of there being no real reason as to why it occurred is never talked about in great detail.  I feel the undertone of these labels and reasons being placed on these events is the same way we use religion and the belief of a God: To make us feel better as if there is a reason and meaning to all this. My questions is, if we are the ones that thought of the idea, isn’t it possible that we too have the answer? If so, aren’t we just merely running in circles chasing our tail?

My point with this post is to explore that idea of us searching for a meaning that may in fact not really be there and how we can create the reality we see fit. Like I explored in this post and this as well, I am able to see the fish bowl we as a people have found ourselves in and, I can’t help but think we are trapped within a water bottle like thinking instead of really trying to take advantage of the life which is presented to us now in the moment. Time is being wasted fighting with each other like we all are in WWE but, on the flip side we take it as real and that there will be a real winner in the end, yet, the only true winner is the creator of the story. (IE) A Vince Mcmahon. If you ever wondered and stop to think what is the real true core reason as to why we do the things we do then you are what is perfect for this fish bowl trap we find ourselves in.  The animal does not ask questions. It just does what it is meant to do. Its why you can’t scare a animal with death because it has no concept of it. Yes, we are not animals as we have evolved pass our caveman roots thankfully. Though, at the core and beginning roots of what we are and were, our function was not one of thinking of a future as we merely did what we needed to do to survive. Who said we were even meant to be here?  



From musicians, actors, athletes, artists, students, etc the one thing they and each and every one of us have in common is that we practice at our craft to make it as perfect as can be. Hours upon hours are jammed into making sure we it comes time to do our job or perform, we make sure we know what we are doing so we don’t look stupid out there when working in front of people. The question though I ask here is: Why? Why do we place so much practice into what we do? What is the reason behind pushing ourselves past our limits just to make sure we do the job or performance at its correct pace and highest skill level? 

Well, the obvious answer of course is because if not then we fail at our task. On a deeper level say if we were a NBA player, if we don’t practice the plays and work out to be in the best shape our lives, once we go out there for game time we will feel the heat of the chaotic area, the nerves will start to kick in, the idea and thoughts of possibly being traded starts to creep in if our performance is not up to par, the thought of being embarrassed on live TV and in front of our family members starts to linger in our mind as well, etc, etc ,etc. All in all summing up to simply chaos. This, is on the same page as to what the caveman dealt with many centuries ago. Again, I am not knowledgeable in as to what others may know about this field but, from a logical standpoint it does make sense. There was never a map or guide from them to follow other than the function that is at their core when it comes to being a human: Fight or flight



I am sure the caveman use to be dinner snacks for animals and nature as a whole back then. I believe we were birthed from chaos at first before we ever came together and united as one on our own to fight against a common enemy. This, is where the practice theory comes into play. Once the caveman were able to gather around and create some alone time I believe the beginning stages of abstract thought were birthed here. The skeleton, body, human, and animal core that reaches down deep as to what we are only had limited base functions that it was destined to do and perform. Hunt, gather, eat, sleep, defecate, dominate, and of course reproduce. Before a plan was in place chaos was the norm of the jungle as caveman were just running wild as beasts trying to stay alive like every other creature there as well. But, as with every creature eventually a plan as to how to hunt its prey was created to better than chances. It wasn’t a future to be thought of. It was more so do what you can do at that time to survive and protect the family. 

The body I believe created a clone of itself in the form of abstract thought. This is where the greatest and worse things to happen to man was created. The body created a better chance at its survival yes, but, in the long term we created a prison of our own doing without realizing the effects. A version of plato’s cave if you will. The body gave birth to man who then created a movie called “reality” and showed it to women and children as a documentary.  The body, from a philosophical standpoint doesn’t have a end all be all to its limits in food, dominance, sex, sleep, reproduction, etc. There is not a end path and limit as to how far the body was destined to go when it came to its based roots. Machines don’t ask questions but there is no reason for it to. Its only job was to perform at its highest level. 

Once the body developed a plan of action more things were soon created. More ideas and concepts of our own doing once again were formed and taken as the true reality. Marriages, rules, laws, structure, ideas for how men were to train, ideas for how kids were raised, ideas for how women were to be trained, how to hunt and prepare food, how to make weapons, etc, etc, etc. All of this steamed from our body being machines doing its best to survive and work at its highest level. What then is right or wrong? Sure, say for instant slavery was deemed as wrong but, is it? Is that not another form of another animal dominating another? Is rape wrong if back then it was just us as body trying to reproduce? Is stealing wrong if it is just another form of doing what you must do to survive and eat? It all boils back down to the core of what we are deep inside nature wise. We are all living inside of a kid’s store creating our own toys and selling it back to each other at a higher price.  Metaphorically speaking. 



I remember two incidents I had with females from my past which looking back now, really shows me a deeper layer as to how men and women act towards each other. One incident involved a chick I had became tired of sleeping with yet didn’t want to give up the relationship. So, I went a couple days of no jerking off, watching porn, or reading any triggers that could make me horny. By doing so, I was able to become more turned on by her alone and ended up having great time with her that night when we did sleep again. Problem was though after my nut, I was back to just feeling “eh” about her. The 2nd incident  that happened was small but, I noticed that when I was talking with my girlfriend that I was able to spin the conversation in any direction I wanted. Almost like a puppet on a string effect as I was able to make her mad, sad, happy, worried, etc all in the spam of one hour. Granted, both these events can be explained with different reasons as to why they were happening but, on a philosophical level as it relates to this post, what was happening to me was the result of nature just being nature. 

I chose the video up above because it helps illustrates my point more deeply. The women in the clip thought she was getting something exclusive and special from a man she had been dating recently but, as the clip goes on to show, he was merely using the same game tactic on her as he was with maybe countless other women. This is neither right or wrong, this is the male body doing what it need to do to get some pussy from the women. Sure, maybe marriage could of been in the future but, at its core level what he did was jump over obstacles to get to pussy when back then, all a caveman had to do was beat a chick over the head and drag her back to a cave. She, as you can see fell for his game at first and probably would of fucked him that day had he not messed up calling her back. This shows a core understanding as to how the female views life as a whole when it comes to reality, and the reality created for her by us in order to get sex. 

The flashlight was created in order to prevent darkness so we can see better during the night to avoid falling over things, someone or a animal sneaking up on us, or, just simply being able to see better. You can call the night (chaos) if you will. The flashlight can be called (creation). Creation in a sense that it’s writing, language, concepts, ideas, words, structure, shelter, order, etc. Men created that in order to go against the chaos that plagued caveman before they came together and united as one. The light within the flashlight if you will represents the (females). Now, what does that mean? Well, the female’s reality is only based on the creation that men have built. They have no deep understanding as to what a real core reality truly looks like. From their eyes, the flashlight IS reality. What do they know about life beyond the flashlight? If you ask a woman what she wants in life, 8/10 she will say a family, great job, and some children. Who says she is guaranteed that? We do as men. When a guy hits a woman back after she has struck him numerous times she gets shocked and offended. Why? Because that is not the REAL reality she is used to dealing with. When you provoke someone you are bound to get provoked back. The examples are endless but my point is women are the light within the flashlight and men are the creators of the flashlight. Men are prisoners of information while women are prisoners of the information reality created. 



Like I spoke about here, we truly in a nutshell don’t even know why we are mad at the things we show energy to. Our nature and energy has been hijacked from us to focus on meaningless things that in the grand scheme lack any real purpose. Hell, even in success on a deeper understanding is just as bad if you think about it. One man’s success becomes another man’s prison to try and break free from. Originality means nothing in the world unless it can be marketed and sold. Otherwise no one will think twice about it. Why is that? What if that idea can break the mold and change people’s perceptions of life as a whole. Since is not deemed “critically correct” it is shun off as bad due to not following the rules. What are the “rules” persay if not a man’s base function to control his reality and perfect something at its highest level. Understandable sure but, is that not still leading down a path towards prison? 

My main objective with this post, my blog, and life in general is merely to try and help people become the observer and look at life as if you were a person looking through a fish tank. We become trapped within these systems of trying to fight against each other over money, power, fame, men, women, government, etc that we have boxed ourselves in to never really knowing what is true. The body created a abstract thought of itself due to its survival and in that process helped created a jail cell for our minds in the process. I want to do my best into trying to break free from that thinking and be able to have a critical look from a outside POV. Looking for what is right and what is wrong is a journey that is a waste since we are the creators of the questions and the answers. I have watch many men, women, and children become swallowed up by a a system which feeds on itself based on a human core need to hunt and dominate its environment. How much longer will we chase our own creation until we realize its merely a game in which is not destined for anyone to win. Become the owner or forever be regulated to being just a fan, player, or worker bee employee for the game. 



In closing, I am merely just another artist as is yourself looking through the world through my eyes using it as a canvas. I have no true answers for what is right and what is wrong. Every post I created then, and every post I create in the future, could be wrong as it can be right. What will decide that will be new information once it does or doesn’t emerges. In any event though, until that times comes, I will continue to just be “painting” in my pass time. 

Its really all you can do in the end. We all make observations about the world which some have been proven right and others proven very wrong. Corny sounding or not, we all are painters using the world as our canvas to create. A canvas in which we have control over the outcome. Looking at that as a bad or scary thing is a waste when limited time for the body with each passing year continues. 

Never let someone tell you how to live YOUR life if that is not how you chose to do so or, if their advice other than health wise offers nothing but space to be filled up to pass the time then simply ignore them. Nobody has the right answers. Instead, just patterns that can help better your chances of succeeding the goal in which you chose to conquer at that given time. Develop your own spaceship and seek to become your own astronaut to be able to view the world from a glass half full POV and not a glass half empty one. Thank you for your time. More posts to come




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