Delivery and timing. 


When it comes to comedy and music, both of these two forms of entertainment from a distance would seem to not have many things in common on a surface level. One art form requires live, in the moment, and a perfectly in tuned focus when it comes to delivering the desired material in front of a live audience called comedy. A couple wrong moves in a row can have a comedian seeking other places of employment if words spreads around about his or her’s bad performance if a consistency continues in not becoming better.

With music, when it comes to a couple sections from Rap with one called “Battle rap”, which became more mainstream with the help of Eminem’s movie called “8 mile”, and another form called freestyle in which rappers perform unrehearsed in the moment  verses, they shares similarities with the same description I just describe about when it came to comedy. Yet, overall for music in general, it is completely different as the artists have more time to prepare and create their art with more chances to mess up and re-record tracks until they get it down perfectly. Performing in front of a live audience gets more chances in music too as they have time to practice over and over again until they get it right. 

My point is in bringing these two divertissements is to bridge the gap and form the connection that they share which is timing, and delivery. Ignore the jokes from the comedy side for a moment, and also ignore the lyrics from the music side as well. Both of these styles of distraction for the masses work well and have manged to last a long time due to the technical side of how they are executed. The reason why you are able to take a shower properly is because you have a bath, towel, hot water, soap or body wash, time, shower curtain, shampoo, cloth, and a big towel to help dry yourself off. The reason why you are able to drive to your desired destination in a car is because you have a tires, steering wheel, windows, engine, license, license plate, car seats, seat belts, etc. My point is, on a TECHNICAL level you are able to function in this world based on structure, order, performance, and constant repetition in thinking, planning, and organizing things in its proper place.

The way a comedy says the words, the tone in his voice, the picture he is able to paint, his facial expressions, body movements, etc. With music, the tone in which the lyrics are said, the melody that follows it, the production behind it, the lyrics itself, the hook of the song, etc. Its all about timing and delivery with not only these works of performance, but also in life in general. This is what is seen in the video above with the radio personalities from the radio program Hot97 discussing the timeless classic debate of man vs women. When watching this when it came to the woman named Laura styles, I couldn’t help but notice and also smirk at her religious like purpose and drive into avoiding anything that Ebro the man in the white T-shirt was trying to tell her. This made me of course create a new theory in my head as to why this occurred. A theory that I like to call “The Jack Slater Theory”. 



The reason why the female in the above video named Laura Styles kept saying “she wants to hear the truth” despite the numerous attempts from Ebro, the man she was speaking with in this clip delivering key and solid answers to her curious question, is because in girl world the answer that she sought after was not properly delivered in the tone, style, pacing, and language that she is used to hearing from the opposite sex.  

I don’t know Laura Styles personally or even professionally despite countless videos featuring her on Hot 97 and the rise of social media in the past 10 years, but, from a general sense with her being a girl I am sure that when men flirted with her in the past and currently in the present, if the attempts were good and well thought out by the guys that approached her she more than likely responded well and maybe went on a few dates with them, or, cut the middle man game out and went straight for sex if the “vibes” the guys had delivered were gratifying in execution. 

She, and many if not all women like her are used to hearing a script and take this as the truth and even as the real logical conclusion . How can she not? From all medias from TV, movies, commercials, books, etc men in modern times are depicted as mumbling baboons that would be lost without the help and guidance of a woman to lead them in the “right” direction. Her’s, and women’s default frame when it comes to men and how they are viewed is one that is not of their own choosing. This, of course is not a slight towards women in a sense of anger and being hateful, but more so this is men viewing things from the root of how we are seen in their eyes based of of caveman days.

Men sense the days of discovering fire and dodging becoming a animal’s afternoon snack have always been the ones that went out in the wild to hunt, kill, bring food home, and protect his family. We are the ones that created a plan amidst the chaos of how the world really was and in a broader sense still is. There was never a grand plan or blueprint for us to follow. Men had to go out there and find some way to eat or starve to death. There was no store to rob from, no government insurance, family house to visit to get a free raid of their fridge, shelters, etc. You either eat or faded away it was that simple. I bring this up because from the start of time or, at least what we as humans know today, we were never given a plan to follow. We survived without really a future to look forward to other than another day to just breathe. Meaning, when it comes to women and the game that aware men use on them, it is rooted in survival.

Back then, there was no romance, flirting, dates, waiting, netflix and chill   , etc. Men just took women when they were horny and fucked them. As we progressed onwards though, more road blocks towards getting sex were placed in front men as well as the creation of marriage. This was nothing more than another obstacle that men sought out to work around and obtain their goal. From the most aware man down to the delusional one that still seeks Disney like fairytales from women, all of it is based on a unconscious software so to say to “eat” just like they were hunting food. People have many definitions of love and I am not saying I am right with my observation but, when you really get down to the crust of it love is simply a word that we as humans can control. Its not some “out of  the world” thing that is out of reach which controls us. Women believe this because of what we as men created when it comes to the script based on our biological need to reproduce. This is why Laura styles think Ebro is “lying” instead of telling the “truth”. He is not playing the rules of the script. She wants to hear this,  but instead Ebro tells her this. 



As Ebro in the first video above explained his reasons on why men do the things they do to get out of relationships he had a clear thought explanation for it. There was no double talk or a need to pull a wool over the eyes of Laura styles. Ebro for a quick backstory has said numerous times he is married and has kids. I say this because to prove a point as to why he is not trying to play a game on her. He has nothing to gain from it. Gender bias aside because I know it sounds like it, I bring this up to add in a strong case as to why he has no reason to lie. He was clear with his response but like I said in the above paragraph she wanted to hear his answer in girl world tone. By him speaking in a logic sense he wasn’t playing fair and instead showing her the instruction manual. He, was being fake. 

Women want to enjoy the show. They hate the term and concept of “game” because this exposes the fact that every man that speaks with them is not doing it from a genuine place. They feel as if we as men are hiding something deep within us which forces us to put on this false male ego as if it was not really who we are at our core. Real men in girl world or, in the real world if you were to ask women is defined by them and only them. We as men are too stupid to be able to figure out something as deep and complex as emotions in their eyes. Problem with that is depute the many things I can write out about how wrong that “logic” is, is what about the voice from the male POV? This is something that leaves women in awe and confused as they feel as if our POV is savage and too boring to even consider. Game causes women anger because it gives men power that deep down they love, but on a false surface level they hate because now any man has a chance to get in the club. Its why they pay attention to the smallest details of a man’s or, any man’s actions near them to see if he is “real” or just a man playing a front to get some pussy or claim to be someone they are not. Their concept of real has no base behind it. Women are reactionary and only response to an external source. Its never internal with them most of the time. 

Ebro was being fake in Laura’s eyes because he was not playing the rules that she is accustomed to hearing from guys. What she and all women think is real is in fact another ploy men use to get women in the first place the same way we do everything else in life. Women, can not comprehend that they are in the same boat with a goal to be conquered and won over when it comes to the male pov. I give them credit for this as they feel ego wise they should stand out and by this self knowledge do their best to extend the “story” in life to keep things fun. But, at the core of it men view women as another challenge to be obtain to seek what we want at its most base level. Its not a right or wrong thing it just a “is” thing. Its why I say early I give women credit for extending the “story” of life when it comes to relationships. If it were up to us, we would only fuck, talk a bit, watch TV, and do it all over again. Each fight and nonsensical argument that women create is only toppings on a ice cream tone, accessorizes on a outfit, rims and tinted widows on a car, auto tune on a POP singer’s voice, etc. 



Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 90’s came out with a movie called “The Last Action Hero”. The movie was a spoof on every cliche found in the movies based in the action genre around that time and, for a quick side note still found in some action movies today. I labeled this post “The Jack Slater Theory” because of the premise of the 1993 action movie.

In the one of the key points in the film the kid that stars opposite of Arnold’s character is somehow magically sucked into the movie with the help of a magic golden ticket while he watched a Jack Slater’s film inside of a old and busted down movie theater. The kid knows that he is in a movie, but every character inside of the movie thinks this is the real world just like the clip above shows a preview of. This is what Laura styles and women go through in the same sense when men try to tell them the difference between the reality of the world, and the fantasy that has been created for them. 

“The Jack Slater Theory” is one in which women’s world has been created for them by us. A pussy pass if you will for better explanation. Its the same when white people scream there is no racism based on the fact that they lived in a completely different world than most minorities have lived for years. What they view as the “real” world is in a fact a system that was set up for them to be the most comfortable race on the planet. I am not trying to make this a racial issue but more so add examples to my point.

A woman can slap a man and think nothing is wrong with that, but, when a man hits back the whole world comes crashing down as Santa clause is now been founded out to be a fake to them all along in that moment. The reaction when men hit women back is always a interesting one to me. Not because I encourage or want to see men beat up women, but more so because of the shock reaction they give. Its as if they can’t believe that *GASPS* actions have real life consequences. Women are living in a movie they are not aware of. Like I said before men had no scrpit during the caveman days. We had to come up with a plan ON OUR OWN. We came up with plans to help us avoid the chaos that was the weather, animals, lack of food, other men trying to kill each other, protecting the kids, etc. Meaning, women have been living in a suburban neighborhood all their life so, when taking a trip to the Ghetto their world is rocked when they see another side as to how people live and deal with life when their mother or father’s bank account isn’t around to bail them out of any trouble they get into.  




In closing, the tone of the post may sound like I am bashing women and making out to seem as if I am saying they have no mind of their own and, I understand completely why any women or even man reading this would feel this way. I can’t explain through a computer screen why I know deep down this is not true and, even if I were to meet with the person reading this face to face it still wouldn’t work. To quote Eminem “I am whatever you say I am” and, to quote Kid Cudi “In the end they’ll judge me anyway so whatever”. 

I preface that because I know it is coming off like I am going in that direction but I am not. Each new theory about women, life, my life, etc that I come up with is based in me trying to have a concept and map to help guide me in life for a better chance at avoiding the cold world that you see most homeless people go through each holiday season. You think they chose to be in the middle of the street hungry and having to beg for change like a small child when they were young themselves? No. They got caught up in the world around them and let it be the guide instead of having a alternative way of thinking to realize real change can be made from within. 

Which brings up my last post I did a two weeks back. If that post came off as stiff, cold, and hard to understand than I apologize. I had a idea in my head but, in executing it my target was missed and a reload of bullets was much needed. My main point in that post just as with all my theories I create is, context wise, I am simply creating a house to avoid having to sleep outside in a cardboard box. I am not out to hurt women but more so help in creating a guide and map so they too can follow and be successful. From the outside looking in, a Pimp may seem like the lowest person walking the planet earth. But, from really looking into it with a positive outlook a Pimp is simply a man helping a woman manage her money so she doesn’t spend it on things that down the road she won’t even have a concrete use for. I could just allow myself to hope the world guides me in the right direction or, I could formulate a blueprint and create my own path, knowledge, theories, morals, goals, rules, integrity, and purpose to live by.

So with any new post I create just know it is not to bash the women or view life in such a depressed state as if I want to kill myself no. But more so, I am simply maintaining my sanity and avoiding the trap doors that are at every corner in a world in which has become trapped within a fishbowl that nobody can see. Our nature has been hijacked and with every post I want to do my best in helping myself and others see what we place our energy into can be changed at any time as long as we put our minds to it. 












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  1. I really liked this post, from both a philosophical perspective as well as a fan of Last Action Hero (a hugely underrated flick IMO).

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