Internalize the shadow. 

One of the most difficult things for me when it came to discovering and comprehending new information that can help me escape the mundane and routine flow of the boxed in system that I found myself in is the fact that the with effort of patience, and a lazer  like focus in managing my time in controlling my mental strength I could use it to bend, shape, and mold my current old structured reality into something of my own creation. With each new blog post that was based around digging more deeply into the rabbit hole that I eventually would discover and luckily take the right direction in analyzing instead of running away from it, each post I read and also created myself contained a  theory, philosophy, analogy, belief, and cult like direction in which lead me towards coming into acceptance that the only person left responsible in the end would not be the ones ignorant in playing a WWE like style of battle between each other, but more so, me and me alone. 

No longer would it be someone else’s fault for my own doing in waiting around in rain, sleet, or snow for a bus to hopefully arrive on time so I wouldn’t be late to work when instead metaphorically speaking, I can just use a car and create my own way of managing my time. Blame directed towards other people for their lack of intelligence and forethought to see pass themselves with their typical surface level thinking can now be adjusted as I myself can just simply change my environment, and seek out others who share and understand my passion in trying to deprogram a outdated software inside of my body clouded with wasted storage of anger, sadness, hate, confusion, etc. Beating up my body for being tired after watching the black mascara on a Porn star’s face become stained and pasty like after her co-star wasted a chance at creating another potential porn star, stripper, or drive-thru server at Burger King on her pretty face would now be a problem I only had myself to blame. Fear in not having a crutch made understanding and gaining new information scary as I could now create my own path due to a string of words built together that created concepts and ideas in which have saved lives, cured the depressed, and created futures for kids not yet even thought of. 

Internalizing is the main theme of this latest post as I once viewed the world as a tsunami advocating a punishing, and defeating like execution of chaos at any and every turn for anyone brave enough to take a “I’m feeling lucky” Google like search chance in swimming inside of it until I discovered the power in knowledge and created a submarine strong enough to withstand its extreme effort in demonstrating destruction. Colorful wordplay and metaphors aside, my main point in this post is in coming to grips with no longer living in past tense. I can now  push and shift my mind and spirit around as it pertains to the reality around me an mold it to my liking. Crafting a philosophy with each new post on this blog here helps further move me away from being trapped with a sitcom like Jim Carey in “The Truman Show”. Each new experience and conversation I have with others not aware or even attempting to become aware shows my decision to move myself away from them more valid than it ever did before. Ego boost to the side, there are a lot of people who fail to make the same jump or don’t even attempt to make the same jump as Neo from the clip above shows because they have been told that its impossible and can’t be done.  If more people accept that faith and never even try, a “Demolition man” society becomes more and more visible with each passing year. I refuse to not even at least try. One life to live. Regrets is something I wish to not have on my death bed. 




The shadow that accompanies every human, animal, mammal, and bug can be seen but never touched. You know its there but you can never examined it to see if there is anything deeper other than the face value performance that it serves to us. The shadow is form and blackness and doesn’t show what kind of pants you are wearing, what color your shirt is, how many ear rings you have, what the name brand of your shoes are, etc. It is all form and no substance but, you know its there and doesn’t require much thought to it because you are used to it. The same can be said for many other things you take for granted in everyday life without even questioning it because deep down it bares no deep thinking in progress due to you being used to it.

Apologies if this seems like its going off the rails but, bare with me for a moment if you will. How do you know what a hand is called? How are you able to read this sentence right now and understand each word, letter, and definition to it without causing a constant headache in your brain from overthinking about it? How are you able to know what a Sun is? Planets? Feet? Freddy Kruger? etc? My point in naming these random things of is basically to point out you know these things because someone taught you, who before taught them, and later way back someone then taught them, etc, etc. You don’t require much thought into trying to keep this information stored in and studied because its basic first of all, and second because all of this is internalize within you. You know this information like the back of your hand as it plays background noise in your everyday life of dealing with more important issues to tend to.

The shadow works as vehicle while everything else about the car from the color, rims, engine, windows, etc plays as life itself. Shadow is the structure and form that helps keep things in order like walking up to steps to go to work, Dunkin Doughnuts being in the same place you left it in from the past morning, the highways guiding you towards the right direction of your current destination at that time, and a computer storing each and every file in its right place where you left it at from the night before. The shadow in our lives is the GPS in which is internalize metaphorically speaking but never heard.  



Like I talked about here when it came to game and using it on women, its all about enjoying the show for them and not hearing about the rules of what is right or wrong when it came to the seduction of luring them into your web as a man. The same can be flipped and used on a universal perspective when it comes to the shadow metaphor wise being a structure for us to follow and internalize. When watching a movie, thinking about how many man hours went into creating the set, building the story piece by piece, finding the right director, dealing with the budget, finding each actor that fits perfect within each character and its story arch, and trying to properly arrange different time schedules for the actors and actresses for the completion of the movie never once I bet cross your mind once you are sat down and engaged in the movie. Hell, I bet when the movie is over unless its a Marvel or DC film, a good 98% of you get up and leave the theater instead of remaining in your seat to read off the credits of the people that provided the tools to create the film. I do as well so, don’t feel bad. Point is, the reason why movies whether good or bad managed to still pull in numbers, sequels, media coverage, etc is based on the SYSTEM and BLUEPRINT of how they are created. This is the internalize shadow on a bigger stage.

From movies down to even commercials the internalize shadow plays a part in the undertone of its creation while we the viewer become trapped and hypnotized by its execution. Its the same as riding a bike and needing certain parts in order to use it like wheels, bike chains, handle bars, and peddles. This is what I am saying when it comes to the internalize shadow. You wouldn’t even fathom thinking of a bike without those things because they are and always should come with a bike. The theory of using the shadow concept is one in which we as men and women can create our own reality by finding a way in molding it instead of being sucked in with using a already made script to us to follow by the mainstream world that wants nothing more than basic thinking and ideologies to be rehash and used to be sold. 

No little girl ever wakes up one day at age 10 and decides when she gets older that she wants to go out there in the corner late at night and start selling her ass and pussy for some chump change and then when finished, hand it over to the local pimp. No. Point is in using this very odd and graphic description, in order for a woman to even fathom going out there to sell her ass for a piece of change the pimp himself must have a game in which matches a standard and precise like delivery in perfection in order to sell her dream which in reality is merely just a nightmare in sheep’s clothing. Like the points I made here, here, and also here was well basically being able to see this world as merely a game in which you the player can step out of is a option you can carry out as long as you are determined enough to do so. The reason a pimp is able to get inside of a girl’s head or why we become so trapped within a spell when watching a movie is due to the outline and structure of it being arranged in a perfected release. You dance to certain songs because of arrangement of the words, melodies, production, etc. It works in the same way. Using this knowledge for your own doing in organizing your world can help break from the invisible chains in which we, and even me myself at times find ourselves in.



The theory of internalizing the shadow can only be used for you and you alone. I say this because, when creating and taking control of your theories by explaining them in a outward fashion like say “All women are gold diggers and only care about taking men’s money”, the reaction if I said that would be met with anger and rage from women and even some men as well. Why? Because my outward expression of anger words removed and all is a raw and caveman like direct chaos approach. During the days in which fire was just being discovered there were threats of animals and even Dinosaurs roaming the land. This caused us to strive for protection and to move away from any danger. This is the root and still plays a role to this day. Any feeling of danger and chaos from humans is met with instant fear and thoughts of the quickest way to get rid of it and return things back to normalcy. The same can be said of internalizing your shadow. Your create your own reality. There is no need to express it in a aggressive fashion that more than likely will create hostility in others due to not understanding your reason behind not following the tread of playing “Simon says” 24/7 as everyone else already does.

Even if the anger is expressed inwards and focused on downing yourself as a person, the majority of people will tell you “Hey, everything will be alright” or “Don’t give up, things will get better” and “Have faith there will be a better tomorrow”. All great advice on a basic level, but look deeper and all you see is the advice speaking in future tense. It coddles the person and makes them believe by some form of magic something above will change their tomorrow. Downing yourself is another result of a threat. By you feeling down, worried, scared, nervous, etc it causes fear in other people to lose faith in the system and start to question the script they are forced with. By feeding you more lies and fatting you up, you now become a less threat as you feed inwards on yourself waiting for a miracle to occur somehow.  

Nature, randomness, and simple chaos is a scary thing to deal with when you really break it down to its grass roots and see the dark truth in those words and concepts. We as humans never were really meant to be here. How can us the weaker species still be around and known as the strongest, when years back Dinosaurs used to rule the land? The weak is now in charge? It goes against basic nature. Point is, developing your own theories and protection from life does not need to be outright shouted out and forced down others throats. Anything not familiar or easy to understand works on the same path as danger and chaos. They are simply meant for YOU and YOU alone. Nobody has to understand your reality as long as you do. People are already living in a prison that was designed and created with a purpose long before I was a thought in my mother and father’s brain, and the same for yours. We share this world and in that process forget we are solo artists collaborating on the longest song ever made that is still not, and never will be finished. 




“The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room” has nothing to do with speaking loudly with your voice…He basically means… People who speak loudly either showing off flashy clothes, cars, boasting about things, or even people that talk loudly for attention… these are weak people… If you’re successful and truly content within wouldn’t need to do these things just to seek approval from others… People that do these things are usually insecure and need validation –YouTube comment 


In closing, I think this video and comment I found under it on Youtube fits perfectly in wrapping up my point of this blog. 

Being content within yourself doesn’t require a constant need to shout what you do, how much better you do things than others, and how much more important you are when compared to others. Internalizing the shadow is the best weapon to use against a world in which has hijacked our energy and left us stuck within a fishbowl.  This world wants nothing more than to use you as the battery it sees it as and discard you once your resources have been dried up and used to its full max. Why continue to live a life like that when you can create something that goes against it for your own protection? Each new blog post I read and create for myself are simply that: Protection for the world out there which is very much indifferent to my needs, worries, and concerns unless it can make them money in some form or fashion. 

I have a lot of posts dedicated to women and will continue to do so in the future and maybe even as early as next weeks post. I write and feast on knowledge directed towards them because it has helped and does continue help me in the long run in protecting myself from their chaotic natural nature, and being bullied into being a “Real man” by blue pill society. By me breaking away and discovering a shovel to dig deeper down the hidden rabbit hole I am able to make myself happy, and in the progress make women happy as well by having a plan and reason behind my actions other than to fuck them and keep toss them away like trash once done.

I was recently told by my cousin that someone had called me “Deep” during my day off at work this weekend. He said he didn’t know how I was able to think as I do at the age that I am at. I heard that and, if I am being honest enjoyed the small praise for a moment before I dug deep into what he was saying and realize how much it connects to this post and overall add to my philosophy of approaching. He said that because he views himself in trying to grasp similar knowledge as I do as hard and too much to go through on his own without being told to do it by say a teacher at collage like he was a student. That is limiting himself based on living by the conditions ad environment he was raised in, mixed in with the world at its current stage feeding us happy pills forcing us to be happy when we are in fact not deep inside. I changed my thinking on my own because I took the right path when the bubble I found myself in when it came to the world became confronted and I had to make the choice to stay depress or fight myself out of this grave I fell in. The only person holding me back and you as well is not GOD, your family, friends, bosses, etc, is YOU. Create your own reality and come to see just how much you can do when you set your mind to it. 
















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