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When it comes to women in this modern day era they are only good for 3 things and 3 things only: Sucking dick, taking dick, and if your lucky, have the ability to hook up a sandwich after a good fuck. I would add cooking and some other things in the mix but, the everyday bitch is more focused on wiping thumbprints from her phone than wiping down a plate and crumbs from your mouth after cooking their man a home cooked meal. Sarah Bland being the new limbo queen of 2015 and everybody’s current Facebook picture looking like they work for Lucky Charms is more likely to be seen than a chick worth marrying and putting a ring on her finger, that more than likely was just wrapped around another dick two nights ago while her other hand was texting their man “Goodnight I love you too”. Black parents forcing their kids to walk pass the cop costumes during Halloween in 2015 while funny from a comedic perspective, it could never top a tatted up new era bitch throwing back thick shot glasses of nut from the “guy they can’t stand” while a day later kiss on their man as if a toothbrush and half lube of toothpaste can wash out the facts  another man’s kids were just doing back flips on her taste buds the night before. 

Now, if by some miracle you are a woman reading this latest post and for some reason still around for the next paragraph relax. Pump the brakes I have a method to my madness today. Imagine if you will if I were to spew this venom filled, poison laced, and red stain tampon mixed bowl of fuckery on the radio on a feminist programmed show without explanation and reason. I just went off the mouth and let my words become bullets as they started shooting in any and every direction as if my ex-girlfriend had fucked my father, sucked my brother’s dick, and played pass the nut with my cousin all in the same night within in the hour. The obvious result from the hosts, callers, and bosses in the back would be one of outrage, hate, shock, and blood boiling temptation to use violence on me. Every word inside of their mental Rolodex that was close or wanted to be closed to the word “Nigger” with a hard R would be spat in my direction before they tried to escort me out of the building and labeled as another “typical man”  who “doesn’t get” how to be a “Real man”.  

Now, as I said earlier there would be a reason for this heartless rant on this radio show. As the women would be spewing the reasons why I was such a asshole and disrespectful brute of a caveman I would be simply just watching the back and fourth between them as they did and said every trick in the book to make me bend and the see the errors in my actions and thinking. While this would be going on I would just watch without saying one word as my attention would be not so much the words but the EMOTIONS that were being said about me. The rage, pain, and hate fueled energy driven in my direction would be my main focus. In internet terms what I would of did on the radio show would be known as a “Troll job”. Yet, trolling would be beside the point as my reasoning for doing so involved something much deeper than just trying to get a reaction for the sake of getting a reaction and hits on my website and Twitter account.

The above video featuring the great Patrice O’neal helps paint my picture and reason into more focus. The reason why the stories, philosophies,  and theories above that he told on the “Opie & Anthony” radio show caused such laughter and “Omg” moments from O & P is because it was out of the norm from what they always hear about relationships from the media, older people, and the past model of how relationships should and used to be. Patrice in wrestling and movies terms  did what is known as “breaking the 4th wall”. The female caller who dialed up the show later in the video more than likely was having the same reaction as the female hosts in my story in the above paragraph. She, more than likely never heard a man say such things as her life when it comes to men was up to that point plagued with fake stories and actions just to get her in bed. A disservice was done to her up until that point until hearing Patrice and getting some well needed medicine as he used to call it.  The point I am making and Patrice on a subtle level was not so much the words but again the EMOTION in what was heard from her and even O&P. Hearing this video made me see beyond the surface level of why what Patrice O’neal said was not only right, but works on so many levels that it goes beyond just man vs women and relationships. He was cracking into the raw and unfiltered nature that only works as long as the jail cell mentally of the mind, body, and soul is at play for us as a whole. Or, for a more simple term: Nice girls and their of assholes on a more universal level.  



Like I talked about in my last post called “Water bottles and Oceans”  I am now starting to view life in more blueprint philosophical terms as I see life split into water bottles and oceans. Water bottles being the people that try to marginalize life into its small portions by getting into nonsense arguments, focusing on the wrong things, fighting based on ego, caring about the life of celebrity 24/7, etc. Oceans though for me is life as whole that will flow on long after I am dead, gone, and forgotten as if I never had existed. Oceans don’t stop and just continue to flow with no rhyme or reason other than to float and keep going no matter what happens. Everything is everything and everybody is everybody. No race, gender, animal, religion, ideology, etc would matter as it is all one in the same as oceans flow and move on. 

I am not a history expert or someone that has all the answers in the world as far as how it all began and how the caveman came together to create what we have today so, when reading this understand I am somewhat ignorant in this matter yet, I have my theories and reasons why it makes sense no matter how crazy it may seems. With that said, imagine being a caveman back then and having no concept of anything from the trees, grass, dirt, sun, and the stars above. There were no words or explanation for what they were or why they were there. They were just there. From that pov as the animals we once our only thing of focus was one based on surviving and trying to survive the night and from the animals that roam the land. This was a action based on the ocean theory that I explained in the above paragraph.

There where no water bottle distractions. The only thing we as a species had to focus on was trying not to get killed, hunt, eat, and of course reproduce. It was a flow that progressed from the cave to the birth of shelter. Like I  learned  from this blog here that spoke about “Sex 2.0 and Sex 3.0”, we were flowing and only cared about moving forward no matter what, until it eventually came to a halt as by our own doing we created our own prison for ourselves without being a aware of it. Like the blog post I wrote about here, the system we created eventually was going to be taken over by the younger males coming up as the older caveman from before were getting old. By this happening, the ocean of life then became repressed into water bottles. The young caveman coming up didn’t have the experience of the men before them as they were just figuring things out trying to place the pieces together. The young boys that watched this never had to worry as much as the older men did. You can see this play out in the generation of kids and 20-40 adults that will never understand what life was like for the people of the past. 

They now had a manual of how to approach life instead of just living it like the Facebook, Instagram, and Tumbler kids of this era that view life from a safe distance like the ending of this video here. By this happening, the ocean theory of life became a water bottle as now positions were placed on the younger men. In this process I believe this is where power was created from on a abstract level instead of a basic natural level. What I believe was happening around this time was the beginning stages of one of the greatest plans ever created without actually being planed out. A parody of nature if you will was being seen as a movement of surviving was started to become a dictatorship of master and slave. 



Imagine if you will being a slave during the pyramid era dealing with handling all of those heavy stones trying to place pieces on top of pieces trying to avoid being crushed like a bug. Granted, there are theories and damn near facts at this point like the video here from the beginning to the 1:00 mark which shows it is impossible for humans to be able to lift the heavy stones and placed them neatly in order without some kind of Alien help from above. Even the machines of today can not be able to lift the stones and create another pyramid if we want. But, for the sake of this post and limitations I’ll just focus on the slavery part to better detail my point. 

Picture being enslaved and taking it as normal as the video here from this post I did a few weeks back featuring KRS-One.  Slavery was the norm and taken as life being life as the slaves never would even think or comprehend another way of living and approaching life. Being placed in the position of being told what to do and whipped for not working at a daily pace of grind and grit until the skin pealed back from their feet was as normal as bad rap music and remake after remake movie wise in Hollywood today. In this process, the ocean theory was at work somewhat as the slaves moved as one unit without breaking the spell trying their best to please the rulers and kings and queens over us. That is, until in my theory one slave finally became aware and awoke to what was happening to him. 

Again, I am no history expert so bare with me as I am sure there is someone reading this pulling their hair out of their head from my lack of knowledge in this area. In any event, my theory is I believe a slave became aware the moment he realized the power that the King and Queen held over the creation of the pyramid. He seen the gold and different outfits that they wore which was different from the barely there clothing that the slaves had to wear. He seen the King and Queen never having to worry about harsh labor and working beyond the point of lifting their own food and walking to their own throne of comfort. Our nature from the beginning stages of walking and observing our environment had been robbed from us at that point as fucking, eating, hunting, sleeping, pissing, shitting, and surviving had gained a focused of building shelter and creating the beginning stages of what would then become civilization and society.  We created are own prison based on our need to live. It was the greatest and worse thing that could of ever happen to us by our own doing. We had no choice in the matter. This, was meant to happen. 

Our natural energy and focused had been taken away from us and instead shifted to being placed within a prison of our own creation. The slave now seeing this had become aware of what was right and wrong and wanted to break free from his chains of control he was under. This, was when one of the greatest unintentional plans had been created by the powers that be. The slave I believe wanted what the King and Queen had and did everything in his power to fight for freedom. Imagine that. Fighting for freedom. Who is who;s authority in the grand scheme of things? Am I the authority because of this blog? Is the police the authority because they have power based on it being GIVEN to them? Is the government the authority? Or, is the law of nature the authority? This slave’s energy was now focused on escaping and living a life a freedom and power as the King and Queen displayed. This broke the link in the chain and awareness in more slaves from then to on wards was created. They now chased abstract freedom and power without realizing that there is no greener side when it comes to the grass is always greener quote like my first ever post went into detail about.  Our energy was then hijacked and placed in a fish bowl in which both teams where on the same side.  Ying and yang slavery. 



To circle back to the beginning of my post with the video of Patrice O’neal talking about his sexual adventure, and debating with a women who couldn’t fathom his logic , the reason why the hosts and the caller reacted in the way they did was based off of the “proper” way of living life. The proper way was a system that mirrors the powers of the King and Queen in the paragraph above. The reason they laughed, as well as the imaginary radio show example I created in the beginning of this post is due to living life based off of order and structure. The only reason why order works is due to there being another source and alternative of life being chaotic. The only reason why having a nice car, expensive clothes, expensive toys, big house, etc is important is because not everybody else can gain it so easy. We worship and praise these celebrities every move because we ourselves are not in the position to do the same. Their life is also important in their eyes because they know as well their power is based off the fact that not everybody can reach the levels that they have. Its all one and the same has our nature as become a parody of itself and taken away from us to become better steps for others in power to walk over and live comfortable.

Just ask yourself one day why exactly are you upset at certain things. Are you REALLY upset, or is your anger programmed and manufactured based off what is seen in front of your eyes instead of looking beyond the surface of what really matters. Life has been placed in the shallow and pattern box  as if two NBA teams in a championship are going at it trying to win the big game, yet at the end of the series both teams receive the same amount of money in a check, while the owner of the NBA wins regardless of whoever wins. The reason why the imaginary women I created in the beginning of the post became upset was based off the fact that they are chasing the model of what a woman SHOULD be, How a woman SHOULD be looked at, And, why men don’t understand why women ARE right and SHOULD be looked at. By me calling them sluts, whores, and bitches this presents a GENUINE angry in them and causes them to FIGHT against my so called ignorance. This is the destruction of the ant hill in abstract form. The ant hill only becomes stronger based off a human shoe stepping on it and destroying their homes. This sends the ants into panic and makes them smarter, faster, and more quicker next time it happens or prevents it from happening. This is all designed. 

If you are the boss of the company, you don’t reward your employees always when they do good. You reward them in punishment and bread crumbs. When they mess up, this causes a problems and forces them to lose pay or worse be fired. This makes them work harder at their job and stay focus so they can reach the imaginary brass ring in which will solve all their problems and worries about life. But, in reality all it does is gives them the opportunity to buy more useless shit they don’t need until another bigger and better model comes out for them to get. Its gift shop for slavery. This is why I called it the greatest unintentional plan ever created in the above paragraph. This is the beginning of the chasing the carrot  theory and cartoon that I am sure you have seen before. You create obstacles for the people to jump over while giving them hopes of a better life by promising them more money and riches will bring a life of peace and bliss. Though, as the well aware have learned that is very, very far from being true. 

We, truly in my opinion have no clue as to how to unlock our true nature and gain a perspective on how to become back on track to viewing life as a ocean and not a water bottle. The reasons why we get mad, sad, happy, nervous, etc is all due to this bubble that we are in. As the slave progressed and became free, his journey to achieving freedom was based on something that was not even real but more so a illusion. Its designed to perfection. You free black people yet throw barriers in the way of them to overcome. You throw in gender problems and have men and women fight against each other. You throw in wars over religion and weapons and have people focused on that. Education, medical, government, entertainment, etc. The powers that be and us as well are not looking for peace. We NEED something to fest on like a parasite seeking a host. This is the only way progression continues. A “Demolition man” society SOUNDS good but, nobody really wants a perfect world. If we could have a magic pill to avoid death forever, I am not sure everybody would take it. What then would be the point of life if you didn’t die, yet everybody we fight against not dying. Its a mindfuck. 



In closing just in case you missed the HUGE title in the above CM Punk picture, my point in this post and overall my blog and philosophy of life is, do your best to be able to see that you are inside of a fishbowl and that your time, energy, mind, body, and soul have been hijacked and instead made to be forced to pay attention to things that in the grade scheme of it all doesn’t matter exclusively to you. 

I placed a pic of CM Punk because he is a man that went against WWE and decided to walk out on a company that he loved because it wasn’t the same product that he (And many, many others agree with) had grown up loving and wanting to be apart of. It had becomes business over creatively and putting on shows and PPVs that years and years down the road people will want to watch and wish they were apart of. This is the same logic that can be applied to my post today. 

Cm Punk left because he realized he was just another spoke on the wheel and the money was going to keep coming in regardless of creative differences of what the show could be (Oceans) and instead has become (Water bottles). Once you understand the path that has been set out for you is all based on how well you perform as a battery, your best bet is to do all you can in creating your own narrative and avoid worshiping false GODS. The reason for YOUR life is one that can’t be found in books because its YOUR life. Do not waste energy in something that is nothing more than a reality version of “Ghost hunters”. Find your own purpose and try to leave something behind in which can help free more minds in the future. If not, what then would be the reason of being here other than being another step to be stepped on? 






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