Recently over the weekend I had a friend come over to hang out and have a few beers and conversations with to clear our head about the week and the constant stress and repetitive bullshit that comes along with it. Before this happen though, a couple of my female family members were over having a few laughs and drinks of their own discussing life and other issues of their own. Naturally, the two trains came and collided with each other as my friend and family started to talk and share a few alcoholic beverages of their own. The conversation of course naturally transitioned  in the age old gender war of man vs women when my friend brought up the current issues he is having with his girlfriend. It was the typical stuff that is always brought up when people engage in this debate. When speaking with my friend, I tend to toss in philosophies, ideas, concepts, and beliefs that I have learned online and from experiences and wisdom I have gained in the last 5 years to help him see a mch broader and more focused view on things but, a roadblock of conditions from a blue pill thinking since birth remains locked in his and my female family thinking so, naturally the same path would be driven when these three begin speaking. Again, nothing uniquely interesting was said in this “debate” yet, I manage to look at it with a different as I just sat back and listened to the form of the conversation and not so much the words that were being spoken.  

You see, my friend had a clear point he was trying to make when it came to discussing his girlfriend and his and her flaws in the long relationship they have been in for 10+ years now. He had a clear intention, focus, and understanding of his approach and philosophy for how he seen things and where the improvements can be made. As he did this and continued to elaborate on his point, the conversation took a sharp left turn when one of my female family members started to speak on something completely different, yet at the same time not different when it came to the basis of the conversation. My friend of course tried to explain his case as to what she was talking about and by doing so went down the direction she created out of nowhere. The conversation from there on went in multiple different directions that lead nowhere but towards arguing, frustration, confusion, and more questions that answers on my friends part. I just sat back and became entertained when I wasn’t dropping a few gems here and there telling my friend what my family was doing and, while he manage to finally catch on towards the end the damage was already done. 

Men are dumb and women are smart. I say this because, women can have a thousand books on many, many, many different subjects and stories and be left miserable, sad, and alone, while men can have 5 to 10 books and be content and happy. Meaning, a thousand pairs of shoes for a woman is meaningless yet fun, while a few pairs of sneakers for a man brings him a sense of meaning as a system is now in place. Women want to try every candy at the candy store while men want to select a few and be happy with their choices. We in this sense are boring and predictable while woman want everything with no limits and restrictions.

Apologies for being so vague in that recap but, the basis of what I was saying and realized cause inspiration for this latest post that you are reading currently. Like the quote above shows men are very basic and over time develop our own positive prison for ourselves as we go through life and mature in age. A woman does not, can not, or doesn’t have to have a code due to how things are set up since birth from how both sexes are raised. This is not a fault or anger towards women as its just how things are. My friend was taken off his path of having a reason and code for how he sees things should be for his relationship as well as men and women as my female family members drove him off road and mange to send him in circles instead of a clear destination. It was done with malice and intention on their part. It just naturally happened with no plan or blueprint crafted out by my family. From a battle of the genders and big picture perspective I started to pick up the pieces and seen how all of this connected with each other. What I came out with on the other end was a little theory I have dubbed from the same title as this post is labled as: Water bottles and Oceans. 





(Video will stop at the 7:51 mark. Don’t worry)

Like I always said, I don’t know much about religion and the origins of where we came from. Before I die, I would like to have a little bit of info but, even then the chances of anyone ever coming close as to how this whole thing started during my time is looking more and more bleak as I continue onward in age. Though, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the many, many, many theories that are out there for us to consume. The video up above therefore may be lacking in facts and completely wrong overall but, none the less it has made me think and wonder as what it presents seems reasonable and logical. 

This for me is where the idea of us being inside of a system really begins for me when I first watched the video up above in its entirely many times over in the past and even currently today. The sun and the solar system overall moves in a circle fashion as we also do below (“As below so is above”). Imagine being a caveman back then and seeing this big ball of fire rising above you at certain times of the day. They had no idea what it was or what it can do. Hell, the sun is a name that WE gave it. For all we know the sun can have a different name to it that we are unaware of. Point is, as we move from the caves to the pyramids the sun, stars, and solar system was the main focus and guide that lead us to the creations that we have today .

It was all based on time, structure, order, and to an extent a system of slavery. Again, I am not a history professor and maybe sound crazy to those with degrees or more knowledge as to what I am speaking on now, but deep down on just a fundamental level I just believe when you look at it from a basic grass roots pov you can trace back movies, TV, clothes, language, jobs, cars, houses, etc, etc, and etc right back down to the sun and its repetitive movement since the beginning of us being aware of it. Once again, I may sound ignorant to those with more book work on the subject yet from just a simple view on it to me at least it does make sense at its root level. We followed the Sun, stars, and Solar system’s overall patterns and began to beginning stages of the things we take for granted today. It is all based on control that started out a curiosity and survival and ended up becoming this bubble that we find ourselves trapped in now.  



With the sun being our first guide and leader in life this traces me back to the conversation with my friend and my female family members, man having a code, and the prison that we now find ourselves in currently in the world.  The conversation is dead and we are not caught in a a vacuum that is comfortable with staying trapped in its own cocoon of ignorance and “building the ant hill is all that matters” like knowledge. We complain about things that more than likely will not matter in the long term a week, day, or even hours away from the suppose crisis. We spend our times glued to other people’s lives and jobs like slaves from the past complaining about their masters and hard working conditions. We are gassed up on our own egos and bank accounts as we do our best to remain trapped within our basic nature instead of forming it into something of purpose and reason and excreting towards positive progression and building blocks for the future. We, are lost in the forest and have decided to set up camp in the middle of nowhere and just hope things will be fine, or more worse hope that there is someone watching over with a “in case of emergency” weapon to bail us out when needed. 

What I just wrote was the narrative of a prison. The world has many doors that are labeled with race, gender, war, stress, money, family, relationship, etc yet all of the doors lead towards one large opening which is a NARRATIVE. This is the narrative that plagues our everyday life in which we follow religiously unaware of the fish bowl that we are in. Plato’s cave in modern times if you will. We really don’t know anything outside of our own senses, theories, creations, ideas, etc which all traces back to one large narrative of control and progression. Its like we are all in a art farm and a Alien from the outside is tapping the glass watching us create based off our need to survival.

This is what man has encountered since the beginning stages of building and developing society, civilization, and creating a worldview for the world as a whole. Its all based on one single narrative that is focused on control and progression. Apologies for sounding like a broken record but my point is always to look at it at its most basic level.  This is what my friend faced when dealing with talking about his relationship with my female family members. His mistake was allowing his philosophy to be taken off its main point and driven down a path towards nowhere. Its Batman vs The Joker. Batman has its limitations while the joker’s belief is no belief at all. The old saying of “You have to believe in something rings true. 



Picture it if you will two stores that divide up a everyday for a woman. One store is the world as a whole. Its a big store that gives women some restriction to deal with (Other women, battle of being a prude and a slut, body issues, chasing the RIGHT dick, etc) yet at the same time overall its a store that allows her to do as she pleases with no true repercussions for her mistakes and actions. Its a giant candy land type store that allows a woman to be the most obnoxious supercunt you can imagine while still having employees (Men) helping and serving her no matter what. Right next to it though is another store in which rules, order, guidelines, and restrictions are a must. Any behavior going against that code will not be accepted. There is even a dress code to get inside of the store to look around and shop. At a certain point, do you think women who are in the other store shopping and doing as they please will simple ignore the strict store right next door, or become intrigued and want to at least take a peek inside this private like store? If we are being honest I think the majority of women would chose the latter. 

Point is, women love restriction in its most genuine form when it comes to dealing with men that she wants. The reason why women hate game like I have always stated before is because it has been proven to work and even in some cases save marriages and possible suicides. Game, philosophies, ideas, plans, and beliefs can all be traced back to a man developing his OWN narrative of the world away from the forced fed one given to us since birth and to the grave. It traces back to the sun and lands right back here to my own blog also as it gives man a purpose and focus to store his energy in when dealing with life, his own life, and capturing woman in his world. A woman without any proper structure or guidance will more than likely lead down a path towards a iPod shuffle like life instead of creating her own CD and brand to be developed as chaos is her natural state at a fundamental level. Man comes into play and fear for woman as game creates another world away from the world they are accustomed to like the two store theory in the above paragraph showcases. 

My friend’s code was not as strong and confident and my family seen that due to them being more suited for a sub-communication battle naturally and picked it apart like stabbing a body with mini knives over and over again until it bleed out. You as a man and even a woman in order to truly be at peace with oneself must create your own narrative away from the one the world wants us to follow. Hence again why women fear game because if a man gets good at it he can emotionally leave her caught in his narrative for 8 years if he wanted without a proper plan other than to fuck her. If so, it would be a disservice to him and her as well which is why I always advocate to understand game but also be genuine in your pursuit of mastering it and locking a women down. 



(Video will stop at the 1:54:25 mark. Don’t worry)


When I view the world I look at it from a water bottles and ocean pov. The ocean is forever and has no end point in sight as it keeps going forever. Will I live forever? Of course but, life as a whole hopefully will long after I am gone. There is no end game to all of this in the grand scheme of things. There is no finish line that humans are trying to reach or, more so avoid except for death and progression. There are already female and male robots being created as we become more and more knowledgeable in our skills to master technology. We are basically the host while technology is the parasite coming to drain us from out resources due to our own free will of allowing it. The world to me is one long ocean that never ends and keeps going forward. From the sun, the narrative of world, and right back to the ocean its all about progression towards a better future for the kids not yet even thought of today. This is one way or, more so should be the only way to view the world as we all are really just once race that should be seeking to find out what else is out there other than  ourselves.

Then, you have the other side of the coin in which is more so the reality we currently live in now. People have taken the world and condensed it down to a small fraction inside of a water bottle. We are shallow ego manics gassed up on our own image of a false self that has no real ground work other than the perceptions that someone else outside of our own selves gave us most of the time. Like this recent post I just read about the Marvel movie “Ant man” the world has been boxed into a formula down to a science and a good chunk of us our unaware of it. From religion, money, stories we tell ourselves, race issues, gender issues, politics, war, etc. We, including me sometimes as well become so caught up in our own hype we have become a parody of nature that only focused is based on (You guessed it) control and progression that can be traced back to our first narratives the sun, stars, and solar system as a whole which moves in a circle fashion. 

The video above this section of the post shows Patrice O’neal, Opie and Anthony cracking a few jokes on female sports reporter calling NFL games. While fun comedy wise I seen something deeper in the jokes. This, naturally is what women do and what my friend dealt with this week in the conversation about gender with my female family members. He had a game plan that was driven towards logic and a path of reason and purpose based on his own narrative. He was doing well until my family pointed out a tiny piece of dent in his philosophies armor and caused my friend ti lose focus and pay more attention to the dent instead of the entire armor as a whole. This is what the female reporter in the clip does as well which takes focus on the game (Oceans) and instead baits a man vs man competition that could of taken place in the locker room if the players would of heard that interview and decided to go one on one to prove her wrong (Water bottles).

This is not a slight towards woman as I have no ill wills towards them. My point is a woman without some kind of structure whether it be from her family, relationship, husband, etc will be a woman that will cause water bottle arguments. Life is a ocean that is not meant to be shrunken down to a shallow like bottle of limitations that causes people to run around in circles with their head cut off. The world has its narrative already in place looking for new batteries everyday to keep the lights on. You must understand this fact and therefore develop your own narrative. All in all, its a prison either way. At least create your cell while you are here. 



While repetitive in some areas in this case as far as the content goes today my main point is to acknowledge that the world is trapped in its own prison and narrative which main focus is based on control and progression. It has no room for exclusive behavior and actions . Its only purpose is for the purpose itself. You as a person must escape from the library that you are in and create your own library in which to live and enjoy life. Like the gif above shows this system is not based on the individual but more based on the whole and sum of its parts.  You must create your own narrative and not become trapped into the water bottle thinking of life.

Always look at life from a WWE pov. Enjoy the show, characters, wrestling moves, design of the sets, crowds, etc but remember that at the end of the show a  crew of thousands comes in to pack up the show’s set pieces in a little box and drive away to the next event. Always be able to step away from the game and realize there is a option 2 of thinking. Life is a ocean that is and will continue on with or without you. There is no good or bad about that it just is what it is. Craft your narrative but at the same time chase the experience of life as a whole. I’ll leave it here with the Church’s favorite person that they would love to come and visit: Richard Dawkins. 

“The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive, many others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being devoured from within by rasping parasites, thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst, and disease. It must be so. If there ever is a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in the population until the natural state of starvation and misery is restored. In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won’t find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference. -Richard Dawkins


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