“When I need some extra help I can’t go out there and ask the other guys. I can only come to you because you know how to do everything out there”


These are the words that were said to be a few months back by one of my three bosses at the company I work at when it pertained to extra hand being needed in the office during a busy day. He said this to me because he was aware of the the work ethic and knowledge of how to properly do the  job of everybody else out there and knew going the extra mile to complete a task was going to be unfounded. There are are many reasons that can and could factor in this reasoning from the other workers out there not pushing themselves pass the time clock and limitations of the body when it comes to the demanding blue collar job that we do. Laziness, seeing no reasoning in pushing oneself when the paycheck doesn’t match the hard work, raised to not work hard, me being the lead and Floor Supervisor, no future hours will be handed out for working harder, lack of real training from the head female boss unless a problem arises, etc, etc, etc.  

I can go all day as to why the other people I work with do go strive to go beyond what is required of them and seek to better oneself mentally by developing a philosophy outside of the job to be better, but, I would be here all day doing that and I know in the internet era everyone has ADD and wants the point to come as quickly as possible when reading a article so, yeah. Anyway, I bring this up as well as the quote above because it got my mind thinking and the gears running on a philosophy behind this on a deeper level beyond what is seen on the surface level. When I do take mini vacations from my job I can see that worry and concern is placed on the faces of my bosses because they know no one else is going to work as hard and put in the extra hours as I do. I remember even once joking about quitting the job one day to my female boss and, she knew it was a joke but still reacted in a manner of panic and stress by me even joking about it. Granted, I never take that too serious as I know no matter how hard I bust my ass and work I am still replaceable at any time if the time should ever arise. That fact lead me to thinking about though what if I wasn’t joking and really did decide to quit abruptly and never come back to a job that once seen me as instantly replaceable, to now a very important factor? 

Ego boost and a false sense of self importance place to the side I really wanted to look at this in a serious manner from say the perspective of a Superhero. Again, I am not calling myself a Superhero or comparing myself to one. Had I ever get the chance to become one there would be a lot of dead civilians around due to my need for Netflix and simply being too comfortable to get out of bed. I digress. Point is, in comics or more so in movies in these modern times we place importance when consuming entertainment from that form of media into Superheros to rescue us and save the day from bad guys out of our control we would never be able to handle in a one on one confrontations. We need them to be there to handle to worries of avoiding or prolonging death as much as we can, as they give us hope in a GOD like figure to make the world a little bit better until we all meet that final stage of life. They are what gives us meaning even if they are not real as say a Firefighter, Doctor, Policeman, etc. While this sounds great on the ears, relaxing on the brain, and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside, what if these comic book heroes became real one day in our reality for a while, but then all of a sudden just disappear on us out of nowhere?  What then would we do? The obvious answer of course would be to say that its just entertainment and comic book heroes and villains aren’t real so why even truly worry about it and, to that I would say fair enough. But, what if the heroes and situations didn’t have to be comic book related? What if the need to place religious like hope into beliefs, personalities, dreams, philosophies, and systems were already a real thing in reality and suddenly just became destroyed? What then would we believe in and, how really scary or bad is it? 



(Video will end at the 33:33 mark. Don’t worry) 


Recently some family and a few family friends were over for some drinks and food for a relaxing summer time, as they gathered to escape the problems of the world for a few hours to chill and breathe easy. As I laid back comfortable in my chair listening and having a conversation with my family, I started to let my third ear perk up a bit and listen from a outside pov of what we were talking about that night. As I did this I started to noticed that all we were talking about were the systems of our lives. Like the video up above says, its like slaves gathering up to talk about their slavery in a upbeat fashion.

The conversation was about our jobs and how much we hate it and the people we have to work with. The conversation was about the media events like Bruce, Caitlyn , or whatever Jenner, the confederate flag, racism, police brutally, equal marriage, etc. The conversation focused on the old and time tested discussion man vs women due to some females being around. The conversation, like I had mentioned here, here, and also even here to some extent a while back was, dead.  

The system GOD is something was we place faith in to squeeze in the middle of our life in between birth and death to give us something to fill our time with, while at the same time survive. Survival has been replaced with life as we wait for events to happen instead of trying to create events. Granted, this was a older crowd that was around last night but, generalizing wise even if the crowd was younger the conversation would of been about music, movies, entertainment, gender issues, etc. All external issues instead internal deep dialogue that great things in life has been based on. Movies, books, music, philosophies, etc that stood the test of time has been created based around the deeper dialogue that we seem to have lost.  The conversation again was, dead. 



I found myself really pulling away from TV and certain blog sites as I got older as I started to find myself being a positive peeping tom. Meaning, as hard as it is to admit this I use to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Mainly, despite it seeming as if I am trying to save face now, I think I watched it more so because Kim Kardashian had a big ass and……. yeah that’s about it. I stopped eventually though as I remember one time catching myself as if I became self aware in that moment of watching a episode of the Emmy drama like acting show and asked myself bluntly “What the fuck am I watching this for?”. Like a avid sports fan watching a critical championship game in the finals I caught myself really questioning what reasoning was it behind me viewing other people live their lives as they talked about absolutely nothing of importance in the grand scheme of life. I saved many, many, many hours of my Sunday after that when I came to this realization of the time wasted.

The personality GOD is at its most highest disastrous levels that I ever seen and maybe only going to get worse after I am dead and gone. We place our time, energy, and value into these celebrities from the pov of them being vampires and us willing giving our blood away in a very raw deal that offers nothing of equal value. Of course, entertainment is entertainment. We all need a few hours to listen to some music, watch a movie, read a book, play a game, etc to give our brain a rest when it is needed.   But at the same time with the rise of TMZ in everyone, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram turning regular people into overnight non talented stars, and the need to fester on any gossip that comes our way, you start to see the circle of life becoming bigger yet staying in the same spot reinforcing the strength in its “power”. I am a observer but at the same time a participant in the madness as well. I am not perfect but at the same time I am aware and able to step back. Most if not not a very large majority are not aware and take this as “just is. Live life and whatever. Its only entertainment”. I couldn’t imagine what we would do if every famous person stayed locked on their house and left us with old material to live with forever. I say that from the observer and participant angle which brings some fear in me as well. What would I do without being able to be a parasite seeking a host to fester on. 



(Video will stop at the 7:56 mark. Don’t Worry)


The information GOD is like being raised on a desert island all your life with the only knowledge that you had was from the environment you were raised in. The alternative of their being another place to live and express oneself was foreign and hard to even grasp due to being in solitude all of your life on the desert island. This is what I would compare this GOD too. All my life everything that I really have ever known is based on what I was taught, searched, and found by the information around me. Having the ability to look at life from a alien outside perceptive  is not something that is endorsed in us as a whole on this planet. Its like being inside of a fish bowl all your life and seeing the world as only that small when it fact there is another element to be explored or at least thought of.

Every conversation that is had is based on information that came from someone else, who they found from someone else, who then they ALSO found from someone else and so on, and so on. What do we really know in the large picture aspect? I use to shame fear religion and the thought of GOD when younger as I would hear the ways in which he would torture me in and send me down to hell if I ever did bad in this world. This fear is no longer present in me, but I can’t speak for everyone as I see millions upon millions still living in fear based off words, concepts and ideas from thousands of years ago. I am not saying there isn’t SOMETHING that created us.

I can and more than likely will never know that answer but, what I can say is what do we TRULY know when all of us have been living the same plato’s cave all of our life? Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Who is the real authority here? Information of course is not all bad as I am able to write my blog based on what I have learned in life as I get older, but, at the same time again I have also developed awareness of when to step back and understand not to fall victim to a circle jerk for knowledge without any action. Information plays both the slave and the master if you chose not to realize freedom begins when you stop playing the game and be a just be a fan. 




One of the basis of my blog has been about women and how they interplay with my life and just life as a whole for men. As I progress in my thoughts and knowledge about them, one thing I have learned now that I am able to see things with a much more mature and clear view, is that the worship that is placed in them by men is based off of us giving them a forced script to follow and live up to. All of the most romantic stories, music, books, etc is based off men’s fantasy of placing a woman inside of this confused box  of how she should be and what is expected of her.

Of course, back in the days of opening racism and no idea of what a Facebook was, women’s sexual needs were checked and restrained due to there being a much, much bigger chance of her to be shamed and criticized for being a slut. This was a plan in motion to keep marriages and families stable. It was designed to go against the nature of a women. Yet deep down they had needs just as much as the next man. Difference is, they wanted ONE TYPE of guy while men wanted SEVERAL different types of women. They were not aware of what can be until mater later in life in modern days in which you see being a slut is embraced as being a strong and independent woman. Point is, from the start we have had women caged in these ideologies for the betterment of society and civilization as a whole while deep at their core the permanent animal in them was still bubbling waiting to explore her options. 

The female GOD is a dangerous one not based of something that she is doing, but more so on what she is NOT doing as men have been the ones to place their lives into the female due to beauty being such a hard to shake distraction for even the strongest willed man. Its in our nature and to avoid that is to almost say you want to avoid eating, sleeping, thinking, etc. This GOD and all of the others I have mention are what brings us a color book to doodle in while we kill time waiting for the end of days in which we will soon be sharing a home with the dirt and worms. To escape the worship of these created myths is to destroy a reason for a good chunk of men and women to live on in life. Maybe I am being a bit too dramatic but, try and envision life with these things to worship and praise. It can be done but that requires a awareness in which is cast down as being left seen as a tin foil crazy man that thinks too much. Thinking therefore is the issue. Really? There is nothing wrong with that sentence at all? I am sure I am not the only one who has heard it before. 



Awareness as I have said many times in this blog post is the issue that I am afraid is a concept that is unknown and may never be known to a lot of people. Knowledge is key, but how do you go about seeking for a key when you are hanging posters and painting the room that you are in as you become more and more comfortable? Its like we are creating our own toys to play with and selling them back to ourselves are a higher price in which we can’t afford it. We are helping keeping the system alive every time we place DEDICATION in it and not instead a dedication of awareness of being able to step away from it. Even reading this post I am sure it sounds as if I am crazy as it may come off as simple rambling. If so, that is the point. Its easy to cast this off as rants and too much theory thinking into a perceived random world in which things just happen. Yes, things do at times just happen but, there is a also a set up to that action that has caused it to reach that point to begin with. My whole thing is to just take a few moments to walk away from playing the game of life and just for once be a observer of the whole picture. Once that is done, you then must now do one of the hardest things you may ever do on this planet while you and also me as well are here for the short amount of time: Seek out your OWN path. 

I akin it to the ” Movie Remake Theory” I just came up with as I am writing this post. We know the ending of a remade movie before we go see it, but we have no idea on what the beginning and middle will consist of due to update versions adding their own special twists to it like say the latest Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. This is how life should be approached by us. We know what the movie is (Life) and understand the ending already (Death) but yet, have no clue on what to really expect yet at the same time do know what to expect (Just living). Being able to have a awareness about the life we live in and then taking a step back in seeing it as a place of not slavery but a world of one connection is the key to freeing ourselves from the subtle disease that plaques our mind from the cradle to the grave. We don’t need GODS to worship to have a sense of meaning. The only meaning that exist is the one in which you give it. To quote the late and great Patrice O’neal from the second video above:


You have to write your own books man” -Patrice O’neal





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