Christopher Nolan. 


This is the film director who made me believe that in 2008 the Heath Ledger portrayal of The Joker from the Batman franchise could actually be brought to real life like a updated version of the 90’s semi-hit “The Last Action Hero”. This is the film director that made me believe a rich billionaire with a fear of bats and love of the color black more so than a Black Panther protest could become a reality one day for the time I am living in on this planet.

This is the film director who would forever permanently make me remember to always rewind my tapes due to a movie involving pictures, Trinity and Cypher from The Matrix movie, and a plot so twisted  it could kill a pothead’s high and make him question his decision to drop philosophy class in collage.  And this is the film director who made you remember that Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlett Johansson have done more than wear tight black outfits and save the world from men who’s favorite song clearly wasn’t “We are the world”. Overall in simple terms, Christopher Nolan is a great, if not damn near perfect director that deserves all his praise and rewards he has received so far. 

I bring this up because, a few months back while I was working and listening to one of the hosts from one of my favorite Podcasts called “The Brilliant Idiots” Andrew Schulz speak on a subject about movies it made me start to think about game and how it ties in with direction. I don’t remember exactly what the conversation was or ironically what direction it was going in but, he spoke on how a actor’s performance in one movie could be poorly executed and come off as stiff and mundane, while in another movie a actor could come out from that picture seeming as if he was doing every trick in the book trying to gain attention for the upcoming yearly Oscars. This is what Christopher Nolan is able to do with the actors, story, and the film he works with, as he is able to take it to the next level that makes you revisit his works years after they have been released. The same could be said with Rappers and producers, Basketball players and coaches, and of course the family friendly topic of Pimps and hoes.

I remember the jist of it being that with the right direction and focus a Director can bring out the best performance from a actor, as well of course from the movie as well. Game and women work in the same boat as well if you as a man are operating from a higher sense of purpose and planning in what you want out of life with any particular woman in your life. Whether it be for fun, friendship, or something deeper. Granted, I am not saying women are mere dummies who can’t think for themselves no, what I am saying is that for a man to truly want to receive the best from a woman he must have the best focus on himself and a clear direction of the path he wants to take himself and her as well. 




Men with less game view women as oceans. They try to use a water bottle (Game) to quench their thirst and end up drinking it up leaving it empty quickly. While the game aware man uses a jug (Game) to gather his water. He then drinks some, makes ice, use it for drinks, makes koolaid, uses it for a water gun, takes a bath with it, etc.

The point being in this quick comparison is that the game aware man who is or has reached a mastery level in life knows how to properly handle his water (Women). Women fear being trapped with the other water bottle guy as his motivations are pure selfish and has no chance in reaching mastery level. -“Perfection” 

I was watching this documentary last night on YouTube about “Rinsers” who, by definition are simply women who are rewarded gifts, money, and trips by wealthy men due to being pretty, young, and bodies who look like they can have ice cream licked off it by a man with a weird blog name who uses videos way too much. I digress. Anyway, as I was watching this documentary the 2nd woman from the video said something very simple and obvious yet it caught me off guard as I really started to think about it. She said “Guys have all sorts of Fantasies”. Obvious of course as you can see above with my ice cream visual, but, on a deeper level I see this as men placing a idea and belief onto a woman as if to almost create this Goddess of perfection from the mind. Watching this documentary years back I would of been mad and upset without any reason other than seeing these chicks as Gold diggers and whores. Now, I see no reason in being mad. How can I get mad at a pet owner for rescuing a homeless cat? The cat can’t speak and ask to be saved. Sure the actions dictate the cat may need help but, still. It never ASKED or BEGGED for him. That was all on the person.

Women are like egg rolls. The men and society fill women up with the meat and other shit I have no idea what else is called. Take away the meat and unknown food and all you are left with is a empty shell. To continue the Chinese theme, women are fortune cookies while men play the small piece of written paper inside. Point is, to understand woman you must understand how men view them as well as life as a whole. Women since young children start to see they are treated different than say their brothers if they have some, or once they enter school can see the effects the have on the boys around them as well as the male teachers and overall the female group they surround themselves with. They see their power as not power but merely how life is suppose to be. As I tell my cousin whenever he catches his wife in a lie, its lying to us men but normal to them. Its right and wrong debates between men but, with women things just ARE.

To extend on the quote above, the Alpha male and the beta male are one in the same when it comes to oceans as woman. The beta may be a pebble while the alpha male may be a rock that gets thrown in. It doesn’t matter as both the small pebble and rock can never outweigh the ocean as a whole. Ones that bring her sexual authentic bliss get a invited to the “the club”  while the other men are left shamed for looking, stuck with doing their “job” so they can be seen as “real men”, and the rest are left with being mad and being seen as robot rapists for trying to gain sex and hopefully relationships. Its all one in the same as the men in her life will never be more important than her. She views life the way I described how society and men treat her from the “Perfection” post above near the quote. Wanting everything means what it means. She can one minute hate you, love, despise you, care for you, and love you all over again. Its all about how she FEELS. There is no concrete philosophy behind what they say or do.  Which means, its not about YOU its about what you ARE. 





The man with an unawareness of the game, wisdom, knowledge, and experience of woman will view themselves as being just enough to be able to lock a woman down or bring out her sexual best as long as they treat her by the book according to romantic movies, 90’s R&B, and trying to catch their prey with the help of the prey itself from other women. I was once in this boat until I learned the hard way  about how me alone reading from a script was not going to be enough to keep a woman happy.

To place it in context, I have a Foo Fighters concert on mute right now as I type this as it plays on VH1 Classic on my old 90’s TV. From the perspective of game,A female is a Rockstar playing on stage in a stadium pack area, and the man with no understanding of game and how women are wants a chick to only pay attention to him in the audience that is packed with at least 20,000 or more people. Meaning, she views life from a pov of seeing everything as one. That crowd is bigger than the one man hoping to get notice. The crowd represents her being taken away and “swept off her” feet. She wants to explore life in terms of not having to think but rather feel. The crowd as whole’s energy brings her more passion and the ability to shut out every thought that plagues her mind more so than one man can ever bring. Yeah, one comment is great on a picture she just posted but, several comments brings her a satisfaction that can not be matched by one man. 

This is what game represents. Its in the same ball park as say the BDSM community like I talked about here. Being restrain gives a certain ironic freedom in sub that is being dominated by the Dom or Domme. She or he is allowed to express their feelings and passions in a way they could never get a chance to around people that view them in a certain light outside of a BDSM dungeon. This is how women view life as game aware men like PUAs and nice guys that seek out a instant girlfriend are limiting to her experiencing life. She views these kind of men as interrupting the fantasy of her being able to live out her Princess dream life with their tactics and blueprints on how to catch them. Even a woman reading me talk about them in context terms will have a funny feeling inside of their stomachs as the way we view life is different than theirs. Its as if we are the ones doing a prank on them while they are not in on the joke.  Men that need game places fear in women because it exposes the fact that it works, and also makes them question every guy’s true intention as it comes off like women are just objects to be used and tossed away to them. A man of Mastery is rare to them hence why after dealing with many men who lack a path or purpose for many years they start to .  



This is what I mean when women view game aware men and PUA (Pick-up artists) as limiting to them as a female experience life in its totality. They view these men as people simply trying to score points and use women as cum rags until they get off and  be tossed away like common trash. Granted, some men once they learn about woman and how game can work for them on a surface level, they start to view woman from a pov of hatred as if women in general have place this man as their own personal punching bag from 6th grade and on wards. But, to do that woman would have to have some kind of grand plan in their actions which with more understanding you would see that its far from the case. Sure, women do have motivates no question but, at the same time what they are is as natural as having to eat, drink, shit, and piss. 

Some men view this and only learn game to fuck and seek revenge on chicks that wouldn’t give them play in high school as the video above eludes to. But there is also the other side of men that do want to have sex but also have meaningful sex so they can find that “one and only” special snowflake in their life. They learn game not to cause pain but in fact to kill they pain they have of feeling left out of enjoying time with a beautiful woman. The reason why woman hate game as I have said before is because it works. Nobody places time in anything that has no value whether good or bad. Game shows that there is a loophole to gaining a female’s attention even though from her pov it causes her to be placed in a box and trapped within the man’s framework and fantasy. Its why they question a man’s every move when interacting to see if he is who he says he is, or just another man working from a limited perspective of trying to get in her pants. Nothing wrong with that but only if the man has a path and purpose from a Mastery level.

If wanting to have sex and a good time with a woman is what you seek then by all means make sure that is your intention. Don’t try and sell her 4 picture movie deal when you are only seeking straight to DVD movie. This is not a bash on men that use game as I game myself, but more so to send a message to men that until you are able to place yourself as the main focus of YOUR movie, you will forever invite chaos into your life. Why try and buy every new phone that comes out when they can research and find a specific phone that can fit their needs for 4 years plus? The same works for not just life but for the women as well in their life.

Women want to have fun too. If they want to fuck as much as you then by all means do so. If there is anything else beyond that, that she seeks, YOU must want to peruse that, and she must be worthy of your time. Don’t get in a relationships JUST BECAUSE she wants to without proving anything other than being a good fuck. Don’t waste yours and her time simply because she is a good fuck and has a nice little body on her. That is great but, what else can she do beyond suck your cum out, spit it in the air, and catch it back in her mouth as she jumps for joy clapping her hands that she is able to do that? Use game to advance yourself once you get your fix of “strange pussy” as Patrice O’neal would say and start seeing if there is a chick that can fit in your playbook of life. If/once you find that, start directing her from a Mastery level as you will have had your fill of pussy and want t develop something deeper. 




Women are like pinballs in a pinball machines while the man plays the gamer. He does his best trying to get a high score in terms of either trying to find his princess, fuck as many women as he can, or be a “real man” by female standards and society approval of what a real man is. The machine itself plays as the world and of course, the woman is the ball. She goes through life wanting to experience everything while having no FORCED restrictions placed on her.

I say forced because women do in fact enjoy restriction but it has to be unknown its happening. They deal with it everyday in friends, work, Facebook, relationships, shopping, etc. The difference is its unconscious and GENUINE to them. This is how they want a relationship when it comes to the men in their life. The ball bounces all around yet never leaves the game. Up, down, left, right, circle, horizontal, etc. –Perfection” 


In closing, men are dumb and women are smart. I say this because, women can have a thousand books on many, many, many different subjects and stories and be left miserable, sad, and alone, while men can have 5 to 10 books and be content and happy. Meaning, a thousand pairs of shoes for a woman is meaningless yet fun, while a few pairs of sneakers for a man brings him a sense of meaning as a system is now in place. Women want to try every candy at the candy store while men want to select a few and be happy with their choices. We in this sense are boring and predictable while woman want everything with no limits and restrictions as the quote above shows with the pinball theory. 

She is a ball of fire that you as man must direct and place in its right direction. If not, she will simply burn everything in her path with no regard or mercy as she never was taught how to be concern for anyone else other than herself and what pleases her. You must find a way to place all of that fire inside of a lighter GENUINELY and direct it towards a purpose or goal that is at a Mastery level. Like to light a blunt, warm a fireplace, or set fire to a ex-girlfriend’s house (Kidding). 

Men are laptop users while women are Google search engines. We place all of this information, time, and effort inside them and are able to access any website at the click of a button, then get upset when the website doesn’t show any of the same effort back towards us. What we fail to realize is that, that site is all about finding the BEST RESULT possible. The laptop itself is all about working at its BEST POSSIBLE LEVEL. Its not about what YOU want its about the best possible outcome. You as a man must see this in women and realize its about the effort that you place in them. She views life as seeking to live it to its fullest. Understand how to be a man of worth and time NOT for her but for YOURSELF and she will follow suit as long as your plan has depth to it. 

This is not a bash on woman as it may sound like I am calling them dogs to be trained and lead. No. This is for both sexes as both will benefit if the man and women are insync with one another.  If she is not worth the time and effort then do not waste your time perusing something just because society says you have to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids. No. Work from the pov of living YOUR life. Who is who’s real authority from a philosophical stance at the end of the day? The cops? Government? Your family? Your girlfriend? etc. Choose Mastery over everything and soon you will see things fall into its proper place.  
















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