A man to label his current woman as his true one and only soul mate is a commitment not sent from some magical place above, but more so a commitment based on society’s his belief in limiting his nature when it comes to obtaining numerous women. 

Men and women, since they were little boys have been raised by the condition and myth of the soul mate once they were able to see pass their toys and enter into a new bondage of biology, and belief of seeking their own princess/prince to obtain. This from the start places them in a situation in which “something above” is working a map and plan out for their love life that they have no control over on their own.

Women, while still young and even into their 40’s and beyond do their best to believe in IMAGINARY FRIENDS” no matter how many “assholes” and “jerks”  turn their vaginas into a pink Hello Kitty water gun. Men on the other hand though game aware or not start to develop tactics in order to trap their conquest. Game aware men and men with no game are working the same path. Only difference is from a metaphorical, and business side of rap standpoint, one artist makes a certain record because he truly believes in it from a “pure artist” POV. The other though knows that the record will crossover and therefore create big numbers. One believes in Santa Clause, the other knows its the parents hard earned money that creates the blueprint for Santa Clause to take all the credit. 

Men from the past have created the order for civilization and understood it is one based on survival, structure, game, politics, etc to keep the group in control from chaos. Fast forward now, and the boys from the future’s past have made the game become reality. Women believe in love as long as the man is doing his job and provides the green screen properly for her pleasure. Once this is dead, she will simply begin to move on and find another man willing to play the role in her fairy tale. This is where men and women cross paths when it comes to love. In animal analogies, If you stop feeding a female dog, she will simply move on and find a owner willing to feed her if her previous owner’s influence isn’t strong enough to keep her around despite harsh conditions. A male pet though, will stay no matter what due to men being prisoners of the belief of self sacrifice for the greater good. Or, as I like to tell my cousin: Modern day slavery with better outfits and bodies on men’s owners. 

This mentally for most men last even if a woman tries to kill their husband. As we as men get older, the only things that start to matter is money, spending time with families, privacy, peace, and most of love. This power that this word has can not be found from the beginning of time or even have a end goal in sight. This is one of women’s underrated powers besides their bodies and natural manipulation skills. Love to them is something we bone headed men can not figure out. Its beyond our reach and can not be touched. Its something only they have been blessed with. This slips into men and causes them to believe this knowledge is out of reach, when it fact, if it were not for men this “power” would not even exist.

Ignorance in men from the perception of women being the only ones that know the true language of love favors the female, because it gives them some kind of control that deep down they really do not have. They do so because once men understand the game, they use it to their rightful advantage and end up using women as sperm dumpsters. This is the fear women have of game because it works. This is something men need to realize deeper pass just racking up numbers they missed in middle school. They have the real power and can decide what to so with it. 

The man reaching towards mastery level thus has a responsibility in what he does with his new found power. If he is truly a man always striving to progress, he will then come to a point in life in which he has a purpose for the women he chooses instead of doing so just to do it. By all means it is his choice, but a man that only seeks selfish needs in his pursuit will forever be trapped in just another new bondage. Why try and watch every movie at the movie theater when you can just go to the ones you like and save a lot more money? Why try and fuck every girl when you can just seek the ones that really bring you happiness instead of dealing with a wild card every time you take a step out to bat and swing? 

Women fear and love the man that understands his power because he is no longer restrain to the rules of the matrix. He can now decide what he wants to do with the women in his life. If more men were to wake up to this power, the effects it would have on women would force them to go beyond just using their bodies as a weapon. Thus, this is where the concept of “love” comes into play. The more a woman is blessed by society and media as the gatekeepers of the truthful meaning of the word, they then have some kind of power left to control men genuinely. I say genuinely because this is not some master plan all women around the world have thought of together. Girl world IS the correct world.

When operating from this mindset though, they become angry and upset when the men that follow the same path can now develop the same mindset of doing them and living their life to seek happiness. This will then in fact cause the women in their life to follow blissfully in HOPES that the men that understand the game won’t try and abuse it. In simple terms: Submission is key. But only from a man that will not abuse and understand his power. Cheating, and a decrease passion  respect for their men occurs because he is not living to his maximum. He thus has the power. He just needs to understand how to properly use it in this game of life. 

In closing, I am not denying that showing you care for a woman is a bad thing. I am merely just saying that letting your emotions takeover completely is a risky move for a man, and even a woman as well. Take a jump in the ocean. Just make sure you have the proper gear on while someone watches you just in case. Yeah, its cool to be able to lift a lot of weight at the gym, but at the same time you must always have a spotter around just in case things goes sideways. This is not a bash on letting your feelings stay placed in a box and tossed away as you walk through life like a robot. This is merely seeing things from a different view and having some protection and understanding of what you will, or can get into when it comes to this game between the sexes. There is no plan for anyone to have a one and only in life. But there is a plan to help you create that if you choose to.   


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