I am sitting here at the this moment trying to figure out what to write and share on this post and, honestly, I keep coming in contact with a dead end.

This tends to happen after I take a break from “trying to figure it all out” when it comes to women. I chilled with the family yesterday and just relaxed in the moment. Majority there were women and, I just sat back and watched every action, conversation , ideas, philosophies, etc that we discuss on here and other outlets play out in real time.

It wasn’t funny, exciting, or even informative. It just, was.

I seen a female cousin shame and humiliate her boyfriend in front of the family as if he was a lost dog that didn’t know his place, I seen aunts talk about each other one minute, then smile with each other the next, I heard about a female that was interested in me become jealous because I was speaking with another female at a party two weeks ago, I seen other cousin speak happily about her side man, while at the same time ready to get in a argument with her current boyfriend over something he said 3 weeks ago, I seen a fight between a younger woman and a older cousin that really wasn’t about anything at all, another female happily brag about not knowing how to cook, and last I dealt with the sarcasm of the modern day young 20 something year who loves to taunt and push buttons.
I watched and, I was just numb to it. Not from a perspective of being mad or depressed but, more so from the POV of a Superman figure in reality.

Corny as it may sound its true. Finding and understanding Game, TRP, PUA, etc has made me become like Neo from the last scene in the first Matrix movie. I no longer have to dodge bullets. Instead, I can stop them on my own and change the direction of where I WANT them to go. I watched this chaos unfold yesterday as I was high and a bit buzzed and just saw everything move in slow motion somewhat. Again, corny sounding I know but, still. It truly did feel like everything was. It was so predictable.  


He can’t live without the Joker and the Joker can’t live without him.

In the Dark Knight cartoons when the joker finally dies at that amusement park and Batman lets out a huge sigh and then sits next to the corpse and kinda fades out….That whole scene to me was more so batman realizing how lonely he is now that half of him is gone, rather than it is him sitting down taking a break cause of the pain he was in….maybe I read to far into it…but I really felt like homie realized he lost a huge part of his ‘purpose’ with the jokers life  


I remember in one of them comics and/or animated films the Joker told Batman that the only reason he doesn’t kill his adversaries is because without them his entire existence would mean nothing. Batman without his villains is just a rich motherfu*ker sitting in a huge dark castle like mansion having nightmares about his child hood lol -Slum Boxden Comment Section


I am not a religious man but, the “Tree of knowledge” story was always interesting to me. Why would GOD tell us NOT to eat from the tree of KNOWLEDGE? Its knowledge. Why we he want us to avoid that? I have a whole theory on it but, My small take on it is, knowledge is forever and never ends. We as humans now will always seek that in which has no end to it. GOD has these powers already. How does he deal with it? No one is above him. To quote “The Wolverine” movie I have these new found “powers” per say and at times feel bored. If he were real, how does Superman deal with it when there is no bad guys to stop or people to save? You have all these powers yet can’t really use it unless when its the “right” time to use it. In a weird way, its like another prison in itself.

“Life is a gift. Immortality is a curse”

This isn’t a bash on women and their nature. Its more so a dark reality coming into full view that at once was blurry as can be when I was younger, and distracted by the extremely limited bullshit that plagues the mind of the young dumb and full of cum.

Women were once the “thing” to figure out and conquer. They were the reason I had so much passion for these reddit and other sites. They were “it”. But now, I find myself in a Superman Dilemma. I have all of these “powers” with nowhere to go anymore. Are their “fights” and “bad guys” to deal with? Sure. In way I am glad because it gives me a reason somewhat to use these “powers”. Wheater its arguing with a feminist, dealing with a bitch shield, trying to pry open a cocktease, dealing with a shit test, etc. I welcome the bullshit at times but, what happens when there is no one else to fight? If GOD is real, what if he just gets bored up there and causes shit to happen JUST because. When you have that much power where is there to go?

Have I figured out life completely? How fucking pretentious can a person get. Well, honestly maybe very pretentious because, at times I feel like I have some days. When it comes to women I ask myself: “So, this is it? This is what the end of the suppose rabbit hole looks like with females”. Cypher from “The Matrix” I feel reached the same point. He isn’t seen as a “bad guy” to me as the movie wants me to see him as. I somewhat understand him now. 

The only thing left to figure out is death and, I honestly don’t want to try and dip my feet in that water just yet in life. I have no idea what is “up” or “down” there. Or worse, its just dark forever. I would hope I am not conscience for that like the most boring, yet concept wise intriguing movies in “Enter the Void”

I said I didn’t want to dip my feet in deaths waters because despite having “powers” I still want to live and continue onwards in living my truth and seek Mastery in life. I am out to write my own books, while at the same time hopefully help others in the future like I know this and other sites will. The Superman Dilemma can be seen as just complaining I would assume. Yet at times it does become a issue for me and maybe others. 

Meaning, Neo at the end of the last Matrix movie sacrificed himself for the greater good of the people of Zion just like the same story of Jesus. Again, I am not a religious man but, a belief in going beyond just the needs of self has always been something to think about as I have gotten older. Women and society want you as a man to do it for THEM. I am trying to go beyond that in helping people seek not what is deemed “right” and avoid what is deemed “wrong”. I want to help people discover their own path and forget the script given and at times forced to us. To quote to the most humble rapper on planet earth today: 


“Don’t ever go with the flow. Be the flow” -Jay Z


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