Have you ever been in a long conversation with a man or a woman and suddenly caught yourself by asking this question: “What the fuck is this person talking about?”. Now, when I say this I don’t mean by not understanding the content of what this person is saying in the conversation. This person could be making complete sense as far as what he or she is speaking on with full details, stunning visuals, and cold hardcore facts. Their knowledge on the subject could even spark up a laugh from you, or maybe even a quick thought in your head that will have you thinking about something other than the other constant distractions, problems, stresses, and concerns that plague your life on a daily basis.  All of this could be true and somewhat be helpful to take your mind away from being trapped in a constant loop that seems to never end but, when you REALLY think about it: “What, IN THE FUCK can this person’s conversation do to help your life advance?”. 



Walking around like Robocop 2.0 and only talking to people when the conversation is fact based is not what I am leading you towards with this latest post. Being able to chill and talk about dumb and silly shit with friends should ALWAYS be welcomed in your life.

Sometimes talking about something silly you seen on TV or around where you live at is needed. Those small moments that offer nothing is life is really the crust of what makes this quick life feel somewhat full. I am not advocating ignoring the small moments like a “Seinfeld” or “Martian” episode. Those shows offer nothing to a philosophical discussion when it comes to the past, modern day, and the future, yet you can deny the humor and entertainment of the show as many, many years later these shows are still in constant rotation and watched heavily.

Point is, having a party and sitting around in the circle reading the dictionary, while a Science channel plays in the background and Kendrick’s Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” is on low volume in the iPod speakers is not a way to have fun and let the misery of life pass by for a few hours. 



What I am saying though is that, while having fun is needed in the world, never forget that at the end of the day your purpose and path towards Mastery level will, and always should be first. If there is no one helping you with that path and trying to help you find and gain success that can help better your life as well as your family life, then why are you even wasting a time, energy, breath, and conversation on that person? These people unconsciously without malice and forethought are trying to trap you and your plan inside of a trap door that keeps you mentally, and even at times physically imprisoned to issues, worries, and concerns that are going NOWHERE.

These people are innocent when they do this to you. As Morpheus from “The Matrix” eluded to in the clip above “Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. They will fight to protect it”. This blueprint is all that they are aware of. They have no other way of viewing life except the view, idea, and script that has been given to them since birth. The same system that was given to their parents, and also their parents parents. They know nothing else outside of “Plato’s cave” but the shadows on the wall. THIS is the correct way of living to them. If you were to watch ants build their ant hill for a few hours then all of a sudden grab a glass of water and begin to pour in around their area, panic and stress would spill out from their breadcrumb size hearts as they would scatter for safety trying to avoid drowning to death. Its the same way with us when you look at the inside job of 9/11. That takes our focus off realizing that ALL OF US are “monkeys on a blue spaceship” with only (As we know of now) one life to live.

Throw a monkey wrench in your “car” and it will cause you to detour and pull over on your path towards purpose and Mastery. Its nothing to place your energy in, but at the same time it fills the space and quietness of the life around us and gives us “meaning” and something to fill our ears with. How can you try and reach for “God mode”  when you have people around you FIGHTING for a system that only cares about performance, and gives zero fucks about individual needs? A system that would, and will replace them with someone else ready to take their spot in a heartbeat. 



You are a threat to the system if you are trying to escape the jail cell  job that society has given you. Granted, this world was build with cooperation. Without the group as a whole focused together there would of been a good chance that we as a species would of died off and never had a chance to make it out of the caves we were once in. We had to come together as the world works better in packs. This is still apparent to this day, as the system only works if everybody is involved in being trapped in group think.

If the camera men decide to say “Fuck it I’m living my own life” then there is no way of you being able to waste your time viewing celebrities shopping around in the store for clothes, while at the same time that camera man will have a hard time getting food for himself and his family and end up suffering if he is unable to find a means of shelter, and food if he can not find another better, or equally better source of income.

Point is, we as a species only survive if everybody is involve in working together. Yet, on the other side of the coin, how can you as not only a man or woman, but more so a human being able to somehow smile when you are on your death bed looking back on life and realize you lived by a script instead of creating your own movie? As I pointed out here with this comment towards the end I recently left on “TRP” reddit: 

What path are you going to chase after? Your own, or the script that was given to you? Would it be valid to say that if you did take “the script” that it would seem 50 years from now that you were never really here to begin with? What if we replace your body with another body when you are in the grave? Would people even notice or bother to even care, unless they were watching it on TV and found a SLIGHT entertainment out of it because there was nothing else to watch.

You must always seek to live your own life and strive for success, but understand that not everybody is going to understand your choices.



You will have people like slave 1 and 2 as the KRS-One clip above shows locked into this maze as if this is normal. Slavery is normal to them and anybody trying to think different outside of the box is a threat to THEIR bubble. It has nothing to do with YOU, but more so THEIR life.

You as a person trying to do better makes them feel small as it shows there is another way to live, and become more free instead of living check to check praying for a miracle. “Men shouldn’t be jealous that is a female trait” to quote Jay-Z, but now unfortunately both women and men now suffer from it. When they see you doing good it shows that the life they were living isn’t the only way to approach life and it breaks their comfort. Once again, THEIR life is really the issue and not yours. The comfort you break if you are a friend or family member of them ruins them deep to the core as it breaks the routine of THEIR life.

Imagine having a bum of a family member of all a sudden hit the lotto and become rich. He was just a bum begging for some liquor on the street corner, and now all of a sudden he can buy a whole liquor store if he wanted. Him being a bum made you feel special and better about your life. Now out of nowhere his money and dare I say status jumps in front of you overnight. THIS, is how others feel about you when you try and do better. They want you thinking as slave 1 and 2. Number 3 is hard to be and find when you have crabs trying to pull you down with them in the barrel. 



Allow me to preface this by saying I have no issues with women and how they are. I understand this may come off like I “hate” them or “want them back in the kitchen” as some Red Pill blogs like to joke about, but understand while some of those jokes, blog posts, and memes are funny to view, that kind of thinking is limited and offers nothing of value when it comes to the big picture of trying to reach Mastery level in life.My posts may come off as a bit harsh sometimes to the female gender, but understand my path is only about one of learning to escape the clutter and find peace in clearing the mind and focusing on things worth of value. Women just happen to be in the way and causes a man to lose focus on living HIS life and finding what HE wants to TRULY do with it. 

I say this because, women are the Queens and Kings when it comes to this “Trap Door” theory. Women are the wallpaper of society and seek perfection from the system.  The system is all they know and anything outside of that system is a problem. When a woman rejects you, never take it as you are worthless and has no business in trying to even try and have a chick. When she rejects you, there is a myriad of reasons why she may have told you no, but a theory I have been working on is that a reason why she does is because you are not “playing the game”. Meaning, you as a man are working from the POV of YOU instead of the POV of what is deemed “right” for HER and society. Her rejecting you in a way is her helping you make a choice. Play the game and make her happy, or do your own thing and live your life. Rejection is devil’s advocate. 

When you as a man are coming with that kind of perspective and new logic, this is deemed a problem as you are not able to be placed in a box and be given meaning by female standards. Men , when we do stupid, fun, ad silly shit that lacks any purpose except one of just being free and living life, the female HATES that with a passion. Anything that lacks meaning to them is “immature” and you as a guy should stop having fun  “grow up” and start focusing on  life making her and society happy. Trap doors, not just for men, but for anything gives them a reason for this life instead off the harsh truth that life is but a game to be played and mastered.

On a deeper level, nihilism is death to females when it comes to relationships as it shows that the game men use to get her was nothing but a game. “Love” therefore becomes invalid as the only reason he sought after her was based on JUST nature and information based. Hence why they love “A moment of chaos”  so much because seeing a man be weak in THAT MOMENT is more real to them than the information based logic that guys have created since the beginning of time for survival. They try to place you into trap doors to give THEIR life meaning by speaking about conversations and doing actions that lead nowhere to you, but gives them a escape from their life and adds SOME kind of filler from the harsh truth of her just being here to be fucked and used as a baby maker to make the world go around. 



In closing, always remember to just stay focused on yourself ad never allow someone to drag you down with them and their nonsense. If they have something of value, give them a listen and see if they can help you achieve something in life to make you better, or, if you could help make them better. Again, I am not saying you should never have fun that is insane. What I am saying though is that have your fun in actions and conversation. That is the spice of life. Meaningless can be fun when the time and moment is right. But understand don’t ever let that cause you to become another victim fallen into a trap door that leaves you cocooned in a web going nowhere. Always seek Mastery level in thinking, wisdom, knowledge, and most importantly YOUR life. 

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