Allow me to preface this by saying I am not out to write a troll piece just to get up votes on here and views for my site. I am also not advocating executing this kind of negative masculinity on any women unless both parties are in agreement that its okay. Your life, your relationship. I am sure click bait is the quickest and easiest way to get some attention but, I feel that it is limited in thought and does nothing but cause people to fall victim to being dropped into trap doors, and overall cause a detour from the path of true Mastery.

Sure, titles like:


“5 ways to tell if she will swallow your cum”




“Women are all dumb and stupid and here’s why”




“The reason why shouldn’t eat her pussy”


I am sure those would be entertaining reads to skim through, but at the same time they offer nothing of use in the long run like watching “”The Fast and Furious” movies after the first one from 2001.

I also understand that there is a good chance that this may be fake. I really doubt that there are men out there in 2015 still talking and behaving this way in such a overt manner. I am sure it still happens but, in my opinion not in such a blatant display.

Had I seen this 13:00 min. clip back in my blue pill days I would of been shocked and and in awe of how dudes can talk this way to women and not have their dicks and balls strung up like a black pinata doll at a KKK 4th of July party. If I had watched this around women I would of laughed it off and called them “evil” and “abusers” for not being “Real men”.

Though, fast forward now and I have a question to ask as I view this clip with red pill eyes, awareness, wisdom, and overall experience of how the game really is when it comes to my life, women, and just life overall as a whole:

“Is this guy wrong?”





How are you able to type out on your PC or laptop? How are you able to drive your car without worrying about it falling apart (Some of us) How are you able to mute the TV when another modern day mindless POP tune comes out the radio? How are you able to walk into the building you work at and not worry about it falling apart? (Hold the 9/11 jokes)

My point is, you don’t worry about these things for several reasons, but one of the reasons that get overlooked is because these things were build with a plan, blueprint, time, effort, structure, and of course a Mastery level focus.

These things as well as many, many, many others things in life are not based on your feelings, but rather based on what is best for the group as a whole. Individual concerns that don’t effect the rest of the group mean little to nothing to the powers that be. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at slavery. Trying to find a “why” or “How can this be” and “Why were people back then so evil” is missing the point entirely. It JUST HAPPENED. There is no “why” to be discussed. It was a power move by another race and it worked plain and simple.




I would like to believe that there is some other worldly being looking over us. I would like to believe that we are here for SOME reason (Though, when you think about it maybe we are. Just, on a more darker note. Maybe I am just another step for another generation to climb. Maybe THAT IS my and several other peoples on this planet reason for being here) I would like to believe all this but, as I get older and wiser with knowledge ad facts, I have to believe that things JUST happen, and things JUST HAPPEN to keep things in order. This world, civilization, and society is not based on caring about what people feel on GENUINE level. It cares as long as it makes money for the world as a whole

The cold hard fact of the matter is this: Besides family, one or two close best friends, and maybe a local bum you give money to every now and then so he can buy some more liquor, nobody really gives a fuck about YOU as much as they care about what you can do FOR THEM.

I am sure your boss cares if you want to take a day or week to mourn the loss of a loved one. But don’t expect him or her to show support for too long. There is another hungry lion with a family and stomach of her or his own to feed ready to take your spot if you can no longer produce for the company as A WHOLE.




As this relates to the video above and this game between women and men, this question of “is he wrong for this” goes deeper than just him looking like a abuser on TV. Women, like the ones in the audience will scream to the top of their lungs that they would never go out with a guy like this and I believe they are right. As Rollo from the “Rational Male” points out here “You are not suppose to talk about the red pill”. If you do, it comes off as fake and not authentic to women.

But, aside from seeing things for their POV the question again still has to be asked: “Is this guy wrong for this” isn’t this deep down what women truly do desire? Just, on a magician level. Meaning, they want to “enjoy the show” and not have the set up of the trick shown to them. Reality is no fun in girl world.

Again, I am not trying to troll for votes and views, and at the same time I understand this may be fake seeing as reality TV isn’t really reality at all (Shocking I know) but at the same time to open a dialogue I have to ask isn’t this the fundamental core of WHAT IT IS? If you mute the clip and just watch the body movements of the two men and women in this clip, as well as the crowd of 90% women and 10% men, you will see the IS of how this game works. Its not based on feelings but more so based on order, beliefs, structure, blueprints, etc.

Take away a man and woman’s personality, clothes, thoughts, etc and what you have is the CORE of what it is. It is the animal in all of us. A animal that survived based off knowledge and information shared between men. Information that, deep down as crazy as it sounds help invent women.




 How do women know how to attract a man? Sure, they are NATURALLY drawn to want to fuck men but how do they KNOW how to get a man? Why do they wear certain outfits? Why do they use make-up? Why do they act in certain ways around “certain” men in order to receive their attention? Why? How? etc.

They do this based of what men are drawn too and have helped created in them. I am not saying women have offered nothing to the beginning stages of the world that is crazy. But, at the same time another question I have to ask is: “What is a porn star without her fans?” How does a woman know she is attractive? How does a woman know she is smart? How does a woman know she will get follows and likes on Instagram and Facebook?

All of this is based on woman’s given power that WE AS MEN have given them. It has NOTHING to do with the individual and their feelings. The same could be said of men. Why do we like submissive women? Why do we like our women humble and nice yet a freak in the bed? Etc etc. It has nothing to do with YOU or HER. On both sides its about what you represent and can do.



In closing my point again is not to troll or advocate abusing women as this video somewhat shows above. My point is in asking is this guy wrong? Or is this just how things REALLY are? The crowd may get riled up and want to take this man’s head off but, what exactly is he doing wrong?

If you let your women become your equal, she will challenge you more so than she would have before. That is no longer a woman but a enemy that wants to take you out. Mike in the clip above is harsh in his tone and actions yet, his girl can’t stop smiling subtly. Even if they wouldn’t of have had kids she would still be with him no matter what as said by her around the 12:00 mark. The other couple seated next to them looks like it might, or better yet might have ended but even still, she stayed up until that point.

What does that tell you? Does it mean acting in this blunt and loud approach way will work on every chick? No. Matter of fact hell no but, a piece of what he is doing is needed for not only women, but life as a whole. His tone and actions are straight brown liquor with no chaser sure, but at the same time its no different than what me and you are learning.

It has nothing to do with YOU or HER. It just IS. “Hypergamy doesn’t care” as Rollo pointed out. Sure, I may be wrong I have before. Though, if not this what then is the alternative? That goes for men as well. Its about how good of a performer you can be for women, and the world as a whole. So again I have to ask:

“Is this guy wrong?”

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