Imagine during the Neanderthal days in which “The Flintstones” was very far from being a cartoon, Animal planet was the norm, and “The Jetsons” was a concept that was too large to comprehend for our brains back in those days. Everybody during the beginning stages of man had a job they had to do in order for the group as a whole to survive the night from mother nature, and of course the animals that had no zoo or bullets to contain them. Everybody had their specific place they had to be not because they were forced or because they were expecting a paycheck every Friday, but more so because it was either a do or die situation.

There were no concepts or need to develop a plan for  fighting for positions of power as you see now currently. Everybody pitched in during a time in which authenticity was maybe at its highest level do to the only thing expected was a chance to live another day. Imagine a time like that. Now, imagine that one person who decided to go against the order of things and think as a exclusive being with his own mind and actions.

There would be a good chance despite the fact that there were no positions to fight for at that time, that person would of been seen as a crazy individual for deciding to go against the group. The majority rules is a saying that dates back way before the language to label it as peer pressure was invented. That person who refused to help gather tree branches, help hunt for food, make weapons, protect the women and children, create fire, etc would be seen as a disturbance to the group as a whole.  

As this post I did while back points out, the first wave of caveman were getting older and started to develop a plan and strategy in order to keep the younger men from disturbing the order of things by having them focused on not self, but the women, children, and group as a whole. Anybody going against that plan would surely be beaten or killed in front of the group as a example to show that no one man or woman is above the bigger picture of survival. Exclusive thought from that time moving forward is a cancer that needs to be exterminated immediately. This, is how the women and one man in the video above view Game and The Red pill lifestyle. It is a threat to the order. 



You can find many blogs posts and articles on “Women and shaming tactics” if you were to type the title in to the Google search bar and see just how many women use naturally when it comes to sizing up a man’s whole life in a matter of 5 minutes. This is what you see from the first 10 seconds into watching the video above until the very last seconds until the video ends. To break this down in simple form: Women do not want to hear men complain how the order of things is set up in this world. On a much deeper level beyond the current gender war of our time, companies, bosses, and supervisors don not want to hear their employees complain about extra work, lost of pay, no benefits, 401k plans, etc. They are concerned about one thing and one thing only: The numbers.

From women to jobs its all about what you can provide as a whole. Who you are and what you stand for as far as morals, beliefs, ideologies, likes, dislikes, etc means shit to the group as a whole. This is what the vibe and tone women are sending to this man draped in raw meat as he steps into the lions den ready to be served up on a platter to the group when it comes to this discussion. The man trying to promote his book as well as defend and articulate his point of view is the threat to the group I was talking about earlier above in this post. Anybody trying to achieve “God mode”  once they realize there is a wall at the end of the rabbit whole in the caveman days or currently is a problem for society.

If everybody were to just do whatever they wanted and not care about the outcome of the whole, there is a good chance I would not be able to type out my thoughts on this laptop right now. There is a chance all of these famous stars that get worshiped as Gods would cease to exists. There is a chance we as humans would still be struggling to find food as we died off slowly in caves. Everybody would do their own thing and chose the faith of their life based on whatever made them happy and helped them survived. As good as that sounds, it would of been a problem for humans. The man in the video as well as men finding Game and The Red Pill philosophy cause fear in women and society because it wakes the man up to the fantasy world he has been living in. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. 



Women are trapped in their movie like “The Last Action Hero” and think that reality IS the real reality. The men watching the movie are the majority of men that look for a outside source to bring them pleasure and guidance instead living for oneself, and viewing relationships as something more business like instead of imaginary.  Then men directing the movie are men that have found Game and The Red Pill philosophy and are using it to bring their vision to life, women, and their existence as a whole with the limited time we all have on this planet to its fullest extent. 

Game works because women are the wallpaper and pinballs of society. They want men from all levels of status and society as a whole to be the protectors outside of their own pink castle, while inside they play living in their own world doing as they please with no shame or repercussions for any action they proceed to create in reality. Any man that grows tired of being a brick in their wall as the hang up pictures of men they have a genuine attraction for over them is deemed a “pussy” and not a “real men” in their eyes, as well as society as a whole. The manhood of the male or men that wants to live his own life will be put into question into he is shamed enough to lower his head and know his role as her gets back to  being brainwashed doing his real job he was sent her to do.



This is why on a deeper level women hate game because it exposes a deeper truth that the way men approach them are based off something transactional instead of something that is real as Santa Clause.  Game allows man too much control because it works, and also because the leash that each man was place it from birth would be torn apart once they realize the key is inside them once they go to the bathroom and search through all the shit they have been feed in life. (Good metaphor huh? I know)

This is why women want men to hush and let them to enjoy the show.  Besides also enjoying a moment of chaos and making sure the man they have in their radar is strong enough to protect her and her offspring, the reason they poke holes at a man by shit testing and shaming him as the video above shows is because that moment is is more real to them than the information based logic of men.

Meaning:  feelings, crying, expressing emotions, etc shows what kind of a man he really is in their eyes. This is a trap women and society NATURALLY use on men to keep them from viewing life from a exclusive, do or die, or business like approach.  You know, the one women truly do seek deep down but ONLY if it is really who they say they are. If he ends up not being a real man or alpha, this puts them in a position of being felt like they were used as just a piece of ass and wasted months and maybe years off their life. Its HER show. Game works as I said and they fear it because they think THOSE men are out just for selfish reasons for using it. Some are but, most are not as they mature hopefully. 

Problem is women can’t understand is that even the quote un-quote natural alpha is no different than the one learning how to be be alpha. The natural is just hiding the fact he is gaming too more better. They want their cake and to be able to eat it too by placing men in labels so no one is able to sneak into the club. As I said above they fear it because it works yet, why fear something that intentionally would please them mentally, sexually, and spiritually? What gives?. 



What gives is something I understand. Women fear game because it works and they know they are driven by their emotions. They know that they want to believe the man that is talking to them is real and honest in his approach, but due to being burned so many times in life they put up a wall to make sure they don’t get hurt again. Yet, deep down in the corners of the building they have built around themselves exist a secret entrance every time.

Reason being, they still want to believe there is a chance but only if the man in question is strong and smart enough to not only find the secret entrance and get past the boobie traps, but also WANT to do it. Meaning, they want a man that is working from a Mastery level of life and not just doing it to rack up another number on his basketball card.

I’m here to tell women that I can’t speak for every man out there, but I know their are some like me that at first find game and use it for selfish reasons at first, but as we mature and sort through the bullshit of trying to fuck every girl, we start to seek something deeper beyond what our eyes and ears can see. The majority of men are not out to hurt women to get some type of revenge from being dissed in high school and at the club every day. We are truly trying to find some deeper meaning in life by working from a Mastery level.

We are on the same team. Again, I can’t speak for every man, but at the same time I know their are men out there that more than to just use women as something to fuck and toss away. We want you on our team, but only if you are worth it as well and truly try to go beyond just your pussy, dick sucking skills, and natural manipulation. If not, we will treat the situation according and move on. Until then, the rest of the men seeking Mastery level will continue on their path with or without you

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