Women seek perfection in a limited system created by humans based on the roots of survival and order. They take this system as real because society allows them such freedom to explore their emotions and actions in modern times without shame or repercussions, that more than likely would of been casted on them back in a forgotten time between man and women.

They are allowed to be insane, sad, happy, upset, scared, nervous, etc all in one day if they chose to. Society gives them the options to run around like a chicken with their head cut off because men want to fuck them, or because men grew up with mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, and the fantasy princess girl of the dreams and see women as innocent creatures that will always need protection. Women take this for granted as their reality to them is the real one.

This is perfection. In relationships this is what they seek in their men. The ability to be a little girl with a tornado of emotions as her man remains firm as rock, strong as a oak tree, unbreakable like steel, or unmovable like older people trying to listen to modern day POP music. They are the outlets of society that gather their power from a outside source. This is why Game is a issue with them. Game allows a man to manipulate the system and control the reality that has shackled his mind. They seek a man that “just gets it” but doesn’t want him to abuse his power. 





They possess no concrete philosophy behind what they do. One minute they can be  super racist bitch 2.0 while using a clan’s robe for their cosplay outfit if society, and the man that she is with has enough influence in him over her. She will burn churches, animals, and local Webster Bank on Friday if it will make her man or society happy. In that year, she will be one of the most evil and cold hearted broads walking the face of this earth just because it will make the group or her man happy. Then, if that dynamic and belief becomes collapsed, she will simply move towards the next “Alpha” in terms of  what is currently the next power structure around her. Its why they are so easy to slip into a new relationship once the previous one does not follow the rules in terms of what will make her feel safe. 

She is not seeking the typical asshole CHARACTER, the nice guy CHARACTER, or the super smooth romantic CHARACTER. She is seeking the representation of the man. She wants that man to be her playground while she can have the options of having fun, cry, be worried, silly, dumb, confused, etc. This is how they can move on quickly if the man’s influence was not strong enough.

His mastery was not consistent so her emotions and thoughts towards him NATURALLY changed. Poor a fish out of water while its next to a kiddie pool, it will (if it could) naturally try to flop towards it. Being mad at that is only for men not in tune with game, reality, mastery of it, his purpose, and being pure conscientiousness.  




Women are like pinballs in a pinball machines while the man plays the gamer. He does his best trying to get a high score in terms of either trying to find his princess, fuck as many women as he can, or be a “real man” by female standards and society approval of what a real man is. The machine itself plays as the world and of course, the woman is the ball. She goes through life wanting to experience everything while having no FORCED restrictions placed on her.

I say forced because women do in fact enjoy restriction but it has to be unknown its happening. They deal with it everyday in friends, work, Facebook, relationships, shopping, etc. The difference is its unconscious and GENUINE to them. This is how they want a relationship when it comes to the men in their life. The ball bounces all around yet never leaves the game. Up, down, left, right, circle, horizontal, etc.

The man tries and thinks he will be the first to keep the ball going forever but, every time no matter how long he stays and uses up all his money, the ball will soon enough fall. He must come aware of this and understand that failure is just part of the game. This will help him in sinking something deeper beyond winning and losing. This will help him decided positively what he wants to do as far as letting women in his life. He will be a man more prepared then one that takes this life as too real and serious. How is that a bad thing? Game is not hurtful its helpful for both sexes. 




This pinball metaphor relates to perfection in terms of it showing that women are restrained by society’s limitations instead of trying to go beyond what is deemed right or wrong by the group mentally. Even through a slut walk, women are still doing that by a reaction and not something that is truly genuine. Its all about a reaction to what society as a whole is doing.

They wear or seek clothes that are deemed worthy by society standards and man’s pleasure. Or, better yet, certain men’s pleasure. Even when they do manage to gain some kind of freedom they will still seek out society and the relationships they are in to chase and pin them down in some form or fashion whether they know it or not. Variety and thinking out of the box is easier for men while harder for women as group think dictates their world.

We as men are able to see this life as a game while women view this life as real. Its why they enjoy fights on reality TV  because it shows a chink in the machine. That moment is more real to them than watching a couple on TV progressing and promoting something positive like say “The Cosby Show”, which would be deemed boring to them by today’s standards.  




Game was able to be developed because of the limitations of women as a creature. They are the wallpaper on society. Their movements to the trained and aware eye of a man that understands their nature are easy to spot and breakdown into playbooks.  Men with less game view women as oceans. They try to use a water bottle (Game) to quench their thirst and end up drinking it up leaving it empty quickly. While the game aware man uses a jug (Game) to gather his water. He then drinks some, makes ice, use it for drinks, makes koolaid, uses it for a water gun, takes a bath with it, etc.

The point being in this quick comparison is that the game aware man who is or has reached a mastery level in life knows how to properly handle his water (Women). Women fear being trapped with the other water bottle guy as his motivations are pure selfish and has no chance in reaching mastery level. They fear a man that can read them because he then knows her weakness.

The game aware man can either be someone to have fun and fuck with, or someone to start a relationship with. Point is, a man that has reached mastery level is not out to hurt the women. He is there to let her be herself. If HE decides that he should want to keep her around, then she should prove she is more than her pussy. But only if the man is of proper worth. 




In closing, men who learn game do in fact do so for reasons that involve revenege and getting back at girls that played them in grade school. Some never leave that mind set and end up using game as a weapon for chaos instead of a weapon for war. Women who say things like “You wasted my youth” or, say men almost took “My stuff” are right. Men will say its their choice they are a grown woman who should be able to make logic choices but, the fact of the matter is the group mindset controls their world. A game aware man is able to control their emotions and use it to his advantage for either pleasure, or something deeper beyond just himself. Women fear the man that “gets it” because he can control this woman for years if he wanted to. They seek perfection from society the same way they do in their men. Its up to game aware men to decide whether they want to keep pursing game at a mastery level and develop some deeper beyond just self, and its up to women to make a effort in staying consistent so the man would want to keep her around. That right there is the real equality between men and women.




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