When it comes to men trying to understand women from a logical standpoint they end up viewing her nature and patterns on the same level they would in trying to understand another man’s behavior and actions. If they have morals and beliefs about a certain subject then the women they are dealing with should be able to see things objectively on the same level as they do and appreciate it. Women should be able to hear music and appreciate the levels of depths that went in to the lyrics and production of the song that went into it when it comes to men viewing things from their pov only. The technical side of learning a dance mixed with staying on beat to a song is what drives men towards happiness as it shows mastery and skill over their environment in which craves control and restriction despite us internal still having animal based behaviors. Yet, the simple fact is men are confused as to what can be instead of what is.

Women are not creatures meant to be permanently tamed by men’s standards and really deep down fear, as the depths in which women’s emotional, sexual, psychological, and spiritual world have no end or beginning to it. The ocean has no end or purpose to it. It just simply is and flows along everyday with no end in sight. The weather is not looking for perfection. It just rains when it rains, snows when it snows, and becomes hot when its suppose to become hot. This is how it is dealing with women for men when trying to box them into a label. It causes frustration and pain towards them as it collides with their logical and objective sense of viewing the world. Its no wonder why women get a kind of “tingle” when it comes to thinking about cheating on their mate. That moment of chaos brings a certain joy that they are breaking the cycle of doing the same thing everyday. We see it as them behaving as “sluts” and “whores” when it reality that is just nature being nature. They don’t have numerous amounts of shoes with different colors and styles because their is some kind of philosophy behind it no, they brought a certain pair of heels that day simply because in that MOMENT it felt good for them to buy it. No rhyme or reason to it. It just “IS”. When you think about it from a comical standpoint, Its quite hilarious as the infinite number in math is called “pie”. 

Now granted, women do in fact are able to be “controlled” on a superficial level, but that is only when the man’s influence is strong enough to be able to allow herself to let restriction  on his part into her life, but even then though it is still her choice and on some level her controlling it. You can have safety around to prevent fire from happening, but that doesn’t change the fact that fire will still arise in some form or fashion somehow. It has no restrictions or philosophy on it except the one that WE as a people give it. Fire takes no prisoners as it has no exclusivity to either gender or animal as it will burn men, women, children, or dogs. This is what it is like when compared to women. Relationship, or even just on a sexual relationship wise the man may be able to control her on a fundamental level, but overall she will let her emotions fly as she has no concrete control over it. Mother nature, or in the red pill world Hypergamy doesn’t care about who you are. Is just IS. 

After the reality of this comes to the light for men if or when they find the red pill blogs online, or just experience life in a new way that destroys their Disney like fantasy they were accustomed to believing from a young age, their tends to be anger and bitterness for the female gender as they start to view their nature as some kind of power over them and society these days. Women are now seeking short term over the long term during their best years in their 20s, and the men that are becoming aware of this fact feel as if they are now left out in the cold unable to truly compete. The only time they will get any pussy in their eyes is when the woman is ready to settle down for a provider during the years in which she can no longer go against the younger versions of herself at the club anymore. While true on the female part in generalization terms, men see this as them being the last option in the dick department. There is nothing really genuine about why she now finds the last option attractive as this post points out from my favorite red pill blog. He is just there. The last seat in a sexual game of musical chairs that will help prop her up and win the game. Men see this as strategy instead of once seeing it as “love”. Hence the anger that comes like when they were once kids and  finding out there is no real Santa Clause in life. The “power” women have over men and society is there, but only because of a lack of knowledge and a condition of ignorance since birth. 

Now, women do have some type of power in society. Every human being with the ability to make their own decisions and choices in life has the option to better themselves and create a more comfortable lifestyle for them and their family with hard work and dedication. My point though lies in the fact that a woman is able to get breast or butt implants because of the doctors that are able to perform the surgery, as well the creators being men mapping out a blueprint for them to be able to even do so. A woman can live a lifestyle of being a stay at home wife because of a man she chooses that has no issue with that option. A woman can relieve free gifts and money just by being able to smile big and poke her ass in front of a camera. A woman is able to get away with being flat out disrespectful to a man and his possessions without having to worry about facing real life consequences of a man responding in the same manner he would to another man because of the laws men have created. A woman is able to strip a man of his home and children for the rest of life because again of the system of family court. And a woman has a better chance at receiving less jail time for being a child molester during a after school detention as she gets spanked with a ruler and fucked on top of a old and thick ass History book. These observations are not based on me being hateful towards women, but more so based on the fact that a woman is able to do this and more because of the sacrifice of men, and society’s need for the death of exclusive thinking. 

Exclusive thinking was not beneficial for the group as a whole back in the caveman era. Men being providers was something to be proud and caused women to appreciate them more in a genuine sense due the lack and restriction of being able to support themselves financially, and also about the restriction about what they were able to do with their body and deeper sexual urges they had to bottle up, or become shamed and humiliated by their communities if they did otherwise. Reasons because the group mentality back then was still prevalent. Fast forward now though, not so much. Being a provider has become modern day slavery for men. There is no more appreciation for it. It is something that now has to be done or else you are not seen as a “REAL MAN”. A man’s ability to become aware of this fact with both society and women will see that without men there is no them.

What is a porn star without its fans? What is a Feminist without attention? Men able to see that they are here by biology and luck of their parents forgetting to pick up a condom at CVS that night will see that in life its all about the book that YOU create. Once you are able to to see you can control your reality it now becomes up to you to decide what you are going to do with that power. You still have to play the rules of the game, but that doesn’t mean the game is suppose to define you. If so, who are you really living for? Yourself, or them to become another piece in the machine that can easily replace you as soon as a younger and dumber model comes into play? Women are not your enemy. Nobody can be once you are living your own purpose in life. How can one even attempt to stop something that can not be explained without its creator? Sure, people can judge art and have opinions, but what the painting actually represents will always be kept within the artists mind and only truly understood by him or even her alone.

I’ll leave it here with a video from the “Richard Pryor Show” in which he discovers that black people were the originators of a lot of things we see on this planet today. yet receive no credit for that part of history unless it involves slavery, despite the fact that at one time we were kings and queens. Simplistic of course but, my point with this clip is once someone knows their history, the future can be changed if their current circumstances are one of being seen as inferior as men are lead to believe about themselves these days by women. A woman’s “power” lies in the ignorance of men. With knowledge of self the mind, the ony threat will be not in women or society, but after the fact of what you as man do with the information you have now found. 







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