Modern Day



Standing from the sidelines and watching the comment section of a female’s social media’s page is always a treat these days after evolving my awareness of what women expect, feel, and find attractive in a man. The pile of men ready to jump in the fire and join the rest of the layers and layers of dead bodies already there is quite interesting and perplexing at the same time. The comments, no matter what the female is doing always ranges from the super tame (Your SO beautiful) to the mid-level creepy (Wow another new pic for Wednesday. This is my favorite day) to the modern day Ted Bundy level with a updated style (Damn gurl. I would eat honey nut cheerios out of your ass and use your cum as my milk) These men would slit their throats and use the blood to cover up another man’s laptop screen just so he can block off a woman he is lusting over when it comes to these chicks. The thirst is not real it is very much factual at this point.

I see this and for the life of me can’t understand why not a ounce of self awareness doesn’t creep up inside of their head. What is going to make you stand out from the thousands of other comments unless you are playing for a team, has a record out in music, or is known to be slinging dick from the word of mouth of other chicks. Granted, their are other comments that range from hurtful to downright hateful from both men and women, but even then they are still taking TIME out of THEIR day to comment and give the women’s social media extra attention than what she was going to already get regardless. It doesn’t matter what body part they are trying to send pitchforks and gasoline towards. The fact of the matter is they are still causing views to be seen on the female’s page and increasing her numbers daily. 

When I see this, I couldn’t help but reverse it by looking at things on the other side of the screen from the woman’s pov. Not only from just looking at comments but simply how she views men in general. Why would you think by commenting her in the most sexually graphic, outlandish, and disturbingly blunt way that she would truly want to share her body, emotions, and time with you without first picking up a fresh new can of pepper spray. Women see the men that they DON’T WANT TO FUCK as guys that had better know their role and keep their head in the sand when she walks by them. Its a tough pill the swallow but that’s how it is. No “love at first” Disney like fairytales are happening anything soon. If she wants to fuck you she WILL find a way and create a situation in which she will test to see if you are worth her time and maybe her pussy later on. When not, she will have no use for you unless you can have a use that will help HER. Every new comment that focuses on a specific body part will just cause a eye roll and yawn from the woman as she scrolls through the rest of the dead bodies enjoying the free attention and undeserved validation more than likely. 


Of course, women place themselves in these situations and know what the outcome will be. They know guys check them out if they are attractive, have a nice ass, round breasts, great body, etc. They understand that certain outfits will cause a riot of dicks swinging from men as if their penises were doing their own porn version of “Game of Thrones”. They know other women will hate yet secretly deep down wish they had the body or confidence to do the same as the chick they are giving the death stare to while blocking their boyfriend using their free hand. The issues arises though in every guy thinking they have a shot. Yes, she places her body out there in the world and knows hundreds, thousands, or if she is lucky millions will see. Yet, that doesn’t mean her pussy is now going to be competing with 7-eleven to see which one can stay open the latest. Only certain men that are allowed in the club can increase their chances at having her. The rest are there for background noise and instant validation. So when you see a woman roll her eyes and claim “Ugh I HATE thirsty men” its almost laughable and damn near a comedy sketch at a creation point when you are aware of the bullshit. But underneath all that what she is saying is: “No. You need to know you place and keep walking. You do nothing for me unless you have something for me. Know your place on the food chain”.   Can a guy with game change that? Sure of course without question. But understand that with game there is no more “Love at first sight” BS. Game shows you that the mythology we have been raised on when it comes to love being this mystical thing that will “save” us from our darken state is completely false and only served a civilization building purpose. Exclusivity had nothing to do with it. She places the bait out there and the comments come in drones. This makes the man she really wants see she has a fan base and helps increases her chances at being seen as something worth having. The thirsty comments are on the same level as groupies and fans.

The old saying of “If everybody jumped off a bridge would you” applies here, as well as perception when it comes to comments and life in general as men dealing with women. If everybody is over here doing the same thing looking like Jesters trying their best to please the Queen, why not do you by not joining the party of death and humiliation of dignity. Why place yourself to be in the same circles every time trying to follow the crowd instead of stepping back and doing your own thing somewhere else? Look at it from this concept: If the man that she truly wants is always around what exactly then would make him be seen as different enough for her to want to do a leg split on his Dick? The guy she wants isn’t wasting his day on social media trying his best to leave the creepiest thirst comment he can create, he is out there fucking other chicks, learning or doing something new, making money, or just simply not giving a fuck and doing what makes HIM happy not her. The perception of the man she would fuck is not stalking her daily telling her how much he loves her and giving his value away with just a few words and zero real life interaction. He is out there indifferent to what is going in the thirst world of men trapped in the pink bee hive flying freely. A woman’s imagination as Rollo from The Rational Male point’s out here can be one of your greatest weapons in your game tool box. 

Remain doing you as a man by trying to make yourself happy at any cost by being positive in pursuing your own happiness. This is a why its called GAME to begin with. Its always going on at each level no matter what is in your bank account, how big your dick is, how popular you are, how your relationship is going, etc. Its all about how long can you keep playing cat and mouse before, AND after. They KNOW its game but still want to enjoy the show  while also believing that it can be real without hearing about the “rules” of how things really are.  Its a complex balancing act that works best when you are restricted in your actions and also helping control hers. Be able to look behind smoke and mirrors and see she is just like any other women out there. Not from a disrespectful stance but more so on a friendship level that you still want to stick your dick inside of. Treat them as you would any chick you are just talking and not trying to become sexual with. Be the man that is hiding in plain sight with his game and see how she responds especially after dealing with a thousand lips planted on her ass each day on and off the internet.  



What you do afterwards is up to you as long as you can treat game positively and not see it as labeling all women as whores and sluts looking for attention. I say this because when men find out about the deeper layers of game they tend to become bitter and hateful towards women. That is the wrong direction to take. Its better to try and reach a place of acceptance. By doing so, you and her will be able to have fun and enjoy the game for what it is. As long as you as a man are in control of your actions you can start a relationship or not. Game tends to cause men to avoid women after the sex and I understand it but, by doing so you are admitting they are still in control. They are to an a extent but never let that stop you (Not in a rape way either. I seen you coming SJW calm down) from doing what you want. Just understand that as long as you are not submitting to her by becoming a prop then you will have a better chance at handling her and yourself. Women will appreciate this despite their displeasure in game, which is only occurring because I am talking about it instead of doing. Movies only work and make us suspend disbelief because we don’t see everything behind the scenes from casting, mistakes on set, storyboards, rewrites with the script, the actors quirks and habits, creation of CGI scenes on the computer, and all the way up to the offices and how they deal with marketing. “Real game is no game” to quote Dante Nero. 



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