She, is going to have had another dick in her mouth other than yours. She, is going to have had swallowed so many nuts down her throat that she will able to start her own babysitters club. She, is going to have had, had a few loads of nuts plastered on her face with a gleeful smile to add the cherry on top. She, is going to have had tried anal more than once despite the fact that Taco Bell was eaten earlier in the day. . She, is more than likely going to fuck a person she met on the first night without knowing his name, or how many times his Netflix got turned off for not paying his VERY expensive bill (Shout out to Melissa). She, is more than likely going to record herself having sex with a man she will not be marrying any time soon. She, is going to have had more sexual partners than her perception allows you to truly see. She, will turn you down once, then fuck you later once your money grows. She, will turn you down once, then fuck you later if word of mouth gets around about you. She, will turn you down once, then try and marry you once her “priorities” change later in life. She, will cheat on you if you are not making her happy. Then come right back once the rest of the world does the same. She, is for everybody. 



Lets face it, when it comes to dealing with broads in 2015 on a sexual and relationship level, these women are really for everybody and up for the taking if your game or money is on point. Sure, she will turn you down if your bank account has failed to reach 3 zeros as if your money had Biggie and Tupac on them, but once your money starts to grow like the levels of paranoia as if you were the owner of Scientology passing through HBO channel while trying to have a first date with a broad, she will more than likely treat your cum like mouth wash, spit it out in a ice tray, and place it in the freezer until freezes and use it as ice cubes in a bottle of liquor with your dick as the straw and stirrer. Money is power to women. You as a man are just there to hold it for her until she decides to take it. Reverse that and money becomes your power and you will see just how quick a woman of “standards” will switch once she sees that old white man’s face. You would think the broad was about to drop her panties and facesit that dollar bill right in front of you until she had a orgasm off it. Hopefully that chick wiped her ass or that dollar bill will start to smell like the bathtub of Whitney Houston after she proved yet again that black people have a hard time with swimming, while at the same time give black women yet another reason not to. . . swallow. 

Now, I am I saying that money and only money will be the key to gaining as much sex and emotion from a woman? No. Absolutely not. Some of the most wealthiest people on earth still deal with divorce and cheating from their wives despite the fact that financial wise they were well off and never had to worry again. They still spread their legs and allowed Superpussy to leap tall buildings in a single bound just to go through fire and broken glass to get a new piece of fresh dick. You still need other elements in order to keep the magic going and keep her from looking in another direction and that’s the point when it comes to money. It gives you options in which being broke can’t afford you when it comes to the system. YOU as a man really doesn’t matter. It can be you and Joe blow down the street. If you had the money and switched with him, he now has the power and options of different kinds of pussy. When broke, you have the options of noodles or homemade sandwiches. When you have money, you have the options of take out or Red Lobster. YOU as a man doesn’t matter. Its about more so what you can do. Anything else as far as personality, hobbies, quirks, likes, dislikes, etc are just information that will be used positive or negative in the beginning and ending of a relationship.  These broads are for everybody. You are just a prop in her story. 




I once went to a beach a while back in my early years of being dumb, ignorant, and doing masturbation to AOL CDs while using a 1996 computer, and listening to music on a CD player that the younger generation now might confuse as a cross dressing pick artist if they read the name of the device on paper, I seen a pleasantly plump female laying down in sands on a white and blue towel in what appeared to be a the last pieces of a bikini trapped within her folds. If I had the ability of Matt Murdock after witnessing such a burning acid influenced visual, there would be a good chance I would be able to hear the screams of pain and mercy from the strings of the bikini that looked to be buried alive under pizza dough and earth worms. The earth worms of course represented her stretch marks that were so thick and visible, they seemed like they could of been used as a cocaine bumper for Tony Montana so his drugs wouldn’t hit the floor and trail of dead bodies. Here this lady was with the ability it seems like to be able to crack pavement and create a slip and slide inside of her body flaps for ants, and if she was black for cockroaches, was just laying there without a care or concern in the world under the hot cotton picking sun . She was on the beach enjoying herself in all her glorious ExtremallyBBW glory as if she could see in the future that the rapper Drake would gladly approve of such behavior. When I look back on this “found horror movie footage” I couldn’t help but see how this relates to game. 

If you as a man are constantly being rejected by the opposite sex with looks of disgust, sounds of sickness, and movements of running away as if the smell of sunk and dead bodies were mixed together, the pepper sprayed in the eyes stinginess of it all can be wiped away like good majority of black history in school text books except for the fun parts (Slavery! Yay!) then what you need to do is learn game and see just how quick women respond to it. Learning it is great, but what you need to do is pay attention as to how they react to it once you are able to act a role out for a few years until you internalize it and it becomes apart of you. Understand the progression and see that nothing really when it came to you has really changed. You just simply found a better car. You just updated your cell phone. Your wardrobe got a bit more sharper. Your sword is now able to cut through watermelon without a struggle.

Basically, your tools have only gotten better and in that case it makes you look better. Its interchangeable with these chicks. What they are not doing now will gladly change years later when your focus becomes based on yourself instead of her. It doesn’t matter whether its you or some other guy in the mix. The confidence of the fat girl overweight beautiful princess can be compared to this. Change your attitude about yourself and you will see others will have no choice but to just flow with it. Women see this in a man and will gladly choose chewing on their soaked panties over the last bit of food that they will give to you if you and her were trapped on a desert island. Once you couldn’t get any love from a woman. But then with the switch of the flip those same kind of girls are drooling over you trying to grab a piece of your dick as their own. You or any man can be in the same spot it doesn’t matter. These chicks are for everybody. 




When me and my cousin were having a discussion about women a few days ago about their natural ability to flip emotions and their mind at the drop of a hat, he came up with the perfect way to describe their actions in the form of a old kids toy: “Echa Sketch”. We both laughed at it but I really made sure I remembered that as it sounded perfect to describe women and their actions when it comes to changing them to best suit their needs. Take a look at the video above this paragraph. This chick was JUST riding the dick of another dude as she was becoming lost in blissful heaven of sluttery and fuckery not thinking about her boyfriend whatsoever in that moment. She was IN THAT MOMENT having a grand old time until the cameras pulled up and exposed her for her cheating ways. At first she gets mad at her boyfriend for ever doing SUCH  a mean and hurtful thing to her by showing her indiscretions in front of the world. She was doing everything in her power to try ad put the blame on him for HER CHEATING by making accusations that she seemed to have no evidence to back up with. (The fuckery I tell you) She in this moment wanted nothing to do with her boyfriend. She wanted him as far away as possible as he ruined her getting some side dick in the back of a car.

Fast forward towards the end of the video though, and the SAME woman is now in tears BEGGING the other guy to stay away from the SAME man she was just berating for exposing her cheating ways on TV. Once her boyfriend got knocked down she rushed to his aid and cussed out the SAME man she was just having sex with riding his dick as if his dick was injected with liquid from a molly pill mixed with a pint of Hennessy. Just like that she flip the script and started to care about what happen to the SAME man she was cheating on as if she was never doing anything wrong juts a half hour ago. This is what I was trying to explain to my cousin before he came up with the Echa sketch joke. Women are moments trapped within a picture. Whatever the moment of that picture represents will be her default emotion AT THAT TIME. When another picture is taken she will then become that new moment in that time. This is how they are. Its not a philosophy behind what they do. A woman can be a atheist one year, then switch to becoming a christian the next if the man she is with currently has enough influence on her. This is where is gets interesting when it comes to the man’s side in this equation of the Echa Sketch. Its all about what picture YOU as a man draws. 

If you want her to be a little slut, prude, housewife,lady,etc for you 24/7, then you as a man have to draw that picture as best as you can and as many times as you can. Once you stop doing so by becoming too comfortable, she will find a man that is a still a hungry artist wanting to crave out a masterpiece as he sees fit using her flesh, body, mind, and spirit as his canvas. What you wont do another 20-30 other men will based on her looks. The more cuter the better her chances. The less cuter the lesser her chances but none the less she still has options that can far out reach any man due to our animal nature in trying to fuck as much pussy as we can.  What role you decide not to pick another man gladly will. It doesn’t matter who is in that spot as long as the JOB is getting done.  One year the relationship can be on top of the world. Then the next year it can all crumble and she will move on towards someone else to fill your spot.

Pussy in 2015 is not exclusive to you in no form or fashion. Wives and girlfriends cheat. The only thing you can do is be the best magician you can and keep her entertained for as long as you handle. Yes, its all about the foundation you set in the beginning sure no question. What was bad for Tiger Woods is perfectly fine for Charlie Sheen. Why? Because Charlie Sheen back in his “Winning” days let it be known he was a dick head that focused on making himself happy. Tiger woods was trying to be Mr. Good shoes 24/7. When he got caught during his cheating scandal a few years back it was a shock because that wasn’t who he claimed to be in the beginning. You have to embrace your fuckery from the jump with women. Focus on you but always remember it is still about being the best distraction you can be for her. If not, she will find another entertainer to block her from the fact that its just a show. Its always going to be a dancing monkey dynamic no matter how hard we claim its not. These chicks are for everybody my friend. It just all depends on who is the best entertainment for her story. Women as you can see here play with toys differently than boys do.  




In closing I just want to say this is not a post in bashing women. If anything this she be the chance to simply prove me wrong. If what I am saying is horseshit then prove me otherwise by being better than the whores I deal with as women love to say. If you are a quality female then do better than these chicks we “Misogynist” and “Stuck in the Caveman era” men deal with. Be a better chick than the ones that we run into all our lives. If anything, this is a motivational post not one based in bashing. I love women, hoes, sluts, my ex-girlfriend that was shot directly from Satan’s penis into a fireplace, then became dipped in Magic Johnson’s old trash can that contained a bloodstain band aid while wearing a Nazi diaper wrapped around her little body just to beat the fire off her. I love all types of women. I am just calling it as I see. Until I am proven wrong I will just simply keep saying these girls are for everybody. If you are a better woman than I describe, prove it to me and the men in your lives. 



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