The reason why women and men have disagreements when it comes to the knowledge of Game, Red Pill, MGTOWs, PUAs, etc, is because the information that is being tossed their way is blunt, raw, and simply too brash when it comes to their  trained thought process on women, relationships, and life as a whole. From birth until adulthood, when it comes to love and romance, they have had a idea planted in their head as far as what is the “right” and even “wrong” things to do. This idea has been so engrave inside them that anything that goes against that belief is the same as a Christian hearing information from a Atheist. Its the same as a Hip Hop fan being told that POP music is where the “real” music lives at. And its the same as telling a drug addict that being sober can give you a much more higher high than any drug can muster up.

Overall, game and red pill is disgusting to them and serves them no purpose. Its a dangerous alternative and makes little to no sense as how a man can act in such a cold blooded and methodical manner, and how a woman can act in such a way that sounds more closer towards The Joker from “The Dark Knight” movie, than a actual human being when it comes to gaining sex or commitment from a man. The problem I feel like they have is that they are viewing Game and The Red Pill from a “Real life” view. Meaning, they don’t understand that the reason their kids have toys to play with is because there is someone in a sweat shop making it. Nothing is created without the nuts and bolts being laid out first. 

The feelings both men and women have when it comes to love and relationships are connected to their childhood belief when it came to Santa Clause or a Boogeyman. That fear of something out of reach and unknown to even me as well too, lead me to think there were powers out of reach that were greater than me from a sci-fiction perspective. Like GOD had a plan for each and every person big and small laid out in blueprint fashion before they were even born, or even a thought and concern for the mother and father. This leads them to go through not only their love life, but life in general from a POV of “something will change”. A pov as if their life was the human form of the end result of a lucky lottery ticket. A cartoon or family show where every wraps up in either 15 minutes or 30 minutes always. Basically, men and women while view life in a way that is more closer towards Clark Kent than them thinking they are Superman, they still seek out love in terms of “being lucky”, or hoping for FAITH in a system that is exclusivity made for them. Old and young. Here is paragraph from my favorite blog called “The Rational Male” to extend what I am saying, or, to add more respect where I am inspired from: 


I was in class, surrounded by (mostly) much younger students than myself, all very astute and as intellectual as they come for mid twenty-somethings. At one point the discussion had come around to religion and much of the class expressed being agnostic or atheist, or “spiritual, but not religious”. The rationale was of course that religion and belief could be explained as psychological (fear of mortality) constructs that were expanded to sociological dynamics.

Later in that discussion the idea of a ‘soul mate’ came up. The professor didn’t actually use the word ‘soul’, but rather couched the idea by asking for a show of hands as to how many of the class believed “there was a special someone out there for them?” or if they feared “the ONE that got away.” Damn near the entire class raised their hands. For all of their rational empiricism and claims to realism in regards to spirituality, they (almost) unanimously expressed a quasi-Karmic belief in connecting with another idealized person on an intimate level for a lifetime. -The Rational Male (Soul Mate Myth) 



In the video above, you see Dick Masterson the author of the book “Men are better than women”  on the cancelled TV program “The Tyra Banks Show” talking about the truth of the game in a blunt manner with no fluff or chaser. Just straight to the point without any filter or regard to say the right thing to please the females. As he finishes the other two guys there (In private) would agree but, while the women on the couch as well as the 98% of females in the audience are around, the politically correct tone is used in order to fan the flames that Dick just laid down in front of everyone. This is where it became interesting for me as I view this again later in life after digesting more of the red pill knowledge. 

It became interesting because lets be honest, the women who are seen hugged up with the black dude on the couch KNOW Dick is right when he is speaking on game and how women react to certain cues that men pull off. They understand it just as much as men understand it. The thing is, they (as I have said here) want to believe in Santa Clause. They want to still feel that what he as a man is saying is real from the perspective of a man made idea. Granted, every idea in this world has helped and hurted men, society, and humans as a whole period, but, at the same time this is still based in only what WE can see. This world around us is only known from our perspective as humans. We don’t know what is truly out there. So, to circle back to what I am saying when it comes to the IDEA of love, romance, relationships, etc, this is merely crumbs on the dinner plate.

This is merely something small in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the truth of the world. If me as a man only focuses on strictly what would make woman happy always, she as a female from a animal standpoint will look at me as a weak person. Or, as Patrice O’neal points out here from the 5:16 to 7:22 mark, I start to look like her food. The point I am making is, despite the fact that when the black man in the video starts to dip the medicine that Dick is selling in some food coloring, it still wont change the fact that the medicine bottle remains the same, and the medicine itself its science proven. They or, more so the only woman speaking in the video besides Tyra, WANT to believe the black man’s political remix of the game more so than to actually face the truth staring them in the face. They know swimming in water without knowing how to swim is fun, but that doesn’t want to stop them from chasing the FEELING of danger and the unknown. Sure, the woman in the video can throw a un-creative joke towards Dick and have the females in the audience laugh, but that doesn’t change the Principe of what he still said. They are using concepts and ideas (that was man made in order to get the pussy) as imaginary friends in real time.  



I have talks with some friends and family about this and, I can still see the hope when it comes to men and women. There is nothing wrong with it from a standpoint of you as person understanding how to turn that off and not let that even suck you into a system of slavery.  But, majority of men not just women don’t see it from that alternative at all. The video game is real to them. There is a end goal towards this. This is the truth even though it came strictly from us as a species.  What was once a game of distraction has become the “what is” to them. They were trained from the birth about rules, beliefs, and systems outside of their own thought before they even had a chance to create one. Me myself, I still struggle with not becoming trapped in a box training to figure out my patterns and keep me restrained. Not for just the system of life alone but for me myself internally. This is a fight beyond others. This is a fight with a system we as men have helped built on our own against our own will, but at the same time it has helped our survival. Its a mind fuck to say the least.  

These concepts and ideas that I am looking at from a understanding of a Mechanic also help me stay sharp and stay on my toes. The negatives of the world help strengthening the positive. Both sides play for the same team with it comes to positive and negative and can leave you as a person stuck in a jail cell battle internally with them, but at the same time it keeps you as a person going. You just can’t let it win but also not always play with it. You must treat this life as your pet. Nothing can or will stop you. Don’t even let it THINK that it can. Because thoughts will then become actions and actions will then become buildings. Cement you can no longer knock down.  

Men need to simply stop the confusion of what can be and simply learn how to live in the mindset of being able to “Kill the bunny” as The Rational Male points out here using the same video, with women, and also as I have said life as a whole. There is no end game here. There is no end point to all of this. This is merely a pit stop on the long road in life. You can not women become the end of YOUR book. You are still writing yours. How can that be misunderstood as selfish when talking on a higher level? Granted, I am not saying that after figuring out the world with this angle that things will become easier always no, but, it gives you a blueprint to see the world from a objective angle at all times with no purpose or ending. Simply mastering it. Its like a long game of Tetris. How many blocks can you spin and flip  to make a shape before it reaches the top?. It must be like that with everything especially women. You can have faith in the hopes that I and many others that blog about the same subject are wrong, but still wont change the fact that it works. Its a game. Learn to treat it as such from a child perspective, and a adult perceptive. You must have fun but never forget why you are. 



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