“How much sex you think she has had? 


I remember saying this to my old grade school friend when we were in the lunchroom watching certain chicks pass us by. The question was weird and caught him off guard. Rightfully so, as he was not so much into caring about the details as much as he was more so caring about just fucking, chilling, and smoking weed. Typical dude that “just got it” while I was still playing catch up as to how girls were at the time of my youth. That ties in to the theme of this post as while he was already in the game and understanding the dynamics between boys and girls without REALLY understanding it, (Aka a natural) my mindset was more so towards what I discussed in my most recent post here. I had place women in this box and expected them to behave in manners in which I was trained and conditioned to believe from TV, movies, songs, etc. Like a box that you would keep a pet inside and not expect them to do anything bad as long as your properly trained them. Labels was the name of the game as I would have the popular girl, the slut, nerdy chick, angry chick, etc.

As boys and men, we like to build systems to help better dominate our environment and increase our chances at survival. The chains we are born into are the reason I am typing on a laptop, while I am able to drive a car, have sex and not catch a disease, have a iPod to listen to good (And corny I wont lie) music, etc. These systems have helped us men and boys be able to conquer women and create a blueprint in which we have today called “Game” and “The red pill” which help expose the box we are in, but at the same time keep us in our own boxes at the same time. Before I knew any of this though as I said, I labeled women in categories to help me better understand and capture them. This would work in some cases from a distance, but, once I moved in closer for the kill, a monkey wrench would be thrown in my plans. 

I would have this image in my head of how these women were from a far. I would see them flirt and be playful and automatically conjurer up a story play by play in my head. Whether it was a story about me and her being boyfriend and girlfriend, me doing some very off the wall kinky shit with them, me judging them by boxing them in with names due to their actions in which they were freely allowed to do, etc. I would have this in play in particular with one girl when our first interaction involved  me be shoved out the way as she walked down the hallway. Her words were “Move boy” as strolled along without a care in the world. Of course, this made me see her as simply a “stuck up bitch”. I had her in a box and would not budge. Any action she did would always make me retrace my steps back to where she had pushed me to the side and kept walking as if I was a mere doormat. her role was decided. That is, until out the blue one day she started to flirt heavy with me.

I mean, real heavy in terms of what I considered great back then. My class clown antics mixed with my quiet approach had made her notice me. All of a sudden, the role she played no longer matter. She was just a “cool and sexy” chick at that point as everything she did was tossed out the window. My “game plan” was thrown towards the shredder all because her ability without trying to fit in a box was removed. And now, I had placed another box on her as being a nice girl with a cute butt that just needed someone to talk. Replace another set of chains for the former. This of course lasted for a short period as towards my graduation from middle school, her need for attention had waned as she went back to ignoring me and doing her. End result? Back to labeling her as a bitch. This left me in a state of unknowing. A state of worry I would never figured this out. I was left in a state of simply confusion. 



Women are like rivers flowing through the world avoiding rocks and just going were ever the direction takes them. No end game in sight at all just simply flowing. You can take a water bottle and have that bottle represent form. Whether it was the form of housewife, slut, bitch, employee, boss, etc. Whatever the shape of the water bottle that is what shape the woman will take. Though, never forget that the water is clear and see through. It is merely taking its shape. That is not its natural place. It is merely playing a role in order to satisfy, and at the same time manipulate its environment as men do as well. Not from a technical standpoint but, more so a painting standpoint.

A painting is in its moment. It can not change due to it literally being a moment in time that is trapped in that frame. That is woman. Its not a malice thing that they have planned out in their head. It simply “is”. Do women scheme? Of course but, the way in which we take words as honor and integrity are more built in our DNA as men. With women, if it suits their needs now then it matters. When it doesn’t, they can give two fucks about it.  

Men, from a metaphorical standpoint are boys trapped inside a house we built. Everything is fine until a fire or tornado breaks out. We have everything perfectly in order when it comes to women until they become angry, upset, sad, hostile, rude, bitchy, etc. We are left confused and try it fix it as quick as they can. The minute we do that, we become trapped in thinking this can be magically fixed. It can not. o matter how prepared we can be for a storm when it comes to the weather channel it will not stop the disaster that is heading our way. We can only be prepared and do our best. Hence why its called mother nature. 

This is what you see in the video above. Shane on the left admits that he wants to truly say how he feels to this one particular girl is sleeping with when it comes to a disagreement they have but, instead, he goes for the political route of “what can be”. He wants to truly tell this chick to simply smarten up and stop being dumb when it comes to the conversation they are having but, as Rick the guy on the left says “That would be bad”. What he is saying is had he said how he truly felt to that girl, it would of lead to a “storm” invading “his house” seeking chaos. He of course would of done everything he can to “fix” something that didn’t seek out to be fixed. Just destroy. He would of fail right in the trap and he knows it. Despite the fact he as every (Some) other men are a master when it comes to logic we still fall in the trap of arguing with a woman.

When it comes to Rick and his situation with a woman, or better yet his wife, he wonders how she can be so cruel as to lash out on him and say something so mean in front of their children. The anger on his face as he tries to figure out why she would just blurt out how she wonders if he even cares about us at all explains it all. Both men are in that car trying to figure out something that was not meant to be figured out. Shane goes for the route of “what can be” and chalks it up to every couple has problems. Men, as I talked about in the beginning of this post want a system for everything so they can conquer and master it to the best of their abilities. Women, were not meant to be conquered as a object. Sure, you CAN in some regards but overall the game will never stop. They will always test a man no matter how much we please them in terms of sex, financial, mental, emotional, etc. They are both left confused trying to find the missing pieces of a puzzle that has none. “What can be” in terms of women and relationships being good, logical, honorable, structured, etc sounds good in theory but, is simply not how things are. 



I’ll leave it here with this. When it comes to relationships and women, when you remove all of the fluff and bullshit that clouds what simply is when it comes to men and women, the simple fact is we live in a do or die world. Women represent chaos and, before, before I had any knowledge of how they were, this would upset me as it did Rick and Shane in the first clip above. But now, I not only understand but appreciate them for it. They represent the “what is” in the world. This world is not meant to be in order. It never was from the knowledge I know now. WE, as humans created our own prison. The caveman was no concerned about what can be. He was only concerned about what is happening now. Slavery was once a thing back then. A normal thing? How can that be? Well simple: White people over powered us and used us to their pleasure and disposal. Where was this “what can be” scenario then? Where was this higher peace in the world? Where was GOD? Where was this higher state of thinking? The answer is there was none. It was a power move that lasted over 400 years. Let that sink in. 400 years. It wasn’t a good or bad thing. It just simply happened.

In the clip above to give some context, Shame and Rick’s wife Lori and his son Carl thought he was dead due to the Zombie apocalypse that the show “The Walking Dead” is based around. In that process, Lori did what she had to do and went towards another man for protection in Shane. Things were good until Rick was found alive and came back. After that you can pretty much see why these two were in that situation in that 2nd clip above. The point is this:  If you are not ready to deal with this world, you will either lose or be removed out of the way as the strong survive mentally plays on. Shane was looking to take out Rick in order to have Lori to himself and raise his kid as his own. And, the other kid as well that was in Lori’s stomach. Which without question belonged to Shane during Rick’s absence. None of those events are logical or make sense from a man’s “building philosophy” when it comes to figuring out the world. It just simply happened. It again simply is. She did what she had to do to survive. Rick was dead, She was horny, Shane was a strong male that can give her protection, her son needed a man to help guide him in life, etc.

We men like to place these boxes and labels onto men but, the fact of the matter is it is a waste as far as long term goes. Sure, they will listen and do as you please but, never forget the tornado is bound to happen again, and again, and again, and again. Game and Thee red pill is simply tools and protection for the modern day man dealing with the modern day relationships. Stop being confused at a painting that does not move. It was never meant to move. It is simply stuck in that moment and time focused on its own pleasure.  Woman just want you to hold the camera. Game and the red pill helps in making you aware of that fact. There is no confusion. 



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