One of the hardest things I had to deal with when it came to discovering the deeper depths to which game had to offer, was coming to a understanding that what I wanted when it came to women and the concept of love had became shattered into pieces as the concrete of reality came barreling towards my balls. Since grade school when I started to look past the immature views I was conditioned to have on girls, I had always sought out the movie fantasy when it came to relationships of boyfriend and girlfriend. I would see these movies play out when it came to any genre and felt a burning blue flame inside positive rage inside of me to want to capture that same vibe and worship from a woman. I had always wanted to  capture that goofy and teenage love dream and bring it to life in my own world. My attempts to view a woman I truly wanted from a distance had me playing fantasies inside of my head that involved holding hands, laughing about silly and trivial things, chilling at a BBQ under a  tree during a hot Fourth of July day, kissing just because, watching a movie, etc. Normal things of course but, the weight and investment I wanted seem to be something much more deeper and powerful. Something much more long term and even cult like when it came to girls and the concept of love. I wanted to bring a hour and 45 minute to life as if I was doing my own romantic version of “The last action hero” and make the girl of my Disney like inspiration come to life. What I wanted was closer to religion. A belief in a higher power. What I wanted and had was simply this: Faith. 

I had blind faith in a idea that was not exclusive to me but more so for the benefit for civilization and society as a whole. I was merely another small bread crumb in a game in which would and will continue on long after I am gone and forgotten from this world. The faith in love from a young age had me viewing girls as single seasons of TV shows instead of trying to understand the full body of work. I was judging Tupac’s career based off the Death Row years instead of trying to view his full life and what lead him to his ideas and thoughts about the world. My faith in girls was unhealthy and not manageable from a logic sense. I would hear this songs, read these books, watch these movies, and view other couples around e in relationships and sought out for perfection in a world built of chaos and random acts. By doing this, who I was as a person was not yet discovered. If anything, I was simply another robot with a artificial idea of what a woman was and how she was suppose to act towards me when I showed my love and worship of her. I would dive in and hope that some miracle in the shy would raise to different levels of thought and have me become part of this secret club I had thought existed. GOD would lead me towards the best thing in the world and have my reality come true, but also at the same time have my dream be fulfilled of having the perfect story book romance that was going to unlock the door from my nightmare I was living. But then, I woke up. 

My anger towards women was allowed but invalid as it was not their  fault, but more so mine when it came to not understanding the instinctual levels of how the game truly was and is.  I viewed them as characters in my head that were picked apart of from different movies, TV shows, songs, books, etc and created this perfect model of how they were suppose to be. Problem is, that is just not how women are deep down. Granted, a woman can (not is) but can be submissive towards her man if certain aspects are in place, but, to genuinely be submissive, humble, nice, and generous this man must have some understanding of the game is if he is not naturally good with not only women, but life as a whole. This must be his default and not a plan as if he was a trained robot. My anger towards women was rooted deep down in this understanding that love was truly magic. Which means that, there is a trick that involves smokes and mirrors. It was not real nor simply “is”. It was organized and I had been late to the party. Everybody was already drunk and in a zone. I, as well as others were merely playing catch up just because. Not because we truly wanted to. We simply wanted to be apart of something. It wasn’t genuine and I knew that. That, is where the true source of the anger lied in. 

Women believe in the love story as well. The difference is, as crazy as this sounds, women believe in a love story based of reality and not merely a concept as men see it. Sure, you as a man can say you love her, do things to make her happy, worship her at every turn, hour, minute, and second, but, that will not change what is going on in the outside world if you as a man are not, for a lack of a better term, guarding her from outside influences. To a more basic view, a man’s job when it comes to a woman is to really guard her from taking a piss. Its to guard her from speaking in traffic as she plays the blind person. Your job as a man is to always make her get caught up in the movie without her realizing its a movie she is watching.

Understanding this made my faith in love turn from fantasy to cold and factual reality. Men can believe as hard as they can for the myth they grew up on to stay a fairytale that they can bring to life but, the simple fact of the matter is it will never be. Even when a women gets her needs met as far as financial, sexual, emotional, etc, there is still a undercurrent of her just moments away from leaving if the man does not continue to play her game. Don’t believe me? Just ask Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Paul McCarty, etc. Granted, sexually or emotionally their needs may of not be met as much as their financial needs were, but, despite that, that is one of the basic requirements of survival. Women will throw that towards the fire with family and kids JUST to still seek out her solipsistic needs COMPLETELY.  

The issue is not with women as this is her being her in her most open and honest nature. The problem/solution lies within men’s need to cling to something that is just not real. I say “problem/solution because, had MORE men become more aware back in the beginning stages of society as far as how women truly were, we would not have the system we do now to keep society in check. The last video in this post I did recently breaks it down perfectly. The whole world of men can not become too aware. If so, it could be dangerous. Nobody wants to hear this but, not everybody was meant to be awaken. Worker bees are needed in order for the world to function properly. To break it down even more, majority our hoes while a small percentage of men are merely pimps. What is faith to a man that has none? Evil or, simply smarter? 

Listening to Warren Farrell’s audio book “The Myth of Male Power”, he said something interesting when it came to men being afraid of commitment to women. Men are not afraid of the women as they are afraid of the full weight of the relationship and what that instills. I am badly reciting what he said, but basically, men weigh out all the options when it comes to investing their time into a woman. That, along with Rollo from “The Rational Male” blog’s post called “Appreciation”   and this quote right here from his “Qualities of the prince” post paint perfectly exactly what I am trying to say in this post today:

My critics get fits of hysteria when I describe the acculturated, feminine-centric undercurrent operating in society. Girl-world is the only world for them, so pulling back the iron-veil of the feminine reality like this is usually a hard revelation. (Rational Male) 

All of this is the same fear when it comes to love. Men place their faith in something that goes against a belief and system when it comes to men and women. Women don’t understand it from a male POV as men try to understand things from a women’s POV. Or, at least a man that is trying to be aware. Its girl-world or no world. Period. Its cute to women when men try and shift things there way. They show no respect to it because deep down wen it comes to the mating game, majority of men will suffer and fold just to have a chance at having a woman. This is their game always. Kids, family, relationship, romance, etc. Granted, men love these things as well, but more so to really have a better chance at making her happy and calming down from becoming a nagging bitch. Problem is by jumping when she says jump, this kills attraction and has a woman BEGGING for a moment a chaos. Yell back at her, tell her no, have some restriction, don’t have sex the way that will make her happy, flirt a bit, make her jealous, focus on you, be more selfish, etc, etc, etc.

The best thing a man can do is the accept what is in front of us now. The times of women being submissive and humble without any agenda is gone. Of course, there was a agenda for their survival, but now its a lot more honest and brutal to some. We are not in dark times we are in more truthful times. Science has made religion seem like a blanket to keep warm at night as the years come closer and closer towards a cold death. The same is said for game and the faith of love when it comes to relationships.  Man must internalize as much knowledge as he can and chose to march towards truth instead of fantasy. Or else, more situations like these will occur. More suicides of men will continue. And more men feeling they should give up and not even try will always be the norm. Get in the game or not. Its up to you. But just know that it will always be around. Its not exclusive to you. Just like the world. 







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