Having a standard about one’s path can lead to a more fulfilling and successful outlook on life than any amount of free association that lacks responsibility can create. Freedom to do as you please while great in certain parts can still cause you as a person to never try and reach for more. The decrease in never knowing what you can do from a early age will have you accepting mediocrity as the preeminent instead of the simple and basic. This can be found in something as simple as how you allow others to speak with you. Whether family or friends, if you never hold yourself to a standard a “joke” will not be seen in the same context of a joke that is displayed on you. This “joke” in their eyes will become who you are if you live within that “joke”, thus, making the moment of laughter become a permanent stamp on your life. Others will then dictate who and what you are based on what you respond to instead of knowing deep down who you truly are. If you respond to be called a “dummy” then you will become the dummy in all your actions by what you do. Acceptance of that “joke” just to have some say in the mix of conversation from perceived “Cool people” by becoming that character is just like basically saying “My life is in your hands. Guide me as you best see fit.” How is that a healthy way to live? 

The path of ones life without any restriction is foolish for your future if chaos is the ironically dominant structure for ones own personal road in life to guide them. The drug like feeling of just “winging” it while fun when young, can cause such disaster in your close relationships from a psychological, and even physical perspective. For men dealing with women, this can be seen constantly especially if she is attractive. This thirst from the male gender will never leave her dry (Double meaning) as her status and power is a direct result of what men are willing to do in order to either get a wif of their attention,and, maybe, hopes of some actual reward in the form of pussy or even just their time. When the options between structure and chaos is more sweet, why then would a young  woman start looking for a solid relationship when a instant semi “relationship” can happen within a few finger swipes from using her phone? The function and status of a relationship for her is merely for survival and ego boost purposes. A need for that is not something to rush into in this new era when the next male that is not aware of the “Game lifestyle” is willing to sell his beliefs and morals for a late night fetish of Femdom worship, or, simply just to have the fun and relief of having sex with a beautiful woman. Standards for men become more and more harder to keep up with as more and more comments under a female’s social media page continue to grow. 

What is greatness in times of mediocrity in which the limitations of the fish outweighs the thirst of the shark? The feeling of the drunken homeless man and his lack to do for self proceeds to become the mountain to climb instead of  the knowledge of self. The understanding of one becomes seen as selfish, while the more group think become seen as the norm. Standards to develop something to help push the mind of the people forward takes a backseat to what is already built to ensure further enslavement of the rest of the masses with the help of a yearly upgraded social contract in which becomes more of the focus than instead, seeking the mirror to see one’s own self. Confusion profits more in older years while the youth and “what is hot at the moment” can have its fun degrading itself until it is time to “grown up” and be more “mature”. Meaning, the spiritual journey through chaos and struggle and maybe a attempt to find something deeper in the mist of destruction gets replaced with what is deemed appropriate and “right” for the good of the people. How can one ever reach its own standards if a blueprint for his or her own life has been used to help create the box in which only cares about its use and not the person itself?  Pushing through the needles in which pricks and stabs the flesh just to find a key that can only be used if permission is given and crush a person’s fight to continue and therefore submit to what is deemed “right” and run away from what is deemed wrong, continues its cycle for decades upon decades and taken as the norm so much that a option of knowing there is an alternative way of thought and action becomes buried deeply in the grave with those of the rebellious bodies and spirits of the dead to never be found or heard from again . Despite the fact that at this point in the jungle of man who plays his own police and mental jail maker to tame the inner animal in each of us, right and wrong play on both sides to create a bubble boy and girl out of all of us while the truth plays as a disease not to been seen, touched, and especially heard. 

The ability to withhold yourself from becoming too debased in your words and actions like a deleted scene from the movie “Map of the stars” in modern times is there. The action to walk away and focus on creating such standards that were once seen as simply living in olden times can be completed if wisdom, knowledge, and ignorance of the awareness can be the main attraction for the eyes once used to the fire and destruction in their lifetime for both man and woman. These things can be done, but the mental strength needed has become crushed and damn near depleted  by what is now available on the internet. It reflects the outside reality as the dark freedom inside the spiderWEB and can leave a man or a woman’s mind tangled inside a cocoon with its own very limited restrictions on rules, morals, and ethics. A website I visit frequently called The Vigilant Citizen talked about a term used in the hit TV show from 2014 called True Detective  called “Psychosphere”. Here is a brief description of it I found from the website:

The term psychosphere is not a common term in the English language. It originates from the science fiction literature of authors such as Roland C. Wagner and  H. P. Lovecraft – the creator of  the Cthulhu Mythos.

“Psychosphere” can be defined as “sphere of human consciousness” and takes its roots in Carl Jung’s concept of “collective unconscious”. It basically states that all thoughts that go through the human brain are “converted” by the neocortex and projected outwards into ethereal dimensions. Humans therefore live in an “atmosphere of thoughts”, a concept that is also referred to as “noosphere” by Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin. According to them, the existence of this psychosphere causes humans to be compelled to respond to similar ideas, myths and symbols.


And, another quote from there about the character named Rust Cohle who was quoted as saying “Got a bad taste out there. Aluminum, ash, like you can smell the psychosphere” in the TV show about the term and concept:


Occult researchers have often identified ritualistic murders as mass-rituals meant to shock the masses and disturb the psychosphere.

“[Some murders] are ritual murders involving a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police.

Such killings are actually intricately choreographed ceremonies; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, then on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media.

In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased in this, the ‘Nigredo’ phase of the alchemical process.

– Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare


You can read the rest of the great article here for more information on the term and concept of the show. Waring though, major spoilers on the first season will be shown. Make sure to view the TV hit if you wish to get a better grip and visual on what the post is referring to. Now, while it may seem like another “Illuminati is everywhere, run!” type of post I assure you its not. The world in recent times has gotten, in my view, more dark morally wise yet, more logically survival wise. As I always tell my cousin, we are not in dark times really. Just more enlighten times as far as men and women becoming more honest and brutal in their actions. We are slowly moving away from having (Yes, I’m going to say it again here it comes) standards (Whew!) and more so moving towards doing whatever it takes to gain either pleasure, or, in some cases for women, use pleasure to gain finical safety as this ROK article talked about earlier this week. We are moving in my opinion more and more away from seeking structure, and more towards a ideal that money over everything reigns supreme.

The green dollar that is slowly killing the color battle between the races while great in some aspects, its also very wrong in most cases as you are seeing both men and women in large amounts lacking the restriction to withhold themselves from chasing the greened eye monster. Speaking on this from a logical perspective can be cast off as “Oh its not that serious people are just living and having fun”. Yet, people are failing to see the damage they are causing themselves as the past can dictate the future. Act on slutty behaviors now and suffer to bond with a man in the future. Throw standards as a man out the window now, and suffer being able to deal with real life in the future. Granted, being your own man and doing as you please is something I preach always but ,at the same time, certain basics that came before I was even a thought in my father’s nut sack have been the deciding factor in building the civilization we as humans have now.  This is the same for Game also. Do you and not become a robot but, at the same time ,never lose who YOU are as a person just to please a woman. When faced with problems that can affect both you and her and your real self comes to the light, will that be enough to keep your girlfriend or wife around or, will she start seeking stage left once your true self comes out to play? 

In closing, the bottom line as a man or woman is that, you are free to do as you please (In some countries) but, always remember the simple two letter word of “No”. Do you really need to debase yourself in order to gain a piece of ass or dick? Are the new Jordans really worth almost losing your life?  Is it really worth losing who you are as a person and man in order to “eat some ass” and “keep licking on a fat and sexy clit until a chick comes all in your mouth” as the videos up above talks about? I am not telling you as a man and woman to not live. I am simply saying holding back and thinking how this will affect you in the future should be a issue within yourself. Having restriction can benefit both genders if diving head first in a pool of excess wasn’t always the first resort as modern times has made it out to be instead, for safety and future reasons, being the last resort to ensure a better tomorrow. Work now, play later



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