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I remember this moment of being outside putting a table together while working  with this guy for a moving company I used to be employed to.  We were just talking about random shit until the conversation shifted towards God somehow. He said something that really caught me off guard. Which was: “How do you know that is a chair you are building? How do you know that is called the sky? How do you know that is the Sun up there?” I had never heard something so simple yet complex. How did I know all of this? Sure, you can easily say that my parents taught me as well TV but, how do we KNOW its called the sky? Maybe the sky should be called a tree, or, a tree should be called water, dirt should be called grass, etc, etc, etc. Long story short, ever since that day my mind was locked onto reading more material based on this subject of “truth”. I was hooked on expanding my mind and finding more information on GOD, philosophy, psychology, truth, etc. Anything that created a deep thought within my mind that listening to just a Jay Z or Nas album couldn’t  provide. Around that time, I started to see the transition in my thinking from just looking to be entertained for a brief couple of moments to instead, looking for things to teach me and feed my brain instead of the usual junk food. In more basic terms mentally wise, I was growing up and needed more than what the mainstream BS could provide me.

I was hungry for knowledge like a shark sensing blood in the ocean and made my way through it like a predator in hunt mode fashion soaking in everything I could. I was blood thirsty as I made my up for all those years of dicking around wasting my time and life on waste-less entertainment that now as I look back on it, held no true concrete ground in reality currently in my life. Sure, some music from the past survived as well as TV shows I still enjoy, but, for everything else, it was simply a waste. Including some conversations with “friends” and doing some dumb shit with them that was fun in the moment and even memorable even but, looking back on it I could of been doing more with my time.  Fast forward to now and, I gathered up many, many books on philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, etc. I was amazed at all of this knowledge that was just a click away on a website waiting for me and many others to discover, read, and digest. 


With the new path I was on I manage to find Chateau Heartiste, Solve My Girl Problems, The Rational Male, Captain No-Marriage, etc, etc, etc. These sites and many others changed my view on not only women,but my life, family, values, principles, and lifestyle of how I approached life. I was becoming a different guy and actually gaining some confidence in myself that I never would of expected I always had deep inside of me sense my social development era of my school years. From then to now, I am a much more stable and knowledgeable man and can see the difference between not only me and my friends but, also even older men. I seen how they were and acted as still immature as if they were still stuck in their high school days. Ego aside though this is not to make me stand out and pat myself on the back. No. This is more so a post about awareness and how my search for “truth” and knowledge has lead me to a dead end of sorts. Its lead me to think about two things that go against everything my blog stands for at its whole.  Its a tough confession that may even contradict everything I have ever wrote about but, I have no issue risking that.  Simply put: A confession about my views on money and women. 

Its difficult for me to explore this aspect of life without disrespecting not only my blog but a certain percentage of  my overall philosophy on life. Ever since I have grown more mature and moved myself away from the clutter in life that quite frankly wasn’t going to lead me towards anywhere positive such as hanging out with people who were going in circles in life, viewing too much TV, doing too much consumption on music searching, and a myraid of other things in which I can’t even remember at this point as I write this. I have gain a new love for searching for something much more deeper. In that process as you can see from my blog or if you were a fly on the wall and hear the kind of conversations I have with people now in my life, you will see my mind is all about moving past the concrete and dirt  and more so going towards the the sky and space until the limits are reached metaphorically wise. While great in my exploring, I have found myself reaching a point in which I have to ask myself “Why am I continuing?” Not so much from a suicide perspective but, more so from a perspective of  “Why am I trying to explore when everything I need may be right here? That “everything” being money and women. What else is there? I mean, when you REALLY think about it what else is there but money and women? Sure, you can say family, values, knowledge, art, music, movies, drugs, alcohol, etc but, all of those things either require money, women, or both to complete it. That is where I am coming from more so today. The big picture debate that in my opinion goes unnoticed as money is more so a tool, while women play the reward aspect from working hard and gaining status that, that average man can gained with enough dedication to whatever his craft is. Money and women is a aspect that gains negative vibes but, what if it wasn’t. What if we look at money and women being the only true valuable things as a positive for once. Is it so bad? 

What is so bad about money and women being the only things in life that not so much matter, but more so what makes life truly fun? What other fun is there besides having money and a beautiful woman near your side to play and do as you please with he\r within reason? Once you get to that certain sweet spot of having a good amount of both, you are able to extend your mind past the limitations it once had and be able to do more with your time. You are able to buy a bigger place for you or you and your family. Help your mother out with some bills. Support your family. Go on q crazy  shopping spree that you have always wanted to do since you were a child. Party hard with close friends at a club or strip club, etc, etc, etc, etc. Money and women being seen as positive is not so much doing it from a ignorance POV,but more so doing it to embrace the fact that once you acquire enough of it, it can unlock to a level of life unseen to a extremely large portion of the population: Freedom. 

I’m sure you can find many, many songs from artists depicting their displeasure with money and fame (Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, J Cole, Drake, etc) but, at the same time they are still granted perks from their hard work and have the ability to just stop and have not only them, but their family and friends enjoy their wealth until they pass on in life. While the majority of the world struggles dealing with check to check and dodging Rent-A-Center and Aaron trucks daily, a certain percentage of the world is able to literally take a year off and enjoy the sweet fruits of their labor. People criticize Lil Wayne’s music these days for being just about money, women, drugs and fame. While true and at one time I was on the Lil Wayne bash train like most people have hopped on and joined, I started to come into clarity about his music in a new light. When you have gained that much status and wealth as that man has why is it such a bad thing to hear about it? He has reached a point in his career in which his only problems are ones we would see as silly and not of importance to us. If you hear any of his recent albums from 2010 to now you will hear a man able to have fun and enjoy a somewhat stress free life that is awarded to us all until bills takeover our path and suffocate us to death. How can one really enjoy life when everyday the light bill and the risk of your children starving is at hand? Majority of people will never taste success and the ability it brings. For anyone to say its not the only thing to care about is one thing, but to say its not important as artists have said is quite frankly a completely different thing. 

For all my talk about women when it comes to this blog, it would seem that saying they are the 2nd most important thing in the world would cause my blog to not be taken seriously anymore and also seem pointless in discussing them at all since I held their worth in such high regard. I would agree to an extent yet, my point is more so from a fun aspect of life. Sure, I may discuss women in a logical and yet at times uncensored fashion in which you can find here, and also here, but that does not stop me from still enjoying their time. Whether its sex or simply a regular conversation I have always enjoyed my time with them. Even before in my school years as I waited like a chained dog in their dark basement full of other lost souls of men like a inverse version of “12 Years a Slave” called instead “12 Years a Friend” until they awarded me with their precious and special time. They are the prize we seek out once we gain confidence in our self and of course confidence in our bank account. There is nothing more fun than having a pretty chick nearby as you relax on the beach enjoying nothing but the sounds of others and the sounds of the wave as others enjoy swimming in it laughing their ass off having fun. Have I had the pleasure of doing such thing? No but, at the same time I have a pretty good feeling it would be much more enjoyable than busting my ass at a job that in the true sense doesn’t give a damn about you once you get sick or injured. Of course, those without game and a understanding of women will have a different view on it but, even they no matter what if they had the chance would pick spending time with a beautiful woman that genuinely wanted to spend time with him over going to do a job he absolutely hated. My whole point in this is simply this: Ware we so persistent on trying to find more instead of just chilling and relaxing with what we already in front of us? 

In closing, I will always continue to learn and expand my mind as much as I can and bring fourth more great content and ideas on this blog as well as any conversations I have in life with others who would listen and want to learn. That will never change due to my brain always looking for a new puzzle to solve. Yet, I will also admit that most of the time there is nothing better than just enjoying spending money on some stupid shit, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the company of a woman that wants to be around me. Like I discussed here, and to a certain extent even here, the best moments in life don’t require much thought to it. Just some good weed, alcohol, friends, women, and money to be able to spend the night freely doing shit you normally couldn’t. Hard work and the mindset to create to think outside the box will always be the key to unlocking the pleasures of this world no question about it, but as always remembering to stop and enjoy it too is just as, if not maybe even more important than we realize. 



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