“Yeah but, who are you though?”


Any time someone tries to act like they were THE golden sperm that shot out from the penis of god created inside the womb of EVE, just remember those 6 little words in your head to block out the brown and green horseshit from invading your space sucking the energy out of your soul and body. Who are you? People swear they are worth the dirt from the bottom of your shoe and shit from your toilet just so they can grow a plant. Not a tree but a plant. Nothing of worth that is going to truly add value for you or anybody else’s life on this little blue dot we live on that’s spinning around a ball of fire that can turn on us at any minute. It always amazes me when I hear people run their mouth about another person on Social media yet in 50 years, they wont be remembered for anything except giving birth to a ugly ass kid slash future Burger King burger flipper or, another stripper that is working her way through collage but always finds it easier to work the pole longer in and out of the club. Never let anybody on this planet that isn’t offering something of substance try and bring you down when their toothbrush and hands more than likely hasn’t felt water in the whole 365 days each year. Both men and women. 


Which even includes me as well. I am no one special (Yet) but I am working everyday to be not only special, but also remembered after my body has been taken over with anther maggot hotel, and my spirit is either bored as fuck in Heaven, or begging for more cold that the modern day rapper’s album sales in hell. Until then, why even care what I think to be honest? I am the same man that watched a older guy at least in his 60’s or 70’s trying to shovel snow out of his driveway, as I watched in a warm house drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in it as a Sade stream from Pandora played in the background. Who am I? I am the same guy that yelled out “One of you will become a stripper!” as I was driving past a group of 2nd graders walking home from their school bus as I drove post them. Who am I to tell you how to live and what to do with women when it comes to this blog? I am the same guy that got badly scratched by my own cat when I wad younger on the index finger, and then seconds later grabbed a basketball as I used it as MLB  fastball aiming right at my pregnant cat as she ran away screaming. Who am I? Most people on this planet talk a lot of hot garbage about what you should do, say, read, or eat in your life as if they have theirs in a perfect balance. Some do granted but, most of the time they don’t and are just looking for an excuse to feel better about themselves since their life is just as boring, average, or maybe even worse. 



I used to think this was just a trait for females but, working in a environment with dudes at a blue collar job, I can see just how dead the connection between mouth and mind really is with them. I am not perfect and never will claim to be, but, dudes I work with swear nothing is ever suppose to be wrong when it comes to their job. Not everyday is going to be perfect. Even when you are a supervisor like I am things can go wrong. I see grown men acting like bitches and complaining about certain issues that quite frankly they can handle themselves. Apologies if this comes off as a chance to rant about my job but I swear its not. Trust me (I’m a cult leader) Who are you to try and throw acid in a perceived wound you assumed you open. Who are you going to be when your times comes to take that permanent nap?  The audacity of not only the guys I work with but, dudes just all around that act more bitchy than the average chick mind boggles me. Guys that spend 200$ on a pair of jeans, 300$ on shoes, 400$ on a watch, and 50$ for a hat swear that makes you somebody important. Yeah, important as a target for women looking for a come up, a thief looking for a quick buck, and another zombie in the consumer market. That doesn’t make you a “Real man” or even someone of importance. Never let anybody that places money over values, principles, knowledge, wisdom, honor, and self-respect. That is a lost person and waste of your time. Again, I am not trying to tell you how to live just give better directions on the path towards the same ending for us all. I feel like Doctors, Cops (Some of them), Veterinarians, Lawyers (Some of them), Psychologists, Therapists, Musicians (Some), etc are the ones  who men and women should inspire to be. They are the people that are adding something to humanity everyday by keeping people and kids safe as best as they can they get injured or sick. This is the opposite of being just a simple slave for the system. 
The pressure’s too much man, I’m just tryin’ to do what’s best
And I try, sit alone and I cry
Yo I won’t tell no lie, not a moment goes by
That I don’t pray to the sky, please I’m beggin’ you God
Please don’t let me be pigeonholed in no regular job
Yo I hope you can hear me homey wherever you are –Eminem (8 Mile) 
The theme of “Who are you” continues again when it comes to jobs. Any time someone tries to discredit you and your life as if your mother and father should of just played the “Kick mommy down the steps” game in order to prevent you from sucking more air and turning colorful food into that brown shit that could of been saved for other people, just look at their jobs and what they are doing. Who are they to judge you when they are more than likely just another brick in the wall not offering a damn thing for the future. Just people who have embraced modern day slavery by feeding the rancid system that just chews up your bones and sucks the blood from your corpse until you are married wife for 15 years bone dry, and then discard you out in the trash full of other dead bodies long forgotten like you were a carton of buffalo wings. Always view what they do. It can give you a insight as to whether this person is even worth displaying your energy. Because that is really all they want. Just your energy to help them get through their empty ass day. Why place any effort into trying to convince a person of your worth when they have none of their own. Granted, I am not trying to seem as if the jobs they do work are completely meaningless. Everybody has to eat and provide for their family. Even if the job will offer nothing to society for the future that can maybe help change, or add something positive to it. But at the same time never forget the long term. Are these people really worth you from stopping your goals by taking you off the path just so you can get in a waste less debate with them? I think not. Strive to always keep your focus intact. Leave those people to collect dust like the comment section of every thirsty dude under a pretty chick’s social media page. 
Recently I was listening to a old episode Juan Esptein podcast on iTunes. It was featuring Dante Nero who has his own podcast called “The Beige Phillip Show”. You can find samples here, and where his inspiration came from, from the great Patrice O’neal with his show “The Black Phillip Show”. I HIGHLY recommend checking out all of their material. I am truly a much better man because of it. Anyway he was on the Juan Esptein dropping gem after gem after gem. I have already played the Ep once but, I plan on keeping it around for many more listens. Towards the end around the 1:13:13 mark one of the host named Cipha Sounds asked about the basics of how to simply just walk up to a girl and spit game without feeling like Freddy Kruger is going to pop out at any moment and cause him to piss in front everybody. Basically, how not to be afraid of talking to chick. Dante then says something that gave me much more clarity on the subject that even I at times have trouble with still on my path. He says as a man you have to recognize your value. He started to break down all of the great things Cipha Sounds has done in his career in life. Cipha was a former DJ of one of the greatest rappers of all time named “The Notorious B.I.G”. He is also friends with Jay Z, has a comedy career, former DJ at Hot.97, etc. He has basically done a lot of great things in his life. And not only just that but, also showing him that even with all that to the side that he is a great dude. A very good man that is not out here trying to rob, kill, or waste precious on this planet. So Dante’s point was simply this when it comes to being afraid: “Who the fuck is she? What has she done? What does she know? So why would you ever be intimidated by that?”  He also started to compare male’s fear with stand up comedy. Cipha is a stand up comedian and every night he has a 50/50 chance of either winning or bombing. Rejection is what he’s face with. How many women REALLY place themselves in that type of situation? Honestly? Women are not too fond of being rejected and have no idea what that can be like for a dude to deal with emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.  
Who is she? What has she done to deserve to have any attention thrown on her other than having a pretty face, cute butt, big titties, etc. That’s it? Granted as a man and for other women down with that its a great thing to have sexually to play with and inspire you to want to reproduce with her, but before you get to that point what exactly has she done? Who will she be after all of her looks have faded and she is now only left with to relay on her character, morals, principles, values, etc. Of course, not all women are out here adding nothing to society. There are some women out here trying to be something more than a pair of tits and ass. Even if they are not they still have the ability to create life. That is always more important than any job ever can compare to. Ever. But at the same time when in a situation of fear, and she is acting a bit too stuck up and bitchy as if she is the greatest thing to touch planet earth since the Big Mac and Chicken Tender Fries, you have to remember most of times she is not out here striving for greatness. As much as there are women out here trying to do more, there are a greater number of women out here trying to follow the Kim Kardashian blueprint and make money of a big ass and sex tape. No hate towards Kim of course. Get your money do what you need to do. If men and women are giving it out despite her lack of talent, who am I to really judge. I would do the same if I could, Game is everywhere big or small. But again at the same time for men’s confidence to grow and become better men just understand that most of them time she is worshiped and seems out of reach because of the attention WE give them. What is a painting without its audience? What is a blowup doll with a penis? What is Entertainer without its fans? etc. 
TLDR: Point is, any time you ever feel bad about someone trying to bring you down to their level, always look at the long term and see if they are even worth the thought. Most of the time they are not and probably never will be. Strive to be better and remain righteous in your path to greatness.Even if you are not doing that, always place morals, principles, standards, etc over material items that will more than likely trap you into become another worker bee for the system. So remember, any time someone throws “shade” as the young kids love to use these days, just hit them with the 5 simple words:
“Yeah but, who are you though?”




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