Women nowadays become bored very easily when it comes to dealing with men and relationships. They are more hip to what is going on in the “Game/PUA” world than they have before and, to some extent in a debatable sense, have always known what the game was before men even did. So, naturally like in any situation once you are able to find patterns and know when the next move is coming, the person is going to become bored as they know how the story will play out. Imagine going to see the same movie over and over again. Yeah, you may like it, you may enjoy the characters, you may love the situations they are placed in but, c’mon now. Like the Albert Einstein quote goes when it comes to Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” No woman is going to go through that no matter how the dude is character or looks wise (Dick reasons maybe but, nevermind) . They simply become bored and want to move on to a guy that is going to bring not necessarily something different to the table but, at least, a guy that is going to be more natural and not show any signs of something that is easy to figure out. A woman can spot what a man’s day is about as soon as she sees him and more than likely is correct in her assumption. Granted, its not always the case and she really shouldn’t judge a man based on looks and a few conversation flaws but, it is what it is. Men have of course developed skills IN THE BEGINNING to avoid her radar but more than likely the facade will wear off as soon as he gets too comfortable and shows his true self. She will then make the proper steps to move on ASAP. One of the best things that a man can do then to avoid this small section of a everyday battle is this: Switch up your genre of music. 

I love Rap music. Obviously you can spot that due to my skin color. But yes, I love Rap music and I love what it has done for me as far as not just a confidence but also in the beginning stages of growing up in helping me be aware of women, politics, racism, different struggles of others, the streets, clothing choices, etc. Everything about Rap music has helped me build the building blocks of who I am as a person. But, despite that it also has its limitations. Granted the music is raw and uncut and straight the point and in that regard helps you see life without the bullshit blockers on but,  it is still limited when it comes to expanding the mind and thinking outside the box. There are a few artists (Underground) that reach pass the typical BS that plagues Rap music today but its harder to find these artists after a certain point due to so much time you have to invest in to snatch them off the internet. For the average mainstream fan that is not going to always happen. Point being, its genre has its limits and will not help your game out if you just stick to the script it follows instead of using it as a tool to help find yourself. You will start to become more easy to spot when it comes to woman as you will not be able to stand out as your own. The style, language, hyper masculinity, vibe, spirit, etc. While great at first, you soon will just be just another dude living a life that is not yours if you are not using it as a tool to properly find yourself and who you are as a person. Not only women but men as well will be able to see that is not who you are TRULY at the base core. You will be chasing money, models, expensive clothes, cars, etc. While fun and always a treat, that to will become a system and will have you at the end of the day asking: “Did I really want this or, am I just doing it because its popular”?  You have to have a bit of everything when it comes to music and game. From Rock music, Jazz, Indie, Alternative, Pop, etc so you don’t become stuck in the system of one genre which will then reflect who you are as a person. 

The best and worst thing to happen to the music industry and its fans of it is the transition from CD players and full albums to mixtapes and iPods. Full alums and CD players left you with no choice but to actually embrace that artist and his or her music then and there. Sure, you can constantly keep taking CDs out over and over from the CD player or limited Disc changer but, sooner or later in my opinion that would become tiring. Back then, full albums had more appreciation. You can really get in the mind of the artist and invest your time to see what he/she felt about the world and why they felt what they felt. Mixtapes were around back then but, it wasn’t  as popular as it was going to become. Overall, the full album experience can be seen as having a lack of awareness which to me is not a bad thing. The reflection from that can be seen in men and women as women didn’t have the internet and had to really focus around their area for men, as men did too as well with women. There were no outside influence of “what could be” as far as different women, different men, sexual cultures, etc. You really just had what you had around your area. It was more appreciation than it is now. Fast forward towards today and, we are in the iPod era of relationships and music. Tired of listening to one artist? Just simply press shuffle and have a thousands choices at your disposal. 

This is how the game is today for women. What you wont do another man will. Same for men. What you wont do, another woman will and do it much more better since you as his girlfriend wants to act brand new. The iPod generation has killed investment for the artists as well as music as a whole which has left artists to blend styles and destroy the path they were once on JUST so they can continue to have airplay on the radio and remain relevant. Music used to feel like a experience. Now, it feels more related to renting a red box movie from Blockbuster back in the day with a 2 day limit. View it once, then send it right back to the store and find another movie to watch. Women see this when it comes to men due to Facbook, Instagram, and Snapchat comments. You are another dead body in the pile of many that say the same thing and can EASILY be replaced. Some men have this option as well but, its few and far between due to a much larger percentage of men still believing in the fairytale “One woman for me” BS that has been shoved down our throats since a young age. 

You as a man must avoid being seen as just another comment with one style of music and learn to develop a plan of action. Kind of like what this post is…showing you. Eh? Neat huh? You must have a nice blend in order to keep her interested. You can’t just be funny. You have to be a charming, witty, adventurous, knowledgeable, intelligent, social, a asshole, nice guy, etc. You have to have a nice shuffle of music in order to keep her eyes from darting off to the next man that has a better stream than you do with not just Rap on it but, Rock, Pop, Reggae, etc. BUT, only if you truly want to invest in expanding your game and if she is worth it. Like I said in the beginning, you can’t fake it 24/7. This is something you as a man have to really WANT to do. Because when you think you have her your real side will come out and she will slowly start to push herself away from you due to women wanting only 50% of men instead of the full 100% . You have to really want to switch up your style. Music and game is a metaphor I am using of course but it really does help to have different styles to help you go beyond the streets with Rap music and into a world of music with a different mindset. This will void off her shit tests with a lot more skill and help you wrap her in your web instead of the opposite. But she has to be worth the effort. Once you get a good feel of having new ways to expand your self you will gain success. During that time, you will be able to tell which chick is worth a quick fuck like say, a quick listen to a snippet of a song or, a woman that is worth the time and effort like say, buying a full album. Your powers should not be wasted any longer once you get a good feel of what you want and seek in a woman. She doesn’t seem to feeling your vibe despite the fact you are doing everything you could to make her comfortable? Move on and next the chick. She is not worth the time to show her your shuffle mode.  



TLDR/WRAP UP: Bottom line is women have endless options of men that are willing to be used as a toilet seat for her just to get 5 minutes of their time. What you wont do another man will. You have to stand out somehow and the best way to do that is to switch your style up and expand your mind. Music can help you do that if you are stuck on one genre and trapped in that art form’s mindset. Have a blend of styles to listen to that will help you see life in a new light beyond just the streets with Rap and hipster vibe with new age alternative music. Both will still gain success with women but, at the same time will leave you limited in what you can learn and also cause you to miss out on great artists out there with incredible discographies. For every Jay Z album you like try a Radiohead album. For every Radiohead album you like try a R&B album. And so on and so on. Never limit yourself. Women in the beginning will get bored fast if you don’t have a bit of everything to offer when it comes to the game. After some success with that, move on to what you truly like as far as women go and do your best to invest time in her. Treat her and yourself like a album your creating and maybe one day you, or both of ya’llwill end up becoming a classic album that will transcend what is popular of any era.    


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