In the video above, the 4 men are discussing the issue from the Don Imus incident many years back in which he called the Ruckus University Women’s Basketball team a bunch of “Nappy Headed Hoes” live on his radio show that since that day has been canceled. While the video here is about that incident, my focus is not on that entirely. Rather, I am focusing on the context of what is going on with these 4 men and the much larger issue that I am unclear they were even aware of. Point is, the issue was truth. Truth in a sense that, black people (women in this case) should be treated fairly and equal, and not be talked about like that in the media and life as whole. Sean Hannity and Dr Marc Lamont is where I found something interesting. Sean basically asks why should Don be fired over his racist comments, but have it be okay for Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the men leading the march that lead to Don’s firing not be called into question for their racist comments years back in the 90’s. Sean perfectly backs Dr. Lamont in a corner and Patrice tries to save him but, they end up fighting with each other instead. Point is, Patrice’s argument was the same as mine in my last paragraph. Its just nature and should not be censored. He wanted a restart to “Walking Dead” like proportions to allow everybody to just say how they feel unless everybody gets in trouble instead of pick and choosing. But, whether these 4 (Really 3) men realize it or not, they are both play for the same team. 

Black people being oppressed has become “the truth” when compared to the overall system that is life and how it is step up. But like I discussed here, the truth can too become a system just as much as the original system. For a much more simpler way of interpreting it, the system is like a popular mainstream album that everybody loves and buys. Example being, Taylor Swift. While the “truth” is more so underground music that connects more with fans due to it not being as known and makes it feels special as if it is not just some trend and a actual movement. Problem is more likely than not, if the movement grows it therefore too will become a system. Eminem like I always have talked about him before was once a artist will was unpredictable and chaotic. You had no idea where he was going from his first album “The Slim Shady Lp” to his Magnum Opus “The Marshal Mathers Lap”. After his second album though came “The Eminem Show” and you can see the system starting to form. He now became known and easy to figure out. There was no more shock and awe with him as far as it being genuine and honest with how he felt at the time. Now, he simply was starting to become a brand and business. Truth therefore can be sold and made into a system. What these 3 men faced was simply dumping all of their eggs in one basket helping the system at large. To quote one of my favorite artists from his classic album (In my opinion) “Because The Internet”: 

When I step on that ant on the grass
Progress the only thing that will last
 -Childish Gambino (Earth: Oldest Computer)

From a religious standpoint picture its like this, the bible, Church, religion, etc can be seen as the beginning stages of keeping people under control. It can be seen as invisible slavery if you will. Problem is though with that, without some form of chaos and “controlled random acts” there will never be any real progress to move towards. If you take the two movies “Hunger Games and “Divergent” into consideration, these movies would of bombed and more than likely going further back not be made if the two female leads did not try and start a revolution and break free from the system. Had it been made in which for 2 hours long nobody did anything and just bowed there heads not trying to fight back, the audience and critics would of ate that movie alive. Besides the obvious of it not being entertaining, they would of cited that there was no fight back from anybody. Nobody did anything but just accepted defeat. The world in that sense WANTS some random things to occur. In that process it makes it seem as if the world we are currently living in feel like slavery. Nobody is REALLY mad at these celebrities, SJW, feminists, politicians, etc. They CRAVE this sort of chaos nature whether they see it or not. Its windows in the jail cell to the outside world. When 9/11 happened, this left people in a frantic and caused the same panic that I am sure you have seen ants go through when you step n their home. Now, they have to hustle and rebuild again. Its a moment of chaos. With that said, I now find myself in a weird place when it comes to the concept of responsibility and the truth. Seeing that truth is just as much a system as the “blue pill” world, am I now responsible for spreading the message? If so, am I just helping trapping more minds in a battle that can easily be defeated by just staying true to their own world? Or, by saying nothing am I doing more damage? 

You see, It was never my intention to watch “The Matrix” movie in a way I do now. At first glance it was simply a cool action flick. Now, it is a lot more deeper that touches several nerves as many, many other mainstream movies do, due to actually using my eyes for the first time and seeing small details that would fly right over the average movie fan’s heads. Is Batman really a good guy? He wants order in Gotham while The Joker brings a element of natural chaos that wakes up the world to show them that everything can’t all be good. Did Neo make the right choice in taking the red pill? And so on, and so. The thought now being pondered is, did I fuck myself over by going deep down the rabbit hole too far and finding the truth? The answer I believe is, no. At least, when it comes to traveling down the rabbit hole. 

Joel-Osteen-001In order for me to “fuck myself over” I would to have had known what I was doing and where I was going. I had no idea I would find myself depressed and alone on my cousin’s floor watching Joel Osteen reading a couple bible verses and ask myself the question: “Well, if he is GOD then who gave him that power?”. I had no idea I would be working with a fellow employee and he would ask the question “How do you know that’s a chair? How do you know that is the sun? How do you know what you know?”. I had no idea I would get my heart broke and stepped on and find my way reading the sites “Solve my girl problems” and “Chateau Heartiste”. I had no idea I would be writing a blog about the many, many ideas that started to pour out of my brain once I found myself truly alone focused on my thoughts without the distractions that plague many of my former friends and associates. None of these things would of happen had I known what this path would lead me towards. This, therefore is a natural transition. Whether that is GOD’s doing or some other type of force out there is, I believe, not warrant here. Simply, this is rather a gut feeling of seeing the splinter in the word and not quite being able to spot where to pull it out from. This is the same feeling that lead Neo towards the pill, that lead Kanye West to rush the stage on Taylor Swift’s 2009 acceptance speech, and the lack of handling of the New Orleans hurricane Katrina from former President George Bush to express his feelings that many others share but had no voice in doing so, and this is the feeling that lead Jim Carrey’s character in “The Truman Show” to “Hit the wall” and move on towards reality. With all that said I find myself asking at a crossroads with three options. Help myself and be selfish by not sharing or, “choose a side” to help progress. I am here now whether I wanted to be or not. 

Like I talked about in my last post “Ready To Die?”, the problem was in asking to begin with. This is how I feel like I should answer the question that I am asking myself. Trying to seek a answer and find another reason to hold on to truth as a crutch I believe will leave a person miserable. Just like in Patrice O’neal’s answer to end the madness that was the Don Imus situation many years back, nobody should get in trouble unless everybody can get in trouble. That is what Sean Hannity was trying to stress to Dr. Lamont. All these systems are doing is backing everyone in a box that is simply not natural and also goes against the first amendment in the Constitution. Patrice, simply from now on wanted a restart button to push and to let everyone be free to speak as they please, or else just like the fight him and Dr. Lamont had would continuously occur over and over again. Now Dr. Lamont will have to fight EVERY time against some injustice comes up and keep himself in a box like a robot. Hell, he himself can not be caught making a light hearted racial joke or be seen as a hypocrite. Patrice argument can be placed in the same boat with Andy Kaufman’s style of polarizing comedy just like this one famous segment he did on live TV that people assumed was real, and also Patrice’s argument can be in the same boat as Kanye West’s discussion when it came to his first track off his 2013 album “Yeezus” from the 6:12 to 7:35 mark here.  Its all about reaching that primal, real, and authentic approach to life. Its why I have no issue with the KKK. They don’t like black people? Fair enough. That is how they REALLY feel. There is no guessing their true intentions.  

“The first rule of fight club is, you don’t talk about fight club” and my quote “In order, knowledge must remain hidden in order to succeed” are great ways to end this post. Point is, some of the best books, music, TV, moments, etc are unknown to the masses and shared privately in a small group. I believe movements like “TRP”, “MRA”, “Manosphere”, etc have flawed themselves by becoming bigger and bigger. Crazy I know it sounds because had they not I, and many other men and relationships overall may have not been saved due to the movement. But, in this case from a alternative way of viewing things I believe moves are better done in silence. If this knowledge becomes known to the mainstream world they I believe will try and soak it in blue pill ideology and pretty it up, and therefore ruin its purposes and philosophy that lead to it becoming on the radar of the “blue pill”. Point is, this is the undertone of basically “doing your own thing”. This can be seen as a part 2 to my “Ready to die?” post. My responsibility is simply in showing the path and nothing more. What people do with that power will always be in their hands and hopefully they understand a correct way in handling it. 





I’ll leave it here with a post from The Rational Male that I have also used here, which speaks about woman mostly but, also more so too about truth and its power. Whether I am here or not, the truth shall remain where its always been. Problem is, people also have to seek pass even that and form their own world. If not, its just another maze it itself. But again, is your choice to decide what to do with the knowledge 

The truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make truth hurt any less, nor does it make truth any prettier, and it certainly doesn’t absolve you of the responsibilities that truth requires. One of the biggest obstacles guys face in unplugging is accepting the hard truths that Game forces upon them. Among these is bearing the burden of realizing what you’ve been conditioned to believe for so long were comfortable ideals and loving expectations are really liabilities. Call them lies if you want, but there’s a certain hopeless nihilism that accompanies categorizing what really amounts to a system that you are now cut away from. It is not that you’re hopeless, it’s that you lack the insight at this point to see that you can create hope in a new system – one in which you have more direct control over.

There are no “Dark Arts”, this is simply one last desperate effort of the feminine imperative to drag you back into the Matrix. There is only Game and the degree to which you accept it and are comfortable in using it in the context that YOU define. If that context is under the auspices of a mutually beneficial, mutually loving, mutually respecting LTR monogamy of YOUR choosing, know that it’s the fundaments of Game that are at the root of its success or failure. If that context is in terms of spinning multiple plates, liberating the affections of women from other men, and enjoying a love life based on your personal satisfactions, also understand that it lives and dies based on your understanding the fundaments of Game. -The Rational Male




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