Facing the truth about women has lead me through many stages in my life as this site and many others have addressed. You go through a time in which you are angry, sad, confused, ashamed, etc. You go through a stage of wanting run back as far as your mother’s womb and never return back to the harsh but honest nature about how women, and the undertone of game and how not only important it is but, of how damn near factual it is. It made me go through ups and downs of how I was and how I needed to be. It made understand why I wasn’t ready to deal with my first “Bitch” and how she played me like LizardSquad is playing Xbox and PS4 gamers. The reality I was not used to sent me on a rollarcoaster of emotions that left me feeling as if the ride would never end.

Of course though, it did. After reading sites with excellent posts and several other blogs and websites I came to a clarity about how the direction of my life was being driven by a machine that really never had my exclusive interest at heart. If not for family and a few friends, the machine would simply replace me and find another one to take my spot and keep the game going point blank. Coming to this understanding left me walking out of the dark cave and seeing the light. Corny but, true. After seeing the true nature of women and being able to talk to them in a more grounded way, it left me able to face my fears and not be afraid to run away from them. It left me seeing that they were not the “end all be all”. It left me with a much more daunting yet exciting thought that I had never thought to consider….. “Now what?”

From movies, TV, books, songs, older men, women, etc all lead me to believe that once you found “HER” she would solve all of your problems. Once you found “HER” she would be the key to unlock you from that suppose “dark world” you were trapped in. I listen and feed onto the bullshit without even thinking about questioning it. By doing so, it lead me here. In a way, by buying into the blue pill world it lead me quicker to the much needed disaster that I believe every man must go through in order to see the world from a more concrete reality. I had reached a point in which I found myself asking “Now what”? If not her then what? Well, the answer is simply “Myself”.

Well, the now is this. You have to have a belief system in play and understand what YOU want from this world and to stop being depended on a system that truly doesn’t give a damn about you but can’t do a damn thing without you. I have found myself seeking more than just finding “HER”.  Aka the soul mate myth. It is simply not there and was only used to keep us running for a carrot that at this point has rotten, and smell more worse than the seat cushion of my cousin’s female friend as if the bitch had a dead Mermaid inside her coochie. Women only see men as accessories and paint brushes to help fill out this fantasy in their head that is damn near impossible to maintain. I have woken up and seen the fuckery for what it is. It is about seeking more than what is expected of us. 

I am expected to get a job, family, more money, more toys, more babies, keep quiet, don’t make too much noise, etc, etc, then simply die and move along for the net person to repeat the cycle. A plan about life as already been laid out for me once we as a world managed to finally get a system going. Before than, people had no plan or direction. They did things for survival yes but, at the same time people back then kept pushing for more. People once thought the world was flat. People once thought slavery was not only needed but okay, people thought that certain books needed to be burned as well as women for expression something other than the norm, etc, etc, etc. My point being is people back then pushed forward because the next year was not truly promised. Sure, there are people still moving forward in life as new discoveries about human nature, man, women, children, the body overall, etc are being found and, technology seems to be taking us places we could of never dreamt about but, I get the feeling that the other  95% are just doing what is needed and hoping to be able to live enough to retire and enjoy their money. That is doing what is expected. Whether its good or not is a another post in itself but, for me while I am on this stream of consciousnesses I feel the need to do more. At least for the next generation. This paragraph I believe was inspired by this video from the 6:07-6:46 featuring Will Smith. I recommend watching the whole video its a great watch. Point is, being unrealistic is the reason Game is growing and becoming more successful instead of staying dormant. To stay realistic for a man dealing with women is a man who lowers his chances of having the same fun and opportunities as men that refused to be held down by their past, biological make-up, and current status.  

Its why logic at times while good can hold you back from going above and beyond. In terms of relationships with women, to be logical 24/7 will have your woman going towards a man that has that but also understands the many, many others layers you need to have in order to keep a firm leash on her and her attention. Feelings will always outweigh logic in terms of dealing with women. Even if you are not in a relationship logic only will still hold you back. To be unrealistic is to be truly free in thought. People thought Steve Jobs was crazy for wanting to place all of our music collection and place it inside of a small device. Fast forward now, and it seems silly to even think that the iPod could not be possible but, at one point it was and unrealistic. A self belief in yourself requires you to look past what is expected of you. In terms of relationships it can create respect from the women you deal with.

So in the sense, men are not “scared” or “afraid” of these new era women. Some men have simply evolved like the REAL understanding of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yeah, it was once a balance that catered more towards family while consumerism played a inferior role (somewhat), but now, its truly only about materialism by trying to keep up with the newest toys and deals in Best Buy and Target. Women treat men like the new version of Christmas. We are simply doing the same. We have found a belief in ourselves mixed with the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of others that have came before us and are choosing to move past what we are SUPPOSE to do, and trying to capture more than our human forms will allow us. Face your fears

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