When I listen to a album of any genre I have certain expectations about where the artist, production, content, and overall message of the product is trying to take me. Growing up as a fan of Hip Hop, I have grown to almost become the old and mature man who’s time is slowly becoming no longer more and more each year when it comes to POP culture. Meaning, I am the old guy at the club trying to figure out what the hell is going on as far as talk, slang, style, and overall understanding as what is cool. Therefore, I no longer waste my time trying to listen to every Hip Hop release because I already know what is going to be thrown at my ears. Sure, I can still enjoy the younger generations music and even occasionally snatch a few tracks from online and place it on my iTunes but, to actually spend money on a whole project from most of these artists seems silly and illogical on my part. Therefore, I make sure to take my time and invest in only a few artists that I believe are worth my time and attention. Artists such as Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, Radiohead, James Blake, and of course Eminem. There are many more but, those are just a few artists in which I am invested in their brand and expect certain things from these artists each and every time a album, song, or collaboration s released from them.  

This is of course a demand that is a far reach to hope for. Meaning, I can not expect them to cater to just my needs when these artists have millions of fans that enjoy different taste and expect to hear a blend of styles on each album that is released. Sure, they can only cater to one specific demo of fan base but in doing so, they run the risk of causing frustration to the other parts of the machine that has helped them become a worldwide known artist. Its why each album that is released from most artists sounds like a compilation of sounds and songs instead of a actual album with a message to be driven and point to be made about their current place in life and world around them. Even the artist I have mention above have done the same thing in order to stay afloat in this iPod era of music currently. When younger this would of made me look at these artists with a disdain and side eye view, but now I have grown up and grew to understand the music business more than I really should instead of just shutting up and enjoying music for the sake of it. A awareness about how the sausage is made though has caused  the “suspend disbelief” train to come to a stretching halt.  As much as this may sound like a rant about being older and hating bad music its not. This is just foreplay before I take it and go Cactus jack on that pussy. Now, transition to the point. 

From a early age young girls are already planning out a man’s life before he even knows how to properly find the hole in between a woman’s legs. Whether its about playing house, dressing up a baby, taking care of the baby, naming it, playing on their easy baked oven, thinking of their wedding day, etc, all of this is a plan set in motion that is a collaboration between a woman’s need for commitment and the world at large grand plan to keep things in control. That, is another story for another time though. Anyway young girls from a early age already have a goal in mind and will do whatever it takes to get it done before they say “Fuck it” and start living in a more concrete reality as the LUV commercials show. But before that time, a plan on how the world is suppose to be and the men involved in it will be a story she is destined to live out one way or another. This means that a man and who he is really doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to women. Yes, they love the little quirky things about the guy they are with at FIRST but, that to them are just flaws that they see can be PROPERLY fixed to match what they expect of you. Earlier I said that I have grown up and learn to understand why artists make certain songs with certain sounds on their albums because I have a awareness about how the music game really is in life. With women, this is not the case at first and for most may never be as they continue to chase the love dragon for longer than they should.  Men, are nothing more than dress up dolls. A running joke I always say to my cousin is, is that women have 1,000 choices when it comes to wedding dresses. Men, only have one choice and that is a suit plan and simple. Point being, a man is nothing more than a accessory in a woman’s life. 



The two videos above, one featuring my current favorite Comedian Bill Burr and another video I found on the internet while trying to complete my post show exactly what I am trying to write. No, its not as serious as the second video but it damn sure is close. A man’s role and who they are as a person is cute and even tolerable for the time being while he and a woman have a interaction past just sex as I explained before. But before it makes it to that stage there are still hurdles that must be jumped for a man to even grab a woman’s attention for him to state his case and show he is worth it. Like you can see in this video here from a post I wrote a while back, if you fail these tests your best bet is to be seen as a provider or best friend type that will be used as another color to flash to her friends and other men she truly wants to show her value off. Another comment under her picture, a bra in her endless amounts of bras, another shoe tosses in her pile of name brands and unnecessary price tags that will be used to raise her value and make her seem larger than she actually is. 

Talking with a few men I work with I see this play out constantly as they try to ask the “Why” question. Why did she act this way? Why did she send me mixed messages? Why is she giving this dude attention but not me? etc, etc, etc. These questions used to plagued me as well until I found The Red Pill and just had overall experience with women. Its not a mixed message as one of my favorite blogs The Rational Male points out . These guys simply did not fit the proper role for a woman at that time when it came to something sexual or relationship wise. That is reserved for another male that NATURALLY fits that role. Yes, I say role because even they have their place in a women’s life. They are the men that naturally have a vibe with women and women feel it as well. The vibe is something women can spot and know that more than likely it will just be something sexual. The men I work with and men overall call these women “sluts” or “whores” because they got rejected by these females due to not being what they wanted or sought at the time. Yet, these females had no problem using its worth and then discarding it when its use was done like a vampire seeking a blood source. Harsh but, true. Reason being is because their role more than likely was just a attention role for a female and nothing more. Women understand the game better than even the most trained player in it. They know when men want them in a sexual way, relationship way, fetish way, etc and use it to their advantage. I am not mad at them at all for this because as I get older more and more I understand it better. A man is stuck to a story of love and romance. Women read that book as well but, they also read business books as well and treat everything as steps used to raise them higher. Its a survival game. 

Whether its the husband, boyfriend, ONS, provider, best friend, orbiters, etc its all about raising a woman up and being a part of HER plan bottom line. This is a STORY a man is being feed to since the stone age that has helped society grow, but at the same time also imprison society as well. Once it was a code that was organized orderly. Meaning, it wasn’t really a “good guy this” or, “nice guy that”. It was more so men just being men and women being women. It was a balance that worked. NO, I am not trying to say women need to go back in the kitchen and hush while they make my food (Though, I wouldn’t protest if that is what they want) but, what I am saying is it was a story still but, at least a story that benefited men. There was some pride in your job that wasn’t really glamours because at the end of the day you knew you were getting respect of the family, kids, community, etc. Now, the hard working man is damn near invisible to women that are chasing short term fucks and leaving the nice and good guys the sloppy seconds after they have had their fun, yet shame men as “players”, “man whore”, etc  for trying to have their fun. Tool after tool with no end game of a reward for men expect for modern day slavery. Of course, not every relationship is the same and some manage to work, yet, the game never ends regardless. The woman you know from the start may change towards the end if you as a man don’t have some type of concept or plan in motion to keep her and the relationship stable. Its fun to want to believe in Santa Clause but, that is a dangerous leap of faith that will have you have something in common with the victims of 9/11.  

I was having a conversation with this chick that I was messing with about her wannabe rapper guy she is seeing. She knows how much of cheap skate I am and how I am always looking to cash out earlier with some money so, she joked about how she would still fuck me on the side while messing with him. She laughed and said she would tell him she was going to the store while actually coming to spend time with me and hand me some of his money. It was like this scene of of the classic movie “Casino”  minus the beat down. I could chalked this up to jokes and her being happy after a few orgasms I gave her but, knowing her and how she would always let me take a peek behind the Predator’s mask, I knew she was not joking. The way she talked about it was more so in a joking sense with a undertone of pragmatic drive. This is how women view males. Its a script your are to follow. Being human and showing your true nature without the PROPER skill set to please HER and society will have you looking like this guy in this YouTube clip I found. Granted you have to have some type of control no doubt but, at the same time who’s race are you racing? Yours, hers, theirs?




*TLDR/WRAP-UP* Point is, understand that men are placed in categories and used as another item to help better the dream world of women. Men do it as well but, at the same time if options and awareness is lacking, men would not stray away from a chick that has some flaws with her as quick as a woman would. Even a man with awareness and options would still try and make it work longer with his girlfriend or wife before splitting. Its up to you to spot the breadcrumbs and know what the direction the relationship whether sexual or bf/gf status is going and how to guide it. You can break the mold from being seen as another pair of socks in her drawer if you gain some wisdom, knowledge, and experience with women.








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