Pissing, shitting, farting, stank pussy, earwax, bad breath, eye crust, period blood, etc, etc. These are all of the things women share with men expect for the period blood and of course the obvious stank pussy. Women, are just as nasty as men are and even sometimes just as worse. Some women in the same night suck dick, eat pussy, get their ass eaten out by a man who thinks the ingredients to the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits is shoved up her little tiny asshole, and then later on have a coke and a smile as if nothing happen hours prior. If you have ever been or, knew someone that worked inside of a store and had to clean up the women’s bathroom, they would tell you the horror stories that they have gathered from their experience inside there, while their face resembled Bill Cosby’s face when the first white women started to open her mouth about tasting his “real” pudding from back in the day. Overall, the creatures that seem flawless and shine bright like a diamond also cuss like a damaged porn star and shit colorful fecal matter that would put Crayola’s options to shame. They are just as human as their male counterparts.

The strength of male ignorance though works extremely well in their favor to continue their dominance in this big blue world of ours. Men will gladly give up their hard earn paycheck and hand it over to these women just for half the time it took them to earn those dead presidents so they can get off on being dominated by them. Their are men that will risk having their balls slit off and throw against the wall from their soon to be ex wives with the website of Return of Kings as their target just to get a sniff of some strange pussy from on the street. These women have killed more kids with their mouth than 3rd world countries hungry problems have done to them. Men have would risked having their dicks become cousins with a string of pasta from jerking off their first best friend in life too much,to these women, just to get a nut off and find more uses for toilet paper than it was intended for. Suicide also plays a part in these beer goggles having men as well as they have killed themselves over this fantasy of never being able to find another woman in their life as good as the one that left them. Overdosing on pills, gun shots, jumping off a bridge, waiting in their car with the engine turned on in their garage as Nicki Minaj plays in the background to make the trip to the grave more easy to deal with, etc. etc, etc. The power to see past these illusions and have a belief system pass human flesh is never taught to men and thus cause much damage and subtle submission to the pussy power more and more each day. 

Now, nature of course plays a role in this when it comes to this sexual bang bang bang that we as humans of grown to love and appreciate pass just reproduction purposes. But, at the same time we can control our urges to kill and fight (some of us) so, using that as a excuse also seems silly. A philosophy, blueprint, idea, concept, etc has helped moved us out of the caves and created a world that we can live in properly without having to worry about mother nature and its animals taking over all because of having developed a system. Our nature has helped us survived with quite frankly we were never meant to be here, though, are minds and the ability to think pass murder and chaos has helped us reached pass dirt, trees, birds, and even pass the sky. We were able to outsmart nature and its animals due to coming together and seeing the weakness for what it was. As strong and powerful as they can be, they simply don’t go above and beyond like we have done in this world. Thus, my point being is that for men to wake up from this pussy coma, a ideology had to be developed in order for men to a get a grip on their inner caveman from taking over the urge to produce by shooting up their cum bullets inside the pink snapper. That ideology was of course Game.  

Game could have only been developed with the help of nature exposing itself with its weakness. You see, I am sure you have heard other men or, you yourself talk about how a certain woman was a “Dime” or a “10” and hard to obtain. I am sure you have seen men freeze up when it came to having the courage to walk up to a woman in a club setting with a perceived high quality and strike up a genuine random conversation with her. I face these same issues as well even to this day because you don’t want to have to face the pain of rejection every time and let in sink into your body like a limited cancer. Thus, this keeps men at bay and watching from the sidelines because they feel as if they can not compete for those type of women like other man can with much ease and flow. This is where game comes in because it was made and created with the help of the weakness from its main target. Every villain has its weak points. Even Superman with all of his powers has his weakness as well. Granted, that is just a comic book figure but, you understand what I mean. Even in our limitations their is a sense of reality and weak points that play a part in order for us to get a clear view as to how to truly capture it in our hands. 

When you see a “Dime” or a “10” dressed in a small dress or skirt, hair done right, make-up perfectly done, heels, perfume, etc this from a distant can be quite intimidating for any male unfamiliar with a plan as to how to rightfully approach her. But again this is simply her weakness. She knows from the jump as soon as she walks out of her house and heads to a public setting that men are going to drool over her as a piece of meat. This, is her power and she knows this very well. She has dealt with this already SEVERAL times and is quick to toss those men to a dead body pile of guys she will never give the time of day to, unless she needs a quick attention pick me up like a 6 hour energy drink. If you can understand how to place the right pieces into place  and not come off as a robot programmed with the right things to say, you will have a great shot at, at least stepping into the door.  She knows she looks good and knows men want to fuck her. You as a male must come with a more human approach  when speaking with her. She is showing you her breadcrumbs and simply how to avoid it because deep down she truly wants you to even if you are not really her type as shocking as that may sound. Any break from the norm whether big or small brings a much needed change that deep down she is seeking after knowing how much she is worshiped like a item.

What she wears and how she acts are most powerful yet still vulnerable spots that you as a man can use as your advantage to obtain her. If she is acting like a bitch that again is her showing you she needs a firm hand and is testing to she how well you know the game and what cards to use. If she is showing no signs of interest when you are speaking with her she is telling you that you are close to becoming a friend, or simply a man that will be another shot of attention energy when she needs it. She is telling you there is no spark or feeling between you two. Its up to you at that point to shatter her world and say something that will make her look at you with new eyes. In relationships if she is becoming distant, cold, more bitchy, etc that again is her telling you in a subtle way that you need to put your foot down and be the man she needs to let her know how full of shit she is. Not check her in the sense of abuse but, more so in the sense of being a anchor that can stop this ship from crashing.

Now granted, while all these things are her weaknesses and are able to be countered with the right move set, if you as a man feel like she is not worth all the back flips and other acrobats just to get some pussy or develop something even deeper, then you should not bother and move right along. What I am telling you is the beginning steps to help break this fear of seeing women as these hard to reach queens and objects. After breaking past that fear and understanding what you as a man really want, value, and strive for as far as the right woman for you, you will develop a “Don’t give a fuck” attitude once you understand who is worth your attention and who is not. These too can be seen as breadcrumbs. Having the knowledge to see the red flags whether in or a relationship or not can help you as a man gain a sense of control over your dick and find a woman that will treat you with some respect if you are looking to find a deeper connection. Even if you are not, just the simple fact that you will gain a new understanding as to what you want from a woman and how to be treated is good enough. The gloss and shiny package that women present up front will not seem as great as gold once you spot how much of a headache she will be in the long run. If you are just trying to have sex then go for it and have some fun. Even if you fail you can still gain the knowledge of understanding your faults while also gaining even more thick skin than you previously had as Jay Z alluded to here from his song “Blueprint 2” 



But I will not lose, for even in defeat
There’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens it up for me
When the grass is cut, the snakes will show -Jay Z





Bottom line is to not take yourself out of the game because you think you are not worth the cute girl. Its all about building confidence and breaking this wall down between you and what you want in life. Not just with women but anything you can dream about it. Never sell yourself short. Have a sense of reality of course but, never let the ground and your fears be your limitations in life. There are breadcrumbs everywhere when it comes to what you want in life. It is your job to find them and craft a blueprint of success like game has done for men, and stop hoping for things to change when the tools are out there waiting for you to use them. Spot the crumbs.



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